Short Trip : Empat Hari di Jogja

And it was aweeeeesome!

Last weekend I was in Jogja again, with family and extended ones. Taking Taksaka Train on Friday with Tina, 7 hrs++ journey arrived before dawn. Check in Whizz Premier Malioboro right in front of the Jogja Train Station (I booked from Friday so I can check earlier). Why I choose this hotel? it was designed by my little sister (proud big sister here!) The details are sooo….her!

anyway, take a walk to Mal Malioboro and….reunited with Oki, have breakfast in

How we start our Saturday

TGw, Tina and the boys berangkat naik kereta. tapi beda kereta gitu, gw salah booking, harusnya Argo Luwu – departed 30 mins earlier. Dari masih di Gambir, si Oki udah ribut aja mau makan sego pecel.

Anyway, in that warung-makan there were many visitors with XXX Finisher written on their shirt! own, runners who were just arrived! I happen to meet a familiar face too.

Long story short, after (almost) all  Trojans arrived in Jogjakarta, we had luncheon in Bu Ageng (again!)


Then, repeating what we did in Jogja last July, of course....IL Tempo Del Gelato


Salted Caramel and Mint

Can’t get enough of this!

Then check out a coffee shop


It’s 8Km away from Tempo Gelato, didn’t  know why we picked this place. reunited with my sister who just arrived at 2 pm. The we go back to hotel.

Why Trojans was in Jogja? For the marathon of course!!! like I told you here, I signed up for FM

verdict : I didn’t finish my race! Evacuated in Km 30 (it’s in my Instagram)! Still, I’ll write a recap!

Ah, after the race, I managed to visit some coffee shop, including:

Kafe 80’s Bocor Alus

A unique coffee shop, outskirt of Jogja. They play  80’s music and vintage things as interior.

On The Next Day, with a rented car, I took my kids to see the one of Unesco Heritage site. The famous Buddhist Temple, Candi Borobudur.

Little confession, last time I was here, I was 10 years old! My stupid mistake, I didn’t check how much cash I have left! Fortunately, I can pay the entrance fee IDR 40,000/ per person with debit card.

however, I couldn’t took a guide with us! BIG MISTAKE! When it comes to historic site, I preferred paying a guide rather than taking countless selfies! Uang di dompet tinggal 80,000 gitu. Berapa sih wajarnya bayar guide gitu? Asa ngga tega kasih 50,000 doank. Waktu di Gua Sunyiragi kan site-nya kecil ya.  Duh, nyesel sampe sekarang.


The Stupa

Mein Lieblingsbild von Borobudur

Still as beautiful as I remembered it.

When we were about to leave site complex, I decided to rent old car that could take you around the village, via Bukit Manoreh. I wonder why I am so familiar with the name?

Candi Borobudur at the back

The car took us around the village and stopped at ATM Mandiri :)) I asked him too. IDR 150,000/car for 30 mins ride. It was so-so. You can skip it.

Another stoped, Candi Mendut

Candi Mendut

Built in the same era with Borobudur, another Buddhist Temple. Entrance fee is cheap IDR 3,000/person.

Had lunch in Kopi Rolas! oh whyy oh why Telur Goreng Crispy itu enak banget!!!!

Bahagia itu Sederhana

Back to Jogja, strolling around Malioboro.

HI mister! Where do you come from?

Local kids, trying to practice their limited English with foreigner. The couple from UK, overheard 😉

My plan to end the day, was waiting for  the sunset in Candi Ijo. The hidden gem in eastern Jogja, up in the hill…between heaven and earth. Unlike previous two temples we visited earlier, this is Hindu Temple, the same site with Prambanan.

Candi Ijo

Mikir Gaji kapan naik #curhat

Too bad it was cloudy. but I love this place, the hill breeze, over look the airport and I wonder it was Monday but still a lot of local visitors (let alone Borobudur! phewww) But that’s good though!

Entrance fee for this site is  IDR 5,000/person and it close at 6 pm. Along the way, you can stop at the new tourism site, Tebing Breksi.  I didn’t stop by.

The next day, before bidding this city good bye, I took recovery walk. Kak Indah managed to seeme then we had breakfast in kaki lima, not too far from Monumen Tugu.

Tuesday Morning

My #1 turn 14 that day, that’s why we flew home on Tuesday.  For her birthday, she wanted to wake up somewhere not in her home :)) Ah, ABG jaman now

Btw, the seller, the lady is in her 80’s, has selling Lupis, Batok,Cendil, Ketan etc since dutch colonial era. Pakai nomor antri lho belinya. Tapi ngga lama banget sih.

Terima Kasih Jogja, kamu memang Istimewa!

7 thoughts on “Short Trip : Empat Hari di Jogja

  1. Exotic foods, exotic scenery… thank you! I absolutely love the picture with the caption “Mikir Gaji kapan naik #curhat” (what does it mean?)

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