On the wheel…

For the past one month, I made two highlight with my road bike.
Went back to Km O – Sentul, 10Km with elevation gain 500m. The second time to  km 0 yet the first tine with my cleat on. Pertama kali sepedahan ke km 0,  3 tahun lalu belum pakai sepatu sepeda. Jadi agak ngeri ngeri sedap. Takut jatuh karena berhenti sebelum sempat melepas cleat sepeda.

it was disaster! i stopped countless time to gain my breath as well as walk instead of riding my bike for some time.

Sampai di Km 0 sudah ditungguin Imel, Vitri, Thya dan Riyana.

And to make it worst, on the way down I was terribly afraid. Takut banget, sampai saya hampir jatuh. Ketemu dua cyclits yang melihat saya hampir jatuh. Gemeterrrr rasanya. Akhirnya beberap spot yang curam, I walk down with my bicycle. Beberapa kali juga lepas pasang cleat sepeda.

Then the next two weeks

Yeah…. as stated on the picture, I made it to my first century ride a.k.a 100K. of course, it was in pleton with my BTR friends.

We just had our first cycling jersey. jadi event launching jersey baru, kita buat 100K ride di Bintaro. Macam penting aja dunia harus tau BTR punya jersey baru ….haqhaqhaq!

Anyway, of course, we didn’t do the whole 100K non stop. we had 2 stops on which the last stop I wanted to give up. MY lessson to be learned, my fueling strategy was a mess! i didn’t respect the distance. probably because I was thinking it was in Bintaro anyway, I can go home whenever I want. thing that surprised me was…

The good cyclist like Adit, Rizky, Pak Hasbi, Vitri, Maya, Imel and Sunu didn’t allow us to go give up. :)) #meh

Jadi kalau ada yang kececer, dipepet lagi suruh kejar pleton di depan.

However, the last 12 km, I gave up yet complete the remains distance by  myself. From 28-30 kph dropped to 20 kph.

Beginner tips to ride in pleton.

1. patuh sama Road Captain

2. Baris berjajar, dua cyclist in one row. jangan  nyelonong jadi orang ketiga. Bahaya

3. jangan nyusul/nyelak dibelakang.

After the ride, Pak Hasbi noticed that my gear shifting was a mess. Jadi waktu pindah pindah gigi demi memudahkan genjot sepeda, ada momen dimana saya terlambat. Sehingga kesulitan  ngejar pleton. Something wrong with my bike. i took my Giant have it serviced.

And yeah, the housing shifter, housing brake and RD pulley all worn out! i have to replace them with  new ones.

Last weekend, I climbed km 0 sentul again.

yes, I did stop here and then. But just stop to drink and wait  for Manda. Si bule agak gila. It was her first time to Km 0. i did better this time. Much better. NO nuntun sepeda this time! tepuk tangan donk! 😉

Riding downhill still scare me. but i didn’t freak out like last month. however, pas turunan justru saya berhenti lebih banyak dari tanjakan.
Need more practice of course. But for time being, since it is Ramadhan, in trainer we trust! 


And just like Life.

Pertengahan tahun ini, saya akan kehilangan teman main. She will leave for nothern globe and doesn’t plan to return. She’ll take her kids with her. To a la la land.

Teman main saya every now and then, yang bisa pop up “Jemput gw di stasiun ya, abis itu makan di Taman Jajan”

Pertengahan tahun sebelumnya, something bad happened to her. Beliau sampai sempat berpikiran bunuh diri. aslik! Teman saya ini memang rada ajaib.

Tapi dia berpikir cepat. Dijatuhkan Tuhan hidupnya ke titik terendah, dia tentu sempat down, marah, dll. Tapi akal sehat juga yang buat dia cepat bangkit, sampai dapat rejeki pindah ke luar negeri. Asli, prosesnya cepat dan lancar  sekali. bahkan jauh lebih dulu dari kawan kami yang lain yang telah merancang rencana yang sama sejak 3 tahun sebelumnya.

Padahal kami – teman teman mainnya-  sempat sangsi, tidak pernah bekerja formal dan keadaan finansial standard. (Oh yeah, we know every cent of her saving) 😉

But GOd is testing your faith, not your bank account. 

Dia-lah, crafter Kintsugi sesungguhnya

20 more sleeps until I know what to do next

Because grass is always greener

At the other side of the fence..
My friend, Lyana sent me this last night. I also followed HONY on Instagram.

that post made me smile, and do read the comments too!

Some said that man/woman take his/her things for granted and suggested that person to be grateful, change the routine and do volunteering! (I was about to do the same 2 years ago) Because there are thousand of people out there want to switch place with her/him. a so-called-secure life. French is a difficult language and find a job in that country is not a walk in the park either.

Some could understand, why that person want to be the tourist of life. I read the comment section, there is an American moved to Turkey in late 90’s because she felt the same way too!

I could relate to the post! Ya kan May

Kurzurlaub:  Cirebon

 last time I was here was on Christmas holiday 2015 when Ira, who now resides in Uhdaliyah, Saudi Arabia, took her home coming trip. It was awful. In our visit (I went there with VItri as well, then met Maya and Imelda) two of its historical sites, Keraton Kanoman and Kasepuhan were FULL OF GARBAGE! Not to mention it was stingy too. I almost throw up.

We did have wisata kuliner, later I think, the food taste was so-so. then I made conclusion, this city is just over-rated. 

but last weekend, I visited the city again. I had to. Dearest Ragil and Beby got hitched, tied their knots. He already told us his plan a year ago and asked us to free our schedule.

so,de and I, like any other West European (teheeeee) taking train both commuter train to Tanah Abang and long haul train from Gambir Station (Argo Jati it was) to Cirebon.

Eine gute Aussicht aus dem Zug

we discussed our plan in Cafetaria Compartment. i refused going back to those two palaces (Keraton) as I feel that I still can smell how bad the place was. then we came up with Gua Sunyiragi. FOr my non Indonesian readers, gua means Cave. I had expected the similar horrible garbage all around tho.

after we reunited with Kak Indah soon as we arrived in Cirebon, we had Nasi Jambal for lunch, then off we go to Gua Sunyaragi (literally means, lonely soul)

ticket enterance fee : IDR 10,000. there will be tour guide provided for approx 45 minutes of tour, cost IDR 50,000 and you have to pay to the counter, not directly to the guide.Fair enough! 

a bit about the historical site.

it was built in 1700’s by the great grandson of Sunan Kali Jaga. sit on 1,5 hectare land. It is a cave complex hence it was meant as a place for meditating especially for royal family members at that time. the complex has 10 caves, meant to support the meditating process such as food supply, weapon making, meeting room, bed room, guarded room, repairing-soul room a.k.a Gua Padang Hati (aslikkkk! kalau galau ada guanya  sendiri).

IT was carrefully designed. there are hall, a small and dark one , connected one cave to another, others just scattered around.

sometimes  when you get out the caves, you have to bow down as symbol of respect. since there was no AC at that time (ja, natürlich!) there was water container inside the cave, meant to cool down the temperature. mind you, Cirebon lies in seashore! 

And tip from me/us? Just gave the camera to your guide, he knows how to take very instagramable pictures! MOst of the pics taken from De’s iphone. Setdah nih bocah, banci foto abessss….

Guard Tower

And just below this cave, Gua Arga Jumput, there are two doors, and one door is belived to have a direct acess to Mekka, the holy land! As long as you have a pureeeee heart and clean soul.

Gua Arga Jumput

And you know what??? This area is verry veryyyy clean as no street vendor is allowed! ngga ada yang boleh jualan di area ini! SEHR GUT!

Main Enterance

Later at night, we went to Kuningan, another one hour drive, to attend the wedding. IT was beautiful place with GUnung Cermei as the back ground.

Yeah, I wore running shoes! It was part of the deal with the brides.

Congrats once again , love birds! 

mendadak tour guide 

i’ve been blogging since 2005 first in Blospot then MUltiply (now demished) and switched all the writing to wordpress. all free platform though. 😁
Of course, like whoever that blog, I bet you “met” new friends. NOwadays, blog seems being replaced with social media, but then again I also made new friend as well thru twitter, facebook and Instagram. 

Anyway, last Saturday, I became a tour guide.
it was Ridwan @theahmadridhuan, I knew him thru blogging years ago. Almost 10 years ago if I not mistaken. he wrote in blogspot, mostly about daily life.

He lives in Kuala Trengganu, Malaysia. that is 7 hours by bus from Kuala Lumpur on the east coast, facing South China Sea (well yeah, you can google. I never heard the city before until I know him). to note, KT the state is one of the 4 states in Malaysia that has Friday as holiday while business day starts on Sunday.

I can recall 6 years ago his wife called me, when she was in Jakarta for business trip, but unfortunately, we didn’t meet.

i don’t think he still writes, but yeah…we keep each other posted thru socmed, FB and Instagram. 

to make story short, Last weekend, he had a business trip to Jakarta for 3 days. lucky for him, Saturday was free. I was the only Indonesian he knows ( which I doubt, because he said later on, his grandfather was a Bugis- well yeah, jakarta perhaps,  hahahah). He left a comment in my IG account a while ago. so i knew he’d be in town.

 Since I was free but hate driving, I offered him trip by Trans Jakarta or may be Train if it is possible. he didn’t mind taking public transportation in a megapolitan city with the worst traffic and public tranportation. cool then! I refused driving, looking for car park, pay the expensive fee, etc! 

anyway…since it’s Saturday, I took the whole family too! the whole family include my sister. We picked him up in hotel around Senayan area (yeah sure, you can guess)

SO, it was the first time we met we in person. very easy to recognize him. he posted his pic a lot.

One tourist 7 tour guide

since it was noon, I offered a lunch in Jalan Sabang before continue our trip to Kota Tua Jakarta (also by Trans Jakarta) where the capital city started in 1500’s. 

i considered we were lucky because it wasn’t rain. Though walking  under hot sun is also uncomfortable, but better that heavy rain.


RIdwan busy takimg picture of macet and bajaj….and the Padang Food we eat.

of course, two Melayu’s face yet speaking English received attention in the bus. 

Some of the bus passanger even asked where Ridwan comes from 😀

Museum Bank Indonesia

We visited Museum Bank Indonesia. those who never visit this Museum, PLEASE do!

Face value!

Kota Tua

Street performer in Kota Tua

Anyway, kiky’s city- walking tour wasn’t bad! though he asked : 

“how come I didn’t see angkot? I want to take angkot!”

Atuhlah Pak Cik…..🤣🤣🤣
To make story short, we bid farewell in Halte Bus Trans Jalarta Dukuh ATas because I’d take the train back to Bintaro from Sudirman Station  (and unfortunately, he took my BCA flazz card too because he had to tap out where he got off). Unlike Commuter Line Train which has its own card  that can be refundable later, Trans Jakarta busses only alow debit cards. THat’s why I prepared him the flazz card from BCA. We didn’t have enough time taking train to Bogor.

So Ridwan, if you read this, I’ll take you with angkot next time as well as dining in Warteg and don’t forget, bring back the card! 

Selfie in TJ before bidding farewell

have you ever be a tour guide for your blog reader? 

la bicicleta

A tu manera, descomplicado En una bici que te lleve a todos lados 

Un vallenato desesperado, Una cartica que yo guardo donde te escribí 

lagu di atas adalah penggalan lagu Shakira dengan tajuk La Bicicleta…I google the lyrics of course! 

Anyway, hampir dua bulan terakhir, saya tuh ikutan pleton sepeda. group ride sekeliling bulevard bintaro. pleton ini konon efektif untuk meningkatan kecepatan dan endurance bersepeda. YA karena di Bintaro, bisalah saya menyempatkan diri satu jam sepedahan sebelum berangjat kerja (naik Commuter Line! Catat!)

ternyata memang terbukti!

Selama ini saya latihan sendirian, mentok di 25 Kilo per hour. Memang masih lebih baik dari awal awal sepeda yang cuma 20 Kph.

Ini screen cap Strava saya dengan tulisan aveage speed.
Sebelum rutin pleton 

December,12, 2016 , ke record cuma 35 Kilometer.

februari 2017 

Gee, break olahraganya lama juga ya? 

pas libur pilkada sekitar 30Km

february 25 :  35 Kilometers

Nah, awal maret 2017, baru rutin pleton-an setiap hari selasa. Any bintaro ladies who ride, you are very welcome to join us.

first time Pletonan, March 7th 2017. sekitar 25 kilo

Pletonan kedua kali, speed saya improve significant dengan jarak tempuh yang lebih jauh. Kali ini 40kilometer dengan speed 27 kph nyaris 28kph.

Pleton selanjutnya, kira kira sama. Saya bisa maintain 27 – 28 kph. Untuk jarak tempuh sekitar 30km.

kemarin saya pletonan lagi, ini hasilnya. jarak tempuhnya lebih sedikit sih, cuma 25 kilometer.

Pleton April 18,2017 for 25 Kilometers

Wih, saya senyum senyum sendiri. 

Latihan memang tidak bohong, dan lebih baik lagi, latihan yang terstruktur.

Oh ya, liburan Hari Nyepi kemarin, komunitas WCC bikin group ride di Bintaro. seru banget lho! 

saya awalnya di group 1, terpaksa melipir ke group dua. hahahh. Ternyata saya belum sejago itu sepedahan 😉

Coba cek disini, kayak apa ugal-ugalannya group 1! Hahahh

Anyway, Salam olahraga dan selamat memilih Jakarta. I lost the privelage of being Jakartan 7 years ago, but Today, I enjoy the holiday as Tangsel Citizen! 

Bis Bald!