(race recap) Ironman Langkawi 70.3 2019

After Bangsaen 70.3, I was a bit curious about completing half-distance triathlon race. If only questions popped up.  On March, I gave another shot! I would try my luck on October.

To swim better, I decided to go back to Akbar’s class, I was with him since 2015, I quit in 2016 when doctor told me not to swim yet.  The practice arleady move to Gelora Bung Karno which obviously closer to my office. It will be easier for me to commute.

Swimming in pool for speed session obviously different with open water swimming which is required in triathlon.  So  around March, I’m back with the squad again ,twice a week as opposed to my previous preparation for Bangsaen which was only once a week.

As I also write here, I have my running coach that gives me schedule on Sunday, Monday the latest, because obviously I lack of my running mileage. The reason why I can’t make it on Bangsaen.

But, building up my running really takes time that I only had max 2 a week for bike training. Pre-race MISTAKE.

Ok here’s the recap :

Saturday October 26th, 2019.

  • We had breakfast at the hotel. Me, not having my caffeine for a week finally in big relief. I sip a cup of coffee eat pasta and bread.
  • In agreed time, we went to The Danna, a nice resort 20-min-drive from where we stay, where the swimming leg started. Unlike any other tri race I had participated, they had different transistion area  for T1 ( from swimming to bike) and T2 ( from bike to Run) even the finish line. Hence, they gave us 3 bags, Street Bag (for our needs after the race), Bike Bag (our needs from in T1) and Run Bag ( our needs in T2). For Bike leg, I prepared myself with a  bottle full of Infinite, a powder-form food and should be dilute with 600cc water. I think this cool, I wont left anything behind like I forgot my bike shoes when I was in Thailand.


  • We had sholat subuh near by, since when we arrived, the transition area was not open yet when we arrived.
  • Preparing stuff, wishing everybody good luck, we droped our Street Bag on Truck. When I just about dropped mine, a male Caucasian about my age yelled in panic. He forgot that swimming google and swimming cap were still in Street Bag and finding yours in stack of thousand street bags is just like finding a needle in the hasystack!  But fortunately, he can find his! He must be a good man then ! hahahah
  • I took gel with me and bottle of water with me.
  • There were 3 waves for Half Ironman distance, the red cap ( fastest), the blue cap (middle) and the white cap (slow or not sure)  I was in blue cap wave with expected swimming time 45 – 55 mins.  COT for swimming leg was 1 hour 10 mins, similar with Bagsaen. Seeing how calm the water was even after heavy rain the night before, I was pretty sure I’ll swim better, close to my Bintan’s timing.
  • There, I swam, very relax. The water was somehow warm, the sun hasn’t rise yet. It is expected that I got kicked, can’t help it. I followed all the floating flags, there was time I swam a little bit too far but I did practice my sighting so I kept myself from track again.
  • I forgot how the swimming track look like, thing I regret that I skipped technical meeting on the previous day. You know, in every triathlon race, there will be technical meeting from the committee to introduce you how the track looks like, the transition area, the do’s and the don’ts.
  • But on the last turn, I saw some white caps were overpassing me. But if take a look, I’m still around the blue caps. Means, I swam with others who are in 2.30 – 2.45/100 m pace.
  • There, I got it! 51 mins! I saw Jelly and Lily cheered me! Wow! They didn’t race yet willingly travel to The Danna for this! Wow!

Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 9.34.32 PM

  • I took my Bike Bag, then I confused where to go. See, behind Bike Bag Storage Area there was a changing room, there is  where we should prepare our stuffs! I lost my 15 seconds! Ha! Took white balero, put skirt on, hijab and glasses. Owh, this was the first time I used different top for my tri race.
  • My favorite leg! Bike leg ! Langkawi Ironman race is famous for its hilly, undulated, steep hills! Rear Derrailleurs  killers! If you don’t know how to handle your bike.
  • When I rode , I was wondering why I was so tired! Many participants passed me. I wonder why I ride sooooo slow especially in hilly area. Was it my legs?
  • We took u turn after one steep hills. Of, unfortunately, bike course wasn’t steril. So I had to compete with any other vehicles.

See my Tyre?

  • The nightmare came, I got flat tyre. A local  participant warn me I had flat tyre! OH EM GEEEEE!!!! This explained why I was soooo slow. I changed my tyre and pump my rear tyre with CO2.  Lucky I had learned how it worked. I continued. In down hill I still feel something wrong with my bike. I didn’t do it properly! I forgot to secure the tyre tube. I took my second CO 2 ( tabung kecil Co 2) I was panic, the gas pop up hopelessly. I cried! No way I’d finish this race and it has been one hour on in Km 19. But I tried my luck.
Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 10.09.36 PM.png

what Co2 look like

  • Lucky, supporting car came and helped me but he didn’t have bike pump with him. “Kakak calm sajalah, it will be ok. My friend will come in 5 minutes” he calmed me. Which seem take FOOOORRRREVERRRRR!!!!! That was  my worst nightmare among all the races I joined. CLUELESS AND HOPELESS! The other bike mechanic finally came WITH A BIKE PUMP! I begged him to be quick, it was 1 hour 15 mins already. NOw I wonder, how does he know I understand Malay? hahahahah.
  • Bike then oke, I continued my journey. For Langkawi Ironman, the 70.3 and Full Distance take place at the same time! So, there were many full IRONMAN Participants around me. Whoooo, they must swim very fast.
  • The rest of the track I was considered ok. We bike through village, by the lake, with local kids asking free bottle (on water station they gave us cold water in a bottle). I didn’t take the bottle with me. Tapi ya, ada teman saya, orang Algeria kerja di Jakarta, Doel kami memanggilnya, Dia “buang” bidon ini ke anak kampung, di penalty panitia. Suruh berhenti 5 menit! Hahahahah Kasihan Amat. Jadi peraturannya kalau ketahuan buang sampah, di penalty. 
  • Remember I said considered ok? Because when we took right turn after we cruised the city, that is where other night mare continues. Bike Track in Langkawi is famous for its THREE SISTERS and ONE MOTHER IN LAW! They are HORRRRRIIIIIBBBBLLLLEEEEE!  This is where you would see, many people CHEERIINGGG YOU UP, because it was THATTT HORRIBLE!!!! These are the places where participant hop off their bike and WALK with the bike!
  • I forgot on which those scary hills, a participant in front me made sudden stop. I didn’t prepare for this and I was too close with her as well. I fell down, my bike chain was misplaced. Rantai lepas! OH WHAT A RACEEEEEE! 
  • Short story, in one of those horrible hills, I DID WALK WITH MY BIKE a.k.a NUNTUN SEPEDA! I felt slighty cramp on my right inner thight! I rode my bike while messaging my thight! I really wanted to stop!

Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 10.13.51 PM

  • and in last 15K, we had to under go MOTHER IN LAW Hills, LONG endless hills under one hot scorching sun!
  • FINALLY! OWHHH FINALLY! I arrived at Mahsuri International Exhibition Center, where the transition 2 was.  I dismounted and fell down again!  I asked the committee whether I was still eligible to run? They said yes, and there I ran!
  • Running track was a 2-lap-course, and on (my) Km 4 I saw Cieko (Km 14). He motivated me as I was soooooo damn tired and we even held hand so I could keep his pace. Another participant said “owh you guys soo sweet” We both laughed. Baek baek Cik, ada fotograper snapped kita, susah jelasin ke istri loe ntar…I joked. Yet, Since I was tired, Cieko somewhat faster in completing the rest of his 7K.
  • The MICE is close to airport. As you know, it expected Airport Area should be clear. No high trees, no shades. NOTHING! DIRECT Sunlight. Hahahhaha

Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 10.08.13 PM

  • Anyway…long story short, I completed the whole track, they give all the finisher, medal and towel but if you check the timing track, it stated DID NOT FINISH!


Sedih? PASTI!  I didn’t feel this sad when I was in  Bangsaen, and now I’m pretty sad that I didn’t finish my second Half Ironman race either.

But during endurance sport like this, I learn that you never lose, it is either you win or you learn! I learn that, Ironman race probably is not for me, sudahlah…patah arang! Ikutan color run 5k aja paling bener! Ahhahahahah

PS : read better recap here from Evan.

PS again : and if you wonder, the Street Bag will be available on the finish line, while the BIke Bag  were transfred to T2. So participant will pick their bike, together with bike and run bags.

What the three sister hills look like. Sorry i have no idea who owned the pictures.

The Pearl of Kedah

Last Thursday, I went to Langkawi. A tiny, beautiful island in north of Malaysia. This island is quite famous among Indonesian’s triathletes because this where Ironman Event is held annually. The most affordable one if you travel from Jakarta I suppose.

People are nice, easy to get grab car service, food was ok…ok because Indonesian’s food is the best.

I met Evan, a triathlete I’ve been following since I pick up running as daily exercise 6 years ago, May, who accompanied her daughter for Ironkid event, and jeli and Lili who ran with me when I was in KL 6 years ago.

Of course I was there for my second Ironman 70.3. Recap will come later.

My group and I even stop at the famous Nasi Dagang Pak Malau before coming home.

Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures!

With Evan

Look, my name!

The Danna

Open Water Trial

Dropping Off Run Gear

Dropping of Bike Gear

Short Reunion with Jely and Lili

Waiting for Sunset

Breakfast with a view

(Race recap) Singapore Triathlon 2019

I never planned this race, Maya asked our swimming squad to sign up for this race one month before the D-Day as she’d be doing relay with Mas Emir ( her boss ) and Adhit (her spouse).

Some signed up as relay team (so there were 3 relay team among us) and some considered individual. i check my training plan, it suit me well. i had to do Tri Race simulation – Olympic Distance. But later I changed my mind. I refused the hustle bringing my own bike, I’d rent instead. They had 2 choices Road Bike and Mountain Bike, I opted the later. Simply, because it is 50 SGD cheaper! Ha ha! So I downgraded to Sprint Distance.

So, Singapore Triathlon 2019 was my second attempt doing Sprint Distance, officially.

Sunday, Sept 27th 2019

We woke up not so early. I learned that transition area would not be closed during the race. The regulation quite loose compare to other Multisports Events I’ve joined. We even put our bike on the D day.

So we arrived early to East Coast Park, I took my bike and proceeded to transition area, showing my wrist band.

My rented bike

Then Manda ( I often called her Sapi Bule) and were looking for toilet, do the “business” and lined up to get our body marked. And it was soooooo long. The committee seemed inefficient. And it wasn’t body marking with stamp, they used Black Marker (alias spidol). Meh!

Then we grouped with others, waiting for our wave. Female Sprint Category had the latest wave, at 9:05 Singapore Time.

My crazy swimming squad

The current was uneasy, I saw many longer distance participant carried away from the track then they were evacuated by boat. I thank God I didn’t sign up for OD!!!

Not until 9.15 am, that it was finally our turn, the last wave. Here’s the recap:

  • Soon as I entered the water, as predicted and expected, i got kicked on my head. Oooo I hate swimmers who did breast stroke during the first few mins!
  • Seeing previous participants carried away by current, i paid attention to the rope on my left, so I’d swimming in the right path! I’m a-right-sided- swimmer. I take breath better on my right, so it was challenging for me to take breath from left side.
  • Few mins later, I heard people cried for help and F word! I told you wave and current was uneasy. Everybody hanging on rope so I lost the sight of the rope. I freaked out!!!!
  • I swam harder, man this wasn’t easy! I shallowed sea water and I puked!
  • Until there were three girls in front of me, TALKING! One of them told me “you can overpassed me, she’s drowning”. God fordemit!! How Can I passed you guys when I’m not even moving!!!
  • I saw my watch and it said it was already 600 m but I was stillllll farrrr from the sea shore! I almost cry! I haven’t make the last turn to the sea shore.
  • Just to cut story short, i swam almost 1K for almost 50 mins! My worst speed!!

Tired Ugly Face

Transition Area

Adil, took my pic and gave my glasses. He was suppose to take pics of other participants, but he stuck with me hahahah! I asked him to get my glasses ready and when I’m done with my swim. I didnt use contact lens.

  • I ran to transition area, and heard my name was called.
  • I saw Thea, Adhit and Dondok and said to myself, Thea done with the bike? She must rode very fast! Because I know Astrid is a fast Swimmer To note: astrid – thea – ali doing relay OD. Dondok – vita – Kunthi doing SD relay.
  • I put helmet on, my running shoes and cursed I didn’t bring baby powder with me. I used powder to reduce the water from my wet feet.
  • Bike Track was a-6-Km lap. So i must rode 3 lap and it was hooooorrrrrriiibbleeeee! The bike was heavy and I wasn’t familiar with the bike. Hard for me to change the gear.Huh! I’ll never do Tri race with MTB again! Lucky I only did 18K! My thighs and my feet were tired. And I don’t have my bidon (bottle) either. I forgot to bring one.
  • But on second note, I noticed that Singapore Triathlete are sooo humble! Even the longer distance participant don’t wear fancy brand. Few of them were riding with their running shoes and running jersey. They don’t have expensive bike either. If the race was held in Indonesia, I bet the suits, shoes, etc could cost up to 700 Dollar! Head to Toe orang Indonesia, pasti merek mahal! Ngga usah bahas sepeda!
  • Well, I planned to ride with in an hour, considering it was MTB and not my bike, but I did better than that!
  • Here come my weakest leg, RUNNING! Oh my GOD seemed it took forever to do 5K run at 11 am Singapore Time!!!!
  • But I managed to walk-jog-walk-jog….and….did the run below 45 mins (within my target of 8:30mins / K)

They gave ice cream!

Later I found, Astrid got sea sick. So Thea haven’t do the bike when I saw her in transition area. Made it even worse, she got flat tyre twice! And only did 4 laps (instead of 6). But Ali ( the runner) allowed to Run. See? The event was loose. Hahahahah i also learned that the evacuated swimmers are still allowed to continue the race. Well ya whatever! I was there for fun!

Short Trip to Singapore

Last I went to Singapore again on weekend. I combined MRT and Railink (Airport Train) to get to airport since I was still working on Friday.

I was with Thea, an American who now lives in Jakarta (but she lived in Malang for yearssss) This is her first attempt using airport train and she was so excited.

Regroup with Kunthi, we took 10 pm flight with Jet Star, that was my first time taking Jet Star and it surprised me that it was all male crew! Nice!

Arrived midnight, took taxi to our home Stay in Jhoo Chiat area. Nice old peranakan house. We regrouped with all the squads, my swimming squad. There were 15 of us! They came earlier.

Next morning, Manda, woke me up and insist I should run with her. I was soo reluctant, but I said yes eventually. I need to withdraw some money too and hope i can find ATM along the course.

Peranakan Houses

During the run, Manda said she wanted to visit an old friend of her, I agreed. So, from 3K of initial plan, we ran for 10K in total. But we did stop for coffee! I was hungry! I stopped at Penny University coffee shop, i saw the pic in my Instagram feed. A friend who lives in SG visit this coffee shop on regular basis, so I remember.


Do little groceries, walked home, then I learnt Thea and Kunthi wanted to go to orchard Road. One of the girl needed to fix something. I wanted to go, but I wasn’t ready. After a while, Manda agreed to go to Orchard. So off we goo!!!! To a-must-visit-place for Indonesian!!! Hahahahah

I bought Singapore signature es krim potong right away!

It has been three years! My last visit was 2016 after Bintan Race. i told you on my previous post, i came to this country on annual basis since I was a kid.

So I was soo happy! We had lunch in ION and I’m surprised prices get higher now.


After lunch, took group pics, We proceed to East Coast, picking up our BIB! Yesss, BIB! We were in Singapore for a race, Singapore Triathlon. I never plan this, the idea came a month before. Among the girls, only me and Manda took individual race, the rest do the Relay.

They tried open water test, I didn’t bring extra underwear. So I decided to sleep

The sea was choppy, this is what I do to keep me calm

Later Manda borrowed her swimming suits so I can swim (i used my long tri suit as cover, of course! ) yes, the water was uneasy.

To close the night, we had Dinner at Long John Seafood Restaurant!

food was terrific, the Crab was sooo nice! And someone paid for it! Hahahahahahah! Happy Birthday pak Emir!


Race day, i’ll write a recap on it.

After the race, i packed my bag and bid farewell. My plane was at 8 pm i still have plenty of hours. Kunthi had plan with her ex bf, Manda and Astrid extend their stay, etc….we had different plans and plane. 😀

Kunthi, Thea and I would regroup in Changi.

I texted my friend from college, Gita and she was in Paya Lebar. Not too far from our homestay. So I drag my luggage from Jhoo Chiat to Paya Lebar square under hot sun, and met many Indonesian Helpers who took their holiday.

Nice To see an old friend, we catched up everything in limited time! Then I proceed to Paya Lebar MRT, back to Changi! finally! I’m taking MRT in Singapore. i still have my card from 2015! Hahahaha and it still have SGD 10 balance!

Check the balance


only 20 mins train ride, I wanted to see Jewel! The new man-made waterfall. Everyone who is in the city take its pic so I dragged my luggage and…..this is it??? Sooo overrated!


and I did self-checking! Soo efficient! To cut the budget, I only bring 7K cabin-size luggage with me.

Self Check In Machine

What a pleasant trip. Although short, it was nice to be back. Makan es krim potomg lagi, naik MRT lagi, liat bersih dan majunya negara kecil ini! Tapi mahal banget Sg sekarang!

Will write race recap soon!

(Rusia Trip) hometown of the Romanov

On Sunday, during trip to Petergof, I decided that I had to skipped St Catharina Palace, another beautiful palace in Pushkin.

I feel tired but I need time to see the city, get lost, more talking with my kiddos. I realized I’m getting old, they’re getting big and in the next 3 years, one of them will leave my house so does her brother in the following year. *sniff sniff* back in Tangsel, i’m busy between house chores and works, they’re busy with schools, including weekend.

Our train back to Moscow, will be on Tuesday at 11.30 pm as I wanted my kids to have sleeping-compartment-experience.

Then, on Monday, We strolled Nevsky Avenue, window shopping, visit local book stores and off to the north-est part of the city to see Gazprom Arena, where one of the World Cup Match was held. This teen finally had his ear to ear smile since one of his bucket list was checked

Газпром Арена

Then we took different Metro, spending days at the park and we found out there is an amusement park next to Gazprom Arena seems more exciting rather than Universal Studio’s rides.

Amusement Park

One of my sister’s acquaintance, Amy studies here, I dropped her a message she recommended New Holland island, a park, where the local hangs out.

Then later off to St Petesburg University, just for the sake of it. Do you know Vladimir Putin was one of the alumni?

I told my son :

Me : dek, kuliah di sini donk dek. Biar bunda ada alasan ke sini lagi. ( Pursue your undergraduate study here, so I have a reason to go back here again)

#2: ngga mau ah, ngga suka.  (na’a, don’t like it)

Me :  Putin lulusan sini lo dek, siapa tau adek jadi presiden (Putin was one the alumni, probably you’ll be one too)

#2 : Mana enak jadi presiden, disalah salahin terus. Lagian bunda aja yang kuliah disini kalau mau Kan ngga selesai kuliahnya ( being President is uncomfortable, people will always blame you. Why dont you study here, you didn’t finish your school)

Me : #ngok! *facepalm*

The next day, I took my morning walk to totally different route and see the beauty of Neva River.  I love this city on Summer 😉

Unpleasant experience from our rented apartment as the clean lady didn’t show up at our agreed time.

So I just left the key on the mailbox and the owner didn’t apologize either. We proceed to station to drop our luggage. It  was a challenged for me as the locker is small another local helped me how to deal with the locker.

Kyoto station luggage room 10

St petesburg station luggage room 5

Asia wins!

After we had lunch in Nevskya area, we went back to mosque to have our pray then kids wanted to spend the rest of the day at New Holland.

I left my jacket at the locker and summer wind blew unpleasantly. Brrr….My son said, how clean the park, no one left the trash! Things barely happened in the largest muslim country in the world -___-

Had dinner at KFC Nevsky area again, my dad waited at the station, kids and I spent the rest of the evening in Loft Project not too far from the station, also recommended by Amy. It is like market for the youngster, independent brands sold their stuff, café here and there and at the roof top, another hang out place cost Rubbel 100/person.  Kayak Pasar Santa deh!

We are waving at St Petesburg sunset and proceed to the Station.

Good bye St Petesburg, The Romanov’s hometown,  don’t know when we’ll be back again! It was a pleasant stay!

St Petesburg University

Post Card anyone

Selfie during run by the side of Neva River

Sunset from Loft Project

Luggage Room at station

Loft project Roof top

Kereta Malam Argo Mulia

Rusia Trip : Naik Angkot di Petergof

Waktu saya menyusun gambaran singkat jadwal perjalan ke Rusia, Anggi wanti-wanti, ke Peterhof Palace ini sifatnya wajib.

Hampir saja ke skip, karena saya sudah capek banget. Rencana mau leyeh-leyeh saja di hari Minggu. Ternyata pas cek jadwal, Senin dia tutup (bukan harga naik ya! #krik) Ya sudah berangkat!

Memang letaknya jauh, di pinggiran kota St Petesburg. Sampai keluar statisiun saya cari Angkot. Yoi angkot!

Podorozhnik Card (kayak ez link di Singapore) di St Petesburg sudah tidak berlaku di sini.

Tapi berangkatnya sih, tidak menunggu pemumpang penuh -___-

Namun cara supir bawa mobilnya…ho’oh, persis supir D02 Jombang-Cileduk!

Selain naik Angkot, bisa juga naik Hydrofoil (kapal) yang berangkat dari belakang Hermitage.

Karena hari Jumat sudah naik kapal, saya ngga mau keluar biaya lagi.

Padahal sih kalo Jumat ngga naik kapal, ongkosnya sama aja hahah. Naik hydfrofoil ini Rubel 800/trip.

Anyway, begitu masuk saya berpikir, mirip mirip Istana Musim Pana Schönebrunn Palace yang saya kunjungi 2015 ya? Susunan pohon pohonnya juga mirip. Hahahah.

Waktu masuk…ya Ampun maleeehh….orang semua isinya!

Ini pemandangan kalau kita masuk melalui jalan darat

Gulf of Finland at the very end

Ini pemandangan kalau kita masuk memakai Hydrofoil.

The Palace at the top

Seluruh tamannya Indah banget, saya ngga masuk meseumnyanya karena kelewat jadwalnya. Waktu WWII taman ini sempat rusak.

Kalau capek, ada mobil / golf cart sih yang bisa tour taman, tapi lumayan mahal Rub 900 kalo ngga salah plus….tournya Bahasa Lokal. Ya ngga ngerti juga!

Yang saya suka sih, air mancur di beberapa tempat di taman luas ini.

Indah banget, Masya Allah. Perpaduan sempurna hijau, biru dan sinar matahari. Kalau lagi musim dingin, putih semua. Saya sempat cek Instagram nya Pak Albert, orang Indonesia lagi S3 di kota ini. Brrrrr, terasa kaku dan dingin.

Balik ke St Petesburg, sampai daerah Nevsky Prospect lagi.

Saya juga sempat mencicipi Donat Kentang legendaris Pyshecnaya. Yang antri panjang banget, saya pun pesan kopi susunya. Toko ini sudah ada dari jaman Soviet, 1958. Pas saya cicipin sih….ngga istimewa. Hahahaha.

lagi musim panas banyak acara dalam rangka White Night Festivals.

Dibilang white nights, yaaa karena mataharinya lama. Malam itu, ada Scarlet Sails perayaan lulus lulusan sekolah dan ditutup kembang api.

Anak saya sempat liat, saya sudah teler.

Dan minggu depannya (30 Juni 2019) ternyata ada White Night Marathon, event Marathon terbesar di kota ini. Yah!

Saya skip nih! Sayang juga sudah jauh jauh ke Luar negeri ngga cicipin race lucu lucu ahhahahah.

next time perhaps


The Grand Cascade and Samson Fountain

Look alike?

gulf of Finland

Marli Palace at the back


Nevsky Avenue at 10 pm

Race Recap : Titan Run 2019

Saya lupa, sejak kapan Titan Run ini hadir. Kehadirannya setiap Agustus memang ditunggu banyak runner. Karena, race rasa kondangan! Makan makan setelah race heboh macam kenduri, plus….Durian!

Saya baru tahun ini berpartisipasi, itupun gratisan kantor. Saya jadi tidak tahu berapa fee-nya, konon lumayan mahal.

Balik sebentar, sejak akhir April lalu, saya punya coach lari, pelatihan online. Dia kasih menu, saya kerjakan. Awalnya seminggu 5x, pas puasa seminggu 3x, sekarang 4x

Hasilnya, speed saya membaik. Kan saya sering tulis di sini ya, i lost my strength. Sejak 2016 speed saya melorot ke 9-10 mins per menit, bahkan saya DNF pas Jogja Marathon dan kena COT pas Ironman Bangsaen.

Nah, selama pelatihan, speed saya membaik. Masih lelet sih, tapi membaik.

Contohnya awal April 1 jam cuma sanggup 6.5 K terus bisa 7K, 7.2 K bahkan pernah 8K.

Makanya ada lomba ini saya pengen buktikan hasil latihan saya.

Titan run ini selain makan-makannya yang membedakan dengan race lain, dia diselenggarakan selalu hari Sabtu dan punya signature distance, 17.8K.

Dulu sih kalo ngga salah 17 dan 8K

Yep, karena hari merdeka, tahun ini punya kategori 45K duo (jadi masing-masing pelari 22.5K)

Saya sampai nginap di the Branz, apartemen sebrang Aeon Mall-BSD, tempat start-nya.

Akhir akhir ini sulit bangun pagi.

Paginya saya makan kurma, roti gandum dan minum kopi susu.parahnya ngga bisa BAB paginya.

Here’s the recap :

  • flag off, 5.15 am! Pagi butaaaa dan peserta 17.8K ini ada 1000 orang konon.
  • Dan yaaa benar saja, rutenya aih familiar. Keluar Aeon belok kiri, putar balik terus sampe komplek Qbiq. Belok kiri. Dulu waktu powerman lewatin rute ini. Selain itu saya baru sepedahan di situ dua minggu lalu sama Bayu. Enak banget saat itu dingin. Tapi saya tidak bisa memenuhi target pribadi saya bisa sub 8’ atau at least pace 8. Melorot ke 8:06/km bertahan sampai sekitar 8K
  • oh race ini ada hiburan juga, Dj, tari daerah,dll. Lanjutin lari I know familiar figure, ketemu mbak lala. Beliau baru pulang ikutan Gold Coast Half Marathon. Lagi hobi-hobinya lari. Welcoming her 50’s !
  • terus belok kanan, ada hiburan tarian Kalimantan. I stopped to take pic with them. Rute ini ada 3x U-Turn sehingga bisa lihat Ika di sisi lain. Duh, kalau paginya ngga dibangunkan Ika via whatsapp, bisa bablas lagi ketiduran.
  • Nah saya lupa diputar kemana lagi, pokoknya ngga sampai Sumarecon dan akhirnya balik lagi ke area Qbig.
  • Ini putaran terpanjang dan ketemu Marion on the other side.
  • Di putaran ini Km 13, pace saya makin melorot ke 8:15 min/K. Tapi saya happy sih, ngga masalah sama lutut apalagi kram. Ngga bloating juga. Di Km 14 saya makan kurma 3 biji untuk energi. Tiap water station (per 2.5K) pasti minum.
  • RunID kalau bikin race selalu menyenangkan ya. Marshal ok, water station juga ok. Tapi di tiap water station tidak ada makanan sama sekali (khususnya untuk long distance) seperti pisang atau semangka. Jadi refuelling ya mandiri.
  • Setelah 16K, melewati the Branz dan memutar ke area finish. Itu nanjak boooo!
  • Akhir kata saya finish 2 jam 28 menit untuk 17.8K (average pace 8:15). Jauh dari target pribadi 8:00 tapi better lah dibanding Bintaro Jaya Half Maratbon
  • Masuk race village lagi, biasalah reuni runner. Dan Langsung ….makan! Antri soto betawi Haji Mamat, Chat Time dan Durian!
  • Oh ya, pengaturan ambil makanan juga bagus sih. Dipisahkan buat yang 5/10K dan 17.8/45K duo. Bahkan yang antri durian depan saya tidak dapat durian lagi hahaha kasihan. Tapi fair sih, kan short distance selesai duluan.

Air BnB The Branz

At Km 4-5

Traditional Dance

Akhirnya bisa nyusull Ika juga di Km 10

Usually, the happiest girl after 3rd bowl


Last Finisher 45K duo

Mbak Lala, Marion and I

Finish Happy