Pancawati Trail Run (not race) Recap

@penny_sito si polwan kece nan setrong nge-tag gw di IG!

Asik! Ada acara fun trail not far from Bintaro! Ngga pakai pikir panjang, saya daftar donk dan meracuni orang lain pastinya. Paling gampang di racunin siapa lagi kalo bukan maktin dan valas lalu rekan kantor KetKet and Amel plus their spouses! 😀
Pendek kata, gw ngga mau nginap! BOKEK SUDAH DIRIKU!!!! Dari bulan september nginep tiap bulan di hotel :((

Fun trail ini ditujukan untuk galang Dana. Ada wakil Indonesia akan bertarung dalam Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc.
Race ini — UTMB— ngga sembarang race, perlu pakai point untuk daftar biar peserta jutawan juga.

Pointnya sendiri didapat dari…ya race-race ultra trail selama selang waktu tertentu.
Untungnya sekarang di Indonesia sejak 2014 ke atas lebih “mudah” dapat point untuk ikutan UTMB. ada race seperti mount rinjani ultra, Gepang Marathon, Bromo Tengger Semeru Ultra apalagi ya? Gitulah. :Du

Beberapa tahun lalu, ultra paling dekat kayaknya TNF Singapore, TNF Hongkong sama ultra trail Kinabalu.

Jadi kalo  liat website race-race itu ada tulisan

100K : 3 point,

70K : 2 point

itulah gunanya point kalo finish sebelum Cut Off Time.

So, fisik kuat ama duit banyak aja belum cukup buat ikutan UTMB! Ada rangkaian keringat dan air mata di dalamnya! #halah!
Anyway, wakil Indonesia yang akan berangkat namanya Fandi Achmad (agi)

Where are we?

Ah ya! So, sabtu 13 Juni 2015 saingan ama maling, gw dijemput valas, lalu jemput Maktin, ngambil Ira di Fedex off we go to Pancawati, Ciawi!
I slept most of the time! Zzzzzz. Jam 12 pas Cinderella pulang gw malah bangun!

Kayaknya sempat nyasar deh hahahah, gw tidur soalnya.

Sebelum shubuh udah sampe di balai desa Pancawati. Sejuknyaaaaa….Lanjut tidur bentar, emang lebay juga kita jam 1 pagi sudah berangkat

On this Fun Trail there were 2 categories, 7K and 16K.
We (ofkorsssss- being over confident we are)  opted for the later!

Jam 5.30 dikumpulin dulu kita pemanasan yang dipimpin langsung sama Mas Fandhi. Gw sempat ketemu Jurian dan Paul.
Jam 6 teng start!

It’s suppose to be fun, but it’s hilly area. So…





Awalnya gw sok-sok

“Ah, ngga mau foto foto! Gw mau push my limit! Kelar ngga nih 16Km within 3 hours”


mountain called, so we came back

Masya Allah! Sampe terharu gw liat pemandangannya!! biar ini bukan race, panitia tetap ngasih water station lho per 4km!
Here’s first water station

water station with a view

Sampe   until another 1km ahead, Ini rute perkebunan menurut brosur, after this we will run walk in forest! THIS is the hardest track! Slippery! Harus pegangan ranting beberapa kali, paling oke bawa walking stik sih! Some of participants pake dahan eh ato ranting sih buat dijadikan walking stick. One of the participant fell right in front of my eyes! Di kubangan air pulak!

Gw pun kepleset beberapa kali! Nevertheles, ngga mengurangi serunya trail kali ini!

After second water station, KM 8 that is, time to make U-Turn and down hill most of the track!
And this was my favorite track!

Gw bertiga sama KetKet dan Valas ganti gantian jadi model Victoria Secret  ala Trail Magazine #ngarep!

Pokoknya kita gantian foto foto lah! Tiap 20 meter berhenti kayaknya 🙂

Sampe rute tanah yang agak keras, sepatu gw mulai ngga nyaman deh. new balance trail! keras tumpuan kakinya. Time to have a new one? #eh

Untuk 16Km ada 4 water station. Aqua, pisang dan semangka! Ishh! tjiamik bangettt!!! Kayaknya yang kita dapat lebih dari yang kita bayarkan deh! Keren!

after the Last water station, we went to asphalt road again. It was like the last 1.5km I guess. Makin ngga nyaman pake sepatu NB trail di aspalth, I walked most of the time tho! Karena bukan race rasanya pengen naik ojek! Ngga dibolehin sama Ketket dan valas. -__-

Passing Santa Monica Hotel where ketket stayed, made a right turn, we were heading to balai desa again!
Lalu berposelah seakan akan finish UTMB jugaaaa

*fotonya di panitia, belum dapat*

*eh gw ikut CCC100 dulu lah*


Peserta dapat buff lho! Tjiamik banget deh!!!

Asli kelar trail ini I think I could eat a mountain!!!

It was 9 am something gw makan nasi lengkap dan lauk pauk dan sayur!! Ada  yang jual di balai desa.

Thing I’d never do before 11 am (biasanya) !!! Dan sepertinya gw ngutang deh, lupa siapa yang bayarin.
Anyway, Thank You derby trail!

And a very best luck for you Mas Agi!

Make Indonesia proud!!

Plank, squat,lunges juga biar seteronggggg! (Read: strong)

Easter Long Weekend

My cousin came up with an idea of a staycation in Puncak! gee…honestly speaking, I can’t even remember when was the last time I visited this place, a-3 hour-of macet from Jakarta TangSel! I hate that buka tutup road close system! Somehow, it worthless for me! heck, anyway, I’m busy with my coming Triathlon Training Plan, why don’t I just ditch the TP for a while and spend times with my kiddos.

So, me, my kiddos, my 3 cousins and long-time serviced Mbak Rum spend a stayCation in Gunung Mas.

We went not really early around 6.30 am, and arrived at Ciawi Exit Tol at 8 am and…u-huh! Road to Puncak was closed. So we had to wait for another 1.5 hrs. Gee…this what I don’t like about going to Puncak on weekend.

After the road was available again, off we go to our first stop. The famous CIMORI restaurant. This was me and my kids first visit. I love this place, a six kinda love, LOOOOOOVE! 4  stars of out 5!


The food is good, drinks, the ambiance, the price for me is all worth it! Then off we go to Gunung Mas and spend macet-macetan on the road! Meh. Lucky, Boris was the driver. this baby cousin is very patient!

When we arrived at Vila Gunung Mas, unfortunately there was raining, so nothing much we can do as for me, I took a nap.

Hours later before heading for dinner, we had our sholat Magrib at the famous Masjid Atta’awun Puncak. Eventhough, it was raining, the sky was beautifully painted by its creator! Masya Allah! I could see the sunset!

Then we had dinner to seems-everybody-is-coming-here restaurant, Bumi Aki. I never been here even I had seen this restaurant since I was a kid. I don’t why, may be it is because when it come to food, my parents aren’t not the type of trying new things. They always stick for Rindu Alam :))

IMG_2675Since it was long weekend, full board restaurant, the slow service is expected! But heck, my opinion never complain to ones who served your food! you never know what they did to your food after harsh complain ;)). Food was oke and it is very affordable! oh me like it…the down side thing is only when I asked for Capucino, it was sachet :(( from Torabika I guess. Not the homemade Capucino! No wonder this restaurant ramai selalu!!!! 3.5 out of 5!

Wake up next morning very early, as in front of our room ada Perayaan Paskah. yes! start at midnight! Saingan2xan nyanyi Gospel sama Azan Shubuh! Seriusan! ah…speaking about toleransi you guys…=))

Anyway, while kiddos were still sleeping I took my morning run! Man, it was loveable!

IMG_2714Another 1 hour, I came back to take my kids for walk. They already had their  foto-foto session and morning walk with Paman and Bibi-nya =))

Out Of Topic : what is it with you guys? I love the words Paman, Bibi, Pak De, Bu De, Bu Lik, Mak Tuo, Tulang, Namboru, etc than “nte, auntie, ontie, uncle…PUHLEEEASSSEEEE !!!!  =)) Sorry, it just me 😉 no offense for you yang maksa-maksa minta dipanggil auntie,uncle, bla bla , it’s your right tho!

Anyway, as planned, my kiddos wanted to take horse ride. They were here 7 years ago I guess for a horse riding. Too small to remember! 1 hour ride is quite expensive, eh….IDR 200k per horse. Gee…udah ditawar ngga mau pulak. Sutrahlah!

So when kiddos on horse, I done my running trail again!

IMG_2738When we came back, i couldn’t find my cousins at hotel! asli gw murka semurka murkanya…mana batere habis! pheww…

I borrowed mbak tukang indomie, mobile phone, called my sister at home to contact our cousins. Pas ngomel2x, sampe habis pulsa si mbak Lulu, si tukang indomie! tapi ketika gw balik kamar, Hp dicharge, gw bellin pulsa sih si mbaknya. Ganti Rugi :p Ma kasih ya mbak lulu…

Anyway, after my cousins get back to the our room, another drama! We couldn’t open the door! HALAH! poor maintained out dated hotel Hmpphh…it took 1 hour even for the staffs to open our room! We took a bath and checkout to save our time from this macet-macetan on the way back, We took alternative road tho, pokoknya keluar Ciawi. Yang ngeselin, tiap pengkolan preman-nya banyak! And seems they really expecting our money! hmpppttttt!!!!

We had lunch at Sentul, I forgot why we came up with this idea, at Desa Gumati! Oh em GEEE….slow service, tasteless food, dirty place! pantessss feeling gw ngga enak! When I posted this in my PATH timeline, surprisingly many of my friends had uncomfortable experience as well! since a decade ago! whoaaa…hebat juga belum bangkrut! -___-

Then drop Boris and Anggun at their apartment, drop Nanda, we’re back to Bintaro, it was raining… and we couldn’t get in to my dad’s house since…banjir booo! Halah!

So, that’s my story! What did you do for Last Easter break?

a journey to bogor

this is unordinary weekend for my babies,
not only the destination but I put some (new) adventure for my two precious.
We left home at 6.45 am headed to Gambir,
oh yeah…we left the car at home and took Pakuan Express train.
There were Susi my collegue and….tante D the “Biduan Madura” coming along with us.
Susi and I had planned this trip days ago, and at very late at night I invited Day,
(sorry kak InJul and Bude Dini….:P)

We (suppose) to take 7.45 am train, but it was late. probably there were sooo many people
going mudik…so many train schedule, the peron was so crowded.
This is Kezia 2nd KRL trip but the first for baby #2.
He liked to wander around the train. Hmphhhh….

An hour latter, we arrived at the station, and looked for breakfast
(since we plan to do Wisata Kuliner, we didn’t have our breakfast on purpose, but my babies did…)
Actually, I wanted to dine in every place that was recomended by TAMASYA MAGAZINE a month ago but i mistook it somewhere.

we had quite a long walk, we arrived at SMA I Bogor, and there is a hawker centre beside the school.
I asked for Es KELAPA JERUK….what a refreshment!
Susi and I have Kupat tahu and Day had TOGE GORENG, off course.
Then we took delman to Kebun Raya Bogor
kakak didn’t want to join at first and I pursued her,
He asked a plastic ball instead, I let her and her brother buy the toy.Hmpph…o well.
Then we have another walk.

And guess what, this pool has little crocodile! Day ans Susi did saw it themselves, I didn’t cause I was taking some pictures.
To watch the palace, I guess Mr President trust the crocodile better than the security.
Kakak was so borring then start to annoy us, she wanted to see deer.
That’s why I failed to take some pictures

When we about to left the KRB, we saw the cable car, so we took the trip around KRB.
It cost Rp 10.000/person, and you know what…the KBR only had 4 of this, but today only 2 of thes was operated.
Hayya….this weekend sir, lot of people coming! Lucky us then.
The driver was nice, he act as a guide tour and did his job great.
Dahlia think he kinda cute.
Oh boy!

Another 30 minutes spend here, then we left the garden. as my promise to Kezia who’s being kinda annoyig,
We like to see the Deer in front of Istana President,
then wee took Angkot 02. I guess this is Kevin’s First Angkot RIde.
it was a loooonggg ride, since there were so many “one way ” road in this city latter the angkot stopped not far from SMA !…ughh…we have to walk around 400 m.Kevin was sleeping.

Kezia feel irritated first since she only see the Deer from quite far…but LUcky For Us (again!)
there were 3 deers by The Fence.
I wonder how they get there, because right after the fence was a little river.

It was 12.30 pm, time to eat.
We decided to have lunch In Macaroni Panggang, we took Angkot 03 to taman Kencana, stopped right in front of the resto.
WE ordered (of course) Macaroni Panggang Special, and I ordered Sop Makaroni and Beef Omelet for the babies.
Dahlia ask for Jus Kacang Hijau, and Kezia asked for Strawbeery Juice.
They both taste great.
The store also sell LASAGNA GULUNG, TIRAMISU, STEAK, BLUDDER CAKE(tape and DUREN…oh em gee…)
but off course we don’t have extra space trying them all.
should be back there some day.

another 2 hour, we left MP heading for PiA Apple Pie in Jl. Pangrango
We had Cheese Crust and Strawberry Pie, I had Apple Bandrek, Dahlia had Hot Rum Coffee (taste like tiramisu) and susi had BAJIGUR.
An hour latter we left this PIA Apple PIe, and went back to station, I guess the babies tired already.
Oh No, it was raining, and I didn’t prepare the raincoat as well as the umbrella.
thanks GOd dahlia bring her rain coat, enough to cover Kevin’s head and susi brought her umbrella.
Since there were soooo many One way Road, we had another 15 minutes walked to the main street near Sempur and took any angkot that will get us to the station.

I wanted to take train direct to SERPONG it was 16.28 on schedule, but it isn’t operated on weekend.
So went back to Gambir, at the train I meeyt Titut and Mas Made, the participant from Woman ISsue on Pesta Blogger 2007 last October.

Well, anyway shortly after Azan Magrib we were home…at last.
A great little trip for us! thank susi dan day…:)

here for more pictures