(race recap) Ironman Langkawi 70.3 2019

After Bangsaen 70.3, I was a bit curious about completing half-distance triathlon race. If only questions popped up.  On March, I gave another shot! I would try my luck on October.

To swim better, I decided to go back to Akbar’s class, I was with him since 2015, I quit in 2016 when doctor told me not to swim yet.  The practice arleady move to Gelora Bung Karno which obviously closer to my office. It will be easier for me to commute.

Swimming in pool for speed session obviously different with open water swimming which is required in triathlon.  So  around March, I’m back with the squad again ,twice a week as opposed to my previous preparation for Bangsaen which was only once a week.

As I also write here, I have my running coach that gives me schedule on Sunday, Monday the latest, because obviously I lack of my running mileage. The reason why I can’t make it on Bangsaen.

But, building up my running really takes time that I only had max 2 a week for bike training. Pre-race MISTAKE.

Ok here’s the recap :

Saturday October 26th, 2019.

  • We had breakfast at the hotel. Me, not having my caffeine for a week finally in big relief. I sip a cup of coffee eat pasta and bread.
  • In agreed time, we went to The Danna, a nice resort 20-min-drive from where we stay, where the swimming leg started. Unlike any other tri race I had participated, they had different transistion area  for T1 ( from swimming to bike) and T2 ( from bike to Run) even the finish line. Hence, they gave us 3 bags, Street Bag (for our needs after the race), Bike Bag (our needs from in T1) and Run Bag ( our needs in T2). For Bike leg, I prepared myself with a  bottle full of Infinite, a powder-form food and should be dilute with 600cc water. I think this cool, I wont left anything behind like I forgot my bike shoes when I was in Thailand.


  • We had sholat subuh near by, since when we arrived, the transition area was not open yet when we arrived.
  • Preparing stuff, wishing everybody good luck, we droped our Street Bag on Truck. When I just about dropped mine, a male Caucasian about my age yelled in panic. He forgot that swimming google and swimming cap were still in Street Bag and finding yours in stack of thousand street bags is just like finding a needle in the hasystack!  But fortunately, he can find his! He must be a good man then ! hahahah
  • I took gel with me and bottle of water with me.
  • There were 3 waves for Half Ironman distance, the red cap ( fastest), the blue cap (middle) and the white cap (slow or not sure)  I was in blue cap wave with expected swimming time 45 – 55 mins.  COT for swimming leg was 1 hour 10 mins, similar with Bagsaen. Seeing how calm the water was even after heavy rain the night before, I was pretty sure I’ll swim better, close to my Bintan’s timing.
  • There, I swam, very relax. The water was somehow warm, the sun hasn’t rise yet. It is expected that I got kicked, can’t help it. I followed all the floating flags, there was time I swam a little bit too far but I did practice my sighting so I kept myself from track again.
  • I forgot how the swimming track look like, thing I regret that I skipped technical meeting on the previous day. You know, in every triathlon race, there will be technical meeting from the committee to introduce you how the track looks like, the transition area, the do’s and the don’ts.
  • But on the last turn, I saw some white caps were overpassing me. But if take a look, I’m still around the blue caps. Means, I swam with others who are in 2.30 – 2.45/100 m pace.
  • There, I got it! 51 mins! I saw Jelly and Lily cheered me! Wow! They didn’t race yet willingly travel to The Danna for this! Wow!

Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 9.34.32 PM

  • I took my Bike Bag, then I confused where to go. See, behind Bike Bag Storage Area there was a changing room, there is  where we should prepare our stuffs! I lost my 15 seconds! Ha! Took white balero, put skirt on, hijab and glasses. Owh, this was the first time I used different top for my tri race.
  • My favorite leg! Bike leg ! Langkawi Ironman race is famous for its hilly, undulated, steep hills! Rear Derrailleurs  killers! If you don’t know how to handle your bike.
  • When I rode , I was wondering why I was so tired! Many participants passed me. I wonder why I ride sooooo slow especially in hilly area. Was it my legs?
  • We took u turn after one steep hills. Of, unfortunately, bike course wasn’t steril. So I had to compete with any other vehicles.

See my Tyre?

  • The nightmare came, I got flat tyre. A local  participant warn me I had flat tyre! OH EM GEEEEE!!!! This explained why I was soooo slow. I changed my tyre and pump my rear tyre with CO2.  Lucky I had learned how it worked. I continued. In down hill I still feel something wrong with my bike. I didn’t do it properly! I forgot to secure the tyre tube. I took my second CO 2 ( tabung kecil Co 2) I was panic, the gas pop up hopelessly. I cried! No way I’d finish this race and it has been one hour on in Km 19. But I tried my luck.
Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 10.09.36 PM.png

what Co2 look like

  • Lucky, supporting car came and helped me but he didn’t have bike pump with him. “Kakak calm sajalah, it will be ok. My friend will come in 5 minutes” he calmed me. Which seem take FOOOORRRREVERRRRR!!!!! That was  my worst nightmare among all the races I joined. CLUELESS AND HOPELESS! The other bike mechanic finally came WITH A BIKE PUMP! I begged him to be quick, it was 1 hour 15 mins already. NOw I wonder, how does he know I understand Malay? hahahahah.
  • Bike then oke, I continued my journey. For Langkawi Ironman, the 70.3 and Full Distance take place at the same time! So, there were many full IRONMAN Participants around me. Whoooo, they must swim very fast.
  • The rest of the track I was considered ok. We bike through village, by the lake, with local kids asking free bottle (on water station they gave us cold water in a bottle). I didn’t take the bottle with me. Tapi ya, ada teman saya, orang Algeria kerja di Jakarta, Doel kami memanggilnya, Dia “buang” bidon ini ke anak kampung, di penalty panitia. Suruh berhenti 5 menit! Hahahahah Kasihan Amat. Jadi peraturannya kalau ketahuan buang sampah, di penalty. 
  • Remember I said considered ok? Because when we took right turn after we cruised the city, that is where other night mare continues. Bike Track in Langkawi is famous for its THREE SISTERS and ONE MOTHER IN LAW! They are HORRRRRIIIIIBBBBLLLLEEEEE!  This is where you would see, many people CHEERIINGGG YOU UP, because it was THATTT HORRIBLE!!!! These are the places where participant hop off their bike and WALK with the bike!
  • I forgot on which those scary hills, a participant in front me made sudden stop. I didn’t prepare for this and I was too close with her as well. I fell down, my bike chain was misplaced. Rantai lepas! OH WHAT A RACEEEEEE! 
  • Short story, in one of those horrible hills, I DID WALK WITH MY BIKE a.k.a NUNTUN SEPEDA! I felt slighty cramp on my right inner thight! I rode my bike while messaging my thight! I really wanted to stop!

Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 10.13.51 PM

  • and in last 15K, we had to under go MOTHER IN LAW Hills, LONG endless hills under one hot scorching sun!
  • FINALLY! OWHHH FINALLY! I arrived at Mahsuri International Exhibition Center, where the transition 2 was.  I dismounted and fell down again!  I asked the committee whether I was still eligible to run? They said yes, and there I ran!
  • Running track was a 2-lap-course, and on (my) Km 4 I saw Cieko (Km 14). He motivated me as I was soooooo damn tired and we even held hand so I could keep his pace. Another participant said “owh you guys soo sweet” We both laughed. Baek baek Cik, ada fotograper snapped kita, susah jelasin ke istri loe ntar…I joked. Yet, Since I was tired, Cieko somewhat faster in completing the rest of his 7K.
  • The MICE is close to airport. As you know, it expected Airport Area should be clear. No high trees, no shades. NOTHING! DIRECT Sunlight. Hahahhaha

Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 10.08.13 PM

  • Anyway…long story short, I completed the whole track, they give all the finisher, medal and towel but if you check the timing track, it stated DID NOT FINISH!


Sedih? PASTI!  I didn’t feel this sad when I was in  Bangsaen, and now I’m pretty sad that I didn’t finish my second Half Ironman race either.

But during endurance sport like this, I learn that you never lose, it is either you win or you learn! I learn that, Ironman race probably is not for me, sudahlah…patah arang! Ikutan color run 5k aja paling bener! Ahhahahahah

PS : read better recap here from Evan.

PS again : and if you wonder, the Street Bag will be available on the finish line, while the BIke Bag  were transfred to T2. So participant will pick their bike, together with bike and run bags.

What the three sister hills look like. Sorry i have no idea who owned the pictures.

fri-yay fri-dom

I really had a tough week!

Kemarin harusnya bisa melepas kesal dengan berjoget latin, gagal!

Salah perhitungan. nunggu kereta ke Tanah Abang baru datang sekitar 20 menit, akhirnya gw keluar stasiun Sudirman mau ngejar kereta ke Bintaro dari stasiun Tanah Abang

…lupa saya jalanan Jakarta tuh jahanam! Akhirnya dari Sudirman ke tanah Abang naik ojek 40 menit saja! Emang jadi manusia harus sabar! Bahahahah! Akhirnya malah ngga sempat ngejar kereta ke Bintaro sebelum jam 19.30. Tambah sebel jadinya!

But anyway…

Yang ada juga yang bikin saya nyengir Jumat ini. Setelah selesai berenang, saya baru sadar speed renang saya sudah “normal” kembali! Butuh 5 bulan! but okelah!

Jadi tiap Jumat saya rutin renang lagi dengan Elsa Manora, kakaknya Akbar. ngga sempet pulang kantor ke PIM.

Bagusnya kalau saya kesal, pelarian ke

Olahraga (selain makan). trus tadi saya iseng cek-cek portfolio saya.

Duluuuu banget, saya pernah cerita di sini, kalau saya pakai Tabungan Berjangka untuk menyiapkan dana macam-macam. intinya memang harus disiplin nabung sih.

Sejalan dengan waktu, saya tentu belajar lagi, baca-baca lagi, dll…akhirnya sekarang malah tinggal satu (dari 5- an apa ya) tabungan berjangka itu.

Disesuaikan dengan jaman juga lah! Dulu di tahun itu beli Reksadana kan minimal Rp 1,000,000, beli saham 1 lot = 500 lembar. berat buat cash flow saya saat itu kalo beli rutin.

tadi saya baru cek-cek portfolio saya.

Saya (saat ini) mostly simpan uang, di mutual fund sih. Belum berani property atau saham misalnya.

Ternyata dana pendidikan untuk anak-anak saya sudah hampir tercapai (budget saya ya, buat sekolah ke Inggris sih belum!) Hahahha!

Benar juga kata pepatah

“sedikit demi sedikit lama lama jadi bukit”

cost averaging is good! Saya mulai dari 12 tahun yang lalu!

Dana lain sih masih bolong yaa…hahahah! Masih PR!

Waktu saya ambil kelas Certified Financial Planner pernah ada yang nanya, kapan waktu berinvestasi yang tepat? Jawabnya: sekarang!

Btw, kalau ada yang mau di cek kondisi financialnya, boleh banget. Sayang nih gelar CFP® saya belum berfungsi.

Gratis kokkk! Ternyata masih banyak rekan-rekan saya yang belum paham benar instrumen keuangan ini.

CSR-nya sikiky hhahah

Eh, individual social responsibility ding harusnya.

swim log, May 2016


Rabu, May 11th 2016

4x50m Warm Up

2 sets of 1x50m side kick + 1x50m hands on side

2 sets of 1x50m  single arm drill  + 1x50m catch

2 sets of 1x50m hold breath + 1×50 stroke count
2 sets of 1x20m head up + swim like a pro
Main set

2 sets of

4×50 m under 1:15″ cycle


4×50 under 1:10″ cycle

It was suppose to be 3 sets from the Main Set, heck, my pulse was 16 per 10 seconds. Akbar allowed to skip 1 set! Pheeewwww…..


Rabu, 25 May 2016


Discounted Mileage! Happy! =))

200m WU

1x50m one side kick

1x50m position

1x50m 1 single arm drill

1x50m transition
2 sets of

1x20m active drill, the rest transition

1x50m stoke count

2 sets of 

2x50m under 1:15′

1x100m under 2:30′



Discount!!!! Yay! Akbar wasn’t there!!!! =)) 



Sabtu, 28 May 

I was late!!!!!! skip the drill. Here the set after 200M warm up


2 sets of:

1x50m kick

1x100m pull

1x200m swim

1x100m pull

1x50m kick

total 1,000m

2 sets of

1x50m speed (fastest 43 secs, slowest 1:03′)

1×100 stroke count

1x200m building swim (fastest 4:29 slowest 4:43) HAPPPYYYY!!!! 😀

1x100m stroke count

1x50m speed

total 1000m

Will skip swim training during upcoming Ramadhan, but hope I’ll be doing fine for my next race that will involve SWIM 😀

Anyway, Mountain calls! I think I want to go! I hope I won’t start with DNS status again!!! Wish me luck!



zurück im SchwimmBad

I was thinking, owh well, Jurian came with the idea first, of taking a part in this event weeks ago. Since the event will take place during Ramadhan, I won’t go this year (but Jurian and his wife will).Vielleicht nächstes Jahr!  However,  still  preparing myself of long swim training. Hence, I have to go back to the pool! Keine Option! 😀

Anyway, I will log my swimming training in this blog on either weekly or bi-weekly basis. I usually did on my IG account, but it’s kind of hard searching it again. I barely use my Garmin. However, apologize for deactivate the comment button!

Mittwoch, April 13th, 2016

“where have you been?” asked the coach, the soonest I arrived at the pool! I’ve been skipping the course for 7 weeks! 7 weeks!  Gee, I can’t forgive myself for this! #lebay. Wednesday, usually full of participants.


water rats


The menu was : -___-

yet, I do remember we had 800m as Main Set and the coach said “easy main course. Back to basic”. Probably it was a “Welcome Back” banner for me. I couldn’t remember since I was busy catching up my breath. My head position and  my left-arm swing were being corrected.


Mittwoch, April 20th, 2016

It was raining hard in the capital city, and I hope you do realize how close the relationship between Jakarta and Hujan! Only four of us showed up and I was late, it took hour to find Grab Bike -___-

Us minus Fela, she already went home

After fast 6×25 m warm up followed by kick sets

The Main Set was 

3 sets of  1 x 50 m fast +  1 x 50 m easy, repeat another cycle

100m fast

200m stroke count.

Total main set : 1,500m. Confession to make, there was a cycle/set that I did only do 1x25m fast and 1x25m easy. I guess Akbar and Nusa, the coaches had some mercy on me :p. But when I negotiated for a shorter distance for the next set, Nusa said “NO!” #meh

Mittwoch, April 27th, 2016

Some of us were Sungai Liat Tri participants, and addicted to Tri. Haleluyaaa….So they came back again, preparing for Bali Triathlon next August!


After several drills and about to start the main set,  the coaches separated us into 3 group, faster, normal  and beginner. What I mean by beginner is not really beginner. This  group was for swimmers who just return after hiatus.  They will be given either shorter distance  ( x 25 meter) or longer time cycle.  I volunterily joined that group before the coach yelled “No! what are you doing, Kiky?  This lane!” as he was pointing to middle lane. #Blah!

The menu was : 

8 x 25 m WU

with fins : 4 sets of 1 x 50m sidekick, 2 sets of 1x50m slicing the water, change position after six kicks and followed by  1×50 m catch up entrance.

2 sets of 1 x 50m hold your breath at its best, the function is to expand the lungs’ capacity with taking a break for 5 times was allowed (I only took 4 breaks) and followed by 1 x50m stroke count (mine is always  47-49)  

Main Set was :

2 sets of 4x50m pull  without fins, followed by 4x100m with fins.

the dessert was 4x50m regular swim (no fins) maintaining the position. Total distance was 1,800m.  During the main set  I heard that he kept saying “hanging there, please hanging there!” Idih gimana sih! Gw mau masuk club beginner ngga boleh…… =)) I was the last swimmer to complete the total cycle, for sure….

Best quote of the day

me : “see you this Sat”

Him : “hanging there,Ky! Jangan banyak bolos lagi!’

iyeeee….. -____-

Samstag, April 30th

Less likely my friends come on this day.

The set was

8x 25 m WU , (with fins) 2 sets of 1 x 50 m slicing water and 1 x50m catch up.

2 sets of 1 x50m transition followed by 1 x50m  stroke count.

(without fins) 2x20m sprint + 2x20m six kicks followed by normal swim. The function is to spike the heart rate.

Main Set! All with fins attached…the famous scary PYRAMID TRAINING!!!!

2 x 50 m + 100m (first 1×50 m  I did 58”, 100 m was 2:35 )

4×50 m + 200m (50m now around 1:02-1:04, 200 m was 4: 50 something)

6 x50m + 300m

(50m still maintained around 1:02 – 1:04   and I CLEARLY HEARD that Akbar yelled “Ok, you maintained well, do make a lot of warm up before the race”. Hanging there and…go!

Me : wait what? No-okelah-elo- boleh -istirahat????!!!”    The 300m cycle was 7 mins something, still below 3 mins/100 m)

8 x 50m + 400m (the 8th  of 50m cycle dropped to 1:07 and 400m was completed 9 mins something).

Total : 2,680 meters!

My aiming is manage to clock under 2:30′ per 100m (without the fins). Still long way to go! but Master Shifu said to Po, the Dragon Warrior

“If you only do what you can do, you’ll never be better than what you are”



on hanging there 

last post strike a pose

I haven’t really talk about my other two sports I guess, swimming and bike 😉

Last Night marked as one year of me, being supervised by Akbar Nasution.  It started January last year, when I need a break after I had my 30K Trail Race in Bromo and second FM in Singapore as well as preparing my first Olympic Distance Triathlon.

I skipped on Ramadhan, no swim at all, coming back to pool again after Syawal but unfortunately on and off! Anyway…since I feel like I have to pick up my endurance again, I showed again last Saturday (I ditch many Saturday classes after my triathlon race).

Since some of my friends are preparing for their Half Iron Man race distance (that is 1.9KM of swim), the coach is coming with endurance training again to master the free style of course. Just a little note, after Lebaran, we had more fun session to master back, butterfly and breast stroke.

The main set for last night was a hell for me, after ditching so many classes, after warm up and several drill (details on my Instagram Account) the main set was 4 set of 4 x 50 m with in 1:30 cycle! Each set, he gave us like 5 mins rest or so. Not sure how long. Seems short!

I was doing fine with the first 2 sets, on the third set, last 50m, I hit the wall! I was numb! Tired as hell and hardly catch my breath.  I was the last swimmer who completed the  (3rd) set.  1:31 was my time. Failed  by 1 second. I look the pool’s wall, with empty feeling.

Akbar, the coach,  squat down and said over my head, I didn’t even looking at his face.

“I know it’s hard! But I know you can do it! Please hanging there, one more set to go!”

And no,  he didn’t give extra rest time. I still have to complete the fourth set as his plan.

“swimmers number 3, go!” he yelled, telling me and the other 3  swimmers to go. 

we swam in 4 lanes consits of 3 swimmers on each lane.being the slowest swimmer I was the last swimmer

Oh well, I managed to complete the last 4 x 50m with time between 1:14 – 1:20 per 50 m. I am so happy! Akbar was right! I can do it! other Person  trust me, why can’t I trust myself?

Anyway, earlier yesterday, on Saturday morning, after a week of no sport, I pushed myself out of bed. It was 7 am already.  panas boo

I think it’s my second anniversary with my road bike 😉 I bought the bike also in January.


I am sooooo happy with the result! It usually took 22-24 kph (kilo per hour) for me, yesterday I managed 24 – 26 kph. A happy overweight slow triathlete ;))

Now I wonder my running’s pace haven’t improve? =))