i’ve been doing sport since I was a kid (swimming course twice a week, softball, basket ball) but never do it seriously. Just to kill my ABG time (I lived with my parents and they had two helpers, nafff said!)
Anyway,i’ve done races here and there since 5 years ago. and as I read my late post, how I conquer my first 10K race, then my virgin Half Marathon, the Triathlon then Marathon … i went like

“Ya elahh Ky…10K aja meni lebay pisan!”

 segala takut kram, kepanasan, dll dll.

the night before my first 10K, I cant sleep.   macam anak SD mau dharmawisata saat itu. Too overwhelming. 

yang sudah ikut half ironman race waktu saya posting race pertama  10K ngikik kali ya? (Anyone?)
Aber so, if I read my virgin triathlon race recap, still somehow I am proud of myself. bihiksss…
I only had my bike for 3 months, never been on open water trail until one day before race day, not using cleat for my bike, yet…I managed to squeeze the obstacles. Not in good timing, of course! But still! Do Count any female with hijab doing Triathlon on that year 😉 

And owh, there are several races that I also met my readers. ” sikiky ya” For instance. Bahahahahha

Ish…bangga bukan main sayah! #disambitbidon.

Owh well, I didn’t join race as much as I did in 2013-2014, however…I set my bar higher a little bit.  I am competing with my old me, not with anybody else.

Itu yang saya lakukan di Jogja minggu lalu…
I secretly wanted to do cycling tour since the first time I took my Giant TCR home with me.

Picture taken from TdA Facebook page. i was one of the people in red jersey! 

more story later! 


mendadak tour guide 

i’ve been blogging since 2005 first in Blospot then MUltiply (now demished) and switched all the writing to wordpress. all free platform though. 😁
Of course, like whoever that blog, I bet you “met” new friends. NOwadays, blog seems being replaced with social media, but then again I also made new friend as well thru twitter, facebook and Instagram. 

Anyway, last Saturday, I became a tour guide.
it was Ridwan @theahmadridhuan, I knew him thru blogging years ago. Almost 10 years ago if I not mistaken. he wrote in blogspot, mostly about daily life.

He lives in Kuala Trengganu, Malaysia. that is 7 hours by bus from Kuala Lumpur on the east coast, facing South China Sea (well yeah, you can google. I never heard the city before until I know him). to note, KT the state is one of the 4 states in Malaysia that has Friday as holiday while business day starts on Sunday.

I can recall 6 years ago his wife called me, when she was in Jakarta for business trip, but unfortunately, we didn’t meet.

i don’t think he still writes, but yeah…we keep each other posted thru socmed, FB and Instagram. 

to make story short, Last weekend, he had a business trip to Jakarta for 3 days. lucky for him, Saturday was free. I was the only Indonesian he knows ( which I doubt, because he said later on, his grandfather was a Bugis- well yeah, jakarta perhaps,  hahahah). He left a comment in my IG account a while ago. so i knew he’d be in town.

 Since I was free but hate driving, I offered him trip by Trans Jakarta or may be Train if it is possible. he didn’t mind taking public transportation in a megapolitan city with the worst traffic and public tranportation. cool then! I refused driving, looking for car park, pay the expensive fee, etc! 

anyway…since it’s Saturday, I took the whole family too! the whole family include my sister. We picked him up in hotel around Senayan area (yeah sure, you can guess)

SO, it was the first time we met we in person. very easy to recognize him. he posted his pic a lot.

One tourist 7 tour guide

since it was noon, I offered a lunch in Jalan Sabang before continue our trip to Kota Tua Jakarta (also by Trans Jakarta) where the capital city started in 1500’s. 

i considered we were lucky because it wasn’t rain. Though walking  under hot sun is also uncomfortable, but better that heavy rain.


RIdwan busy takimg picture of macet and bajaj….and the Padang Food we eat.

of course, two Melayu’s face yet speaking English received attention in the bus. 

Some of the bus passanger even asked where Ridwan comes from 😀

Museum Bank Indonesia

We visited Museum Bank Indonesia. those who never visit this Museum, PLEASE do!

Face value!

Kota Tua

Street performer in Kota Tua

Anyway, kiky’s city- walking tour wasn’t bad! though he asked : 

“how come I didn’t see angkot? I want to take angkot!”

Atuhlah Pak Cik…..🤣🤣🤣
To make story short, we bid farewell in Halte Bus Trans Jalarta Dukuh ATas because I’d take the train back to Bintaro from Sudirman Station  (and unfortunately, he took my BCA flazz card too because he had to tap out where he got off). Unlike Commuter Line Train which has its own card  that can be refundable later, Trans Jakarta busses only alow debit cards. THat’s why I prepared him the flazz card from BCA. We didn’t have enough time taking train to Bogor.

So Ridwan, if you read this, I’ll take you with angkot next time as well as dining in Warteg and don’t forget, bring back the card! 

Selfie in TJ before bidding farewell

have you ever be a tour guide for your blog reader? 

Guten Rutsch! 

first post this year! 

Unlike for the past 4 years (since 2013) I didn’t have my morning run on the first day of the year. Too lazy! Nope, I didn’t go out either the night before. I forgot when was the last time I spent the NYE wide awake.

Anyway, my friends and I had a luncheon on the first day of the year. I for sure ate a lot that desperately need to cut the fat off again. 

Path said it was 39 degrees celcius in where I live, oh em gee…

Taken on my front porch

with 60% of humidity!

I planned to have my evening run at 4 pm, I postponed until…one hour and 15 minutes later. Gee, it was hot!

Planned to have like 6-8 km run and ended up in Saudagar Kopi for evening capucinno, but I stopped at Km 4 because I saw …

tropical fruits, FTW!

I just remember there is no fruits at home. Not that I want to have fruit detox or what so ever 😉 Yet, fiber is a must! 

The seller was just about to bring  back his fruits back to his pick-up car. So, he gave me quite a good bargain for 1 kg Dragon Fruits and mangosteen each.

It was like 2.5 km from my house, so I ran with those fruits. -____- Thus, I decided to walk. too heavy! 

Later, I saw mbok jamu and thought that having a glass of Kunyit Asem (a mix of Tumeric and Tamarind)  would be nice. I like this drink so much! 

In my gym, they sell this herbal drink for IDR 30,000 in a-300ml-bottles, while only IDR 5,000 from the friendly mobile Jamu Seller.

Kunyit asemku beda lho…aku buat sendiri

How is your new year holiday? 

Enjoy Jakarta!


skip dulu cerita jalan jalan gw yak (buat yang ngikutin).Tinggal cerita di Wina, sekejap namun melegenda lah *ahay*. Kalo rajin, gw tulis cerita nonton U2 di Berlin.

Gw sering bilang ke teman-teman gw, Jakarta is both suck and sick! Jujur ajalah! yang penduduknya banyak yang kasar, ngga sabar, antri saja ngga bisa, debunya, polusinya, including polusi suara! When it comes to drive their private vehiclesblowing horn as hard as possible sepertinya solusi ruwetnya jalanan ibukota, yang mereka hadapi plus infrastrukturnya yang (in my opinion) terlambat 20 tahun.  Compare to other capital cities (SG, KL, BKK) 

well those kind of ramblings… to name a few. I don’t drive! i used public transportation on weekdays in Jakarta! So, gw kesal banget kalo trotoar suka dipakai lawan arah sama motor-motor! Polisi diam saja karena malas nilang mereka kayaknya. Di depan kantor misalnya, tidak ada tempat yang memadai untuk memberhentikan bus atau taxi! Hence explain the hard-blowing-horn dari pengemudi lain yang merasa perjalannya terganggu! Benar-benar tidak ramah kota ini.

Until it was on first day of November,

I had my Sunday  morning run in Car Free Day, Sudirman. Thing I barely did!  I have a friend flied from KL to attend her friend’s wedding and this is her FIRST visit to Jakarta. Her name is Ejah. She’s been to  Bromo,  Bandung dan Makassar, — thanks to Air Asia promos– , tho! Yet, it is her virgin trip to the capital city.

She’s a hard core trail runner who at that time was trying to conquer BTS 70K (and she did! in a very respective time) in the following week. She did 30K last year with me. That’s how we met for the first time. Previously, we were only befriended via Instagram as she is also Nisa and Farah’s friend, member of Gaited Community. Friends from KL who ran with me on my last trip to KL as a replacement of postponed SCKL 2013.

Our meeting point was in  Thamrin Residence, where she stayed using Air BnB service (eh sumpah gw baru tau di Jakarta ada, bahahhahaah) , I decided to take her to Gelora Bung Karno, via Jalan Sudirman of course.
Passing (tentunya) Panglima Sudirman Statue  — my ALL TIME FAVORITE COMMANDER IN CHIEF — who  was also an Aquarius #penting  and she took a pic of herself. I explained who Panglima Besar Jendral Sudirman was with his guerrilla tactic. Forgot to tell her, that on his last years, that greatest hero ever was carried around due to his lung diseases! Talking about integrity!

We passed by my office, jembatan Semanggi of course and let her now what is look like from the top, and getting to  Senayan Complex. I  tried to remember, who built the Stadium (it was Bung Karno) and why?? seingat gw Mega Proyeknya Bung Karno ya?
We took picture in the statue out side the GBK, …in which…i have no idea who he was! probably Arjuna? wasn’t it?

We even stopped at Pacific Place – SCBD area for a while coz Ejah, loves to see road bikers,  those speedy bikers. Trust me, she took lot of pictures.
Then we went back to  Thamrin Residence again to see Bundaran HI. I tried hard to remember why the statue facing  Kota? I think because visitors came from Tanjung Priok, wasn’t it? or Kemayoran Airport ?  For those who is born in 80’s  and younger, Jakarta  once, had an airport in KEMAYORAN! Tintin was there too! =)). When I moved to Jakarta in early 80’s, that is where I landed. =))
she has visited Monas (and Hard Rock Cafe) hahahah!  so we skipped monas.

All we saw in Senayan and CFD, from ketupat sayur sellers (she was  kind of surprised, we have ketupat sayur all year! not only during Hari Raya), penjual buah atap dengan botol bambu, until all the street musicians was interesting for Ejah! Even the Trans Jakarta line! I said jokingly

“semua ada di CFD, kecuali Jodoh”

But I warned her, tomorrow (monday) the CFD Sudirman would be whole lot different!

Meniru gaya Tugu Selamat Datang — kayak Gajah bener gw!!!

On the back of Plaza Indonesia, I saw Go Jek! I told her why we had (now very famous) Go Jek Services, Tag line D cost (rasa bintang lima, harga kali lima), and we ended up at TanaMera Coffee.   Actually I want to treat her in one of the ketupat sayur stall. Tapi ya boooo, gw takut dia kena bacteria secara cuci piring makanan kaki lima, kan yaa…gitu deh :)) kalau ngga biasa bisa keracunan bacteria. =)) Secara Ejah mau lari Ultra minggu depannya. 
I showed my best anything that are local and I’m pretty sure there’s no such thing like GoJek or ketupat Sayur street seller at the other capital cities in the world.

There, we met her friend, also from KL. Another one hour,  we said good bye, promise will visit each other again (hopefully) and I took train back to Bintaro.


Taken from her IG account #ngopiyuks

Then I took my words back, this city is actually nice. This is the city where I grew up since i move from Pekanbaru early 80’s until mid 2000’s =))
many to see…a lot to offer (let alone Tanah Abang yaa…she bought many hi jabs on previous day and planned to go back again before flying home) :D, I should have took her to Kota Tua  and rent a bike there!  Read Rinta’s posting here! Nice!

yet, this city,  unfortunately, poorly managed!

kayak malam ini, contohnya! Ketika hujan sudah turun dan genangan dimana-mana bahkan sampai banjir. galian belum siap, bahkan banyak yang baru dimulai.  Kemana saja ketika musim kemarau yang lalu?  😉 Baca status kawan kawan yang terjebak macet berjam-jam.  Dulu mendambakan hujan kini mulai memaki.

And, Dear Ejah, thank you for borrowing me your pictures! I’ll take you to the hilly Sentul next time you visit Jakarta! 😉 Hope you enjoy your trip!


(europe trip) while in Berlin

Mundur lagi catatan perjalanan gw

Wednesday, 24 september 2015

this was my firstt long haul trip after soooo many years. We flew with Qatar Airways, berangkat CKG at midnight and arrive at DOH shubuh jam 4 and with 4 hr of transit. Hungry! 

pas buka timeline liat posingan teman teman makan ketupat sayur on Eid Adha bikin nangis ihhhhh! saya lapaaarrr!!!! Now I know how my Indonesian friends who lives abroad hate me for posting Lontong Sayur Medan!!!!

on our next flight to Berlin, I think more than half on the board were runners, I guess  there were over 20  Indonesian  and most of them would be participating in Berlin Marathon.

Di penerbangan ini gw agak “apes”, dapat tempat duduk yang ngga ada jendelanya sementara orang depan kami sibuk jepret jepret terus! bikin kesel deh  ngga bisa liat pemandangan. Mana kayaknya indah bukit bukit gitu.


at the bus to Berlin Hbt

at about 2pm, Berlin Time (7 pm TangSel time) alhamdulilah! Halo Deuthchland!!! Arrived at Tegel International Airport yang mana…kecil boo!

begitu keluar pesawat ya langsung antri imigrasi.
Kelar ambil koper, ke counter informasi beli tiket bus/tram/kereta yang harganya Euro 39 untuk 5 hari. I think I think I bought the wrong ticket as Euro 39 is also for outside Berlin. Harusnya Euro 30-an aja kayaknya.

Then proceed to the bus that would take us to Berlin Hopbanhoft. I can stop smiling while in bus! Ihiy! I made to this side of the world!

Arrive at  Berlin Hbt, we took train  which is very on time.

Om Google bilang at 3.26 keretanya datang, beneran nongol tuh S75 (S Bhan ya, bukan Metro Mini Blok M – Pasar Minggu) that would take us to station Warschauer Straße.


Di stasiun yang nyaris di ujung kota dan ngga ada lift macam Stasiun Jurang Mangu gini, okelah kita geret geret koper naik tangga untuk ke hotel N How. View belakag hotel cakeppppp tepi sungai.


Lobby Nhow hotel

this is the only hotel “mewah” yang kita nginapin while in Europe. Interiornya PINK semua cynn…Will write a review after this!

Setelah check in, kami ke East Gallery, sisa reruntuhan Tembok Berlin. Only 5 mins walk from N How hotel.

Pose in East Side Gallery

Take a pose in East Side Galery. The Arena Mercedez Benz just accros this

gw copas aja status gw di Path ya waktu gw pamer foto update status.

— It was in 1990, at the store called MARS in Irving, Texas. Tembok berlin baru diruntukan in 1989 and the store sold its crushed. I ask my dad’s permission to buy that thumb-sized stone for USD 8, he of course refused and said

“ngapain batu gitu aja dibeli. Nanti aja kalo udah gede kakak ke Berlin aja sendiri!”

25 years later, what he said comes true! Memang benar kata orang, ucapan orang tua adalah do a bagi anaknya! HOW I FEEL SO BLESSED — 


Anyway, like I said, I won’t write in chronological order. This what I did while in Berlin (separate post for Berlin Marathon and U2 in concert) 

Before I proceed, here is a tip HOW TO SURVIVE IN BERLIN by its Public Transportation

Bawa tuh peta Jalur Sbhan Ubhan :)) ato download applikasi Deutch Bhan

Malam pertama sampai di Berlin, gw jet lag berat pas ambil race pack buat Berlin Marathon (jam 8 malam berlin time, jam 1 pagi TangSel time) Adek gw masih lama di arena expo, gw udah cranky. Gw sok tau, pulang sendirian dan nyasar!!! gw lupa kalo kota besar jalurnya bisa di atas (Sbhan)  ato Underground (U bhan) Anyway, gw frustasi sebenarnya sama Ubhan Sbhan Berlin ini hahahhahah.

And New for me :  There’s is no gate/tap machine in Berlin (then later I know same thing in  Wien and Munich) 

Jadi kalau mau beli tiket kereta single trip atau One Day pass, beli di machinenya yang sebesar kotak surat, kita validate langsung. Ngga ada gate macam MRT Singapore atau Rapid KL (maaf ya, sementara refrensi gw cuma dua kota besar ini hahahhaha) . Bisa cheating donk? Main naik kereta tanpa beli tiket? BISA BANGET! Tapi hati-hati, there will be random checker from the officers. Tiba-tiba officersnya naik ntah di stasiun mana…woopsss! There it is! Gw dua kali kebagian random checkers ini. Sanksi-nya apa? Ngga tau gw ….hahahahahha

ok, here what I did in Berlin


Run at Berlin Spree



Next Morning, I run!! what else!!!! And can’t stop smiling! Just behind the hotel.

We also had breakfast at the very nice small caffe just across the East Galery and Mercedez Arena.  The waitress didn’t speak English, so we used bahasa Tarzan. After you had your meal, don’t forget to clean up your own plates and cups! 😉

Nothing new for IKEA-Alam Sutra where they ask the visitors to clean up their own tray,  actually? 😀

And own, then we check out and move to our next hotel in Motel One leipziger plats dekat sekali sama Postdemar Platz train station. If you plan to join Berlin Marathon 2016 , this is very recommended to stay Close to starting pen, and many other point of interest like :


semacam tugu peringatan atas matinya orang Yahudi pada jaman Nazi dulu. Adek gw pengen banget kesini karena :

taken dari WIKI

According to Eisenman’s project text, the stelae are designed to produce an uneasy, confusing atmosphere, and the whole sculpture aims to represent a supposedly ordered system that has lost touch with human reason. A 2005 copy of the Foundation for the Memorial’s official English tourist pamphlet, however, states that the design represents a radical approach to the traditional concept of a memorial, partly because Eisenman did not use any symbolism. However, observers have noted the memorial’s resemblance to a cemetery.

Jadi ya, design dan konstruksi unik. Daerahnya sendiri ngga rata kok, berundak-undak.


Note for Visitor, please don’t step on the stone!  Stone-nya ada yang tinggi ada yang pendek. I saw many tourist did it. Please don’t regardless this Jews Thing! Remember that one stone is actually represent one people, so it’s just like you step on the grave.

just 5 mins from here you’ll find

Its landmarkBradenburg Tor


Reichstag Building, The Parlement Building


You can visit Reichstag Buildingm then climb to its dome where you can see Berlin from above. If you’re befriended with me in Facebook, my latest profile pic with Berlin Maratahon 2015 medal are in front of this building.

Then we cross the street toward  Berlin Hbt again to make our way to  Kedutaan RI di Berlin.


Diundang Pak Dubes, Fauzi Bowo carbo loading dengan peserta Marathon dari Indonesia. Di sini akhirnya kenalan sama Prasti dan Margareth. Margareth ternyata adik kelas kami jaman SMA. Besoknya kami menghabiskan waktu sama-sama.

Lego Museum

in front of lego Museum

in front of lego Museum

Dekat banget dari Hotel, tapi yang gw baca di trip advisor ngga worth it. So we skipped this. Mainannya juga ngga banyak dan sama saja harganya sama di Tang Sel..

Agak jauh dari Hotel bisa visit : 

Museum Islands

Like its name, there were many many museum over her. Surrounded by the river! Unfortunately,  we didn’t visit any of the museum here. Just strolling over this area which is very big! Yet, very nice! Paket museum juga dijual, tentunya beli ticket masuk beberapa museum akan lebih murah dari beli individual.

Oh em gees…. I LOVE THIS CITY a lot!!! Best Capital city (owh well, gw jarang jalan jalan juga sih yaa…hahhaha)

Alexander Platz Area.

which is daerah belanjanya yaaa. ramai betul. Yang suka produk Lulu Lemon, deket sini ada outletnya. Yang jaga namanya Jen, she is Canadian who studies in Berlin. She said she visited Bali when she was 5. Then she said “own well, banyak banget orang Indonesia ke sini lho dari kemarin”


With Jen from Lulu Lemon Store 😉

Pasti donk kakak!!! Runners and Yogis Indonesia kan pengen  hitzzz bajunya!
And owh, we also had little shop in PRIMACK. Macam Ramayana nya gitu deh. Haahhahaha rame betul.


Berlin Tower taken from Alexander Platz

Charlie check point

Daerah dekat pertokoan ini pada jamannya jadi perbatasan antara Jerman Barat dan Jerman Timur. Di area ini ada papan yang menggambarkan sejarah singkat tentang pemisahan Jerman sampai tembok ini diruntuhkan 1989. Manusia memang serakah ya! Jaman apapun itu!!!



US Army Check Point — you’re leaving American Sector

I also wrote this in my Path account. I took their picture, and “the officer”  on my left

“From Indonesia?”


Then he walked toward us and said “SATU, DUA, TIGA”

Then he said he’s also a moslem and chanting AL Fatihah. Ah, bukan ijab kabulnya aja sih sekalian…#ehhh


Reading this information made me sad.That Peter Fechter was trying to climb the wall to West Germany. He was shot by two officers. After the Berlin Wall ruined, the officers who killed Peter was sentenced to jail in 1997!

Oh Em Gee!!! Those two officer kan  cuma disuruh komandannya pasti :((

Sejarah memang ditulis pemenang perang! Bukan yang kalah lalu tersisih!

And what you MUST eat  here if you’re an  INDONESIAN

The famous EL Reda


In front of El Reda

Why? Found out yourself! No wonder half of its visitor are Indonesian! Both students and employees! 😉

After The Concert, Tuesday 29th September 2015 we kissed Berlin Goodbye and heading to Prague and took train to Prague from Berlin Hopbanhoft.

Tips naik kereta antar negara 


papan informasi posisi gerbong

  • cari di peron mana keretanya  dari papan informasi (pasti lah ya…hahahah)
  • nanti di Peron yang dimaksud ada papan yang kasih gambaran (foto di atas) , kereta kita datang dari arah mana, dan gimana pembagian gerbongnya, sehingga calon penumpang juga tahu harus menunggu di area sebelah mana A, B atau C. jadi ngga terburu buru “eh ya ampun gerbong gw di ujung sana rupanya….”  Soalnya keretanya ngga berhenti lama!
  • IMG_6030

    Train to Prague

I have a very pleasant trip! Until we meet again Berlin!

akhirnya, Belitong!

Hello everybodeh! Selamat Hari Merdeka! Travel some where this long weekend? Apparently, I did! We went to Belitong! Yes, too see those Beautiful Beaches…yang temenan sama gw di Instagram sama FB muak kali sama foto foto gw! 😉
Alhamdulilah, one of the thing in my bucket wish list is crossed! I love this island so much, benar-benar bisa laid back! Don’t get me wrong, waktu kami ke lombok ke daerah wisatanya, begitu turun dari bus, mobil, Cidomo ataupun  duduk duduk di pantai suka diserbu pedangangan asongan. Kadang ganggu. I know, they tried to make ends meet, sometimes gw beli juga dangangnnya sih.

I didn’t find any pedangan asongan here. So we really took our time here! PUAS (eh, belum deh)


Pantai Burung Mandi


Pulau Lengkuas

Anyway, I won’t write about how to get there, what to do, bla bla…enough blog(s) wrote them already! Go ask Trip Advisor 😉 Btw, sedih ih pas ke sini, mercu suarnya lagi under renovation. Konon kabar view-nya bagus. Mas Cumi sik malas kayaknya kemari ya…

but a bit story during my trip.

We stayed in Hotel BW Suites (was Hotel Aston), then on Saturday, I rent a bike to get around. The hotel’s staff suggest me to Tanjung Pendam. That’s where the local beach is. Macam Ancol lah yaaa kalo di ibukota. Puas selfie maksa, gw keliling lagi lewatin perumahan PT Timah yang bagus bagus rumahnya, sampailah ke pusat kota. Pas gw disana, ada komunitas road bike kota ini lagi pada ngumpul. Gw basa basi bentar lah..sok-sok nanya route.

Then those gentlemen offered me to ride with them to Tanjung Tinggi, “Cuma 15 km kok” kata mereka. Yet, considering I rode mountain bike, celana/sepatu/baju lari (ledes boooo bokong gw kalo ngga pake celana sepeda hahahah) dan yang paling kruisikal, gw ngga pakai helm sepeda.Ya salammmm, gw pasti ketinggalan. Terpaksa,  I said no. Anyway, one of them ngawal gw sih sampai Jalan Patimura lagi. After that, I drove alone. Sampai Desa Batu Hitam namanya, Om garmin said I rode for approx 9km already, I took U turn. It was near intersection. 

Pas gw mutar balik ada tiga petani gitu lah, lagi ngambil kayu kayaknya, trus one of them nanya gw mau kemana. “Balik ke hotel, pakkk…”

mereka bilang lewat sini aja

Desa Batu Hitam

“jalannya berputar kok. Lewat kebun kami. Tidak akan nyasar” .Soalnya lewat perkebunan ini jalannya lebih sepi. Gw ngga bakal saingan sama bus. Basa-basi bentar, akhirnya gw mengiyakan Pak Satam untuk ikut ke kebun sayurnya. #akrab Sekitar 2 km lah from main road. Pak Satam ini lumayan sering ke TangSel kayaknya, dia tau Cileduk dan Serpong. Ada sepupunya tinggal di situ.

sampe kebunnya gw ditawarin (keknya sih gw yang minta ya…haus booo) air minum. hahahah. Abisnya sepeda yang gw sewa ngga ada bottle rack. Wassalam hausnya….He also offered me some snack that his wife made from him. Itu fotonya Pak Satam megang plastik. One of them pempek buatan istrinya yang pake ketela parut instead of Kanji. gw nyomot dua donk…lapar!

Kelar ngobrol basa basi bentar, pas gw mau pamit karena anak-anak di hotel, Pak Satam maksa gw ngambil kuenya. bawahahahahha….mungkin blio prihatin liat muka gw ya 😀 kelaparan dan kehausan. Thank you So Much, Pak Satam! Semoga kita bisa ketemu lagi. Itu kuenya dimakan anak gw malam-malam dia kelaparan! Seru yaa!!!!

The next day, gw ke Tanjung tinggi yang juga tempat syuting film LASKAR PELANGI..dan ternyata lebih dari 15km deh dari Tanjung Pandan. Untung gw tau diri kemaren!

Pantai Tanjung tinggi

I love this island solo much!!! Love Museum Kata Andrea Hirata

Musium Kata

Oh….local coffee shop is scattered around Tanjong Pandan and Gantong

Di dekat Pasar Juga ada

Di Musium Kata

St*rb#ck? LEWATTTTT! Trust me!

and its Mie Atep is a MUST TRY!!!!!!!!

Mie Atep

Gw pengen balik lagi bawa road bike gw kesini!!!!

Where to go on weekend (part 1)

besides Mall, of course!

Admit it, this greater area is lack of open space! Lahan nanggur lebih banyak dibangun bangunan komersil! Takut miskin kali yaa pemerintah kita?

Anyway, i bought BIB 15k Gepang Marathon, for a race that held on May 2nd 2015.  So I was looking where to go for hilly pratice. Well, it will be another run in Sentul area of course but I’d like to try different route!

I’ve been reading about Leuwi Ijo waterfall, so i picked this place for a hilly training. There went I spent my weekend on end of April.

Note : Please notice this is an asphalt road! So you can skip the running/jogging/walking part if you don’t want to :)) in this case you can tug along your children in your car!

Route :

We parked the car as usuall, Taman Budaya and heading for Jungle land area than turn right. After intersection, choose left side. That just go straight ahead.

View is goooddd! Laf laf laf…

And also notice the road is narrow And very hilly, up and down and down and up and up again! Sooo tiring!

There will also MANY little beggars along the way! Prepare some “uang kecil” if you’re kind harted enough to give them charity! Or else, bought pencils, pens and buku tulis might be better!

After 11km you have to park your vehicles (including 2W vehicles).Than you walk trail like 10 mins and have to pay enterance fee. It was IDR 10K / person if i’m not mistaken.

There are two point of interest Curug Barong and Leuwi Ijo itself.

Gw yang kala itu lagi pissed off sama seseorang, bawaannya kesellllllll aja selama 11km itu. Kasihan dah maktin ama valas, dijutekin trus.

Sempat ngga mau ke Curug Barong alasan capek di rayu Maktin ngga mempan sampe tugas jaga tiket bilang

“Jalannya ngga jauh kok, lebih pendek daripada dari depan (tempat kendaraan parkir) ke sini (tempat jaga tiket)

I finally said yes and my energy came back and i could hear Maktin said

“Hmm nyawa dia balik liat tanah ama tanjakan” 

After 10 mins walk i can see the sound of waterfall! Aihhhhh…….Six kinda of love, LOOOOOOVE!

big Stones

surely took a lot of pictures!

A while after that, we went back to ticket entrance and head for  the second place, Leuwi Ijo
Honestly speaking I don’t really like this place! too many people, and they threw garbage to the river!!! Hate it! But apart from lousy people and garbage, view is surely great!



oh btw, during this trip, we took local guide under age along…


we don’t really need local guide actually, kayaknya yang jaga ticket  nyuruh nib anak biar ngga ikutan minta-minta sih…

Going back to Taman Budaya again, and we took es kelapa hijau of course….then...sewa ojek aja buat balk ke TamBud. =)) it cost IDR 50K. Kalo lebih dari 2 orang mending sews pick up ago nebeng! tapi ngga nemu kemaren!

anyway, after careful thought, I  cancel my 15K Gepang Marathon. I was lack of practice and my friend from Multiply.com, Lenny got married on that long weekend. I’m not sure of conquering Gunung Gede less than 4,5 hours anyway! tough route! so i went to Wisata Alam Mangrove! There will be next post! off to bed now!