BSJ – Jakarta Race Series 5K race recap 

This is  my fourth year participating on this event whilst the third for my kids. The event suppose to be held on feb 28th, unfortunately it was raining and lightning on the D day so the organizer canceled the race and May 15th was the replacement.

It is a must do race for me, simply because we’d run in Bintaro! Kampung sendiri 😉
Cince kiddo#1 would have Ujian Nasional the following day, I asked her to stay at home. So  there were only me and kiddo #2 joined the race.
Since this was a postponed-race,there were only few runners, really reduce in number but not quality.

Anyway, race start at 6.45 am and the route was exactly the same like it was years ago!
at km 1.5, it was downhill and slippery area. It was raining hard last night, Kevin fell down and his right knee was bleeding.

He cried a bit, I asked him if you want to finish the race just walk.

However, he did run and left his overweight mother behind.
There was water station at km 2.5, I took a sip as kiddo#2 took my hand tumbler with him. I couldn’t caught his sight ever since! To make story short, it took 39 mins something for me to cross the finish line which means few mins faster for kiddo#2. He said it was 37 mins something when he crossed the finish line.


about to cross the finish line

picture taken by Oki Pan

Last year, at the same event, it took 40:11 for him to cross the finish line.

Seine neur Best Zeit –his new PB.


Bintaro Trojan Runners


There were 2 Busselton Ironman Finishers  (the city is in Western Australia, if you are wondering) and IM 70.3 finisher in the picture. While Pak John (the white man, UK origin) got 2nd Podium, 19 mins for 5K. The rest are just-for-fun runners 😉
On the way home, kiddo#2 said he breath better. I told him that is because his swimming class. I sent him to a swimming class to support his soccer class. The swimming course supervised by Elsa Manora, yeah…the ex national athlete whose oldest sister was my all time national athlete favorite! Ratu Kolam di jamannya. If you are in my age, you can guess who I am referring to!

Anyway, I offered him to take another class, so it will be twice a week, but he said No.

oh well…

Sentul Half Marathon Race Recap

Endlich! Die erste race des Jahre!  After 120 days, Ich bin zurück! I signed up for shorter distance tho and Thanks God I did! Tell you why! A continue of midlife crisis #teeeheeee really made all hell broke loose!

Lack of practice, mood drop, bad food intake, didn’t do good on something I’ve prepared for month. meh! And  honestly speaking, I didn’t prepare anything for this race. Just miss having pic of me with finisher medal posted in Every soc-med I have! hahahah! bear with me!

March 27th, 2016

Woke up at 2.30 am after only 2 hours of sleep because Valas would  picked me up at 3.30 am about the same time, maling pulang. Arrggh!  thanks to midlife crisis-rewriting novel kehidupan!  You gave me sleepless night:((

Fortunately, she was with Lora so she allowed me to have extra hour of sleep. Another hour, we arrived at Sentul Convention Centre  (SCC) where the race took place and had sholat shubuh there. After checking other Bintaro Trojan Runners where about, warming up, group photos (of course!) we went to starting pen.

The Half Marathon distance started at 6.00 am! SHARP!

Another 15 mins, for us, the 10K runners! yeah! I made  a pledge with Maktin and Acha we would stick together until finish line do us part!

Anyway, told ja! The starting pen start at SCC complex, I learn the route days before to expect the killer hill and wonder how the race organizer would  work with the traffic as it would be some intersections!

It was….bad! Honestly speaking!

here is the recap :

  • For 10 K route, 500 meter from Hotel Haris all the way to the round about and turn left, passing  Giant Hypermarket straight ahead   to sentul city/taman budaya.
  • The first intersection and there were metersssssss of car lines. Waiting for runners. Of course, some of them get upset! They have waited for 10 mins! This is our first hill before entering the gate to Sentul City area. I wasn’t surprise! been here hundreds of time 😀


First Hill

  • Next intersection was just near the gate. The organizer closed the road for quite some time  and I hate the sounds of blowing horn. I heard one of the marshals  speak over the TOA even said “Pak, malu sama pakaian ngancungin saya jari tengah!” bahahahhaha. So there is a mosque near the gate, seems one of the jamaah  still wearing peci ,sarong and baju koko, felt annoyed by the traffic! Not sure why, don’t care either.
  • In my surprise, we make a left turn a little after that! Aha! this is new route for me!!! Never ran in this area before, here’s a another hill! I think it was in  Km 3-4! ah, beautiful!

MakTin on the (hilly) Move!

regram from @mesarace. We saw a photographer and MADE him took our picture! It was a sharp hilly track, we gave our best smile and (for sure) cursed after that :))

  • Setelah ada tanjakan, pasti ada turunan! And yeah…yay! Downhill!!!!!

Yay! downhill yaaaayyy! *NOT*

  • It is in Km 5 probably, we are out of this housing complex went to main road again. Another intersection, but there were less cars this time. Probably they already learn the situation.  yep, down and up and up and up again turn left before ruko-ruko !Maktin and Acha had left me when I took picture down hill.
  • I caught with them again in third water station, and finally! they offered isotonic drink! Seeeeee! There were no isotonic drink in previous WS. I was tired then fortunately someone offered me date! I took one.  Meine Gott! Ich hatte Glück. Even Maktin forget to bring ones. She’s the one who always prepared extra food for us! I feel like I had extra energy! Let alone the salt stick!
  • Down hill passing the famous Ah Pong, before that I met Rika. So I jog with her. It was 7.30 am something and sun shines VERY bright! It as HOT! HOT! HOT! I cursed yet feel lucky that I signed up for 10K! bahahhaahhahahah
  • Another 1 km, we went straight back to SCC again. Another intersection, but this time was also with good (traffic management)
  • Well, as already posted in my Instagram , we crossed the finished line together and result said
    • Acha 1:27:03, Maktin 1:27:04, Sikiky 1:27:03! Ich finde es süß. Sweet, isn’t it? hahahahah  Rika 1:27:29

Golden Girls

Happiness is the moment you see the finish line after cursing like 13,456 times “Set dahhh…nih tanjakan ngga selesai selesai sikk” 


First Medal in 2016

  • Owh, the elevation gain for 10K was 100 m something while it was 300m for HM.
  • And…while I was waiting for Valas to cross the finish line, it was like 8 am already. I saw many speechless  or may be palm faces =)) for HM runners . Heat was unbearable! for hundreds of time I  was thankful that I signed up for 10K! It took 3 hours for Valas to cross the finish line!
  • So, in my opinion, the race organizer was so-so! Marshals were great tho! they still waiting for all HM runners to cross the finish mat eventhou it was almost 10 am. anyway, due to its brutal hilly track, Seems I won’t be back again for longer distance 😀

However, i think I still love running, I’ll be back again oh…well perhaps! but no more long run =))

Bis Später! 


2 X U compression Race Recap

OOT : sorry for the protected post on my previous post. you know where to reach me to get the password  if you want to read it.

Allright, where are we?

(in my opinion) this was the most long awaited race! The famous 2XU compression Run finally in Jakarta! Years ago, the 2XU race in Singapore were (and I think still ) very famous for Indonesia runners, as we barely had running races! Let alone the Half Marathon distance. IN 2014 (or was it in 2013) they even have the Full Marathon distance. I think one of most favorite ones besides Sun Down Marathon and the famous Singapore Standard Chattered  Marathon that will be held next two weeks.

back to tanah air, while the famous Adidas King Of The Road has been absent for two years (including in all neighbouring countries where they usually held the race such in singapore, KL, Manila and Bangkok) and seems that, after the accident to one of the runners last year, no more Standart Chattered Half Marathon which already held since 2011! that explains why this race would be “sangat ditunggu tunggu” beides Nike Bajak Jakarta, perhaps.
Thus, when The famous koko Willy Sanjaya  sent the teaser, guess we (runners) went nut! the well known brand finally has its races in Jakarta.
when the registration opened, as expected the server went down :))

It was sold out in few hours and koh Willy gave another slots…and another and another.

to make it short, I signed up for HM distance that cost IDR 575K something,  and would received socks from Newton, 2XU race tee and 2XU finisher tee for HM distance only.

hence, that’s explain why this race is famous! ngarepin kaos 2XU brayyyyy!

Fast forward, Unfortunately, I  didn’t get a change to have a long run after my Full Marathon. longest distance was only 7Km when I had my morning run with Ejah at CFD.
When I was a volunteer for The Jakarta Marathon, oct 26th 2015, I felt Jakarta’s temperature was at its worst. No raining for weeks and it was — even though not as thick as in Sumatra islannd — actually sky was covered by haze! I barely saw sky crappers from distance. Trust me, as non private cars users in Jakarta on weekdays, I do look up the sky from pedestrian bridge, etc. At this point i was thinking of giving my BIB.

Yet, couple of days before D days, rainy days had come. I could see a blue sky again from my front porch. Thus, I decided to go.
Taking taxi to cut the hustle, I picked Mas Eri and Pak Donny after shubuh pray, and as expected traffic to AEON Mall was heavy! It was 5.15 am were still in the cab, while race would start at 5.30am.

I was a bit nervous since…I brought a bag with me. changing clothes and power bank 🙂 my mistake! eri said jokingly

“udah loe bawa lari aja tuh tas”


and what is race without “eh ya ampun, gw lupa kalau…”

I left my sunglasses this time! meh! running in BSD and forget sunnies. BIG MISTAKE! 

Anyway, I managed to drop the bag 5 mins before start and met friends from Bintaro Trojan Runners at start line
5.30 am sharp, the race began. Here’s my recap:

– i ran with Evi and Rika, also from Bintaro Trojan Runners. Evi just had her virgin FM I Jakarta with a respective  time for me :)) It was her first FM and di jakarta boooo matahari ada 17 langit coklat ketutup debu!

– first 5K was oke with me. Evi was pacering me. it was 38mins something for 5K

– at 8K something I took salt stick, I felt body temperature increase already
– before 10K, I said Evi to go ahead. I felt so tired. I started to walk
– Anyway it’s BSD, yet, good job grom RunID, the most professional race organizer for me, they creates new loop, new route. walaupun view nya itu itu aja sik. tapi rutenya baru, they always come up with new route! good job!
– at Km 15, I really lost mood for running. my sister passed me, she had toilet break previously. at this point, I walked. anyway sponge were available  and it was heaven!
– water station were nice! every 2Km i think! thanks God! there were like 17 suns above BSD! Panasssssss! I took an ice block and put in my jersey!!! it melted right away!

Yisca sent me this. have no idea where was it

– at Km 17, I saw the opposite way, my fast runners friend like bu thya, Pak Giri, Valast, Diana, Deio were…walking! they were at km 20’s!

i was surprise,

“panas! malas lari” mostly said so.
– There was a U  turn at Km 19, I saw Namira from the other side, I waited for her. so i wont get boring walking alone.
– we managed to take pic with this sign. bahahahahahhahaha.

look at back ground. It’s like in Bahrain instead of BSD

i saw many finishers cheered us and said “hayuh, finisher tee nya keren lo”

we threw smile and walked, they were very sweet. Few seconds after that  “rapihin dulu penampilan, biar finish kece”
there it is! Alhamdulillah ngga pakai kram aja sih! 3 hours 15 mins!!! Bahahahhahah! sure it wasn’t my PB!
anyway, gw ngga mau bela diri of my ugly performance. never do strength training and my bike has been too long in the garage. skip swimming class soooo many times.

I was lack of practice, I didn’t pay attention to my intake! It was also a slap on the face that I must watch my intake again as I’m not getting any younger.

I didn’t drink electrolyte D-3 like I used to before long distance run, i (again) consume trash like candies and flavored-bottled-water, oily and processed food, dan lain sebagainya.

there’s always lesson to learned on every race. 🙂
and anyway, seems I wont sign up for any race in BSD again :)) until those trees have grown BIG! next 5 years perhaps? hahahah
I think I am only good running in four seasons countries, however my Bank account doesn’t say so. TEEEE HEEEEE!

medal is nice though!

until my next race ! I signed up for Tahura Trail 21km next January. Wish me luck!

PS : klik here for 2016 Compression Run in Singapore. IN case you’re interested!

Standard Chattered Singapore Marathon 2014

My second Full Marathon, my first overseas race

Jadi, setelah gw tau gw disuruh berangkat, gw iseng browsing ada ngga race selama gw disana. Ternyata the gold class marathon is held.  Lalu berkontempelansi HM ato FM ya…


cuma neh, past si kacrut-kacrut akan komen “kalo HM di bulevard (bintaro) aja”, jadilah gw sign up buat FM

Di hari kamis dan hujan pulang jam kantor, gw langsung ke Changi Expo  tempat pengambilan race pack karena satu line (green line) dari Raffles City (MRT depan kantor) ke Chagi Expo *eits sounds keceh ya?* ^_^


mind the wrinkles, I didn’t apply anti aging cream or what so ever

Race Recap




saking bosennya, gw mampir di toko kecil buat istirahat, curhat abis abisan di grup hahahhaha


FYI: during exercise that requires endurance, having that bottle in the right is allright. Make sure it is un-carbonized first. To note, Idir said they served Coke at IM Langkawi

Note : in case you didn’t know IM stands for Iron Man. Noooo. not the movie….

sorry, it’s just me ! I didn’t enjoy this race.

Kata teman teman Bintaro Trojan Runners mungkin gw jenuh lari jauh aja. Kelar FM di bali lalu BTS 30K lanjut SCMS 2014

race pack collection yang rapih sampe 60 booth kalo ngga salah, rute yang steril (STERIL  yaaa…) plus sufficient WATER STATION (literally WATER station) tentunya jadinya  plus point.

being ndeso I am, gw lebih suka race di desa macam di Bromo Marathon ato at least Bali Kemaren 🙂 bahkan waktu banyak yang nyela (justru dari yang ngga ikut) BTS kemaren, gw jauhhhhhh lebih menikmati siksaan pas di BTS. So i guess i won’t be back for next year untuk perbaiki timing (oh, I didn’t get my PB off course). They said FM is a mental game, mine is dropped at KM 8 already. So it was really pain in the butt to spank my butt back 😀 but heck, being DNF is not an option, at least not for this race. :))

so, there will be no race recap, just take a look at my flickr account for pictures :p

Next overseas race?
Yeah, (may be) there will be one!


Samsung S4 Runseries Race and Sentul trip

in order to have stories on most of my race, so here I go 😉
minggu kemaren gw ikut lomba terakhir atau ketiga SamsungS4 run series ini.
Seri pertama ngga ikut karena ikutan Bromo Maratahon 10K, yang kedua malas karena…BSD! :p
Udah boseeennn :))

Lomba ketiga ini lokasinya di Epicentrum. Ya gitu deh..biar ngga bokek dan bisa latihan long run, dipilih-pilih aja racenya 🙂

Like any other race yang EOnya dipegang run ID, race ini hampir tanpa cela. Gw bilang hampir karena….water stationnya salah tempat! Adanya di 2,5K dan 3K baru ada lagi di Km8! Sinting ah!
Asli gw walaupun menikmati race ini, kesel banget karena haus.
i didn’t bring my own tumbler karena yakin water stationnya memadai. Tidak ada yang jualan pulak karena strerilnya jalan


Anway, I made new PB in this race (my 9th 10K race) 1:17:41 chip time!
a happy overweight slow runner :))
And surprise, reunited lagi dengan teman serombongan waktu di Mapala UI HM, may lalu :))


Another surprise ketemu dita, sayang gw nebeng Sunu, ngga enak ditungguin


Next time ngobrol lebih lama ya Dit 🙂 boleh loo pesen hijab dri fitnya dari raqtive ke gw 😀

while on Tuesday
jurian akan join Bromo trengganu semeru trail run minggu depan. Dia ngajak Bintaro Runners yang hampir semua member di waslap grup join blio latihan di Sentul.karena paling dekat sama ibukota untuk hilly run tampaknya emang di Sentul.
pagi buta di jemput Aldi, imel, Dimdim and Mumut.
Sampai Taman budaya sentul jam 5.30 lewat banyak…
Baru mulai lari jam 6 pagi dan…
Nanjak aja 5km pertama arah Km0


And for sure, viewnya bagussss


Hijau kiri kanan 🙂
5km pertama menuju km 0 ini capek banget deh. Nanjaknya ampun deh :))
Sampai km 0, foto foto cantik dulu nunggu mbak Dewi Yahya (yoi…istri presenter dan politikus terkenal itu)
Si mbak ini kece pisan umur dah mau kepala 5!


Banyak loo ibu2x > 40 yang masih cantikkkkkkk banget ngga kalah kece yang mid 20 di BTR :)), look what sport can do to you

Anyway, di km 0 ini Jurian ngasih pilihan mau balik jalan tadi total 10km, atau jalan satu lagi lebih landai turunnya tapi 12km.
Gw sok taunya ikutan yang kedua…
mau pengsannnn
17km total di gunung…NOOOOOO *lebay*


yet, I had so much fun

race(s) recaps : Adidas KOTR and Ekiden Oto Group



Sunu-Jali-me – Vitri – nining

September 29th, 2013

Akhirnya, gw ngga jadi join the post-poned SCKLM Since it’s impossible for me to fly due to many reasons.

Fortunately, I’ve registered for the most famous race in this country and signed up for its signature distance — 16,8K that is and also mark as the third time I ran with my sister. She took 10K . Since the registration has closed about 2 weeks after it opened, I figured finding the best parking spot will be difficult. So, sister, Sunu- her next door and I took taxi to save our time.

What I like about this race, it really started on time. Yes, there was our anthem to be sing, speech (Indonesia banget!), a little warm up from a Celebrity Fitness Trainer, but on 5.30 am (for the 16.8k) the flag off. I thought the route would be exactly the same like last year. I was wrong :D.

But it is BSD anyway, mau kemana lagi sih! 😀

After getting out from Green Park Office, we made turn on the first traffic light, abis itu ke Jalan raya menuju ITC, tapi kerennya panitia, kan startnya pagi jadi ngga saingan sama truck. At about km 4 or something, someone who wore pink from head to toe greet meuni ya..?”

He? There’s always story to tell on each race ! 😀 .

It was Manda, a daughter in law from the famous pendidik negeri ini who also a teacher, who befriended with my sister. She saw me on Mapala UI HM 5 months ago but too shy to say hello! Muka ngeri nyeremin kali ya… hahahah. So starting from that km, we ran together. Karena gw hobi ngoceh seneng aja ada yang mau denger. Hahahahaa. We ran until km 9 or or so, Manda fell on previous Tuesday, thus her knee still hurt. So, I ran alone for the rest kms.

IMG_4444Caki tag me on FB, didn’t know where he get it. Meters before the finish line. Thank you, who ever you are 😀

There were 3 check points between km 5- km 6, between 8-9, and +/- km 12. I only bring 2 dates and eat one during the race. I lost my Gu gel. Arghh…! On the last kms, I drank a lot. My gosh, it was hot and I wasn’t well hydrated.

Bagusnya sih weeks before long race gini, kita banyak makan buah-buahan.

In short, last year it took 1:21:43 for me to complete the 10K race (that is 8’30’ average pace) now it took 2:17:46 ( 8’11’ average pace) to complete 16.8km! A happy overweight slow runner!



Me, holding medals on 2012 KOTR :

IMG_0385Me with Adidas KOTR 2013 medals

IMG_4428Ada perbedaan? *halah*

October 6th 2013 Oto Group Ekiden Race For Share 2013

Copy paste-ing from Om Wiki, Ekiden (駅伝?) is a term referring to a long-distance relay running race, typically on roads.The Japanese term originally referred to a post-horse or stagecoach which transmitted communication by stages.

On this Ekiden, the 20km distance will be divided by 4 legs, so each of us ran for 5 km. On which UNFORTUNATELY, I was the last runner. *haaaddeeezigh!!!*

Lokasi Lomba? BSD maning….BSD maning =)). Lomba ini diadakan oleh Oto Finance . Sekalian CSR grup perusahaan ini, karena setiap team yang berhasil menyelesaikan lomba dalam waktu kurang dari 3 jam akan dapat bonus IDR 1 mio yang akan disumbangkan ke Palang merah Indonesia. Katanya sih, tahun lalu sudah ada acara ini, tapi khusus internal mereka, baru tahun ini mengundang stakeholder mereka yang lain.

Sebelnya….gw mati gaya! ngga kenal siapa-siapa (kecuali tim kantor, in which, I can’t speak Japanese either) . podowae….

IMG_4495Andi, Mizuno-san, Hashimoto- san – Beyonce Kw 3 before the race

Jadi kita lari bawa pita biru yang diselempangkan di Andi, terus pelari 1 lari sejauh 5 km, balik ketitik awal, gantian pita birunya dipake pelari berikutnya. Bib kuning untuk pelari pertama, hijau untuk kedua, biru untuk ketiga dan ungu untuk pelari terakhir. Acaranya sih, tepat jam 6. Tapi ya itu…gw nunggunya lama gara2x Melati salah daftarin nama. 😀

Gw lihat banyak runner pertama (bib kuning) yang terlambat. Hadeh, kasihan teman-temannya tuh!

Pas lagi nunggu di arena pertukaran pelari, sempat ngenalin Silvi, dulu ngeblog juga, tapi gw lupa nama blognya. Ada yang tau ngga sih? nama anaknya Azka dan punya dua adik. Blio nge blog dah lama juga nih, tapi ganti2x URL mulu, ngga ngikutin lagi gw.Sempat ngobrol sebentar.

While mati gaya gitu, agak sebel juga ama peserta lain…banyak yang ngerokok ngga liat tempat. Bingung nyari tempat nunggu gw. 😦

But, fortunately, these 3 gentleman are fast runner, it only took 25 mins for Andi to complete his race, about the same with Mizuno and Hashimoto. Jadi gw baru mau ke toilet udah dipanggil nomor gw. hahhahah

Rutenya keluar Green Park office itu ke kanan, terus saja sampe lampu merah kedua belok kiri dan putar balik sekitar 1 km kemudian. Ada 1 water station yang….pas gw sampe sana airnya habis donk…donk..donk! Luckily, I prepared my own drink!

It was over 7:30 am, very hot, I ran the best I can. During the ran and had made my turn, I saw some blue bib runners. Ish, kasihan pelari terakhir kalau gitu!

My nike app was messing around again it only recorded 4.75 km with 7’26” pace. Wow!!!! Udah macam neraka gitu kali ya… hahahha Tumben gw cepat. (gw average pace 8min/km) 😀

IMG_4497us, after the race! Andi dah pulang ada keperluan. Muka gw macam negro gitu 😀

Ngga lama gw balik, pas di mobil masih lihat banyak yang baru mulai. Kebayang panas dan gersangnya? Ah, all the best lah!


So, this race will be the last debut for my Asics GT 2170 which I bought last year. Based on Nike app, it had run for 600 km. Mungkin lebih, karena pas di Bromo kemarin ngga dapat signal, cuma ke record 1.68 km.

After 5 10km races, One – 5km race, One – half marathon race and the last is Ekiden race and countless practices, thank you for serving me so well!

Gw mungkin masih mau pakai 1-2 kali latihan lagi sih :D.

Idealnya sepatu lari diganti setelah 300 – 400 mil. (480 km – 640 km) , other way you may get injured,

IMG_4509Adayang mau nemenin gw beli sepatu?


I Ran The Adventure

hutang gw sama simalesmandi 😀

Yes, as stated on my running race page, I’m done my 10K race in Bromo!

Pergi lewat Malang yaang ternyata macet ya…. :-/ lenyap keinginan tinggal di sini. hahahah. Ke Rawon Nguling dulu isi bensin, sekitar jam 7.30-an kita sampai di lokasi race, Desa Wonokitri


ImageItu 6 teratas nama2x yang nyewa mobil bareng gw dari Malang ke Wonokitri :p minus nining.

Volunteer untuk acara ini banyakan warga negara asing lho! Gw sering liat ngga perempuan ngga yang laki gotong2x barang sendiri, aqua misalnya! Keren ih!

Nginapnya di Homestay yang jaraknya…..ngga sampe 200 m dari starting pen! Gw serumah sama Tiara+hubby, satu kamar lagi bertiga sama adek gw dan mbak nining.

Rumahnya Pak Edi mungil dan bersih, ada air panas lumayan….! Besok paginya gw melakukan kesalah besar dengan ambil air wudhu pake air ledeng instead of hidupin air panas. DINGIN GILAKKKK!!!!

brrr….beku tangan. Ini yang menjadikan gw menguburkan keinginan untuk BATAL partisipasi dalam event the extreme Norseman Triathlon! =))

IMG_4048sok-sok belajar peta race ….iya kali gw ngerti baca peta kontur 😀

Anyway, I told my sister let’s run the first 5km and walk for the rest. Failed! Born and raised as city kid, the view was very breathtaking !!! For 10Km, run started at 8 am. The organizers had prepared a face mask for us. wow!


Ya sudahlah…gw di titik ini gw memutuskan untuk jalan saja! mau foto2x aja….

IMG_3984kalo liat putih2x kecil ditengah2x, itu kita lari kesana 😀

Yang namanya lari di gunung ya…pastilah tanjakan turunannya extreme! Ngga ngaruh lah latihan di flyover Bintaro, untung terlatih sedikit waktu lari di Bukit Aman =))

IMG_3988But, start at  this point, I love Trail Running !!!

IMHO, the extreme uphill for 10K route is on the way to KM 2-4, KM 6 (this is the hardest one!!!), turn around at KM 6, KM 8-9 all the way up  to finish line

IMG_4005extreme downhill, run as fast as u can, yay! – not –

Running downhill wasn’t easy either! The wind factor made me scare a bit, aslik takut jatuh ke dorong angin! Start from Km8 up until the finish line was another extreme uphill

IMG_4011This pic is taken on Km 9 looking down the km(s)  I left behind!  yep, that high! 😉

Rasanya? coba sendirilah tahun depan =))

In short 1 hour 58 mins, I kissed my medal! And this is Gregor, 11 y.o boy mamanya bule, cuma kok dia gelap ya? :D, ini anak kuat banget…di depan gw terus…


IMG_4037 IMG_4038

After taking pictures here and there, I heard no news from Imel, on which as plan we’re heading to Jakarta together . My sister and I had two return tickets actually =))

Awalnya booking Citilink pp, pulang jam 2 pm. Terus tanya sana sini takutnya ngga keburu dari Bromo balik Malang within2 hours, booking lagi lah  Sriwijaya  (2.55pm terus mundur lagi jam 3.30 terus dimundurin lagi jam 5.30!) .

We hired Pak Edi’s hardtop…eh kalo pergi ada kali 3,5 jam lewat pasuruan ke Wonokitri, pas pulang lewat perkebunan tebu gitu entah dimana 1,5 jam aja sampai bandara Malang!

sampe bandara, Citilink belum datang donk…! =)) Sempat ketemu Doni, my –teman-duduk-di depan – waktu-SMA- .

Doni kayaknya abis lamaran =)) sayang ngga sempat ngobrol banyak.

As overweight slow runner, I regretted that I only participated on 10K instead of 21KM. Half Marathon route offered more spectaculer view that you can really see Gunung Bromo

IMG_4033pic from Imel’s phone

This is – no doubt – my best race ever! well organized event, spectacular view, animo penduduk Tengger yang tulus dan ramah, unforgettable track. Kekurangan ngga ada isotonik drink (tapi ngga ngaruh banyak sih buat 10Km participants) terus lokasi start/finish kan sempit ya. Chaos juga sih. Ngga mungkin blokir jalan, ngga ada jalan lagi buat warganya.

Buat yang punya kesempatan, waktu, kesehatan, supporting system yang mumpuni, etc.. do participate in this event! You won’t regret!

More pictures on FB and flickr.