(dana pendidikan anak) yang luput disiapkan

Sudah lama tidak menulis. Memang micro-blogging ini (IG, twitter) membuat banyak rekan-rekan virtual saya tidak lagi mengupdate-nya. sayapun malas! lebih sering ngoceh di twitter atau IG story,

Anyway, seperti tulisan sebelumnya, anak pertama saya sudah jadi mahasiswa, kampus impiannya ibunya dulu, tapi gagal 2x UMPTN *bihiks*

Lupa kalau masuk kuliah ada biaya pendaftaran. Sebelum ini si kakak nyoba beberapa beasiswa dari kedutaan dan kampus di luar negri, yaa semua ada fee-nya lah belum test IELTS and/or TOEFL. Karena dapat SNMPTN, makanya harus di drop aplikasinya.

Lalu pas sudah bayar-bayaran, eazy peasy lemon squash, dana pendidikan memang sudah disiapkan dari mereka bayi (itu yang jadi model si kakak lho!), menghitung personal budget sudah bisa lah, pernah ikut traningnya dulu. Tapi ternyata ya… selain uang masuk kuliah (dan biaya hidupnya) ada dana lagi yang luput saya siapkan….gadget penunjang (yang selama ini bisa sharing sama adiknya, sekarang satu anak satu gadget…) 😀 plus biaya pindah-pindahan ya….ahahahhahah! baru sadar!

Saya mengambil cuti dua hari ini, bantuin kakak pindahan kost. wah, printilan anak kost itu banyak juga rupanya! wkwkwkwkwk

Sampai juga saya di titik ini, seperti miliaran orang tua lain sebelum saya (dan khususnya ortu yang anaknya lahir 2003-2004), melepas anak tinggal sendiri, ngatur hidup sendiri.

Short trip : Bandung Again

Since my eldest had secured her seat in uni, my next task is: finding a boarding house a.k.a kost! I thought it was easy, consider there are sooooo many universities in the city, right. It’s not.

Well, may be it is, but she also has standard . L.O.L

Last two weeks we travel again to Bandung, I was driving to and from! Luckily, it was first weekend during Ramadhan, so traffic was oke, Bandung wasn’t too crowded either.

In my surprise, boarding home is quite expensive 😀

My distant relative, who lives in the city have boarding home at their 3rd floor, but surely my eldest doesn’t want to stay there, and I think the feeling mutual. L.O.L. Don’t get me wrong, the family is very nice, the hubby was my late uncle’s very best friend. The thought that having a relative to watch my eldest every now and then quite relieve.

Seems that most of the houses with 5K radius from THAT uni has turn into boarding houses, with 90% occupancy rate.Some houses even turn into semi-apartment or co-living. I just knew it

We have to secure the room soon…!

And my eyes wet to think that my eldest will (finally) live on her own – although – of course, I realize this condition will come.

Blink of eyes, they are adult.

Her future uni – Insya Allah

Also i just realize, even the city is only 180Km from my bed, I barely travel to city. Not even once in a year. Snif sniff.

My nephew’s paternal cousin is going to Unpad, she had also secure her seat via SNMPTN. They went to the same high school. I hope these two girls will hold each other back although they probably live 1 hour away 🤣

Good news at the end of March

Walaupun saya kena Covid awal Maret ini, heheheh, I always love March. It is always my favorite month of the year.

This March delivers good news

The college admission announcement

Yeah, si kakak keterima di salah satu universitas terbaik negeri ini via SNMPTN, tanpa test.

Walaupun kami sudah ada Plan A, Plan B yang sama tingkat urgensinya, tapi siapa sih yang tidak senang keterima di ITB? Hehehehe

Apalagi saya dulu, dua kali di pertengahan 90’s nyoba UMPTN buat masuk ITB. I couldn’t be happier.


Adieu Matty

I forgot how did I get to know him, probably from photo-hosting era back in 2008-2009 where I posted pictures in my blog based on theme. Then we followed each other in IG. He liked to left comment also, sometimes corrected me with my very broken Deutsch.

He lived in AZ – been in Phoenix couple of time. The Johnsons live there. unlike any Americans I know, he spoke many languages, since he was exchange student in German and had multirace family, I might said.


He posted funny, silly, sometime out of questions pictures. Mostly he posted his dogs, garden he even possessed duck in his back yard! Well anyway, out of question nya, kalau boleh komen, untuk standard moral kebanyakan orang Indo mungkin kelakuan dia bisa dihujat netijen. Hahaahha.

Two weeks ago I was wondering, how I come I never see his feed again, but then I ignore it. Only two days ago I checked on his account and realized last posted was on May 1st. What happened to him, very unusual. He loved his garden, his dogs and other pets.

Anyway, What I mean silly, that day he celebrated national naked gardening day, but of course, he didn’t post nudity, only his bare legs. LOL

Then I clicked his tagged photos, one of his friend post a memory about him.

Dan ntah kenapa saya penasaran lho! Saya lihat tagged photos yang lain, cuma ada dua, yang posting iparnya orang Ukraine. Apa mungkin orang Ukraine ini mirip kebanyakan saudara gw yang banci posting, then one leads to another.

And out curiosity I checked my other socmed, he apparently delete on maybe changed his name, not sure, the I found his in-law account…with a cremation schedule.

Oh Em Gee, I figured out he passed away some time ago in May. I was a bit sad although never meet him in person. Days before he left, he wrote he doubted he’d live until 51 years. :-/, I think he was in late 40’s.

I had learnt this and that in some way. I mean, it is so fun having friend who doesn’t speak your language, have different tradition to yours, etc right?

Phewww….well adieu Matty! Thank you for silly pictures!



Berdasarkan draft novel kehidupan yang kadang saya tulis, harusnya minggu-minggu ini saya lagi di sana. Sore ini mungkin di Arafah.

Well ya, we all know, the decisions.

Decades ago, I thought naik haji/hajj pilgrimage is only a matter of – sign up – make huge amount of deposit – than patiently waiting for your turn – paid the rest of the fee. It’ll take years, that’s why I have signed up fron few years ago.

Ada rasa sedih, for sure. Tapi namanya juga panggilan ya, bener-bener privilege / hak perogratif Allah swt, siapa yang hendak DIA undang, untuk datang ke rumahnya.

Tahun ini kebetulan ada rekan saya, Ira, yang memang 7 tahun terakhir tinggal di Arab Saudi, yang dapat kesempatan itu. Masya Allah.

Happy Eid Adha!