Another Lesson of life

Her ex-husband was in huge debt, frustrated and started to do domestic violence. After years, she filed for a divorce, but she had to move out-together with two children-from the castle.

Bringing two beds and one refrigerator that have to fit in a- 27 sqm – house and leave no more space for other stuffs. I imagine she used to live in a 270 sqm house.what a huge adjustment for three of them.

I asked her, how will she make a living?

She replied : i went to Jakarta by train (2 hours trip, one way) to get these (big bag of plastic utilities such as baskom, trash can, etc) and i brought along these kids with me. So three of us, carried one big bag, in each hands.

I replied : How much would you sell the stuffs?

I started to wonder whether such a price make money ends meet? How many of us need baskom plastik in daily basis anyway?

On her daughter’s birthday, she made tumpengan and pudding, and gave it to me. Still trying to make the days count.

She came with money, life hit her, bad! She broke, really really broke.

She stood up, crawls whatever.

I never heard she yelled at her children.

Other time, I heard she sang together with her children, like they really had time of their life

Now I wonder, what is her secret to stay that calm.

Late birthday gift or early Ramadhan Gift

I found this funny 😀

I had easy ride with male former colleagues yesterday. Only 3 of us, we did have “Gocapan – GOwes CAri saraPAN” every now and then.

When our ride about to end, one of the boys said

“Here, from us! Late birthday gift! We notice that’s the only arm sleeve you have”

Zzzzz…”I HAVE TWO! For God Sake” 🤣

I thanked them of course! A nice surprise and secretly murmuring to myself “one of you guys probably had plenty of this”

I reminded the episode again, my male closest friends, Edy and Dony never did such a thing! I dont think so! Liz the one who always leaded them 🤣

But hey, I found it cute tho’!

The Gift

Actually, I had those arm sleeves with exactly the same brand, but it was torn when I had the bike accident last September.

Thank you Boys! You guys are too sweet and too silly!

Draft Novel Kehidupan

Beratttsss! =)

I read those statement in Fajrin’s Instagram account. He made a review in a local coffee shop and he said that place is not quite enough if you want to contemplate =). This is what he said “tempat: rame bgt kurang asik bwt merenung, nulis draft novel masa depan or deep conversation with friend, lebih cocok bwt kongkow rame2”

Then I laughed and made a comment on that post.  I feel like I had an early midlife crisis last year (and somehow still carried forward)  and  Edi told me to rewrite the plans. I remember, I only write the plan once, when I was 18 and never bother about it again until I remember what I wrote and left soulless after wards for weeks. None of them were executed.  I tried many many things to boost my soul again =). sounds pathetic.  But I think that is why you need your old friends now and then.  When you get older, you need people who know you when you were young(er). 😉

I don’t think I experienced what the Gen Z said “Quarter Life Dilema/Crisis”, when I was in my mid 20’s my life was just oke. Got a good job, I think life went the way it was supposed to and BOOM! At that time I thought, nanti kalau gagal malah kepikiran sendiri jadi biarkan mengalir saja.

Neah! Menulis draft novel kehidupan, things I should say to my 20 and early 30-year-old-me. But since you can’t turn back the time, and better late than never, I re-write the plans like Edi told me to.

How about you? Do you write your (life) plan?