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Taking a career break or sabbatical is not a sin. The culture of looking down on people with career gaps should stop. Period.

Many have asked me to write about this topic, for they are facing discrimination inspite of having genuine reasons to take a break. This is unfortunate. What we should assess is the capability, skill & attitude of candidates rather than rejecting them because of gaps.

Should we just work till we retire? Should there be nothing else in life apart from earning salaries & leading a dull life? Why should we frown upon people who want to go on an uncharted journey, to work at an NGO, to act in theatre or to live in the wild? You should be appreciating their guts to follow their dreams.

Why can’t people quit to take care of their children/family when in need? It’s the most human thing to do, no?

Let’s not set a culture where we tell people how to live. Let everyone be free to tell in interviews that they took a break for a reason. There is nothing wrong. Tell them to judge you on the skills required for the job, that’s what really matters right?

For all hiring managers/recruiters-next time you see someone with a gap. Don’t just reject their resumes. Understand why? Respect their choices in life.


PS-share with folks who need to hear this.


This Sunday

Well ya, start with 1 hour 30 mins run with BTR, of course!

That little tiny guy is 3 months! Can you guess which one is his mother? :))

Anyway, my friend Nola, comes from Kyoto. her father is sick, very sick! Since I was free this afternoon and the hospital is not too far from Bintaro, I visited her. just to cheer her up and bring her Indonesia food. She must miss either Bakmi GM, Sate, Nasi Padang and alike. 😉

She was my classmate in high school. after losing her husband due to kidney failure, she continues her school (and life!) to Japan and stay there. I haven’t seen her for at least 3 years then.

Catch up each other life, what is like to live in Japan (and Kyoto!!) and stuff.

I rather not talking about what happen with her dad and how will the doctor treat him. It will be too frustating for her family.

I have personal issue right now and it’s nice talking about this issue with a friend who doesn’t see you in regular basis. they give you idea. Our conversation was interesting as well.

Just like what I said here, I need to see some people who know me when I was young(er) 😀

And hey Inong, she still remember you!


Udah ngga pinter

Ngga kaya pulak

Mau lanjutin sekolah suseh benerr…




Well, salah satu plan yang saya siapkan setahun terakhir gagal total.

Sedih banget, sampai kepikiran banget, terus ngga bisa nahan…saya nangis di kereta…

Perasaan sih biasa saja, sambil nundukin kepala supaya ngga kelihatan nangis.

Lalu tiba tiba orang yang duduk depan saya, megang tangan saya

“Duduk saja mbak!”

Gw bilang ” gga…saya ngga hamil kok”

Soalnya sering dikasih duduk karena disangka hamil :))

Tapi dia tetap keukeuh kasih duduknya…


Akhirnya kedua teman saya pergi. Pursuing something that might or might  not be on the plan.

Malam ini saya mampir ke salah satu rumah mereka, ada yang tertinggal, dititipkan kepada penjaga rumah yang sebentar lagi mengakhiri masa bakti beliau setelah hampir 10 tahun.

Kapan ketemu ibu lagi ya? Tanyanya.

Kami berdua hanya melepas senyum. Saya termasuk tamu reguler rumah ini. masuk slonong boy keluar kadang tidak pamit.  Selama itu daerah yang ditentukan pemilik rumah :))

Sayapun ntah kapan-kapan  akan bertemu lagi dengan nyonyanya itu.

Hati saya hampa.

What if question danced in my mind…

Then and Now 

In my previous post, I had a picture of me with my late mom when I was little near Statue of Liberty.

I cleaned up the old house (againnnn, for zillion times) and found two coats.

Oh em gee…

Can’t believe the coats are still here  :-/ 


And just like Life.

Pertengahan tahun ini, saya akan kehilangan teman main. She will leave for nothern globe and doesn’t plan to return. She’ll take her kids with her. To a la la land.

Teman main saya every now and then, yang bisa pop up “Jemput gw di stasiun ya, abis itu makan di Taman Jajan”

Pertengahan tahun sebelumnya, something bad happened to her. Beliau sampai sempat berpikiran bunuh diri. aslik! Teman saya ini memang rada ajaib.

Tapi dia berpikir cepat. Dijatuhkan Tuhan hidupnya ke titik terendah, dia tentu sempat down, marah, dll. Tapi akal sehat juga yang buat dia cepat bangkit, sampai dapat rejeki pindah ke luar negeri. Asli, prosesnya cepat dan lancar  sekali. bahkan jauh lebih dulu dari kawan kami yang lain yang telah merancang rencana yang sama sejak 3 tahun sebelumnya.

Padahal kami – teman teman mainnya-  sempat sangsi, tidak pernah bekerja formal dan keadaan finansial standard. (Oh yeah, we know every cent of her saving) 😉

But GOd is testing your faith, not your bank account. 

Dia-lah, crafter Kintsugi sesungguhnya

20 more sleeps until I know what to do next

Sometimes I wonder …

for those who know me in person…

(my school mates,my colleagues including former one, teman les, teman naik kereta, teman training, or maybe ones who bought my garage sale things that on my OLX and Instagram account..ini sih ngga kenal sebelumnya ya..) dll dll…

Do you read this blog? Because yeah, many times I wrote about you guys…Ito-san sih yang paling sering. your life is interesting, broooo! :))

Tulis Komen donk, or simply email/text  me …