Back to the pool

After the C**** outbreak on March 2020, pools (of course) were closed, it was re-opened, but things got worse back then. My team were practicing in an apartment’s pool once as alternative but since I was unvaccinated back then, I never came.

Yesterday was marked as my first time, pool swimming again with an old squad whom I never met for the past 18 months. Additionaly, I’m glad my swimming wear still fit me and I didn’t lose the buoy, fins and paddle hahahaha! Only my open water google was broke, torn into half.

I came late due to heavy traffic as a subsequent of heavy rain! (Pheww Jakarta!) so I missed the warm up session – i did it alone! Then I hugged the coach spontaneously!

My coach gave me different swimming set, i did it all alone, but then I stopped, gave Parvita and Dondok a hug in the middle of the set ~~~ in the middle of the pool 😅

Dondok was a C***d survivor. I never thought the reunion could be soo sentimentil! I mean, our practice was twice a week back then. On weekend, sometimes we went out for dinner. However, I wasn’t that close to them, but not seeing them for almost 20 months is different story! I’m glad we “made it” some how.

Glad things slowly return to normal and I am able to reunited with my swimming squad again. I thanked God for that!

The pandemic tought us how short life is.

Back after 20 months!
Quick dinner and catch up after the practice


Berdasarkan draft novel kehidupan yang kadang saya tulis, harusnya minggu-minggu ini saya lagi di sana. Sore ini mungkin di Arafah.

Well ya, we all know, the decisions.

Decades ago, I thought naik haji/hajj pilgrimage is only a matter of – sign up – make huge amount of deposit – than patiently waiting for your turn – paid the rest of the fee. It’ll take years, that’s why I have signed up fron few years ago.

Ada rasa sedih, for sure. Tapi namanya juga panggilan ya, bener-bener privilege / hak perogratif Allah swt, siapa yang hendak DIA undang, untuk datang ke rumahnya.

Tahun ini kebetulan ada rekan saya, Ira, yang memang 7 tahun terakhir tinggal di Arab Saudi, yang dapat kesempatan itu. Masya Allah.

Happy Eid Adha!


Late birthday gift or early Ramadhan Gift

I found this funny 😀

I had easy ride with male former colleagues yesterday. Only 3 of us, we did have “Gocapan – GOwes CAri saraPAN” every now and then.

When our ride about to end, one of the boys said

“Here, from us! Late birthday gift! We notice that’s the only arm sleeve you have”

Zzzzz…”I HAVE TWO! For God Sake” 🤣

I thanked them of course! A nice surprise and secretly murmuring to myself “one of you guys probably had plenty of this”

I reminded the episode again, my male closest friends, Edy and Dony never did such a thing! I dont think so! Liz the one who always leaded them 🤣

But hey, I found it cute tho’!

The Gift

Actually, I had those arm sleeves with exactly the same brand, but it was torn when I had the bike accident last September.

Thank you Boys! You guys are too sweet and too silly!

Adek bangga kok…

Jadi ketika saya merasa pilihan yang saya buat itu salah, rasa gelisah benar benar menghantui saya.

Saya sampai menangis di pagi hari, mencari keberadaan ayah saya, layaknya saya di usia 5 tahun!

Memang banyak yang bilang, setua pun apa anak, tetap butuh approval orang tuanya, sekedar afirmasi.

Menjelang malam, di meja makan, anak bungsu saya bertanya. Kenapa gelisah.

Saya beberkan semuanya dan berkata:

“Bunda cuma pengen Totok (panggilan anak anak untuk ayah saya, harusnya Atok/atuk/datuk, tapi si kakak sebagai cucu pertama dulu manggilnya Totok, ya ke terusan), adek sama kakak bangga sama bunda. Bunda malu, gagal lagi di umur segini.

Seraya mengunyah makanan, si bungsu berkata

“Adek bangga kok sama bunda, bunda kan single figter”

Lalu air mata mamak mengalir…deras.