jakarta race series -ragunan zoo race recap

long pending posting

Actually, I wanted to run this track from last year (May 2013) as my first race with my kiddos and aiming for family fun run.
But kiddo#1 was planning for her Umroh Trip with my parents the next Tuesday, so I cancelled to avoid unexpected things like animal string or twist ankle or else, that may made her journey uneasy:

unlike our firt race in BIS last February, kakak sign up for fun run (2,5km) because Icha and Khaira only run 2,5km.
while adek stick to the 5km because

Fun run buat anak kecil sih…”
Yeah rite, kiddo -___-

Anway, we arrived quite early 6.am something in Ragunan. we still have to pay for enterance fee.
Quite long way to start line about 15 mins walk.
there was mandiri run took place at the same day, and barely people I know join this race. my sister joined Mandiri Run as well.

i guess ones who join this race were ones who want to take their little ones as well.
At 6.30 am something, the event start with Zumba dance. Very fun!then we were asked to gather in starting pen. kakak has reunited with the Trojan Teens.

6.45 sharp, there we go running. i was talking to Sonya, a british who also live in Bintaro and realize pace might quite fast for adek. So I slowed down, but adek seemed alright.
km 1 done, I offer him to take picture with marker, he refuse. However, he was thirsty every 5 mins I guess that we almost run out for water.
considering we’d run in Zoo area, I didn’t bring any money -___-
My bad I can’t buy aqua. None familiar within my sight as well to lend me money.


thanks God he was oke until Km 2.5 where the water station was.
track was undulating, but kiddo #2 seems didn’t care as he still run not walk. he walk only to have a sip of water.

i love the track, it was my first time running in zoo, i always want to run this place from long time ago, with lot of trees and man-made lake. Perfect run for one sunday morning.
i also had mother and son converation #tsahhhh 😀
As it was raining the night before, some track was slippery. Many-many times I have to remind adek to slow down.

500m before finish line was quite steep
Hill,I told him finish line may be around the corner. Adek told me
” Bunda di belakang aja, adek mau finish duluan”.



he shoved 2 mins from his last race.
Our official time 43 something.

Then I rush to start line to see kakak


i saw Rika another friend from Bintaro who also took her daughter with her doing 2,5km Fun Run.
rika offer me to watch over kiddo#2 so I can ran with kakak.
And so I did.
it wasn’t 1km yet, the slippery downhill track made kakak fell down.
oooo emmm geee
She was crying hard
A marshal came and offer the medic staff.
Kakak insist to finish her race

malu sama icha dan Khaira tampak ya
So we finish the run by walking.
Unlike her brother, she want me to finish first to take her pic at finish line. i did, but she seemed very hurt that Miftah, a friend I know during so many races, who again was a marshal help her to complete her run.


There it was.


Saking sepinya BTR yang ikut, langsung bubar. no group picture -___-


A Running Date

today kinda unsuall weekend for me, since it is my firat time (apart from mandiri race) gw lari di sudirman dalam rangka car free day and…running date with Sylvia, a malaysian who has lived in jakarta for 3 years

Jadi gw kenal Mrs Bungan ini juga ngga sengaja. Gw lagi baca2x page indorunner di FB lewat iphone. Terus sylvi posting …sekitar seminggu kemudian ada notifikasi kalo she accepted my friend request jiah….kepencet add friend button sama gw. i sent her message if she wants to remove me that’s fine with me, but she keep me on her friend list :))
Terus atas anjuran fairy jadilah kita set up running date gini…ketundaaa mulu dari januari karena Sylvi sering banget ngetrip. Ini aja beliau baru balik dari Pulau Komodo, pernah 3 minggu backpacking di sulawesi, and countless trip to jogja, bali and lombok! she adores the beauty of our country!


Gw pergi sama Kiddo#2, soalnya si kakak tadi malam baru balik jam 9.30pm abis hunting foto di Taman bunga nusantara (ntar gw upload foto2xnya di flickr)
Baru 500 m lari kiddo#2 ngeluh capek karena emang dia baru tidur jam 2 pagi akibat kelamaan tidur siang.
Bweuh jadilah sylvi lari sendiri juga…
Trus gw janjian juga sama kak mar emang sengaja mau gw kenalin mereka, kan rumahnya deketan…
Tapi tetep aja sih, kak mar lari sendirian juga…
Pas hari ini ada event #hitswithoutviolence acara ultahnya prambors jadi sudirman area senayan rame bet!


Ya sudlah, gw duduk di tangga fx aja nunggu 2 ladies runner itu sembari makan

kak mar kelar lari, she ran for 7km. I asked her to take care my kid while i ran for 2km, giling calf gw masih sakit.
Sembari nunggu sylvi, kita sarapan di QQ kopitiam, fx.
At about 30mins or so, sylvi joined us…
She ran for 17km!
Heyak…gw dengernya aja udah ngilu kaki gw…
Agendanya sih…kalo suaminya sylvi masih di jakarta after June we’re palnning to join bromo marathon together…tapi gw ambil 10k aja…takut ngelinding gw di Penanjakan 🙂

Tadi pas lari bareng rombongan pesera #Hitswithoutviolence sempat ketemu Teh ninit yang tugas jadi marshal. i said Hi she still remember me 🙂
seneng sama seleb satu ini, ilmu padi banget…heheheh…