Race recap : Bintaro Jaya Half Marathon

Yes, you read it! I surely wont pass this race! Race a Half marathon, on your neighborhood!

Anyway, this race was postpone twice! It suppose to be held on July, I signed up for 10K! I wasn’t feel like doing HM after Eid Fitri, later I signed up for HM in Jakarta City Marathon that suppose to be held kn October 21st! Yes, suppose to be! The race was cancelled few days before the D day!

I’m still struggling how to bring back my old pace. yet, due to HM finisher T shirt with BTR Logo on the back, I was upgrading the distance. Yeah, I’m cheap sometimes 😀

since I’ll have BIG race early next year, I’ve to crush it anyway.

Here’s a recap:

  • Since the race was postponed twice, the crowds were different. some of Bintaro Trojan Runners went to Borobudur Marathon, few to Langkawi Ironman and one of us migrate to Australia (yeah Ashar, I’m talking about you! 😀 )

Some of us

  • As I guess, not so many participants. i didn’t wear our group Jersey because I was planning not to finish it :)) jadi jangan sampe ketanda anak BTR.
  • Gun off exactly 5 am! The off we run.
  • Being slow as snail I am, I was really really at the last runners in 10 minutes! Hahaha!
  • Made friends with few people along the way. One of them is Mitha, who was doing her virgin HM.

Pic by Bayu @guejualfoto

  • Track was running through Bintaro Boulevard. So, nothing new for us, of course. I feel like I was doing my regular Sunday Morning but with free water station every 3Km. The water station were greats. Cold drinks, mineral and isotonic.
  • We were running for two loops, each 10,5x. So I saw many of my friends had made a U-turn.
  • After U turn in jalan Graha Baru, Mika seemed tired. She couldn’t run anymore She didn’t prepare any intake. i gave her my Gu Gel for her refueling. Then I left her. Please note this one people, endurance sport needs refueling during the event! To keep moving, you need energy!
  • I was doing ok or I thought I was. Under 9 mins /Kilo. This is how I run now, very slow. That made I crushed 10K for 1.5 hours, as My initial plan.
  • Run for another loops, I was still doing ok. Bumped into some acquisitions, 5K – 10K participants on the other side.

Vina 5K, a colleague

  • Then after 13K, my endurance dropped. This is where i started to run -walk – walk -walk. Heck yahh

Have you see this pic already on my previous posts?

  • Weather was fine. Not too hot. It’s rainy season anyway and I made a pray neither hot or rainy.
  • But after the last U-turn, I walked most of the time. I saw there were still few runners on the other side. This race had a friendly COT (Cut Off Time) 4 hours for Half Marathon.
  • I was thinking of going straight to my house after Mc Donald! Hahahaha. My house is 1K- to the right – of that big M logo . But then I made conversation with other slow runners and suddenly I forgot my initial plan. When I recalled my initial Plan, the distance to my house and finish line was about the same. Yahh okelah, kita selesaikan saja apa yang dimulai ini.
  • One Kilo before the finish lined, my pace gets even slower. My legs were hard to move although I didn’t suffer from any cramp. Then I saw a familiar face running towards me!
  • “hurry up, we were waiting for you. Dikit lagi finish” she said….and run with me for the last 800 meters.
  • It was Kumala, who paced me to finish line. She had finished her run 45 mins earlier. very sweet of her.

Akamsi – anak kampung sini

  • so there it was. Definetely not my Personal Best at 3 hr 18 mins (based on my garmin)

‘Till my next recap!

Berlin Marathon 2015 Race Recap

It’s First November, last day for Berlin ballot 2016 😀 and New York Marathon just start few mins ago. Finally, post of the main reason of my Europe Trip 🙂

it was in December 2014, when I had 4 eyes conversation with Ishida-san back In Singapore #penting #pisan, a text message arrived at my mobile phone said my credit card was charged Euro 100++ for SCC events!

whoa! I made it to for Berlin Marathon 2015 Ballot 🙂
so did my sister, Noni and Manda. The B and the F sisters 😀

Thus, i decided to ditch my Paris Marathon bib (bye bye Euro 100 bib -___- )  and signed up for a triathlon race in H1 2015! In which,  i never regret *WINK* Unlike my life, my race is well planned #eh 😉
later we knew that Riefa, Corry and Kak Oi were coming too!

well as told here , 2 months before the D Day I was supervised by a coach. my level of fitness and endurace dropped to its lowest point #meh. I finished my 30K practice in….5 hour something! Felt like a loser already!

Thursday, 24th September


picking up race pack at the expo. for runners, before picking up the race pack, it is mandatory for us to wear the blue bracellet until the race day. and must show it to the starting pen area.’s a sign that you’re a legal runners not using fake BIB.

little confession: I still have the bracellet #susah #moveon


Blue Ribbon

and owh, I picked the finisher tee too. yes, unlike SCMS, BMBM, or else may be, the finisher tee is not part of registration fee. I paid for another 30euro if i’m not mistaken. forgot!

so, if you plan to join Berlin Marathon better order in prior. My pic holding the bib was taken by a Mexican now lives in Virginia, USA. His name is Alejandro and Berlin Marathon 2015 would be his 4th FM. He was with his wife (forgot her name). He said last year, he undergo his third FM in Athens! (oh my goshhh…the original Marathon!!!) and it was a surprise  present from his wife.  The wife prepared everything before telling him they’d go to Athens! OHHHH SOOOOO SWEEEETTTTT! :-* *garuk garuk aspal*

Friday, 25 sept 2015

we had carboloading held by Indonesia’s embassy in berlin. The embassy also gave us visor with #INDONESIA on the left and German’s flag on the right. Or is it the other way around?


Indonesia participants in Berlin Marathon 2015

Saturday, 26th sept


we decided to join Breakfast Run held by the comittee. Run took place from Charlotte Palace to Olympia stadium. It was approx 6km of running thru Berliners’  residence which was VERY VERY nice


like its name, the comitte prepared breakfast at the Stadium consist of varieaty of bread,apple, banana, even yougurt. in my surprise yaaaa

I thought indonesian people are hardly have manner to queue ..eh yakkk sama ajaaa masakkkk!!!!

tuh bule bule juga ngga bisa antri booo pas ngambil makanan! rebutan pisan!!! –“
yeaahh, people that run comes from all over the world, so cant judge which! 😉
In the  evening my sister and Get Get had dinner at Thai Restaurant in Alexander platz, discussing a drama plot! it’s 9 degrees in the morning at 16 degrees at noon so we were wondering (hard) what should we wear for tomorrow

#world’s class problem
and here’s a tip from for you (runners) who live in tropical countries and running in cold temp country
1. bring glove to start pen and jacket! Cheap ones! it warms you before start gun and before or during run, juat throw them away! I saw many jackets scattered on start pen

2. Live in that country for a while, perhaps? 😀

SUNDAY, 27 September 2015

wake up early *oh my gosh!! what was I thinking before??? went to Berlin for a M.A.R.A.T.H.O.N?? cem betullll aja! 

it’s 42.2 km boooo!!!

we had breakfast at the hotel which is a partner of this event. its restaurant opens at 6 am on the D day and we saw many runners around.

at 7 am met Prasti  at Postdemar Platz then  heading to start pen, some dropped its bag, and met with other runners from Jakarta/Tangsel. Picture credit to Riefa.


riefa, jeffry, sikiky, Chiro, yola, prasti, corry

Start line diveded by 8 waves, I was on the last of course. Well, also the rest of Indonesian runners i know. except chiro, faster runner were in front. Expected time for wave H was above 4.30 hours. TEEE HEEE…if there is K wave, I’d be fall in K wave I guess :))

at 9.40 something,  start for H wave.


smile, before the torture. Pic taken by Riefa I guess

woose there we go!

  • Coach R said DON’T try to make a PB on your long run race!!! so, spare 3-5 mins from your PB. my PB for 5K was 35 mins, and it was 39 mins when I saw 5 K mark.
  • water station is every 3K. in first 3K they provide water and isotonic water only. in Km 9 (every 2 other WS) they provide banana, apple and…apple tea! DELICIOUS
  • 358656_205402954_XLarge

    at km 8 something

  • at 10Km mark i recorded 1 hr 20 mins, which is still far from my PB of 1 hr 14 mins. Oh well, I’m within the pace. weeks of training my 10K always last over 1 and half hour!!!
  • owh, the route mostly flat slighy hilly between Km 7 amd Km 8. the spectators were great!!!!! I LOVEEEE THEM!!!!  They will look at you bib and call out your name. Kan nama kita segede gede dosa tuh di print di BIB.   OOT: waktu gw jaga water station di The Jakarta Mrathon minggu lalu, itu yang gw lakukan buat menyemangati pelari, call them  by their bib name. Unfortunately their name printed in small letters. kan susah pas ada pelari yang cakep trus manggil nama mereka. #eh
  •  I used my salt stick every 7Km, I brought 5 and two Snickers Bars.
  • at Km 18 i felt a noticeable cramp in my right calf. I saw medic team they said they dont have that spray nor the balm. Silly me! i forgot my own note written on my virgin FM!
  •  I felt that my body temperature is getting high. Then I took my jacket.  I can’t throw it away, it’s Lulu Lemon  #jahhahahahahha #dia #pamer! That’s why better you bring your -emang-ngga-mau-dipake-lagi- jacket.
  • owh, there were many many attractions  along the way!!!  Some played the Alphron, that Switzerland’s flute. even the Taiko — beduk Jepang itu lho! though ones who played the Taiko were (seems) local, Not Japannesse! But can’t find Gamelan tho! 😀
  • I think it was between Km 21 – Km 24 when a West Asia looking boy at about my kids’s age look puzzled at me and asked me with a very decent English  — mind you, I ran in non English speaking country —Where do you come from?”later he said “good luck, Kiky”Puzzled because I’m the one which he saw wore hijab, perhaps. :)). At around this area, there is also a shower in which, I didn’t need. Hello!!! its 16 degres my man!!! OOT (lagi) kenapa ngga ada di Jakarta Marathon ya pancuran ini? penting banget lhooo kalo udara tropis sih. Di KL Marathon aja ada! 
  • my FM drama is always at  KM 25 i guesss!!! The cramp become very noticeable. There is also a huge area for medic in Km 25. They didn’t have the spray nor the balm but provide massage service. Well I asked for a massage, being ogah rugi I am! Euro 98 for the registration fee, man! :))

mas mas tukang pijat gw

they also provided this service in Km 31. But when I got to Km 31, literally no runners around.
  • I think it was at Km 30, my mood of running dropped to its lowest point. Only less than 2 hour left and I’m soooo far for the finish line! I know how I run, completing 15 km in 2 hours would be impossible for me. Gw udah mulai malas-malasan….gee! I came this far and DNF! What a shame.
  • yet, at Km 32 then I realized…eyampun….tinggal 10Km lagi yaaaa bukan 13 Km!!! bahahahahhaha semangat lagi…. but hell, yeah, I saw some finishers also cheering us up! udah kelar dari dua jam yang lalu kayaknya. lucky, it’s in Berlin, not Sudirman!  Where the temperature was 16 degrees something. But just to make thing worst, I got passed by many many many eldery joggers! Oh nope, they were doing POWER WALK, yet wayyyyyyyy faster than I was who (was trying) to jog!!! Asli malu cuyy!!! tuh udah beneran kakek nenek,  I bet older than my daddy!
  • I think from this point forward I was cursing I-WILL-NEVER-SIGN-UP-FOR-A-MARATHON-AGAIN! EVER! -___-
  • Anyway Just toooo make it fast… here I saw the Brandenbug Torr..and owh wait! What? finish line is still 500m away.

1km terlama dalam hidup gw kayaknya!

  •  There you go, i did it. Alhamdulilah. I asked a Taiwan runner to take my pictures. We made friend at Km 28 or something 😀


 And to my surprise, many of my friends were tracking me down. I got my own track from them

forgot who sent this to which group 🙂

So, there is my result 🙂

PS: pictures taken by the committee, bought from Marathon Photos dot com. Yang tahun depan mau beli fotonya mending lewat Run De Globe aja, dapat diskon. gw sih anaknya sok-sok don’t rich people difficult. 😀

Anyway, after the race, made friend from KL who would be participating again the following week at Lindau, Sparkasse Marathon, namanya. Larinya lewat 3 negara German, Austria and Swiss. Cakep view-nya tapi yaah beliau sakit  jiwa kayaknya =)) Back to back marathon!


with Haris, our new friend from KL

bla bla bla… then we went out of the area to take pictures in its landmark with Namira. When we were busy taking pictures,a lady later I know her name was Gabriella approached me and asked where do I come from and whyyyyyy I wore hijab! Aih, seru amat sih ini! Muka gw muka gossip kali yaw! Then we took pictures with her, Gabriel came from Hannover if I’m not mistaken! She also had our pictures in her camera. Hi Gabrielle!!!


With Gabrielle

Serulah lari di Berlin, for sure. View are great, the spectators were wonderful!!! Pas lewatin daerah pendatang gw juga diteriakin Assalamu’alaikum sama orang2x Turki kayaknya. If money isn’t the issue, feel like joining this race annually. *carispouseyangtinggaldiJermanajaapaya?* =))

Ok, till my next world class marathon! see  you in either Chicago or New York 2016!  =))*not*

SauRUN – race recap

HOLA! Selamat Lebaran!
No lebaran-related post here, too lazy!
Gw mau nulis recap waktu ikut SauRun July4th, 2015 yang lalu which was marked as my first night race and 6th Half Marathon Race 😀

Kalo gw ngga salah, awalnya acara ini ada dari 2013 lalu. Namanya Ancol Midnight Half Marathon. Cuma belum jadi race kayaknya, lari bersama lucu-lucuan aja. Gw sih ngga ikut, masih cupu waktu itu. Sekarang juga masih sih *bihiks*

In the following year, I signed up for HM distance, sekalian gw latihan buat virgin Full Marathon di Bali 2 bulan setelahnya. Mom was sick, I didn’t go for sure.

So when its FB group said, they opened for registration, I signed up. This is my first long distance road race in 2015! Road race terakhir gw di BIS 5K bulan February lalu! hahahahah –> anaknya trail banged!

Anyway, fast forward, there were 15 of us from Bintaro Trojan Runners. eh,sebelum itu…mulai lah gw pick up running as my frequent exercise. Pas bulan puasa setelah Triathlon May lalu, rasanya bokong berat bangeeeddddd diajak lari lagi =)). Latihan Triathlon ngga pernah lebih dari 10K kalau lari. Mostly 1 hour run dijaga Heart Zone-nya di Zone 3 atau 4.

well, for training,  I did it at night after taraweh, lelarian puter-puter kali Puri Bintaro, ramai-ramai tentunya sama rekan-rekan BTR. Some of them are preparing Bali Marathon Agustus nanti, some IronMan Cebu.

Lanjut hari H!

Kita kumpul di rumah Maya, kita patungan sewa 2 supir, 1 car each! ya kaleeee ada yang kuat nyetir tengah malam.Sampe Ancol cepet banget! Jam 9 sudah sampe…padahal ternyata race-nya mulai ….11pm! Haisshhhh!

Ngantukkkkk! :(( *ya iyalah, night race my mannnn!*

Ada zumba dulu, gw pengen eksis ikutan donk paling depan! Biar banyak difoto maksudnya -__- Ngga lama bosen :D, lalu melakukan pemanasan sama anak-anak BTR.

Jam 11 teng!!!!! mulai lari. Here’s the recap

  • Menyadari pace gw yang slowwwww ini, gw start belakangan deh! Janjian sama V3 aja se-iya, se-kata, se-pace sampe garis finish memisahkan. Turn out, atas asuhan coach Maya Djatirman, kami berenam start dengan pace 9 aja! Gw, V3, Maya, Bu Dok, Adit dan Pa Dok.
  • Rutenya? ntah lah, liat peta aja! hahahah. Lari beramai-ramai satu pace ini menyenangkan! ngga ketakutan, to note, I think we were the last participants! well, at least for first 5KM. 
  • Di Km 2-3  kalo ngga salah, sudah ada elite runners yang balik arah, suppose mereka di KM 6-an gitu deh. Water station pertama di Km 3. Rutenya daerah sini lewatin perumahan elite juga. marshal-nya keren! setiap ada lubang di jalan, di sorot pake senter. Biar hati-hati. Oh, di race pack juga disiapin head lamp yang disetting di warna merah pas start, dan neon pas gelap banget tak ada lampu.  Pas puter balik menuju KM 5 di kasih karet rambut sebagai check point.


  • Maya wanti-wanti untuk jaga pace, ngga boleh jalan sama sekali. meanwhile gw (menurut Maya) berisik ngoceh terus “May….kayaknya ini pace 7 deh…bukan 9”. Di Km 6-7 gitu ada water station kedua. On third WS, I didn’t take any drink. kembung book! Royal amat sama water station (eh, bukannya bagus ya…hahhaha 😀 )
  • Nah, lepas km 6-7 itu jalan yang sesisian sama Kali Sunter. Asli GELAP BGT!!!! ish! rute arah sebaliknya di lewati sama perserta 10K. ada yang komen “Semangat Trojans!!” ish! kok tau sih? *padahal Adit pake baju Trojans*
  • On the way Km 10, lewatin  gong besar itu menuju MEIS. Man…udah lelah gw!!! Di sini Maya, Riyana sama Pak Dok udah naikin pace-nya. They were doing “negative split”. Macam yang gw ceritain kemaren!
  • But anyway, we passed many-many runners. ada yang sudah kram, ada yang males aja kalik. Pas gw jalan di MEIS, Adit teriak “ngga ada jalan…Lari” ish! KZL!
  • I think it was in Km 12 or sum thing, when I literally ran alone. Maya cs udah di depan, Adit dan V3 di belakang. I did it at about another 3km kali. ASLIIIII GW NGANTUKKKKK!!!!! Paginya gw anterian anak-anak ikutan Mabid di mesjid Raya Bintaro trus visit Mak Dang gw yang di rawat di RS. Hence, I didn’t have proper rest. Ngga lagi-lagi deh night race -____-. Oh ya, water station-nya oke banget! Dapat pisang juga di beberapa WS bahkan sponge. Padahal ngga butuh-butuh banged menurut gw. I took 1 salt stick before the race, and second on km 11. I also eat 1 date as my intake during the race! This is important! 
  • In KM 15 kesusul V3, she left Adit behind. Kena kram ceunah. ah…poor boy. So V3 and I ran together to complete this race. Melewati sisian Kali Sunter lagi yang… GELAP! Lucky for us, ada marshal bersepeda. Minta ditemenin donk! hahahahhaha But anyway, they had sufficient marshal! GOOD! 
  • At km 20 that was also a water station, yang gw skip juga. I skipped 2 water stations, but I brought my own tumbler. 
  • So based on result after we crossed the start line, next 2 hours:57 mins  V3 and I crossed that finishing mat. Means….hanjrittttt jam 2 pagi donk itu!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Ah, senang! dapat medal lagi….=))

Karena namanya SauRUN, tentu saja setelah race ini kelar disiapkan Makan Sahur! And it was abundance!!! Tapi gw ngga semangat ih, makan semangka sama minum jus aja terus. (turn out,  I had my period the next morning, that explains my cranky dan badan lemas)* -____-  #alasan

As I told on previous post, not my PB, but this is the most enjoyable race! Compare to SCHM 2014, my last HM race yang menuai banyak complain dan controversy!  seru banged long run kalau ramai-ramai gini.

my personal take on this race? One of the best! Marshal ok, water station ok, minim lah resiko nyasar,  ngga ada cela ato komplen buat gw!  Kalo kuat begadang, you can sign up for this race next year! 🙂

Gw sampe rumah pas azan shubuh! Babe mau ke mesjid, gw sampe rumah. Macam jaman muda! #eh 😀

And to make it even better…they put us, a pic of us in KM 6-7 as Cover Picture!!!! Yihaaaaa!

Bu Dok, Maya, Pak Dok, gw, V3, Adit, mas marshal

The Jakarta Marathon

Sebelum cerita ini basiii
So, last week was my second half marathon race.
Event ini menurut banyak orang paling parah dari pendaftaran, pembayaran, publikasi, promosi bahkan….yang paling parah: pengambilan race pack yang buat banyak peserta antri berjam jam bahkan ada yang sampe 7 jam!
However, ntah kenapa gw excited aja! Apalagi rutenya bener bener baru.
Gw pun merelakan tiket One Republic gw hangus supaya bisa bangun pagi walaupun sudah bela belain nginap di Hotel Morrisey!
Banyakan biaya nginep dibanding race! Hahahahah

Malam sebelumnya Gw ketemu Aniza, trail runner dari Malaysia. Ini orang pengalamannya banyak banget, di indonesia aja sudah daki 4 gunung dan tahun lalu ikutan Mount Rinjani Trail 22k dan 2 minggu lagi balik ke indonesia buat ikutan Bromo Trengganu Semeru trail! 50km it is… *usap usap dengkul*


Woke up at 3.30 am, abis sholat cabut ke Ibis janjian sama Imel, Uchi dan Jali untuk menuju Monas (yes, we support local race, banyak yang dari Bintaro pada nginep di ibukota 😉 )

Semua berdoa, dibalik kekacrutan yang terjadi, semoga race aman.
And it was…

  • yes, the race start on time. Buat half marathon dan Full marathon waktu startnya sama, rute sama sampai km 18 kalo ngga salah
  • rutenya, keluar monas, budi kemuliaan, abdul muis, jalan gajah mada sampai daerah kota, mutar balik melewati stasiun beos. Lanjut hayam wuruk, jl juanda, mutar di lapangan banteng melewati kathedral dan istiqlal, balik sudirman melewati bunderan HI balik lagi ke monas
  • ngga ada toilet portable!!! Gw mampir di 7 eleven hayam wuruk akhirnya. Mana antri lebih kali 5 menitan! Sebel
  • this was the best part, Ditto sama galih, teman lari bintaro datang bela2xin buat moto kita. And, this is my fave picture
  • 20131102-205654.jpg

  • apa yang ditakutkan banyak pelari kejadiannya juga. Jalur CFD sudirman parah banget. Tapi mau kesel jua gimana? Jakarta tata letak kotanya udah parah sedikit ruang terbuka. Mau kemana mereka olahraga santai? Bahkan water station di jalur ini, minumannya diambilin juga sama yang ngga lomba!!! Hadeh!!! Bangsaku…hobi banget gratisan
  • di km 17-an indorunner volunteer Sponge Area. Ya, di kasih spons basah buat ngademin badan 🙂 sejuk
  • and also best part. Pas lari ketemu mas cumi
  • 20131102-210324.jpg
    Berasa jumpa artiss ya hahahah

  • karena gw lelet, kayaknya gw ngga kedapatan buah di Fruit Station. Kali ini gw siapin salt stick 1 bungkus yang diminum tiap 1 jam, sekali consume gu gel. Satu gu gel gw kasih Rizky. Gw lupa deh gunanya salt stick, kayaknya supaya ngga kram kaki. Yes, race kali ini gw happy aja bawaanya gak pake kram kram kaki kayak waktu May bulan lalu
  • jadiiii, menurut catatan waktu 3 jam 12 menit gw menginjak garis finish 🙂
  • 20131102-210834.jpg

    A happy overweight slow runner.
    Banyak surprise juga gw ketemu tetangga jaman dulu yang kini tinggal di singapur. Done his Full Marathon 3 jam 45 menit! Sintinggg.

    Gw nunggu beberapa teman bintaro yang ambil FM, duh banyak momen mengharukan sihhhh pas finish itu.
    After pak aryo dan pak hasbi finish with in 5 hours, gw balik ke hotel mandi jemput anak anak, balik lagi ke Monas mau nungguin mbak Nining.

    And I tell you what. Finishing a marathon is one epic moment.
    mbak nining was crying all the way from HI ke finish,
    kepanasan, kram, lari sendirian, your body said no yet your mind said go head.

    So, kita ‘jemput’ dia lari sama sama gandengan tangan ke garis finish.
    She completed in 6 hours 59 mins. Mepet cut off time jam 12 siang! Yoiiiii! 12 siang. Start lomba jam 5 teng!
    Aniza sendiri baru kelar jam 11-an kena heat stroke dia! Padahal udah 9x FM


    Huah a day to remember. Gw pribadi seneng aja bisa shove 10 menit dari first HM (padahal pake antri toilet), finish strong sore masih bisa berenang 500 m. Even on Tuesday, gw dah bisa lari lagi 🙂

    Sampai jumpa lagi di The Jakarta Marathon tahun depan! Mungkin gw mau upgrade :))
    Ngga mau kalah sama nenek dari singapur ini bela belain ke jakarya for her FM



    My first half marathon race

    When was the last time you did something for the first time?

    me? Minggu pagi 12 mei 😀

    Sempet maju mundur mau ikutan race ini karena gw sakit 2 mingguan ini dan ngga latihan. Pas Kamis kemarin libur, gw sempat nyoba lari dari niatan awal 10K cuma dapat 8K karena di Km 7 mata gw kunang-kunang. Trus gw whatsapp-an sama Nannoor, karena gw ragu mau iku ato engga karena sakit itu. kata dia sih menyelesaikan HM state of mind aja :p . Comforting banget dah ya…cuma dia wanti-wanti liat team medicalnya oke apa engga. Hence, I don’t know but on Saturday I decided to do it anyway…

    Pas collection park, ricuh juga karena panitia belum siap. Mas Eri temen gw pas lari di Kemang BT milih batalin. Pas gw mau ambil, gw mikir ” kalo ngga ribet niy gw ngambilnya, gw ikutan!”….hahahah ternyata pas gw ambil race pack nunggu 5 menit saja…

    Karena lokasi lari di kampus UI depok, dan kata panitia mobil ngga boleh masuk per 5.30 am, gw milih nginep di rumah mbak nining untuk mempermudah mobilitas karena waktu pagi pagi banget gitu.

    Yang ada gw ngga bisa tidur dan mbak nining baru bangunin jam 4 pagi. Padahal rencana jam 4 berangkat….heyak…

    Sampe di UI jam 5 kurang, sholat shubuh dulu dan barulah kita jalan, sekilo ada kali ya ke lokasi start.
    Dapat temen2x baru lagi, Tiara dan Sari temennya mbak nining


    Dan asli ya….acara molor!!!! Pake drumband segala….untungnya cuaca mendung.
    gw sempat liat putra pertama Pak SBY yang ikutan 10km, pengen foto bareng padahal ha3x

    Start race hampir 6.30 am, dan tentunya….tau sendiri peserta 21K itu kan serious runners !Ngga macam gw pas pertama kali ikutan 10K horeee gitu…

    Ngga sampe 2 menit dipastikan gw termasuk deretan belakang, beserta 5 pelari lain.
    mereka panitia bali marathon Juni 2013 nanti dan asli kocak….!
    Baru km 1 udah teriak “yes, 20 kilo lagi” hahahha

    Tapi gw bisa lari bareng mereka cuma 5km pertama, efek baru sembuh dan 2 minggu ngga latihan ngaruh banget deh .

    Dan pas di KM 7 ato 8 kali ya, pas liat sign ini :


    Heyah gw berguman

    what was I thinking! Cuma orang gila yang mau disiksa kayak gini. padahal salah satu orang gilanya adalah …gw –”
    The rest of the race, karena gw sipuuuttt banget dapat teriakan semangat dari peserta HM yang udah mutar balik 🙂 Gw masih 12 K lagi mereka tinggal 5 K lagi…jiper! Gw sempet nulis status tag si Eky, minta disiapin ojek :p
    Sampe KM 12-an…hujan turun kakak gusti…perjuangan bener….
    Untung ngga lama berhenti.


    You see nobody? Yes, everybody udah di depan :))

    And at km 16, betis gw kram. Pret! I walked most of the time mulai dari sini.
    Dan…7 menit sebelum cut off time, gw masuk garis finish, being the last three person :p


    the finisher medal:


    what I prepare for my first HM (besides mikirin pake baju apa)

    1. bawa kurma 2 biji, individually wrapped into mini ziplock, sama raisins untuk extra energy during run. Sama Gu Gel dari mbak Nining…habis booo semuanya.


    2. air minum eventhough water stationnya ada. Cuma yang gw sayangkan, no isotonic drinks provided! salah seorang anggota indorunner pernah posting > 60 menit you can’t have plain water only karena kalo ngga salah, mineral di tubuh udah hilang sama keringat. kalo dihantam air putih aja bisa rusak salah satu sel otak. Bahaya lah.

    Paling bagus sih air kelapa hijau ya, cuma tampaknya ngga mungkin ada air kelapa lagi race gitu. Gw punya temen pelari juga dari MY , Lily Reeves, yang udah senior banget deh, semua FM di asia tenggara udah diikutin (dan gw suruh ikutan bromo marathon atau Jakarta Marathon nanti) bilang garam dapur bisa jadi gantinya. kalau mau praktis dia suruh ngembat garam sachetan dari Mc D. Tapi rasanya di jakarta ngga ada ya?

    3. Bawa handuk…keringet gue luar biasa….

    4. Pake compression socks yang katanya bisa reduce muscle fatique eventhough kram juga kaki gw dikit.

    My thought on the race, besides race pack collection yang hancur dan no isotonik drink available, ngga ada check point juga looo…bisa aja tuh motong2x. Marshal cukup tapi ngga banyak , jadi tadi ketemu runners yang nyasar. Mana markers dikit pulak. Halah, untung gw ngga ya…udah lah lelet pake nyasar bisa 5 jam gw baru kelar. But the thought that, this event was prepared by adek-adek mahasiswa, we should gave them big applause.

    There, no more Virgin Half Marathon. Can’t wait to have another ones

    here for more pictures

    update :

    other stories of this event from mbak nining and Imel, eh…bintaro semua tinggalnya ya….