lebaRide and Kerbau Story

first of all! 

Taqaballahu Mina wa Minkum

How’s your Ramadhan and Eid Fitri? Don’t we enjoy one week holiday? 

This year is my third lebaran without my mom and first in our new tiny  nest. nevertheless, it is always special. My big family is welcoming a new member, since one of my cousin got hitched  5 days before Eid Fitri (yes, in Ramadhan).

Her fiancé’s mother was very ill and they decided to get married in the hospital with her brother as  a wali (their father passed away 15 years ago),  still using his doctor uniform. her mom in law passed away 5 hours after that. What a dramatic situation.

Anyway, Like any Indonesian (or may be Malaysian) do,  we were having a  family gathering on second day of Syawal. this year it was held in Serang (lucky, traffic was oke, only 1.5 hrs drive from Bintaro and 1km traffic jam before the gate).

That is a pic of us! in case you are interested, which ….I doubt! Hahahahah. 

also, probably the last pic of us in that house, because…my maktuo will likely to sell her asset. none of her children live in that city anymore.

On the third day, after I had enough with ketupat, rendang, bakso, opor ayam, etc! I need to kill those fat, then I went to Sentul again with my  bike. traffic was still  nice. i tried different route this time.

the weather was very nice.

I ride with Amanda, a mix race female, she has lived in Jakarta for quite sometime though.

then, we saw this! Yes, a group of Kerbau.

Manda yelled:

“hey look! itu sapi!”

Me : “God fordemit! Those are not sapi!  those are kerbau, you know!”

manda : “what is Kerbau in English?”

Me: *while catching my breath after series of hilly climbing* “do we have to discuss now?”

manda : “why people melihara kerbau?

Me : “dulu buat bajak sawah before the tractor era. anyway, people DO eat the (kerbau) meat!”

manda : *freak out* hahahahahahah! 

PS : Kerbau is water buffalo in English! i just remembered it today. :))

Btw, this was the route.Cyclists refer   it as “loop  besar” with approx 15km and “Ah pong loop” with approx 5km. We did two loops.




On the wheel…

For the past one month, I made two highlight with my road bike.
Went back to Km O – Sentul, 10Km with elevation gain 500m. The second time to  km 0 yet the first tine with my cleat on. Pertama kali sepedahan ke km 0,  3 tahun lalu belum pakai sepatu sepeda. Jadi agak ngeri ngeri sedap. Takut jatuh karena berhenti sebelum sempat melepas cleat sepeda.

it was disaster! i stopped countless time to gain my breath as well as walk instead of riding my bike for some time.

Sampai di Km 0 sudah ditungguin Imel, Vitri, Thya dan Riyana.

And to make it worst, on the way down I was terribly afraid. Takut banget, sampai saya hampir jatuh. Ketemu dua cyclits yang melihat saya hampir jatuh. Gemeterrrr rasanya. Akhirnya beberap spot yang curam, I walk down with my bicycle. Beberapa kali juga lepas pasang cleat sepeda.

Then the next two weeks

Yeah…. as stated on the picture, I made it to my first century ride a.k.a 100K. of course, it was in pleton with my BTR friends.

We just had our first cycling jersey. jadi event launching jersey baru, kita buat 100K ride di Bintaro. Macam penting aja dunia harus tau BTR punya jersey baru ….haqhaqhaq!

Anyway, of course, we didn’t do the whole 100K non stop. we had 2 stops on which the last stop I wanted to give up. MY lessson to be learned, my fueling strategy was a mess! i didn’t respect the distance. probably because I was thinking it was in Bintaro anyway, I can go home whenever I want. thing that surprised me was…

The good cyclist like Adit, Rizky, Pak Hasbi, Vitri, Maya, Imel and Sunu didn’t allow us to go give up. :)) #meh

Jadi kalau ada yang kececer, dipepet lagi suruh kejar pleton di depan.

However, the last 12 km, I gave up yet complete the remains distance by  myself. From 28-30 kph dropped to 20 kph.

Beginner tips to ride in pleton.

1. patuh sama Road Captain

2. Baris berjajar, dua cyclist in one row. jangan  nyelonong jadi orang ketiga. Bahaya

3. jangan nyusul/nyelak dibelakang.

After the ride, Pak Hasbi noticed that my gear shifting was a mess. Jadi waktu pindah pindah gigi demi memudahkan genjot sepeda, ada momen dimana saya terlambat. Sehingga kesulitan  ngejar pleton. Something wrong with my bike. i took my Giant have it serviced.

And yeah, the housing shifter, housing brake and RD pulley all worn out! i have to replace them with  new ones.

Last weekend, I climbed km 0 sentul again.

yes, I did stop here and then. But just stop to drink and wait  for Manda. Si bule agak gila. It was her first time to Km 0. i did better this time. Much better. NO nuntun sepeda this time! tepuk tangan donk! 😉

Riding downhill still scare me. but i didn’t freak out like last month. however, pas turunan justru saya berhenti lebih banyak dari tanjakan.
Need more practice of course. But for time being, since it is Ramadhan, in trainer we trust! 

Sentul Half Marathon Race Recap

Endlich! Die erste race des Jahre!  After 120 days, Ich bin zurück! I signed up for shorter distance tho and Thanks God I did! Tell you why! A continue of midlife crisis #teeeheeee really made all hell broke loose!

Lack of practice, mood drop, bad food intake, didn’t do good on something I’ve prepared for month. meh! And  honestly speaking, I didn’t prepare anything for this race. Just miss having pic of me with finisher medal posted in Every soc-med I have! hahahah! bear with me!

March 27th, 2016

Woke up at 2.30 am after only 2 hours of sleep because Valas would  picked me up at 3.30 am about the same time, maling pulang. Arrggh!  thanks to midlife crisis-rewriting novel kehidupan!  You gave me sleepless night:((

Fortunately, she was with Lora so she allowed me to have extra hour of sleep. Another hour, we arrived at Sentul Convention Centre  (SCC) where the race took place and had sholat shubuh there. After checking other Bintaro Trojan Runners where about, warming up, group photos (of course!) we went to starting pen.

The Half Marathon distance started at 6.00 am! SHARP!

Another 15 mins, for us, the 10K runners! yeah! I made  a pledge with Maktin and Acha we would stick together until finish line do us part!

Anyway, told ja! The starting pen start at SCC complex, I learn the route days before to expect the killer hill and wonder how the race organizer would  work with the traffic as it would be some intersections!

It was….bad! Honestly speaking!

here is the recap :

  • For 10 K route, 500 meter from Hotel Haris all the way to the round about and turn left, passing  Giant Hypermarket straight ahead   to sentul city/taman budaya.
  • The first intersection and there were metersssssss of car lines. Waiting for runners. Of course, some of them get upset! They have waited for 10 mins! This is our first hill before entering the gate to Sentul City area. I wasn’t surprise! been here hundreds of time 😀


First Hill

  • Next intersection was just near the gate. The organizer closed the road for quite some time  and I hate the sounds of blowing horn. I heard one of the marshals  speak over the TOA even said “Pak, malu sama pakaian ngancungin saya jari tengah!” bahahahhaha. So there is a mosque near the gate, seems one of the jamaah  still wearing peci ,sarong and baju koko, felt annoyed by the traffic! Not sure why, don’t care either.
  • In my surprise, we make a left turn a little after that! Aha! this is new route for me!!! Never ran in this area before, here’s a another hill! I think it was in  Km 3-4! ah, beautiful!

MakTin on the (hilly) Move!

regram from @mesarace. We saw a photographer and MADE him took our picture! It was a sharp hilly track, we gave our best smile and (for sure) cursed after that :))

  • Setelah ada tanjakan, pasti ada turunan! And yeah…yay! Downhill!!!!!

Yay! downhill yaaaayyy! *NOT*

  • It is in Km 5 probably, we are out of this housing complex went to main road again. Another intersection, but there were less cars this time. Probably they already learn the situation.  yep, down and up and up and up again turn left before ruko-ruko !Maktin and Acha had left me when I took picture down hill.
  • I caught with them again in third water station, and finally! they offered isotonic drink! Seeeeee! There were no isotonic drink in previous WS. I was tired then fortunately someone offered me date! I took one.  Meine Gott! Ich hatte Glück. Even Maktin forget to bring ones. She’s the one who always prepared extra food for us! I feel like I had extra energy! Let alone the salt stick!
  • Down hill passing the famous Ah Pong, before that I met Rika. So I jog with her. It was 7.30 am something and sun shines VERY bright! It as HOT! HOT! HOT! I cursed yet feel lucky that I signed up for 10K! bahahhaahhahahah
  • Another 1 km, we went straight back to SCC again. Another intersection, but this time was also with good (traffic management)
  • Well, as already posted in my Instagram , we crossed the finished line together and result said
    • Acha 1:27:03, Maktin 1:27:04, Sikiky 1:27:03! Ich finde es süß. Sweet, isn’t it? hahahahah  Rika 1:27:29

Golden Girls

Happiness is the moment you see the finish line after cursing like 13,456 times “Set dahhh…nih tanjakan ngga selesai selesai sikk” 


First Medal in 2016

  • Owh, the elevation gain for 10K was 100 m something while it was 300m for HM.
  • And…while I was waiting for Valas to cross the finish line, it was like 8 am already. I saw many speechless  or may be palm faces =)) for HM runners . Heat was unbearable! for hundreds of time I  was thankful that I signed up for 10K! It took 3 hours for Valas to cross the finish line!
  • So, in my opinion, the race organizer was so-so! Marshals were great tho! they still waiting for all HM runners to cross the finish mat eventhou it was almost 10 am. anyway, due to its brutal hilly track, Seems I won’t be back again for longer distance 😀

However, i think I still love running, I’ll be back again oh…well perhaps! but no more long run =))

Bis Später! 


back to Sentul!

Beberapa waktu terakhir, saya merasa kembali ke titik rendah hidup saya. Penat! Sehingga sepertinya saya membutuhkan udara segar (literally!) 

Saya pernah cerita di sini,  sarana ‘komunikasi’ saya sama The Almighty adalah ketika saya lagi trail run. Saya, suara alam dan Dia, kerap lebih ampuh dari sujud panjang selesai sholat.

Akhirnya, hari minggu lalu saya kembali ke Sentul, rute trail beginner Km 0 – Pondok Pemburu. Sekitar 10km pp.

girl in red

Bukit Hambalang. Never get tired of this view

Rindu Tanah Basah 😉

Sudah lama sekali tidak ke Sentul, terutama rute Pondok Pemburu. Terakhir ke Sentul bulan Agustus sepertinya itupun cuma sampai Bukit Hambalang. Bulan May ke rute yang lain.
Kemarin, tidak seperti biasanya, jalan ke Pondok pemburu banyak rintangan, banyak tanah longsor.

Mungkin bulanan musim kering menyebabkan akar pohon melemah, dan ketika hujan lebat, sang akar tak kuat menanahan laju air. mungkin!

Di tengah jalan, saya bertemu seorang ibu. Sepertinya sedikit lebih muda dari saya. Kami hanya berdua, teman saya sudah jauh di depan.

“haduh, teh. longsor tanahnya. kebun saya hancur deh”  berceloteh dengan logat Sunda yang kental. Sembari melihat ke kebunnya di atas. Dua – tiga meter dari jalan.

Saya hanya tersenyum miris sembari melihat “campuran” stek batang singkong dan tanah basah. Lahannya hancur! sebagian. Jalan setapak menuju Pondok Pemburu hanya tersisa untuk 1 kaki. Biar kebayang, betapa parahnya longsor.

“Mau ke Pondok Pemburu ya,Teh? olahraga? hati hati ya!” Lanjutnya lagi ketika saya permisi minta jalan.

Saya tersenyum tambah getir. Walaupun “mesin uangnya” hancur, dia masih sempat mendoakan saya!  Tiba di Pondok Pemburu, lara saya sedikit pupus. berkali-kali ke Pondok Pemburu, kemarin cuacanya paling bagus! cerah namun tidak panas.



Sayapun tiduran di rumput, hal sederhana yang menjadi mewah karena tinggal di TangSel dengan lahan rumah yang sempit dan ketiadaan Taman Kota. Semua lahan kalau tidak disulap jadi perumahan, ya ruko. Memandang langit biru, kiri kanan pohon pohon dengan semilir angin serta suara decitan burung.

sometimes the best thing in life is free.

Setelah itu saya beristirahat di pondok pemburu.  Di sana kami bertemu beberapa trail walker dari Korea yang sudah berumur. tapi masih sehat. Sebagian dari mereka bisa berbahasa Indonesia dengan sangat baik. Mereka membawa bekal sendiri berupa Kimchi dan sayuran. Konon mereka mau melanjutkan di Cisadon atau Bukit Malang. saya malah belum mendengar rute Bukit Malang. -__-

Ah, mudah mudahan  ketika saya seumur mereka, saya tetap sehat , tetap bisa nge-trail seperti mereka. Saya berjalan kembali ke Km 0.

Menikmati kesendirian saya, kepeleset di tanah basah, sembari mendengar suara aliran air, dahan pohon yang patah serta bunyi bunyi serangga. Atau ntah suara binatang apalagi.

Saya bertemu lagi dengan si ibu, yang dengan semangatnya merapihkan kebunnya yang rusak dengan parang dan cangkul.

“eh, udah balik Teh!”  teriaknya dari atas. Suaranya riang.

Kembali saya tersenyum getir, ah! merapihkan rumah tempat saya berteduh yang sangat layak itu saya suka malas!

“Hati hati jalan pulang, teh! minggu depan datang lagi ya! nanti saya bersihkan longsornya”

Ntah siapa nama si teteh. She just teach me a lesson. “Mesin uangnya” hancur, dia seakan tidak peduli. Just fix the mess, life goes on for her, rejekinya sudah dijamin!

Air mata yang sudah saya tahan tahan sejak pertama bertemu blio lebih dari sejam yang lalu akhirnya tumpah juga. He gave me the answer again, to fix my mess!


akhirnya saya cerita kegundahan saya ke teman SMA. ini komentar salah satu dari mereka:

ki…planning kadang ga sesuai kenyataan…tp tetap syukuri apa yg kita capai smp skrg ini…dan buat planning lagi….