(Short trip) Surabaya

I just got back from Surabaya for a business trip in which…the schedule was very very friendly except for the fact that  I had to take 5.25 am flight…

Friendly enough that besides office matter , I had a change to eat these sehr lecker Essen! Wisata kuliner atas biaya dinas, judulnya.

nasi Krawu In Gresik

since the meeting in Gresik was start at 10, and I arrive at 7 am already (the second flight from Jakarta arrived at 9.30, that was why I took first flight), I asked my colleague to have local cullinary for breakfast first.

later, when we got back to Surabaya, my colleague (whose cousins is marrried to my cousin—- small world)  treated me at Bebek Sinjay. 

bebek sinjay at Jalan Tidar

Crispy duck with mango chilly sauce

office mater done at 2 am. went to hotel to take a nap since I was soooooo sleepy. Ich war sehr müde.

later, as recommended  by many of my friends, I opt for Sate Klopo Ondohen. anyway, I checked google map, the restaurant was less than 3Km from my hotel. so, instead of taking Gojek or Uber, I walked. the city becomes better in my every visit. Anyway, I stayed in Surabaya when I was an appetriance in my former company for few weeks. that’s why it has special place in my heart 🙂 

The Satay (beef and chicken) marinated with shreded coconut. Gee, my mouth is watering just writing this.

sate Ondomohen

the store

after I was done with this food, time for a little reunion with former colleagues who work in this city. I chose Kedai Tua Muda, recommended  by Adel. adel said this restaurant offers great variety of food and the place is nice too, with great music.staffs are friendly too. well, compare to Jakarta’s price, of course it is much cheaper! my capucino only cost leas than IDR 20,000 where it could cost more than IDR 30,000 in Jakarta.

Ade, Juniko and I

A cup of capucino

it’s surabaya. clock is ticking slower than Jakarta. Even like I’ve spent foreeverrrr with those gentlemen, it was only 7.30 pm that Jun suggested me to take another food. it was raining in Surabaya. seemed it was a good choice.


ade couldn’t join us. then we bid farewell. Until  we meet again, gentlemen! 

TO make story short, I still had one meeting in Pasuruan in the next day.

then, after we had our lunch, I just knew there is a mosque looks like a temple.

mesjid Laksamana Cheng Ho Pandaan

Oke then.rush back to airport, unfortunately flight was delay. there’s a lounge anyway. i ate again….at a lot.

Au- desus des nuages

until next time, Surabaya! 

Restaurant Review: Bangi Kopitiam

tadi sore gw janjian lari sama once in a blue moon partner in crime…
Ternyata calf gw masih sakit padahal sudah sport massage di east west clinic di CItywalk…
After 5km gw berhenti, takut cedera…abis itu lebay….laper…
Karena gw banci kopitiam gw semangat bener diajak Putri kesini.
Lokasi depan RS pertamina

Tapi kami ngga coba makan besarnya yang ringan dan lucu aja kayak kami berdua
Gw pesen Steam bread with Selai Srikaya

Lunak banget rotinya

While putri mesan “thick bread with chicken curry”
Mak…enak cuy…lezato…

Tempatnya sendiri kebagi 3 bagian, pake kipas angin, outdoor buat yang merokok, dan AC.


Itu emang rambut si putri basah…dia mandi di kamar mandi kolam renang senayan! Gw suruh nungguin -___-

Btw, standard kopi tiam gw pesen es milo, putri pesan teh tarik..
Total habis IDR 80K-an
Not bad…
Besok besok mampir lagi coba makan beratnya…

Edisi kebun sendiri


My mother grew some plants,some of them are fruits namely mango, rambutans and jambu. Mango had grew recently and I can’t wait to eat them :p

I made manisan mangga, a recipe from my colleague in my former company, Mbak Ait (burlita chan). I was at about 3-4 months pregnant with Kezia and hardly eat…to boost up my appetite she gave me this snack or errr appetizer 😉

All you have to do is :

  • cut mango into slices
  • add bird eye chili (I only had 1 piece since minggu lalu sok tau naro 3 pieces and kepedesaaaan). To note my mom has her own pohon cabe.


  • add pinch of salt and sugar as desired


  • put them all together in a food container, close the lids and shake it until the water goes out
  • Put the container to refrigerator for quite some time to chill



Enak asem, manis, pedes gitu…

Then rambutan start to grow as well