(Race recap) Singapore Triathlon 2019

I never planned this race, Maya asked our swimming squad to sign up for this race one month before the D-Day as she’d be doing relay with Mas Emir ( her boss ) and Adhit (her spouse).

Some signed up as relay team (so there were 3 relay team among us) and some considered individual. i check my training plan, it suit me well. i had to do Tri Race simulation – Olympic Distance. But later I changed my mind. I refused the hustle bringing my own bike, I’d rent instead. They had 2 choices Road Bike and Mountain Bike, I opted the later. Simply, because it is 50 SGD cheaper! Ha ha! So I downgraded to Sprint Distance.

So, Singapore Triathlon 2019 was my second attempt doing Sprint Distance, officially.

Sunday, Sept 27th 2019

We woke up not so early. I learned that transition area would not be closed during the race. The regulation quite loose compare to other Multisports Events I’ve joined. We even put our bike on the D day.

So we arrived early to East Coast Park, I took my bike and proceeded to transition area, showing my wrist band.

My rented bike

Then Manda ( I often called her Sapi Bule) and were looking for toilet, do the “business” and lined up to get our body marked. And it was soooooo long. The committee seemed inefficient. And it wasn’t body marking with stamp, they used Black Marker (alias spidol). Meh!

Then we grouped with others, waiting for our wave. Female Sprint Category had the latest wave, at 9:05 Singapore Time.

My crazy swimming squad

The current was uneasy, I saw many longer distance participant carried away from the track then they were evacuated by boat. I thank God I didn’t sign up for OD!!!

Not until 9.15 am, that it was finally our turn, the last wave. Here’s the recap:

  • Soon as I entered the water, as predicted and expected, i got kicked on my head. Oooo I hate swimmers who did breast stroke during the first few mins!
  • Seeing previous participants carried away by current, i paid attention to the rope on my left, so I’d swimming in the right path! I’m a-right-sided- swimmer. I take breath better on my right, so it was challenging for me to take breath from left side.
  • Few mins later, I heard people cried for help and F word! I told you wave and current was uneasy. Everybody hanging on rope so I lost the sight of the rope. I freaked out!!!!
  • I swam harder, man this wasn’t easy! I shallowed sea water and I puked!
  • Until there were three girls in front of me, TALKING! One of them told me “you can overpassed me, she’s drowning”. God fordemit!! How Can I passed you guys when I’m not even moving!!!
  • I saw my watch and it said it was already 600 m but I was stillllll farrrr from the sea shore! I almost cry! I haven’t make the last turn to the sea shore.
  • Just to cut story short, i swam almost 1K for almost 50 mins! My worst speed!!

Tired Ugly Face

Transition Area

Adil, took my pic and gave my glasses. He was suppose to take pics of other participants, but he stuck with me hahahah! I asked him to get my glasses ready and when I’m done with my swim. I didnt use contact lens.

  • I ran to transition area, and heard my name was called.
  • I saw Thea, Adhit and Dondok and said to myself, Thea done with the bike? She must rode very fast! Because I know Astrid is a fast Swimmer To note: astrid – thea – ali doing relay OD. Dondok – vita – Kunthi doing SD relay.
  • I put helmet on, my running shoes and cursed I didn’t bring baby powder with me. I used powder to reduce the water from my wet feet.
  • Bike Track was a-6-Km lap. So i must rode 3 lap and it was hooooorrrrrriiibbleeeee! The bike was heavy and I wasn’t familiar with the bike. Hard for me to change the gear.Huh! I’ll never do Tri race with MTB again! Lucky I only did 18K! My thighs and my feet were tired. And I don’t have my bidon (bottle) either. I forgot to bring one.
  • But on second note, I noticed that Singapore Triathlete are sooo humble! Even the longer distance participant don’t wear fancy brand. Few of them were riding with their running shoes and running jersey. They don’t have expensive bike either. If the race was held in Indonesia, I bet the suits, shoes, etc could cost up to 700 Dollar! Head to Toe orang Indonesia, pasti merek mahal! Ngga usah bahas sepeda!
  • Well, I planned to ride with in an hour, considering it was MTB and not my bike, but I did better than that!
  • Here come my weakest leg, RUNNING! Oh my GOD seemed it took forever to do 5K run at 11 am Singapore Time!!!!
  • But I managed to walk-jog-walk-jog….and….did the run below 45 mins (within my target of 8:30mins / K)

They gave ice cream!

Later I found, Astrid got sea sick. So Thea haven’t do the bike when I saw her in transition area. Made it even worse, she got flat tyre twice! And only did 4 laps (instead of 6). But Ali ( the runner) allowed to Run. See? The event was loose. Hahahahah i also learned that the evacuated swimmers are still allowed to continue the race. Well ya whatever! I was there for fun!

Short Trip to Singapore

Last I went to Singapore again on weekend. I combined MRT and Railink (Airport Train) to get to airport since I was still working on Friday.

I was with Thea, an American who now lives in Jakarta (but she lived in Malang for yearssss) This is her first attempt using airport train and she was so excited.

Regroup with Kunthi, we took 10 pm flight with Jet Star, that was my first time taking Jet Star and it surprised me that it was all male crew! Nice!

Arrived midnight, took taxi to our home Stay in Jhoo Chiat area. Nice old peranakan house. We regrouped with all the squads, my swimming squad. There were 15 of us! They came earlier.

Next morning, Manda, woke me up and insist I should run with her. I was soo reluctant, but I said yes eventually. I need to withdraw some money too and hope i can find ATM along the course.

Peranakan Houses

During the run, Manda said she wanted to visit an old friend of her, I agreed. So, from 3K of initial plan, we ran for 10K in total. But we did stop for coffee! I was hungry! I stopped at Penny University coffee shop, i saw the pic in my Instagram feed. A friend who lives in SG visit this coffee shop on regular basis, so I remember.


Do little groceries, walked home, then I learnt Thea and Kunthi wanted to go to orchard Road. One of the girl needed to fix something. I wanted to go, but I wasn’t ready. After a while, Manda agreed to go to Orchard. So off we goo!!!! To a-must-visit-place for Indonesian!!! Hahahahah

I bought Singapore signature es krim potong right away!

It has been three years! My last visit was 2016 after Bintan Race. i told you on my previous post, i came to this country on annual basis since I was a kid.

So I was soo happy! We had lunch in ION and I’m surprised prices get higher now.


After lunch, took group pics, We proceed to East Coast, picking up our BIB! Yesss, BIB! We were in Singapore for a race, Singapore Triathlon. I never plan this, the idea came a month before. Among the girls, only me and Manda took individual race, the rest do the Relay.

They tried open water test, I didn’t bring extra underwear. So I decided to sleep

The sea was choppy, this is what I do to keep me calm

Later Manda borrowed her swimming suits so I can swim (i used my long tri suit as cover, of course! ) yes, the water was uneasy.

To close the night, we had Dinner at Long John Seafood Restaurant!

food was terrific, the Crab was sooo nice! And someone paid for it! Hahahahahahah! Happy Birthday pak Emir!


Race day, i’ll write a recap on it.

After the race, i packed my bag and bid farewell. My plane was at 8 pm i still have plenty of hours. Kunthi had plan with her ex bf, Manda and Astrid extend their stay, etc….we had different plans and plane. 😀

Kunthi, Thea and I would regroup in Changi.

I texted my friend from college, Gita and she was in Paya Lebar. Not too far from our homestay. So I drag my luggage from Jhoo Chiat to Paya Lebar square under hot sun, and met many Indonesian Helpers who took their holiday.

Nice To see an old friend, we catched up everything in limited time! Then I proceed to Paya Lebar MRT, back to Changi! finally! I’m taking MRT in Singapore. i still have my card from 2015! Hahahaha and it still have SGD 10 balance!

Check the balance


only 20 mins train ride, I wanted to see Jewel! The new man-made waterfall. Everyone who is in the city take its pic so I dragged my luggage and…..this is it??? Sooo overrated!


and I did self-checking! Soo efficient! To cut the budget, I only bring 7K cabin-size luggage with me.

Self Check In Machine

What a pleasant trip. Although short, it was nice to be back. Makan es krim potomg lagi, naik MRT lagi, liat bersih dan majunya negara kecil ini! Tapi mahal banget Sg sekarang!

Will write race recap soon!

From my last trip

I thought my Europe Trip will be the last trip in year 2015, well I was wrong :). Last  weekend, I came back to this Little Red Dot again. Kiddo#2 had soccer match with his club, I learnt this when I was in Prague. So, I didn’t plan to go and let him fly with his coach and team. Bundanya sudah bokek . 

Later, I was thinking, oh em gee, masak gw ngga nonton anak gw tanding? *ALASAN* So, I found cheaper ticket to fly the next day  with kiddo #1. hahahahah. I really took train and bus to get around, no taxi! =)) That was actually my first visit coming to Singapore  airport and took  MRT to the Hotel! I usually took cab. Ya iyalah, biasanya sekeluarga kalo ke sini. Kalau pas sendirian, business trip.

Anyway, I’ve been to Singapore for countless time, yet, I still went to places I’ve never been.

Like,  for instance, I had my morning run on Sunday. A date with Sara. I knew Sara when I gave up my Standard Chattered Marathon Singapore 2012 when I planed to take 10K. Suppose to be my first overseas race. I couldn’t go and sold the bib via Facebook and Sara bought it. There where we met. Alas, last Sunday was our first “Kopi Darat” after 3 years!  We cancelled running that last year when I was in the city for training. Forget why. hahahahahh.

Actually, I knew Sara’s big sister in person, my junior from High School. What a small world.

She asked me to meet her at Teluk Blangah Station, and it took a while for me to get there from Lavander since I took the wrong interchange. Being sok tau I am, considered I’ve been to this city many many time, I didn’t pay attention to where to switch the train line. =))

Anyway, I had my beautiful 5K run from Teluk Blangah – Refflection Keppel Bay (oh em geese The Condo!!!!! please be mine!!!) – and back to Vivo City.


My Condo at the back 😉

We bid farewell and of course promise each other to have a running date again when in TangSel.


A little after that, kiddo #1 and I went to Holland Village to have brunch. Actually, it is far away from Lavander to Holland Village =)).  Always curious with this area, since I often see my IG seleb post a pict of their brunch in this area. Too bad it was raining, so I just came to the nearest  coffee shop I saw. D’ Good Cafe it was and had my most expensive coffee I bought. It was Mapple Sea Salt Latte =)) I had also sweet corn pancake and taste very nice! LOVE!


Mapple Sea Salt Latte

After we had brunch, I went to the field of course to see Kiddo#2. My friend Dora from High School and Arfi from college squeezed their time to meet us! very sweet of them! Both lived in SG. Arfi lagi nganggur, keluarganya jusru lagi mudik ke TangSel  =))

Next morning, I had my morning run at Kallang River Side Park, just across the street from where I stay!


can you see the giant ferris wheel?


owh owh…very nice run! Eventhough I hate SCMS and cursed that I will never participate in that event again, it is always nice running the little red dot. Its park are nice, well balanced city.


Oberstrase Cafe

Then we had brunch at Oberstrase! I just knew there is a nice coffee shop just around (French Road) corner. I had toast and cappuccino.


And of course, after I had my breakfast, off we go to…

coming here is da must

Actually, I was in this road on Saturday Day. I met Erin, a blogger i know when we still write in Multiply.com. Our first kopdar was last year when I was in the city. After 7 years befriended thru blogging! Lucu yaw pertemanan blogger!!! =) . In case you want to know, I bought something from Lulu lemon again 😉 *yang katanya bokek*

Fast forward until I arrived at the airport. I was soooo sleepy that I need a coffee and there I had one at Killney Coffee Terminal 1. I found an empty seat and there was an old man sat across me. We talked =). What is it  between  me and opa-opa sih??? hahahah.

His name is Lawrance,  a Malaysian who would flew back to his current town, Calgary, Canada via Hongkong and his flight would be the following day at 8 am. so he was wandering at the airport killing time.

I thought he was an engineer as he lives in that oil city, yet he is an urban planner. His family has moved to Canada almost a decade, he told me the reason why.  Then we talked a lot from ISIS, Sarawak-Kalimantan border, Najib’s government, etc. He showed me pictures of Calgary, beautiful city on winter time :). Well, I feel so optimist after I talk to Opa Lawrence. Never too old to chase your passion. Friends in Path had probably read this part tho!

Early this evening, Erin post a status

People don’t meet by chances, it has been planned well

There’s a reason why I meet Lawrence. A random man who sit across me while we were waiting for our flight to get us home.

And there’s a reason why I met you. Walaupun kebersamaan kita sebentar pasti ada alasan. Setidaknya, setiap saya BT or else, -dan tiba tiba ingat –  time that we spent together, bisa membuat saya tersenyum kembali 🙂 now I’m going back to square one 🙂 Guess, I won’t mind. Life!

Standard Chattered Singapore Marathon 2014

My second Full Marathon, my first overseas race

Jadi, setelah gw tau gw disuruh berangkat, gw iseng browsing ada ngga race selama gw disana. Ternyata the gold class marathon is held.  Lalu berkontempelansi HM ato FM ya…


cuma neh, past si kacrut-kacrut akan komen “kalo HM di bulevard (bintaro) aja”, jadilah gw sign up buat FM

Di hari kamis dan hujan pulang jam kantor, gw langsung ke Changi Expo  tempat pengambilan race pack karena satu line (green line) dari Raffles City (MRT depan kantor) ke Chagi Expo *eits sounds keceh ya?* ^_^


mind the wrinkles, I didn’t apply anti aging cream or what so ever

Race Recap




saking bosennya, gw mampir di toko kecil buat istirahat, curhat abis abisan di grup hahahhaha


FYI: during exercise that requires endurance, having that bottle in the right is allright. Make sure it is un-carbonized first. To note, Idir said they served Coke at IM Langkawi

Note : in case you didn’t know IM stands for Iron Man. Noooo. not the movie….

sorry, it’s just me ! I didn’t enjoy this race.

Kata teman teman Bintaro Trojan Runners mungkin gw jenuh lari jauh aja. Kelar FM di bali lalu BTS 30K lanjut SCMS 2014

race pack collection yang rapih sampe 60 booth kalo ngga salah, rute yang steril (STERIL  yaaa…) plus sufficient WATER STATION (literally WATER station) tentunya jadinya  plus point.

being ndeso I am, gw lebih suka race di desa macam di Bromo Marathon ato at least Bali Kemaren 🙂 bahkan waktu banyak yang nyela (justru dari yang ngga ikut) BTS kemaren, gw jauhhhhhh lebih menikmati siksaan pas di BTS. So i guess i won’t be back for next year untuk perbaiki timing (oh, I didn’t get my PB off course). They said FM is a mental game, mine is dropped at KM 8 already. So it was really pain in the butt to spank my butt back 😀 but heck, being DNF is not an option, at least not for this race. :))

so, there will be no race recap, just take a look at my flickr account for pictures :p

Next overseas race?
Yeah, (may be) there will be one!


hurray it (was) a holiday

Dalam rangka “at least once a year Go to places you never been before” gw memilih pergi ke Malaysia liburan sekolah tahun ini.
Alasannya sih (harusnya) virgin half maratahon gw pecah disini (daftarnya udah dari januari)
Ternyata, mei kemaren udah HM dan SCKL sendiri ditunda karena alasan udara yang ngga bagus gara gara asap.
berhubung penundaan acara baru 2 hari sebelum berangkat, tiket/hotel dan lain lain sudah di book, tetap berangkat kita…
hamdalah pas datang asap sudah ngga ada bersih lah…

eventhough the race is postpone until Sept 29th, I don’t know if i can make it or not, I decided to pick the race pack up anyway
sempet ketemuan sama fairy run dulu di KLCC, farah nganterin ke stasiun. gw sebelumnya nanya sama pegawai di Kinokuniya gimana cara ke putra world trade centr, tempat ambil race pack yang harus ganti stasiun.
Pake salah pilih tiket plus salah naik kereta pulak.
Naik rapid KL aja nyasar mau ke Tokyo dan paris pulak…
new for me: tiket LRT nya pake token

pas sampai stasiun dan menuju lokasi pengambilan race pack mau *yang ternyata jauh bet jalannya* gw nyasar bareng local runners, pas mereka tau gw datang dari jakarta tanggerang pada pasang muka prihatin:

“akak ni kembali ke bulan 9?”
Ish, sempet mikir gw bentar gw lagi di Medan apa dimana sih? Hahahah

Back to KLCC, ketemu Farah lagi dengan temannya, Gai, makan malam ditraktir gai pulak.

next day ke

petrosains di (tentu saja) KLCC.
Musium teknologi gitu lah masuknya murah RM 50 untuk 2 dewasa dan 2 anak. anak anak kan ikut science club disekolahnya, seneng bangetlah kayak gini2x
Pas masuk naik Dark Ride untuk sampai ke lokasi musium


Disana macam pelajaran IPA lah. Dengan tampilan yang menyenangkan (misal praktek dai Energi Potensial= massa X gravitasi x tinggi) dalam bentuk nyata, gerak magnet, dll


Agenda gw yang batal berikutnya : naik ke KL Tower hahahaha. padahal hotel gw persis depan KL Tower .

Misi berikutnya: beli sepatu Asics ds trainer as recommend by the podiatrist
new for me: gw baru tau dari KLCC ke Pavilon ada jembatan ber AC pulak
pavilon pun makin besar ya cuy.
Bikin pening emang bukit bintang niy 😦

Dapat yang dimau, diskon pulak 10% 😀

Then sorean dikit, gw ketemu temen kuliah. giling udah 12 tahun ngga ketemu.
blio tinggal di sini udah 9 tahun lah. Di Damansara, deket sama Ikea tapi baru kali ini keingatan si Iren tinggal di KL :))
dan kemudian dia ngamuk ngamuk gw beberapa kali ke Ikea ngga contact dia

iren dan nelson, ngajak gw makan di daerah (update, kemaren salah) Bangsar. Daerah ini enak deh, pemukiman elite dengan kontur berbukit dan bersih banget. Suka banget gw!

Kita makan di Nirwana, makan nasi beralas daun pisang, pake pare yang ntah kenapa ngga pahit lagi + ditambah kari (ada 3 pilihan) pake acar plus lauk pilihan. gw milih sotong.
Nirwana di bangi ini ramai, sorean dikit (gw makan jam 5) udah antri orang-orang.

The next day hari Minggu, gw #LibuRun lah, ini posting sendiri lah.

Abis pulang lari, check out, heading to Terminal bersepandan naik bus kita ke Johor baru. Terminal ini rapih, bersih dan teratur. macam airport malah.

Tiketnya RM 120-an berempat.
Gw lupa suruh anak2x ke toilet dulu sebelum cabut dan kejadian…Kiddo#2 pup di bus…2x pulak…
Mana rest area pertama jorok banget..
Kalo inget ini gw males banget dah…
KL ke JB took 4,5 hours bus ride lah..

sampe JB jam 5 an tiba di Larkin Terminal, lanjut ke hotel by taxi.
larkin sih macam terminal lebak bulus juga.

Agenda berikutnya, agenda utama kedua tentunya No surprise…


Dari citrus hotel tempat gw nginap, gw nyebrang ke JB sentral naik bus LM 1 di platform 2 dengan harga RM4,5/ orang.
Rute JB sentral- larkin – putri harbour (tempat hello kitty land sama Little Junior Club itu) – legoland.

Bayar pake Uang pas yooo
udah mesen via online biar diskon 20% (lumayan, selisihnya bisa buat beli kacamata renang hahahah)
Disini anak anak ketemu sepupunya yang masuk via Singapur.

legoland ngga gitu ramai sih, hampir seluruh pengunjung orang Indonesia juga :))
Buat anak-anak banget lah ya, banyak banget wahana permainan dimana gw cuma nungguin diluar.
Dan panasnya….–”

Banyak banget wahana yang anak anak naik berkali kali!
Saking ngga ramenya…
rides nya biasa aja emang, bedalah sama USS for sure. Cuma ornamenya bagus banget!


Etapi gw sampe ketiduran disini loo…gilak capek banget.


Shopping dikit lah ya di Toko Souvenir dekat pintu masuk.
buat gw harga mainan lego malah murahan di Toys city! Termasuk gantungan kunci yang figure gitu! si Dimas nitip RM 25 gitu, gw pas beliin ponakan gw kayaknya IDR 59 ribu deh di Mal Alam Sutra :p
kiddo#2 beli ninja go version, yang tampaknya ngga ada di mall with in my reach. gw ngga tau kalo di central park, PIM ato MKG ada apa engga. Kami mah domesticated kalo weekend :p

kita balik pake bus yang sama jam 18.45
Dan dipastikan 90% yang naik bus orang Indonesia yang punya masalah dengan MENGANTRI!
Karena ngincer tempat duduk. Nyerobot sana sini.
#kelasmenengahNgehe padahal ya..ckckckckck punya duit buat liburan ke LN masih ngga punya manner buat antri.
Si supir sampe kewalaham sendiri mengeluarkan resi tiket bus.

gw waktu di Penang, pas mau ke Batu ferringgi dari Komtar begitu bus datang, orang orang tertib antri masuk satu satu jadi si supir tau siapa mau kemana.

Pas lagi nunggu bis, gw kenalan sama 2 perempuan dari Cebu, pilipin. Mereka nginep di singapur lagi jelajah asia tenggara selama 7 hari.
Besok katanya mau ke batam, gw tanya ngapain nothing much to see
Kata mereka ” to eat” rendang terutama.
Si grace , one of the girl, ini penjelajah juga macam Dora udah kemana mana banget, sempet nanya ke gw
kalo pergi ke non moeslem country elu harus makan di tempat sertifikasi halal ngga? Ato cuek aja selama ngga babi?
#suseh ye nanyanya

Pas pisah di JB sentral bilang “assalamu’alaikum” ke gw.
Curiga dia anak diplomat pernah ditugaskan di pakistan babenya.

O well, buat yang belum ke legoland, mungkin tahun depan waktu yang baik. Hotelnya sudah buka baca papan penutup construction site sih open in 2014 dan sebelah legoland kemaren lagi dibangun Lego water park. tulisannya sih open in 2013. akhir tahun ini kali ya? Sekalian lah…

But, daerah Kota iskandar ini daerah baru. Ngga ada apa apanya…literally.
Buat kalian yang sugih macam mas Darmawan, boleh lirik investasi properti disini hahahahah

Then, i skip Johor premium outlet hahaha

Next day, kita ke SG pake taxi biar mudah. Asiklah tinggal buka kaca mobil :p
Nothing much to do in Sg. I mean too ordinary. ketemu gita pun ngga, masih teler balik dari paris.