Race recap : Powerman Indonesia 2018

My labil relationship with this event. Last year, I was suffering from heavy cough for the past 2 weeks before D Day and thinking not to show up.

Well this year, my right knee and heel were hurt. I’m still suffering from Plantar :-/

On Saturday, when friends checked their bike in and I was away. Then my sister offered to bring the bike and all the bibs to Mal Alam Sutra, where the event was, so I can check the bike in. I  was in doubt, but manage to check my bike in. Oh, we had to leave our bike on the transition area D-1.

Bike Check In D-1

Went home, prepare bidon, helmet, Soy Joy (for fueling), unfortunately i cant find my bib holder.

Slept early, picked up my sister and at 4 am -club hoppers pun belum pulang clubbing – we arrived at the parking lot then realize

E ya ampun, gw ngga bawa sepatu lari!!!!

I didn’t bring my running shoes! PS: this is a dualthon event, run-bike-run.

Go bare foot! Suggested my sister, of course it’s impossible. My heel could got worst

“Hahaha, kasihan amat nganterin gw race doank”

“Na,a I wont!”

#panas nih gw ceritanya

Then I (we) asked in BTR Whatsapp group anyone bring extra pairs. Alhamdulilah, rejeki anak pemalas race tapi daftar terus, Acha brought extra pair. Her shoes is Asics Gel Kayano, the same type with mine, although it’s one size bigger. the heck, I’m gonna walk anyway.

Prepare our things in transition area, lucky I brought extra socks! thick one. This is why I’m writing recap, to review what work and what doesn’t. Last year it was raining hard during the event, I was suffering blister since running with wet socks. i didn’t bring extra pair.

Then we went to Starting Pen, reunite with other athletes including Ko Eddy, fly all the way from Medan.

On Starting Pen

gun off should be 5.30 am but a force majeur it was postponed for another 30 mins, with the Elite Athletes start first – then clasic – then last short.

short Distance 5Km Run – 30K bike – 5K run, while Classic is double that distance. Ones who participate in Short Distance either newbie or aiming Age Group podium or just having fun like many of us.

Here’s my story

  • You may get bored if I’m writing this, but my endurance has been dropped for the past two years, I’m no longer pace 8 runners. During my practice it went into 10-12! Yet, I managed to do it below 9”. I’m not gonna push myself.
  • last year, I was thinking DNF in Km 2 hahhah, This year I decided to run the whole. Unless emergency happens.
  • Running track was along the Park not too far from the Mall, it’s a U-turn track, I usually hate, but not in this race. Knowing I was one of the last runners, either my friends or me-myself cheering each other. Yaaa semacam artis jumpa fans!

  • on Km 2 or something, a runner slightly hit me from the back “Daaa Faaaa….eh, hi Tom” #akrab. It was Thomas Bruins, trying to win the race (again).  He was the winner last year, and I think ones in Malaysia as well. Running track in the park was narrow, it was difficult to overpass slow runner in front of you. So does the bike track- later on this one.
  • make u-turn in Km 3 then I saw Classics Participant on the other side. No more short distance ones
  • weather was still oke when I finished first run leg. friends cheering me up, thank you bebs!


  • of course, My bike was the only one left in the transition area :)) jajahahahahahha. At least in my row. I took a bite or two of Soy Joy for refueling! dont forget to do this! I also forgot to set up helmet, bla bla bla. Tips for me : put your helmet, and hand glove on the bike instead of laying down on the floor.  Taro di stang sepeda dibandingkan di lantai. Gerakan lebih efektif and ngga pegel bungkuk2x
  • walking out transition area, Yippe! My favorite leg! I Always Look Good on the wheel #selfclaimed. Bike track at the other side of Alam Sutra CBD, not passing IKEA of you’re wondering.
  • I’m familiar with the track, of course. I can handle the speed bump

“you no Anak Tangsel, know nothing about this!”

#Pongah. Jadi berhubung saya pernah latihan di sini menjelang Ambarukmo, agak ingat sama speed bump and how to handle.

  • then I hear noise from my bike then muttered “Sianjissssss…..baru ingat, terakhir servis sepeda ya…pas Mau ambarukmo! Terakhir latihan sepeda awal bulan Maret” doh! Last time I serviced my bike was on July, last time I ride my bike was on March. And, I never do Brick Practice (run first then bike) for this event! Ya udhalah kalo yaaa pecah ban ya wassalam!
  • Track lead us to Living World mall, then housing complex. the 5K Alam Sutra Loop. The negative part, it wasn’t sterile like one in CBD area, people, motor cycle, cars are crossiing. it’s their home anyway.
  • then I talked to myself, I survived Parang Tritis Hill, I have to survive here! My training ground (well ya, for the long run, barely for the bike heheheh)
  • in Km 8, I saw a familiar figure

“Well, hello little sister!”

  • She gave me “meh” look. it was her first time wearing cleat (bike shoes, it’s firmly attached to the pedal, easy to fall if you cant handle it) I’m so proud of her though.
  • I love U-turn, balik arah, berasa keren lah! Not in Km 10 though. Road is narrow, I was slowing down my bike. Many many fast riders ask their way

“keep Left!!” They yelled


Not all have bad manner, many are still polite. jujurly, terlepas dari race ini, kadang gw suka suka kesel liat yang sepedahan di binloop atau alam sutra. Terutama hari kerja. Lampu merah dilawan. Orang mau nyebrang pas lampu merah diteriakin karena mereka mau kebut-kebutan. Sering sampai maki-maki. Padahal mereka yang main motong- ngga ada beda sama anak alay naik motor ngga punya Helm sim apalagi. Cari apa ya? Pujian di Strava – wow – kencang-banget? Di endorse? Ngerti sih mereka orang ada (read: tajir) sepeda lebih mahal dari Avanza, sudah boss yang ngga perlu datang pagi, tapi respect orang juga lah yang harus cari nafkah pagi-pagi berangkat kantor. Kan bikin kampanye #sharetheroad

  • anyway…before heading back to Living World I asked my way,  “misi massss mau nyalip”. That cyclist gave me his way and I passed him. Then he said “Eh mbak kiky, speed tukang somay aja mbak” Eh, sapa tuh? Well, He is my colleague, we managed to have conversation before fast cyclists asked their way. The track was only enough for two cyclists side by side. Kalau mau speed KangSomay ato sepeda hias, you have to keep on the left.  Then I left Adhi.
  • my Garmin said 31 mins when I saw 14K mark, oke then I can do it it one hour or so, shorter than 1 hr 30 mins. Barely practice, I was aiming 22Kph min but I can stay at 26.
  • 30 K in Alam Sutra requires two loops, on the second loop,after passing Mal Alam Sutra, I stopped to have my biddon fueled. I prepared water and honey previously as I  need the sugar for the energy.

Mind my big fat body I love this pic. By Cieko

  • on Km 20, slightly before making U-turn, I saw familiar figure again

“duluan ya manis” I greeted Acha.

She gave me ugly look!Hahahahahahahha and this become the jokes later.

  • To make story shorts, near Km 30, I slowed down the bike. gw ingat ada yang kasih tips, untuk melambatkan sepeda menjelang transisi. Inget terus juga sama yang kasih nasehat sih #eaaaa #curhatmbaknya

Done with bike leg, taking my bike shoes off. Pic by Hifdzi

  •  Alhamdulilah no Drama on the wheels! Finish bike leg. Going to transisiton area again, changes my socks, it was wet since I took my bike shoes off and the carpet was wet.
  • now the hardest part of the event! My hate and hate relationship with running after cycling.Nih pantat berat benerrrr
  • well, it was 8 am, matahari surely lagi lucu lucunya. Back to the park again
  • I saw Cieko with his camera

“FOTO gw ada nggga CIEKKKK”

“Ada ah banyak”

“Awas kalo ngga ada! Gw jegal loe di Kereta”

cieko naik kereta juga kalo ngga bike to work.

  • well hell. Walk walk walk. saw many participant suffering cramp. i didn’t consume salt stick though. i ate lots of seaweed previous days, my friend said it’s a natural MSG.

Pic by Princess Ayu

  • the last 100 meters was hard...Gusti! Kok ndak sampe sampe sih. I saw mas Danny who already finished hours ahead me

“Lari gih dikit lagi”




Sempet sempetnya ngomel gw

  • and ternyata…iya finish line pas belok. With BTR crews cheering me up!!

“Acha ama Yola mana? “

“Behind me”

“Dasar alay! Labil, males latihan, selese juga”

Guilty as charge. i know. that’s why I chose short distance :))

Here, some of the pics

Short Distance Duathlete!

Left : 2017 BSD under heavy rain Right: Alam Sutra under schorching sun

Dan emang gw niat banget foto sama Mas Tom.

hope you enjoy this year race under hot sunny day of Alam Sutra ya mas #akrab.

See you next year!

oh, here’s the convo later on!

If you guys wondering my Jersey…yes the same with last yest. together with the pants were designed to accommodate hijabers who want to do Triathlon. I’ve tried the pants during my swim. not yet with the jersey. my friend Yanti (a catholic Indonesia-German lady married to an Australian) designed this! How thoughtful of her!

3 thoughts on “Race recap : Powerman Indonesia 2018

  1. You do NOT have a “big fat body”! Like you, I love that picture of you on your bike. But I don’t see whatever flaws you mention, I see a strong woman kicking ass and doing stuff few people can achieve 🙂 Be kind to your body! Be kind to yourself! 😉

    (How tall are you? I was wondering if the guy in the last pic is super tall!)

    • Hahahahah. i have big tummy, many people offer me seat on the train cause they think I’m pregnant! Hahahahahah. Average Asian female 5feet 1 inch ekiv 160 cm. What measurement you use in Canada? Feet or meter. Thomas from Netherland, average European guy I guess

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