Bandung Trip – Last day 

Day 3
I woke up with a purpose, run the entire Jalan Juanda a.k.a Dago which means I run all the way up….and ended my run in the famous kupat tahu Gempol (a mix of rice cake, tofu, sprout beans showered my peanut sauce) as well as Roti Gempol which is located behind the Kupat Tahu .

It was also a nice decision, the air was even cooler, and I saw a pretty neat pedestrian street. RIdwan Kamil really means what he said when he became city major : “memanusiakan Kota Bandung”

After close to Simpang Dago, I made a turn, strolling the street in Dago Area with big, beautiful old houses! i wish one of my relatives live there so I can visit or stay 😉

bagus banget ya rumah-rumah tua dan luas di Dago. 

Well, unfortunately, the famous ROti Gempol opened its store at 9 am and it was only 8-something.  so I only had Kupat Tahu Gempol for breakfast! 

To make story short,

We took 3 pm train back to Jakarta and I saw tooooooo many motorcycles in Cikampek area! Must be very macet

A bientôt, Paris….
….van java!  

Bandung-Day 2

i woke up early with a purpose: I must run in Bandung!
And it was a best decision ever! (Lebayy!)

the very fresh mountain breeze! pantes namanya Paris Van Java, even in 2017 where climate- global warming-issue, the air is still cool, just like spring time in sub-tropical countries. It must be even cooler back in 1800-‘s during Dutch Collonial era.

this was my route, 

Rute lari
and I took a pic with its famous landsmark, whispered : “sorry, I can’t make it for Pocari-Bandung Half Marathon the end of this month” 

The BIB recently sold, if you are wondering.

When I want to take my pic with the whole word of GEDUNG SATE, I asked pak Satpam to take my pic!  With so many visitors, they know what to do with your phone! 
“ibu diam aja di situ! jangan gerak

(Stand still, don’t move)

turn out he use “panaroma” mode to take this pic! BIg applause pak Satpam.

later, we took Grab Car service  to Hummingbird Cafe to have breakfast.

And little walk to The Heritage (factory outlet)  because #1 to do some shopping, back to hotel and went to Lina’s wedding.

Around 1 pm, Teh Molly picked us up on the wedding venue.  It was our second time meeting each other in person. We were friend from blogspot era (that was in 2006 I guess)- multiply-and although she doesn’t write anymore, yaaa masih temenan lah di Path dan instagram. She took, Trixie, her daughter with her. 

She drove us again to Happy-Go-Lucky, i wanted to buy the shoes and eat Pompidou cake again.

And of course, strolling around the city to find the famous Blue Jersey from PERSIB BANDUNG

later we had Cwie Mie for late lunch, 

belanja kain di pasar for her new handicraft items to be sold (pada tau Shibori?) and dropped us to hotel, then picked us again for dinner time.

We had Nasi Kalong, red rice cooked with herbs and stock with so many lauk pauk.

an open air restaurant runs by a family. 

i love this city for having so many independent entrepreneurs! a lot of ma-pa shops. not the franchise ones!   

Later we called off the day with Bandreks and Bajigur!

Short trip: PARIS…

…van Java


last friday, I went to this city for a colleague’s wedding and took train because I predicted the “arus balik” will be horrible in Cikampek. This weekend marked as the last day of Eid Fitri holiday. Thus, to anticipate the situation, I opted for train.

i had a very pleasant experience with our long haul train for the past one year (it started with my Semarang trip and amazed how the system is significantly improved even though I have read the book about former KAI CEO!)

So there I was, taking train again…to Bandung after 15 years! Oh em geeee!

i remembered it has been  THAT LONG because when I wrote this post, it was inspired when KA Parahyangan ended its service in 2010 due to low passangers rate. they lost competiton with Jakarta-Bandung travel car that could commute people  in 2.5 hrs and the dispatcher is just one step away from your house.taking train to bandung at that time was impractical. since getting to Gambir is another homework.

Salah satu kebijakan pemerintah yang membuat kemacetan tambah parah!” I must say.nowadays, driving car to Bandung via Cikampek then Cipularang is non-sense.It took 7 hours for me to get to Bandung when my uncle passed away last April. crap!

My friends who have to commute Jakarta-bandung pp every weekend said having a-3 hour-trip is luxurious now. It could take up to 6 hours one way for approx 200km. ewwww! 

I guess the government should established regular Jakarta-Bandung again! It waste of time and money!

 Anyway…i must say, thank you Uber and Grab Car :)), our Bandung Trip was hassle-less even though we don’t have car.

we stayed in The Luxton bandung and had room with mountain view. 

owh, finally! We had proper visit to Bandung! Ha! Seriously, even the city was only 200++ km away from our house, we barely visit this city. even when we did, it was mainly because family-related issue. Wedding or funeral that required one-day trip. last time we did stay in Bandung was 2.5 years ago and only stayed over night when I participated in Tahura Trail Run.

And…though I barely visit this city, and it has been 15 years since I took train to Bandung, the wonderful view between Purwakata – Cimahi brought back memories.
nothing change much, but of course there’s tol cipularang as additional view. 

Day One

first thing after we drop our bags, we were strolling the famous Jalan Juanda. I remembered once, the city major, Ridwan Kamil, get pissed of on his INstagram account due to littering on one of those benches in Dago area. now, I had the chance to see what jalan Dago looks like with those tables and chairs along in the pedestrian path. 

We had lunch near by! it is Bandung anyway! good food is literally EVERYWHERE

later that night! finally! i met May in person as she had her homecoming trip this Lebaran. hamdallah! After all those blog commenting and conversations via whatsapp, between Kuala Lumpur and jakarta (errr, Tangsel) we met in Bandung, her hometown! thank you May for the treats and talks. it is always nice talking to you!

  she gave me a broken white hijab with KL landmark printing on it. nice

Anyway, We visited Pompidou, a bakery which is owned by my friend’s sister.

 once I ordered its Nastar Cake , sent it to Jakarta and it was very tasty! 

owh, the bakery is now temporary located inside Happy-go-lucky, a boutique, where you can find cute bags, shoes and clothes! All made in Bandung by local designers! *BIG Applause*

Aslik…. lucu lucu bangetttt

To be continued….

PS : one of my Malaysian friend why it is Paris Van java. the explanation is here 😉 

Short Visit Musium Geologi Bandung

Skip dulu cerita jalan2x kemarin….:p
gue tulis 3 + 1 di previous post, karena dari jadwal jalan2x yang 3 hari bersama sanggar, kami extend 1 hari :p. Soalnya ingat, kiddo#2 pengen liat sesuatu, yang adanya di Musium Geologi Bandung, depan Gedung Sate, sebrang Yogurt Cisangkuy *kaliii ada yang nanya*

soalnya…kiddo#2 dari dulu ribut pengen liat ini…

Fossil Dinousourus…

Masuk musiumnya GRATIS!!!! Hari Sabtu buka dari jam 9 s/d jam 12 kalo ngga salah *lupa gw*

Jadi isi musium…ya….cerita tentang perkiraan terjadinya bumi, lapisan2x bumi, kandungan isi bumi, dll…*gooling aja yak* :p

buat gue sih, ni musium ok lah…WC-nya bersih, petugasnya ramah, lantainya marmer dan ngga berdebu! *penting buat gue*. Ada multimedianya juga  dan berfungsi…

terus, tamannya juga apik…

sempat liat, tong sampahnya aja Rubbermaid :p … jarang liat tong sampah dari Ac*hardware di tempat yang masuknya gratis…