Jangan Injak Lantai Merah!

Tadi siang, saya baca tweet seseorang nongol di timeline.

Saya ketawa kecil, lalu ingat pengalaman sendiri sekitar awal-mid 2002.

Saya ingat banget, waktu itu, saya dan kawan kawan ODP kantor pertama saya lagi di Mall Taman Anggrek. ntah mau makan atau nonton film Amelie. Ada 10-an orang lah.

Yah namanya Mall ya, lantainya kan mozaik gitu.

Image Source: propertydata.com

Terus nih, lagi jalan di hallway tidak begitu ramai, tiba tiba Lubeck teman saya ngomong

“jangan injak Lantai Merah

terus dia loncat loncat yang tegelnya selain warna merah.

Terus saya dan Fajar ikut-ikutan, lompat lompat antar tegel sembari teriak teriak “Jangan injak lantai merah!”

We were on our early 20’s live the fullest :))

Minus ya kelakuannya, kayak anak kecil!


Saya ingat banget ada keluarga dengan dua anak kecilnya sekitar 8-10 tahun melihat kelakukan kami bengong gitu. Aneh banget nih kelakukan mbak dan mas ini, begitu kira kira pikiran mereka.

Menyadari kami jadi tontonan, kami berhenti. Saya ingat Tino, yang akhirnya mengembalikan karir dia sebagai oil and gas specialist (jadi dulu dia engineer, terus belot ikutan MDP Bank, tapi ngga selesai dapat panggilan dari oil company gitu).

Tino nyamperin kami sampe bilang “bikin malu aja nih calon officer Bank (tempat saya kerja)”

kami bertiga sih cengenges2x aja.

Sejujurnya saya lupa ada kejadian itu, sampai baca tweet tadi.

Terus kepikiran, kalau sampai 2 bocah yang melongo melihat kami saat itu dan ingat kejadian belasan tahun lalu, jangan sampaaaiiii mereka sekantor dengan salah satu dari kami.

Malu kan yaa :-/


Akhirnya Kopdar!

How many of you FINALLY met your online-friends ( Tinder, Ok Cupid are exceptional tho! ) after befriended for almost a decade?

Oh well, I’ve finally met Riduan from Malaysia tho.

So, I forgot who were visiting whom at first , yet, I always refer to Riana’s blog for book of the week – later -month – later year 😀 *blame twitter and Whatsapp and IG, they somewhat more fun!*

Besides, starting that year, I barely found an interest blog. My (online /blogger) friends seem stop updating their blogs. FB and twitter offered more pleasant experiences.

Back in 2010, I remembered we exchange my -family traveling – book with her Yasmin Ahmad DVD, thru my dad. Dad worked in the same building with her, hence the barter process took place. No Go-Send services back in that year.

Stillllll….we never met in person, keep each other posted thru whatsapp tho. Sometimes I wonder, how big Jakarta is! Jakarta seluas apa sih sampe orang susah ketemuan.

When my mom was very sick then passed away, during the mourning process I talked to her, as she had lost her mom as well. For healing process. Losing parents at any age is hard. I tell you 😦

Yahhh begitulah pertemanan blogger, making friends thru blogging is unique, right? So close, yet seems so far away #apasih

Like any other blog you regularly visit, of course you enjoy a piece of her life and interest. We both born in January 😉 #penting

Fast forward, I’ll flying somewhere where she’d travelled before. I contacted her again. during finding out what to do, where to go, we figured, now we are working in the same area.

So, finally, I met this lawyer / lecturer / aspiring traveller (watch for her next adventure ) during heavy rain in Dapur Ciragil!

With Riana

We should do it again, Riy!

Ps : my first impression after seeing her for the first time “loe mungil banget ya mbakkkk” 🤣

Race recap : Bintaro Jaya Half Marathon

Yes, you read it! I surely wont pass this race! Race a Half marathon, on your neighborhood!

Anyway, this race was postpone twice! It suppose to be held on July, I signed up for 10K! I wasn’t feel like doing HM after Eid Fitri, later I signed up for HM in Jakarta City Marathon that suppose to be held kn October 21st! Yes, suppose to be! The race was cancelled few days before the D day!

I’m still struggling how to bring back my old pace. yet, due to HM finisher T shirt with BTR Logo on the back, I was upgrading the distance. Yeah, I’m cheap sometimes 😀

since I’ll have BIG race early next year, I’ve to crush it anyway.

Here’s a recap:

  • Since the race was postponed twice, the crowds were different. some of Bintaro Trojan Runners went to Borobudur Marathon, few to Langkawi Ironman and one of us migrate to Australia (yeah Ashar, I’m talking about you! 😀 )

Some of us

  • As I guess, not so many participants. i didn’t wear our group Jersey because I was planning not to finish it :)) jadi jangan sampe ketanda anak BTR.
  • Gun off exactly 5 am! The off we run.
  • Being slow as snail I am, I was really really at the last runners in 10 minutes! Hahaha!
  • Made friends with few people along the way. One of them is Mitha, who was doing her virgin HM.

Pic by Bayu @guejualfoto

  • Track was running through Bintaro Boulevard. So, nothing new for us, of course. I feel like I was doing my regular Sunday Morning but with free water station every 3Km. The water station were greats. Cold drinks, mineral and isotonic.
  • We were running for two loops, each 10,5x. So I saw many of my friends had made a U-turn.
  • After U turn in jalan Graha Baru, Mika seemed tired. She couldn’t run anymore She didn’t prepare any intake. i gave her my Gu Gel for her refueling. Then I left her. Please note this one people, endurance sport needs refueling during the event! To keep moving, you need energy!
  • I was doing ok or I thought I was. Under 9 mins /Kilo. This is how I run now, very slow. That made I crushed 10K for 1.5 hours, as My initial plan.
  • Run for another loops, I was still doing ok. Bumped into some acquisitions, 5K – 10K participants on the other side.

Vina 5K, a colleague

  • Then after 13K, my endurance dropped. This is where i started to run -walk – walk -walk. Heck yahh

Have you see this pic already on my previous posts?

  • Weather was fine. Not too hot. It’s rainy season anyway and I made a pray neither hot or rainy.
  • But after the last U-turn, I walked most of the time. I saw there were still few runners on the other side. This race had a friendly COT (Cut Off Time) 4 hours for Half Marathon.
  • I was thinking of going straight to my house after Mc Donald! Hahahaha. My house is 1K- to the right – of that big M logo . But then I made conversation with other slow runners and suddenly I forgot my initial plan. When I recalled my initial Plan, the distance to my house and finish line was about the same. Yahh okelah, kita selesaikan saja apa yang dimulai ini.
  • One Kilo before the finish lined, my pace gets even slower. My legs were hard to move although I didn’t suffer from any cramp. Then I saw a familiar face running towards me!
  • “hurry up, we were waiting for you. Dikit lagi finish” she said….and run with me for the last 800 meters.
  • It was Kumala, who paced me to finish line. She had finished her run 45 mins earlier. very sweet of her.

Akamsi – anak kampung sini

  • so there it was. Definetely not my Personal Best at 3 hr 18 mins (based on my garmin)

‘Till my next recap!


Last weekend, I cleaned my family old photographs, 20-30 years old printed photographs that require photo-album then a drawer to place them. How I bless digital life! I threw away many old pics, mostly pictures of my parents’ acquaintances, less likely my dad wants too see those pictures again.

My favorite old pictures, of course, our family vacation! I do realized where “ada rejeki lebih kepakai untuk liburan” gens comes from.

Extra money always went to a trip…in my dad case. He took us for annual vacation. At least once a year. We already went to Gili Trawangan in early 90’s when the island was very very quite and isolated.

I remember asking dad why he kept our old family car Suzuki Esteem for almost a decade while our neighbors changed theirs every 2-3 years, he said he better used his bonus to take us around. Priority then.

Even he could afford another family car, he choose not. Saya disuruh naik Kopaja kemana mana. I use to hate it, but somehow that explains why sampai saat ini ngga suka nyetir :)) Unlike any other commuters living in big cities, I don’t enjoy being inside the car, both as a driver and passenger.

Anyway, Of coursee….like any trip, taking a photo is A MUST! Since it was a camera-rolled film era, harus irit pakai Fuji film isi 36-nya! :)) we had to save those film! Hence, for me having self portrait was really a privilege at that time.

Then I found these pics. It was taken during our trip to Perth. I was 17-18, I guess.

To save film (camera), I had to take a picture on the same frame with my sister, while my brother —- being the only son in the family had a privilege having a self portrait! Duh! :))

Fremantle – Perth

Dan sekalinya dapat kesempatan bisa foto sendiri-sendiri, it was Chao Praya at the background! Ngga ada beda sama Sungai Batanghari-Jambi! :)) :))

Chao Praya

Dan yang namanya lihat foto foto lama, seeing pictures of your old relatives who no longer around us gave shivers.


My late mom and us in Colorado.

My eyes some-what get wet, everytime I hear this song.

We keep this love in a photograph

We made these memories for ourselves

Where our eyes are never closing

Hearts are never broken

And time’s forever frozen still

November, is the month of her birthday.

where does it go?

Back in 2012, I signup for Personal Financial Planner class, held by the famous @mrshananto company.

Being breadwinner to raise two kids is some-what tough 🙂 manageable tho!

They sent us spread sheet from excel,we listed down our portfolio and they told us how to reach your financial goal, including Hukum Waris and Zakat.

I took the Syariah Version back in that time, the class was also held during Ramadhan. In that class, I decided to cancel my dream to visit Japan on next summer…because I have short-term financial goal to fulfill.

Anyway, long story short, if your read this blog now and then, you know what happen  to the postponed Japan Trip.

I reviewed my portfolio on quarterly basis, how far did I go, have I reached them, etc, then semi annually for the next three years I guess, then it became annually when I wanted to count my Zakat Mal, dsb.

later on, I found, I’m half  closer to  my financial goal :D.  I wrote it here.

Anyway, after reading some (financial) literature, considering this and that, if you’re curious, I stopped buying Mutual Fund, I invest directly to Stock and Bond now (So Far, is ORI 15 and Saving Bond Retail 004) . Why you better buy Government Bond, is another story tho’ .

I started to invest in property as well,  actually  I did give a hint about this in previous posts.

But the bad thing is, now that I’m so relaxed about investing. I checked my portfolio last month, see how far it goes and I was surprised that it didn’t grow a bit (except for  the capital gain).

I wonder where does my money go?

then I remember it all went here….


*tobat financial*

but anyway, how often you think we should travel? in your opinion?  I regret none of those trips above.

Bangkok Trip : mendadak reuni

Now I remember, why I slept early….I had to do my 1 hour 30 mins run in the next morning. 

Day 3

So, I did! And there was a 5 and 10K race that passed the hotel. I was amazed that the track wasn’t clear. I saw many of runners waiting for traffic light!
Bah! Sama-sama saja ternyata! Tujuan saya sih jelass. … run to Lumphnini Park, Central Park-nya Bangkok kali ya 🙂
Menurut peta sih, cuma 3 K  dari Hotel ke sana. So there I was.
Pas masuk parknya (buat yang nonton IG story saya) mungkin lihat ada race juga. Wih, dua racswe dalam satu weekend.
Senang deh dengan Lumphini Park ini, di pusat kota, tapi banyak pohon, bersih, bebas pedangang asongan. But no worry, there are some food/drink vendor. Sudah disiapkan tempatnya. oh ya, 1 loop = 2,5K.
Pas di satu spot, banyak runner meletakkan botol minumnya begitu aja. Di taman Mall BXC sudah diambil orang pasti.

Lumphini Park

Kelar lari saya lelah luar biasa, malas banget lari balik ke hotel, so I took BTS! Begitu sampai National Stadium Station, adik saya cari sarapan. Sudah deh jalan ke arah MBK Mall, ternyata masih banyak yang tutup.
Nah, di belakang MBK Mall ini, ada Universitas Chulalongkorn.
Dan dekat sini, ada Pusat Makanan Halal. The Halal Center of Chulalongkorn University. Girang bukan main…sebentar….ternyata semua restoran (masih) tutup!
Bah! Nyesal juga kemarin malam tidak begitu explore. So, take a note, there’s a The Halal Science Center  Universitas Chulalongkorn.10 mins walk from BTS National Stadium.
Ternyata juga, lagi ada race yang kaus, medali dan goodie bag-nya nuansa pink! Adik saya nyesal ngga cari tau. So, 3 races in a day! Next time I travelled abroad, pengen ikutan local race yaaa 5-10K aja deh. Buat lucu lucuan.
Lalu kami masuk komplek University-nya, nembus (of course) national Stadium. Lalu Lihat nama pemenang Asian Games tahun 1970-an. Ada beberapa Atlet Indonesia!

The Winners, saw Indonesian names

Dan dimana kita sarapan? Mc Donald samping hotel -___-
Lalu saya beli post card near-by (sudah pada tiba semua post-cardnya) then…check out pindah hotel.
hotel Bagus bintang 4, ada yang bayarin…hahahah. Girang banget, biasa hotel budget, ya bebss…
Slightly after check-in, we took BTS again to Terminal 21! Food Courtnya is a must visit menurut saya sih. Banyak benar variasi makanan (tapi yang halal dikit).  Dan jangan lupa, pesan Crispy Fried Oyster di Pier 21 Food Court ini! ENAKKK BETTT!
aya antri yang tidak serve pork aja, vegetarian. Pas saya pilih menu (display food-nya di lemari kaca), ada cowok bule belakang saya.
Him : What’s that are you ordering.
me : Actually, I’m not sure,  most likely Fried Tofu with Sweet Soy Sauce. But yeah trust me, I’m Asian. 
Him : *smiled* yeah, not rich
Fotonya buram, yang dimaksud makanan saya pojok kiri atas. Enak deh! Murah lagi ngga sampai Baht 100! Ukuran Food Court-mall ya.. Setelah itu, cabut lagi karena ke BTS agak pinggir kota demi….
Tempat cukup hits untuk kawula muda Bangkok, The Commons. 
Ya Allah tapi tempatnya jauh betttt dari BTS! Akik jalan 1,5 K boooo! Ngga Nemu Tuk tuk, tidak ada bus besar. Ternyata ada model kopaja gitu. Tapi tetap, berhentinya di tempat tertentu, ngga sembarangan berhenti. Oh ya dekat The Commons ini ada Mesjid. Saya numpang Sholat Ashar di situ. Dan rasanya parkir pinggir jalan di Bangkok bebas preman berbalut tukang parkir modal priwitan.
Lagi ngopi di sini, teman saya Haris, teman saya orang Malysia yang tinggal di KL (kita kenal waktu habis Berlin Marathon) kasih kabar kalau mau ke Bangkok juga.
Dia liat IG story saya. Katanya sampai jam 7-an, sampai city center jam 8 malam.
“wait for me, let’s have dinner together”
Ya begitulah kalo overshare jajajhahahhah.  Pas jalan balik ke BTS, back to City Center, lewatin jajaran ruko ruko yang menawarkan Thai Massage. Harganya sekitar 300 Baht. Duh, tergoda banget karena emang pegellll banget. Cuma kata adik saya,yakin ngga tempatnya bersih. Lagian karyawannya ya..gitulah,,,you know what this country famous for. 
Akhirnya cuma strolling around, lihat-lihat Mall Platinum yang macem ITC itu, terus di nunggu Haris di Central Mall. the biggest mall in Bangkok. Dan bagusnya BKK, BTS station and mall have been integrated. Jadi ngga naik turun tangga lagi. But at that time rasanya kaki saya mau copot…janjian sama si Pak Cik ini.
Beliau nongol jam 9 malam! Pengen gw selepet :)) TAU GITU GW BALIK HOTEL DULU MALEEHHH! 
so, between Jakarta (Tangsel) and Subang (Kuala Lumpur-dekat airportnya KLIA bukan Jawa Barat ), met in Berlin, we met in Bangkok again, coincidently! yah…akik anaknya emang internesyenellll – regional gitu dehhh! 

mendadak reuni!

Bangkok trip : bloody tourist

Day 2

Everytime I travelled to a city famous for its food, I refused to order breakfast at the hotel. I go where the local do. well ya…sort of 😀

We had breakfast near by the hotel, served  American Breakfast (Pancake, banana, capucino and orange juice), it cost Baht 120! (less than around IDR 60,000). Expensive, probably yes compare to nasi uduk or lontong sayur. But the place was nice. In Jakarta probably it would cost IDR 80,000, at least.

Well, anyway, our intention was to visit touristy spots, places that we visited decades ago.  We took Grab Car service to the Grand Palace. The driver was an old man, Chinesee-Thai and speaks English very well. Thing we barely met in Bangkok. We had chit chat, I told him we were re-visiting this city again…bla…bla…then he told us:

“Don’t be so nice to Chinese Tourists! They’re very rude! If they cut your line, go punch them!I hate them. They are very noisy”hahahahhaahha

These Chinese (mainland) Tourists had became issue, in some extent, however, we cant blame them, they have THE money.

I told Mr. Jed that we wanted to see Wat Po as well, then he said.

“You know, they’re 7 types of Buddhist which represent the day you’re born. The reclining Budha represents people who born in Tuesday, the laid-back ones!”

bet the old Buddhist weren’t Triathlete nor Runner! Otherwise, Monday will not be a rest day! 😀

Grand Palace opens at 8.30 am. It was cloudy at first then slightly rain. Entrance Fee Baht 500, free for Thai. Quite expensive compare to Indonesia Tourism Site, but…you pay for what you expected.

The Palace was very clean, public toilet like ones in shopping center and even free flow drinking water.  It is nice, considering Bangkok lies near equator as well. So, here we are again, reminiscing our trip when we were teen! A 17 yrs old me vs 27++ yrs old me. I didn’t change much, did I?

We were here on New Year Holiday in mid 90’s, so we roam around, not only admiring the beauty, but wonder were was our picture taken. I somehow can hear my late mom said to my dad “Pa, fotoin mama di sini donk sama anak-anak” 🙂 of course, having a self portrait is a privilege in rolled-film camera, wasn’t it?

Then we proceed to Wat Po by foot, it’s 1 KM apart, under one hot sunny day in Bangkok. Enterance Fee is Baht 100, the condition of the tourism site is as good as The Grand Palace, yes, including the toilet. (Saya tuh suka parno kalo ke toilet umum di Indonesia, WC di Keraton JOgja ajaa…ya gitu deh. Kompensasi Harga Tiket Masuk yang murah kali ya 😦  ) we wanted to hire a guide, but it was Saturday, cant find one.


then and now

We forgot the idea that we wanted to see Wat Arun! next visit then! we didn’t came here either years ago.

In Wat Po, ticket fee includes free a bottle of mineral water, the are is  clean, provide free drinking water, and even ATM inside the complex in case you want to buy sorvenir yet run out of cash! Now I understand, why Thailand is Amazinghal hal kecil untuk memajukan parawisatanya benar benar diperhatikan! Saya sih tidak masalah bayar situs sejarah agak mahal tapi terawat! 

We took rest in restaurant near by, had of course the manggo sticky rice, cost Baht 80. Yummy! then we took public bus.

note: Sekali lagi, di sini saya merasakan ketinggalan Jakarta dalam menyediakan transportasi umum yang nyaman, untuk tourist sekalipun. Their public bus serves better service

we took bus to of courseee……The famous Chatuchak Market! the journey took 45mins.


muslim food stall at Lot 12

Tips from Iqbal, get in from Lot 23. It offers better tenants. So we did what he told us. we were hungry, saw so many Indonesian moslem , I asked them where can I find HALAL FOOD and one of them said  LOT 12! Just ask any Indonesian you met where to find this or that! :)) Seems most of them know this place by heart with closed eyes.

I’m not a shopping person, I  fed up cleaning my parents old house and get rid of their stuffs that made me  hate shopping. It’s wants more than needs. I was puzzled, why (Indonesian) fly to Bangkok only for shopping. On my second day here, I understand! Ya emang pengen dibeli aja rasanya semua barang-barangnya! Murah-murah bet! lucu lucu banget! harus kosongin isi lemari kayaknya ke sini! 

In case you wonder, I came back  empty-handed. I didn’t come to Bangkok for shopping, yet I do find this place is interesting. Saw many buyers come with big luggages.  I bought a lot of snack, drinks, snack, drink, repeat! It’s heaven!

We took BTS back to Siam Area. Chatuchak, being new point of interest offers better rapid public transportation (there’s also MRT near by). Came back to hotel, I needed a rest. Although the night is young ,  I’m not! :))

Main Expenses

  • Grab from Siam to The Grand Palace  around Baht 100-150
  • Grand Palace Enterance Fee Baht 500, Wat Po baht 100
  • Bus Fare from Wat Po to Chattucak Market Baht 18 (30?) lupa. Murah lah. Kalau naik Grab 100Baht++