Talking about the index (again)

Well yeah, me and my senseless writings.

kemaren ikut training tentang Investment Banking, trainer-nya (I don’t where  comes from, but now resides in Singapore and had been in the business in Toronto, Moscow and some USA major  cities) . Eh, kalimatnya belum selesai. Salah satu slidenya menampilkan world map based on Sorveign Credit Due Diligence. Buat yang tidak familiar, definisi Sorveign Credit Rating bisa dibaca di sini.

Niwey...I couldn’t get the same exact map as Mr. Dimitry (the name of the trainer) showed us in class yesterday, but more likely like this. Setidaknya, apa yang mau saya sampaikan ada di map ini.


Sovereign Risk Index Third Quarter 2015

So, as a revised from previous statement in this post, with all do the respect, I’d like to make apologize to the government of Chile.

Ya kali deh …staff-nya Seniorita President ada yang baca blog anak TangSel ini!

-____-  #lebay.

Tulisan saya di post itu bilang, gaya pemerintahan Chili beda-beda tipis sama negeri kita,  ternyata berdasarkan mapping di atas, pendapat saya salah.  Sehingga tampak wajar,  its capital city gets better ranking than ours. Kesimpulan yang terlalu tergesa-gesa sih, I know. But my blog is opinion, somehow. It usually non sense after all :D ? So I laughed at people who used blog as their official work. Ada lho, orang yang ngotot beropini tentang suatu kasus di pekerjaannya dan menjadikan blog  sebagai reference (resmi).

And owh, here I got from Kompas few days ago. Vitri sent this to our whatsapp group. Hmph, bener kan gw kemaren waktu di Wien ngarep ada mukzijat bisa dipindahin ke kota ini . Number 140 is beyond sad though. We should be grateful for what we have now. 



Why I bother to write unstructured topic about this? Last year, my friend Liza send me this article.  Waktu gw terserang midlife crisis😉 I’m exaggerating, I know. “Chose your struggle wisely” sentences struck me the most.  Few weeks later, I saw this picture



it’s 10:50 pm TangSel time. Bonne Nuit!

eits, a little thing that made me happy.

gw ngerti tulisan ini! ihiyyyy


Synthesis Ride 71Km

This was marked as my first bike-only event.

Tell you what, since two weeks ago, I was one of the 12 pacers from Bintaro Trojan Runners  who obliged to accompany some runners who have target for the upcoming Jakarta Marathon 2016. Every single Sunday. Some excuses  (for not to be there) are oke tho😉

Anyway, I cancelled the 100K Rapha Women Jakarta Chapter last month thus I wanted to participate this event. But I have a duty to be a pacer. Rizky, the PakAji told us just signed up and he’d nego with the pacer-ing thing. So there we were😀

There were 3 groups in this event, with average speed of 40K(kilometer)P(er)H(our), 30Kph, and 20 Kph! Which group I fell into? Ha! Go Figure! =)) Fortunately, the fast cyclists from BTR were willing to downgrade their speed.

here’s the recap:

  • Picking up Vitri, at 4.30am (-____-) off we go to Gatot Subroto, Synthesis Building where the start line was. We got there at 5.30 something (we did sholat shubuh near Blok M. I took a slice of bread and water with honey as my intake.
  • Reunited with other friends from BTR, the boys did check and re-check my bike to make sure. I brought water with a tablespoon of honey in my bidon (bottle) for hydration purpose.


  • Adit, the team captain, has divided who ride by whose side. Based on his plan, I suppose to be side by side Agnes. At about 6 am something flag off for the Charlie Team.

Start Line

  • Took left turn, ride along Gatot Subroto and took left again entering Jl. DI Panjaitan. Unfortunately, we took the wrong way. Tiba-tiba stop, kita gotong2x sepeda ke jalan sebelah, heading for Bassura City in Cipinang which also marked as  the first water station. They greeted us with traditional dance from Bali and a cup of Cafe Latte from Starbuck! Finally, caffein intake for me! Reunited again with the BTR, than (forget who) reminded us again to stay in a pleton. Ngga boleh ada yang ngacir sendirian. Sebelumnya kami tercerai berai. Cyclist who made to this stop got blue bracelet. I took a banana and a bottle of water.  We had ride for 10 Kilometer.
  • Then we were heading back to Cawang again, unfortunately I didn’t recognize that I left Agnes, because I was busy catching up my friends. I forgot which route we took, the next thing I know was…we rode passing Pasar Grosir Cililatan, took left turn then  Jalan Raya Bogor which was A HELL! HELL ON (CYCLIST’s) EARTH. OH EM GEEEEE Moment! it was the  hardest multi tasking for me. Parts between balancing the bike (I put the cleat on, so I took my shoes off every now and then because I was afraid of falling down– kalau tiba ngerem tanpa leaps cleat), concentrating between  keep moving while dealing with the brainless Angkot’s and Kopaja Drivers who always made the sudden stop, many-many times I got to stop because there road was very occupied with brainless motorcyclist who took the contra flow on the left side. Hanjrit! Pengen gw tembak rasanya tuh pemotor lawan arah. Udah dia yang salah, dia yang maki-maki.  I stopped again busy catching up my breath (and guts). Fortunately, there was a motor marshal with the green vest  asking me whether I wanted to be evacuated or not. OH, NO WAY JOSE! I still had many power to complete the next route. I just hate this (sh*tty) road.


  • Then, Aphit was my pacer for the rest of the track until…suddenly…some marshal told us “Balik arah! Di sebrang pit stop-nya” It was around 15 km from the first station to the second. 15km of hell! *masih kesel plus gemetaran nulis ini*
    Jiah… was a hard maneuver for me. We stopped at Prajawangsa Apartment in Cijantung. A- IDR 250 mi0-under construction – apartment (or ground breaking phase, I can’t remember). I know the price,because the MC keep informing  us the price per unit😉
    Here, the Kalimantan Timur dancers greeted us. If you befriended with me in FB or Instagram, I post a video of this dance. And owh, they gave us, ah I forgot Red Bracelet I guess.  Apiet tried his luck to shoot a balloon with Dayak’s traditional weapon. Nembak cewek ditolak terus sih ya, bro? Then we realized there were no Adit (the captain), Maya (Adit’s wife) and Rino. Unfortunately, there were no marshal around, so they kept straight instead of making a U-turn in Prajawangsa because nobody told them to. There were also some cyclists who got lost. Rino was really pissed off! (I would too,if I were him). Anyway, I took a fit bar and a bottle of Pocari for the intake. Owh, it was a-22.7Km- ride already.


  • Regrouping, we headed  back to Jalan Basuki, made U turn, then cruising  the rest of Jalan Raya Bogor  then made the right turn  to Jalan Raya Haji Juanda and here we went dealing with countless rolling road in Depok. I shifted my gear, tried to get my bike easier, here came the drama. The chain was misplaced. Rantai gw lepas, malih!  Pak Aji, VItri and even Mas RezPo stopped to help me😀. Done. Then I caught my group again, gowes (menurut gw)  sekencang-kencangnya dealing with the hilly road then here we go again, the chain misplaced again. Oh the-so-called-bike- drama. Dua kali rantai lepas. Fortunately (again), there was Mas Rezpo with the marshal again, helping me. Note to myself, I have to learn with so-called-shifting-gear incase gw mau sepedahan di Alpen. (Kalau ngayal, sekalian!) 
  • Suddenly I felt so exhausted that my feet were’t steady. Those were shaking but I kept moving. Traffic was better. Fortunately (catatan: BERDOA SEBELUM AKTIVITAS ITU PENTING ADANYA!) , some of Charlie Pleton stopped in traffic light. I gained by breath and my sanity back. Others were waiting 2o0 away. Later, we made right turn, heading for Universitas Indonesia then Jalan Raya Pasar Minggu (another  owh-so-called-kota-ini-kebanyakan-orang-ngga-tau-aturan-moment) in one of the train station. We were heading to the last pit stop in Kemang. I can recall, gw ngomel-ngomel ke Pak Aji “nih yeee…gara-gara elo  gw daftar ginian!” =)). *Asik-asik nyalahin orang aja*  The sun was quite hot too. Along Jalan Raya Pasar Minggu I was hallucinating, couldn’t tell the different between Race Marshal with green vest and Abang Ojek dari Grab Bike.

somewhere in Depok

  • Last Pit Stop was Synthesis Reserve Kemang and the entertaniment was from Reog from Ponorogo. The cyclists who made it to this top received yellow bracelet. I parked my bike, had a bottle of water, Pocari and Fit Bar again. It was 9.30am something . scorching hot! Nyengat banget malih! It was a -48.4KM- ride already.


  • syn 5


  • To save time, we wanted this event to finish very…very soon. So, we took off. Always kept ourself in a group. Pak Giri did a very good job of opening the road so less hustle and bustle for us. So did Adit, the captain who patiently wait for the last person in group. Unfortunately, Agnes stopped in last pit stop. The rest of the track was fine. of course, since I quite familiars with this area (hell yeah, hahahha. Jakarta Timur asing deh buat gw) We made right turn from Jalan Ampera, dealed with undulating road of Jalan Mampang, smooth road in Jalan Rasuna Said, turn left to ITC Kuningan, climbed Karet fly over, made a U-Turn in front of City Walk (HELLO OFFICE BUILDING), climbed Karet Fly Over again, passing ITC Kuningan, made a left turn…and they (the fast cyclist such as Thya, Giri, Vitri, etc) went nuts! They rode with average 30’s KPH! Hmppphhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ditahan-tahan 50km sebelumnya, akhirnya lepas kendali! Made a U-turn in Tugu 66! Wooossss…I couldn’t see their sight again!
  • I stayed ISTIQOMAH! Sutrahlah…ntar lagi sampai. It’s Jalan Rasuna Said and Jl Gatot Subroto anyway. There were marshal too besides me. Someone who rode folding bike (crazy! folding bike for 71Km!) was ‘pushed’ on his back by the marshal. It would be easier for him to keep moving.
  • And there I go! Survived in one piece in never friendly Jakarta Road under the scorching sun! Ha!

synt 6



Colorful Bracelets! Indonesia is ME

In case you are wondering, Synthesis is the developer that will build the mega block area.😉 The tag line of the event was “Bring out Miles of Smiles”. All registration fee  will be donated for Operasi Bibir Sumbing.The- THUMBS UP- movement.

That is the recap of my first bike-only-event!  Big thanks to my Bintaro Trojan Runners (now cyclist) family.

Karena dengan kalianlah, kata PERTAMA KALI bisa diulang sampai RIBUAN KALI. 

Except for the part in Jalan Raya Bogor, the event was ok with sufficient water stations.

Until my first Audax  or Tour De in…

Yeah right! I was joking!

PS : for my non Indonesian reader, 71Km represent Indonesia’s Independence  day. it was on August 17th, 1945.

rekam jejak dari masa lampau

Tulisan tahun lalu, 24 May 2015. That is why I love writing. Penting ngga penting, tulis aja. sering jadi reminder buat saya, and sometimes a therapy as well.

apalagi kalo ada komen, hahahahhhaha

banyak komen dari yang baca blog gw, gw simpan. gw inget inget. buat jadi nasehat, motivasi, en des bre. Termasuk komen dari postingan yang ini: 


gw lagi buka timeline FB gw. Ada status Pak Philip, suaminya Sinta.

ada foto kartu ucapan lalu caption awalnya “pernah sedih karena anak sedih?” Yaaa kira kita gitulah.

Gw screen cap  (tahun lalu gw screen cap, sekarang gw copas ya)  statusnya:

(statusnya Pak Pilips pakai tanda kutip)

” Pernah nggak ngerasa sedih karena ngeliat anak sedih? gw pernah, ini salah satunya. 

Waktu itu hari terakhir di Amerika setelah tinggal 6 tahun lebih karena studi, anak yang paling tua ngotot tetep mau sekolah walau cuma beberapa jam ( dia middle school atau kelas 2 SMP waktu itu). Merasakan dia sedih banget mau pisah for good dengan teman-temannya. Akhirnya kita ngalah, walau ribet harus jemput dia dulu sebelum jalan ke bandara. Dia bawa cookies untuk perpisahan buat teman sekelas.

Tempo hari saya bongkar tas berisi dokumen-dokumen, nemu kartu ini diantara tumpukan kertas. Jadi ingat hari yang sedih itu. Saya lihat lagi kartu perpisahan yang digambar sendiri dan ditandatangani teman-teman kelas orkestra nya. Di sekolahnya itu dia ikut orkestra main viola dulu (yang ndak tahu, viola itu alat musik gesek yang nada nya nada-nada rendah dari biola/violin, contohnya string section yang di band Velvet Underground itu viola, bukan violin).
Saya lihat pesan-pesan tandatangan teman-teman sekolahnya di kartu itu, jadi membayangkan sedihnya dia di hari terakhir.
Yang jemput dia di sekolah adalah istri saya, salman cuma tiga jam-an di sekolah hari terakhir. Ada sebuah foto yang diambil istri saya mengabadikan si salman lagi membersihkan untuk terakhir kali locker nya di lorong sekolah yang sepi (karena teman-temannya tentu di dalam kelas). Hening. 
Semoga hari itu justru memperkuat dia, walau sedih sekali, pelajaran pertama dia bahwa nothing lasts forever. Setiap ada awal, selalu ada akhir…”

Bagian anak mereka bersih-bersih locker di hari terakhir bikin mata gw berkaca-kaca.

Ingatan gw terlempar di bulan May 1991. Gw yang waktu itu seumur Salman juga termangu setengah jam di depan loker gw. Yellow Hall, Travis JHS.
Jadii, sekolah gw dulu ada 4 hall (yellow, orange, green and blue). Orange dan Yellow hall adanya di lantai satu.

Hari pertama sekolah, gw dan beberapa teman ESL ( english as second language) dapatnya yellow Hall. Deket-deket ujung langsung pintu keluar menuju ruangan musik.
Karena kelas gw banyakan di daerah orange hall, teman-teman ESL pada pindah ke orange.
gw stayed di yellow hall, karena teman dari Indonesia kebanyakan di Yellow Hall juga walaupun mereka di ujung hall yang lain.
Gw saat itu, awam banget sama locker.
Selalu gagal buka loker walaupun caranya udah bener. Dan gw masih inget caranya:
Putar knob sampe dua kali angka 0, putar angka pertama ke kanan, putar angka kedua ke kiri dan angka ketiga kanan lagi.
Kalo udah panik, loker ngga bisa kebuka, pasti minta tolong murid lain bukain yang kebetulan lewat. And yes, they were very helpful eventhough i’m a foreigner.
Anyway…at that time of courseeeeee
Gw ngerasa anak SMP paling cool seduniaaaaa!
Gilak gw punya Loker macam Kris Witherspoon yang suka pesawat-pesawat film series Our House atau si DJ di Film Series Full House man!!! =)) *contoh kasus penyingkap umur*

Buat kalian yang seumuran adek-adek gw kayaknya ngga tau deh mereka siapa ya dan film seriesnya tentang apa! Ha!
And everything must come to and end, datanglah hari itu penghujung bulan May, hampir seperempat abad yang lalu #tsahhh
Sehari sebelumnya gw sudah bebersih loker Gym, balikin baju gym (baju olahraga dipinjemin)
Hari terakhir sekolah sebelum summer break, libur panjang di sana 3 bulan baru masuk lagi awal September biasanya.  Almh mama dan papa jemput ke sekolah sekalian pamitan sama guru-guru.

Another 1 month and half, we would be back to Jakarta. 

Biasanya gw buka loker banting sana banting sini, naro buku juga gitu :))

Kali itu pelannn banget.
Tinggal kertas-kertas PR, buku buku sudah dibalikin. Buku-buku (pelajaran) dulu dipinjamkan dari sekolah.
Gw selusuri lagi loker gw, kayak pengen tau rasanya megang loker ini untuk terakhir kalinya.
Dan karena teman-teman ESL pindah loker ke Orange Hall, ya kiri kanan gw ngga ada orang.
I made a pray, semoga saya bisa lihat sekolah ini lagi…liat loker ini lagi, dua deretan dari ujung dekat pintu keluar menuju Kelas Musik.
Namun Saya lupa keinginan itu, lupa bahwa saya pernah menatap loker saya untuk terakhir kali.
sampai saya baca status Pak Philips.
Sinta, ibunya Salman mengirim via whatsapp foto waktu Salman membersihkan lokernya, sesaat gw cerita gw nangis baca status suaminya. :))
Tapi rasanya ngga etis posting foto Salman di sini yaa belum ijin mamanya and he’s not my child either walaupun fotonya tampak dari belakang.
Anyway, sampai 24 tahun kemudian…keinginan itu belum kesampaian.
Ngga ada tanda akan kesampaian juga.
I feel bad for my self, i realize i never really work on my dream. Always afraid to do something different. May be karena lingkungan saat itu memaksa begitu. Semua diurusin.
While for Salman, if he wants to see his locker back…he still has a lot of chance to do so:)

For the first time in my life I envy to someone who is half of  my age ….


august 16, 2016

Tulisan gw 1,5 tahun yang lalu. Time flies, sekarang gw masih penakut, tapi sepertinya pengen banget deh melakukan hal yang berbeda. Giant leap, because small steps seems too mainstream :)) I really want too  see Travis JHS… again.

have you ever…

take a giant leap in your life?

if yes…

  • why you did that? 
  • when was it?
  • were you scare? 
  • how did you cope with the anxiety
  • how does it go so far?
  • up until now, do you regret it??

i’m doing a pool for my project

PS : i took the picture on my way to the train station. almost every weekday I bumped into these expats. running….

Index Beneran

bukan lanjutan Index Harga Tumbler Starbuck😀

This upcoming Sunday, ada Ironman Cebu 70.3. Half Ironman isitilahnya.

Temen kami dari B(intaro) T(rojan) R(unners)  ada yang ikut, biasalah kita kasih support, doa, bla bla bla via whatsapp group.

Termasuk saling ngomporin buat ikutan lombanya juga.


Gw pun clamitan, berimajinasi liar, kalo fisik sama kantong kuat, mungkin ngga kesana? 😬🔨

Ngayal boleh donk, donk, donk!!! So, I did what I have to do. browsing sana sinilah yaaa

kira-kira habisnya berapa buat hotel, pesawat, bla bla.Daftar race-nya sih udah pasti ketahuan….pasti mahal!  Viewnya Cebu sih okelah, pantai. Ini daerah wisata juga, konon.

Ini foto pantainya, lokasi swim leg.

sebut saja bunga (bukan nama sebenarnya)

Lalu tadi sembari nunggu kereta, gw cari info jarak antara Manila and Cebu. I’ve never been to this country! Rasanya perlu mampir ke ibukotanya.  Kalau ngayal sekalian!

Next thing I know, I came across this post.

Belok dikit topiknya.

There’s a quaterly published world-wide-distribution internal magazine in my office.

Ada 1  section yang gw pasti baca dengan tajuk (((tajuk)))  “Life in (name of a branch)”
Isinya menampilkan cerita karyawan sehari-hari  di belahan dunia manapun yang ada perusahaan tempat gw kerja ini. Gw ingat dua tahun lalu, yang ditampilkan RM dari Cabang di Belanda. Lupa nama kotanya. Harusnya bisa googling, ngga banyak kok cabangnya. hahahhaah. Amsterdam mungkin.

Inti artikel  sih blio cerita jam 7 pagi bangun, jam 9 pagi mulai kerja jam and then 7 malam udah party-party di pantai (kalau summer)! Man, jam 7 malam gw masih gelantungan di commuter line!

Lain waktu, dari Jepang (gw juga lupa di kota apa). Karyawan perempuan yang menceritakan garis besar kesehariannya, in which on my surprise….jam 7 malam udah latihan inverval  di track lari dekat apartemennya! Runners juga ‘wakai onna no hito’ (young woman, in Japanase) . This young lady is also a runner.
Gw pernah mikir “ini gw salah tempat lahir atau gimana sih?”

Buat  kalian yang merasa kerasnya ibukota, those 2 stories bikin irilah…ye kannn? Mau yoga 20 menit sebelum kerja aja buat banyak orang (kerja kantoran— live in suburb ) mewah
ok, back to initial topic.

I read the above mentioned  article and saw the table!


index keyamanan and quality life kira-kira ya.
Gw jujurly, surprise sih…

Ngga usah di -compare- lah. Tokyo vs Jakarta or even Singapore. ini sih undebatable…

sama HCMC aja, peringkat Jakarta masih di bawahnya!Ah, masa sih? Ibukota dari negara yang mayoritas-penduduknya-muslim-taat-sehingga-kalau-punya-pemimpin-harus-muslim–juga-kalau-ngga-wajib-nyinyir-kalau-perlu-Erdogan-jadi-presiden- berada di peringkat bawah dengan nilai “RENDAH”

Iya sih Cebu di bawah Jakarta, but Cebu is not capital city! Even Chiang Mai has better ranking. Trus Chilie (Santiago) kan beda-beda tipis gaya pemerintahnya (korupsi juga maksud gw , hehehheh)

well, di perusahaan gw ada kayak grading antar cabang gitu deh. Grading is  based on many factors termasuk situasi politik, ekonomi, hukum, jaminan kesehatan dll. Four years ago, I did the calculation for Indonesia. Up until now, Jakarta is still one notch higher than  Hanoi’s branch. Makanya gw surprise. Di bawah kuala lumpur dan HK tentunya


kayaknya yang ngerti tujuan tulisan gw, cuma si May sih.


Have a nice weekend, people!
update 18 agustus 2016

diambil dari koran Kompas 

Post card from Papua


NO, I am not the one who travelled there😀


THESE ARE  NOT my pictures.

These belong to Wawank, my former colleague who now works in Jayapura Branch at one of Stated Owned Enterprise Bank .He shared these in our whatsapp group.

Since he’s not a socmed whore, (unlike..yeah, you-know-who!) I can’t help not to share these beautiful pictures!! he already gave permission.

Indonesia is dangerously beautiful!

Jayapura City

pantai mansinam – monokrawi

view behind his office! WHAT!!!!???


oh em gee…

Ich brauch Urlaub so zweimal im Jahr sechs Monate!
I need holiday, twice a year, 6 months each