Em Ar Te (read: MRT)

As far as I can remember, first time I took Underground Train slash MRT when I was in 3rd grade, apprx 9 years old.

It was in Singapore, my parents annually took us there.

I went “wooow” since It didn’t exist in Jakarta.

As I said, we kept coming back to S’pore and taking MRT wasn’t fantastic journey anymore. Yet, I always in awe, since the country keeps building new lines, expanding the stations,etc.

For instance, Dhouby Ghout was once a small, quite MRT station. I remembered the station was majorly renovated in 2005, and now it is a huge transit station. I haven’t travelled back to Singapore for 3 years so I have no idea what lines are new.

I’m 41 years old, so do the calculation in what year I took MRT for the first time.

When I was in Singapore for work, I must say, I felt like I was the coolest Tangsel Citizen because hey! I took MRT to work! On daily basis!

Fast forward, Jakarta finally have one! I bet many of you have friends or you- yourself had posted short video or pictures of the long-awaited MRT in your socmed account.

Yet Being overshared I am, I didn’t post any! Tumben kan? Hahahaha

When I took MRT (in Jakarta) for the first time, I feel amazing when it goes escalated. From senayan station to Asean Station.

All the people in the compartment exclaimed “WOOOOOWWWW”

I bet they are just like me, middle class who travelled here and there including Singapore, yet, still in awe in a public transportation that goes underground to bla bla feet above the ground!

If you asked me, the MRT is not feasible for me in term of expenses and time consuming. It’s IDR 15,000 more expensive/trip and extra 30 minutes to get home/office.

But yes, there’s a feeling, a proud feeling that I took MRT to commute in a country where I live!

Lebak Bulus Bound

It is not surprising, that business area near the station goes very very well! People from Sudirman went to Blok A just to eat Nasi Padang. Because it only took 10 mins from their desk now (vs 45 mins by taxi)

Last Friday I asked my colleague to have lunch somewhere,near MRT station. Everybody agreed!

We were in the same elevator with our Irish Boss. He asked where we have our lunch, we explained and his reply was (of course he said this in English)

“Halah! Kalian heboh banget sih sama MRT! gw kira semua kota dilalui MRT, taunya cuma 1 line pendek”

In case google translation doesn’t work : you guys are exaggerating! I thought it is covering the whole city! Turns out only 1 short distance”

Ih misterrr! nunggunya lamaaaa tau!!!


Have you been to Tokyo? I

Di kantor sekarang, next higher saya US citizen of Philippines descendent. Sudah dua tahun di Indonesia, minggu lalu,blio kembali ke Tanah Airnya, pensiun.

Pengganti blio ternyata masih seorang expat. Dari negara pulau kecil di belahan utara, negara asal band The Script.

One day, waktu mau pulang, saya menunggu lift dengan bapak bule ini. Saya tidak tahu, apakah dia pernah ke Indonesia sebelumnya. Yang saya tahu, blio juga baru bergabung di Kantor Pusat tempat saya kerja (masih di Asia)

Terpaksa basa basi. Dia bertanya di mana saya tinggal, saya jawab di pinggiran ibukota.

Him : How do you commute?

Me: by train misterrrr

Him: is the train good? (Mungkin dia pikir di negara berflower ini, transportasi umumnya mirip di India)

Me : *sebagai die hard fans PT Kereta Api Indonesia saya tidak terima pertanyaan ini* Ya ofkors donk mister!! import dari Jepang! mister pernah ke Tokyo ngga? The train looks exactly the same! Ya udah persis kayak gitu keretanya! —> percakapan ini tentu dalam bahasa Inggris

Him : *senyum garing*

Besoknya, saya baru tahu blio sama seperti saya, nope, bukan orang Minang besar di jakarta #krik

Blio juga pernah kerja di perusahaan Jepang dan cukup lama, hampir 1 dekade. Tentu posisi yang dia pegang sebelumnya di perusahaan tersebut membuat blio bolak balik ke negeri matahari terbit. Mugkin dia hapal rute Japan Rail dibanding teman teman yang dulu sering dinas ke sana :))

Cih! Saya jadi malu!

Ironman Bang Saen 70.3 Race Recap

Where was I?

Ah ya…

We woke up really early, get dressed and I couldn’t eat. Mami Vitri pushed me to eat at least banana and even made me a cup of instant cofee.

A shuttle bus (in a form of TukTuk) picked us up at 4.15. the hotel gave us a sandwich and mineral water for breakfast, I left it at my room….then decided to bring the sandwich. From Wheeler Bed and BIke , only took 5 mins, approx 2.5K, shortly we arrived at transition area.

And what is a race without drama?

That very moment I realized I left my bike shoes at the hotel! DAMN! I forgot what I did, seems I ran to the drop off point and realized it would do no good. The local said there would be another shuttle bus but I doubt. Friends told me to calm down and I tried, entered the transition area and prepared my stuff. Tried to call Alvin who was still in hotel, but he didnt hear. I  figured if I walked back and forth, it could take 1 hour or so, I still have spare time before the transition area close at 6.00 am.

I ran back to drop-off point, and fortunately the last shuttle bus (with Alvin in it) came. I asked for the driver’s mercy, with the help with locals, figured out my condition that I NEED to go back to hotel. The driver said yes, he dropped me off, I asked him “please wait for me for 10 minutes!” With a 20 Baht on his hand! 😀 It wasn’t bribing I hope.

I run frantically to my room and got it! FIUHHHH now I can smile! probably I couldn’t finish swim leg due to the choppy water, but at least I tried (to get the bike), didn’t I? As I re-entered the transisition area, I heard the MC said Fun Fact about this event. He said that in term of age group, the most participants come from Male 40-44! wooo, target market gw donk, mana mana aja nih yang available. *jahil* Udah tenang soalnya. 

Another drama, ban sepeda kurang angin. The was a local participant telling me I should get my wheel pumped.

Damn! I was looking for a pump with an adopter (related to type of the wheel). Agak susah nyarinya, ternyata ada team dari Indonesia yant bawa! Bagus deh, ngga usah ngoceh pake bahasa Inggris. That local guy helped me with my bike, he pumped the wheels. Kap Khun Kaaaaa! Probably excited that someone from overseas came for the sake of this event! He told me he haven’t done Bintan, yet. I assumed it wasn’t  his first time doing half IM, he knew where the events are held.

Fortunately, next to my bike was an empty space, seemed the 1307 cancelled her. There ,  I took Subh Pray.  Next to me (1305 and 1304) were also  Indonesian. I met Dini several time. She gave me dates for extra energy and I asked for her sunblock too. Lupa bawa booo.

I took a gel and small bottle with me, dropped my bag to BAG DROP station, and off to starting pen, I was in Pink Lane. The slowest swimmers, whose pace is 2:30 / 100m and slower. I met Evelyn, good! Had friends to chit chat, then later with Luwung, and Indonesian designer lives in Bali. We entered the waiting area.

The different between Bangsaen and Bintan, the waiting area provided bottled drinking water and plenty of them. Another thing, the EO didn’t allow us to swim after 6 am although race starts at 6.25 am.


Regrouped with another Indonesian (Including the man behind me). An oriental looking guy came and asked

“Kalian dari Indonesia ya?”

He is Jery (or Geri), an Indonesian living in Laos for several years. He has done that and this half Ironman across South East Asia and annually do Tri Race in Bang Saen. Actually, it was the first time for the 70.3 distance was held under Ironman organizer. Jery also told us a bit about the city, although it’s quite and small, it holds many sport events during a year and the pretty girl next to us is a Thai Model! @mymanow IG nya #penting

Biar wa ngga tegang, wa ngoceh aja terus! I took my gel and drink and another drink. Swimmers entered the water by 5 people, 5 seconds each .

Here’s my recap, it is going to be soooo long.

  • The water was unfortunately still choppy. As predicted, being a slow swimmer I got kicked many time.  I saw many swimmers hanging on a rope.
  • The course was form of an isosceles triangle, 700 m – 500 m – 700m. Berapa luas segitiganya? #krik
  • I pushed hard against the water, otherwise it would take me nowhere like yesterday.
  • I’m a right sided swimmer, I took breath better on right, besides the rope also on my right. Make sure I didn’t get too far from the course.
  • But I remember I have to switch to left side too, breathing on right side , gives pressure on my right ears. After Bintan, my right ear isn’t normal anymore, it has low tolerance to water pressure that gives trouble during my drill.
  • When I took breath from the left, it offered beautiful sunrise.
  • img_0539Done first 700m, I took left turn with sooooooo many swimmers macam zara lagi sale. Hard to move and the ropes that kept the buoy float were disturbing as well. I reached ones and made them as stepping stone (rope)
  • Even 3/4 of the course I still saw some swimmers hanging on the rope and marshal asked were they ok or not. Including the green cappers too. It was a hard sea. But a calm sea will not make a good sailor #apeuuu 🙂
  • Each 100 meters marked by a buoy and abt 200 meters before the sea shore I saw my watch it was 50mins something. I still have 20 mins left before the Cut Off Time.
  • I pushed even harder. Then I felt slightly cramped on my left calf. Oh no!  This is my very first sport, I love swimming my entire life, not completing this leg wasn’t an option. Not today! And I made it. Exactly 1 hr, 9 mins slower from Bintan 10 mins from COT.
  • Alhamdulilah!!!! Untung tuh sepatu gw ambil tadi! I said to myself!
  • Run to transition area, I took a fit bar and alike, a sip of water, and ready to go, yet put the bike back as I think I need Tri Vest on. Kurang kece foto gw nanti tanpa TriVest. Run out to transition area. It was sooooo big as it held 1500 participants. (Hope it also answers question, why no rental bike or alike in Tri event like this 😀 )

Bike LEG

  • The most scariest leg for me as I had flat tyre on my last Tri Race at Bintan Triathlon.
  • We already tested the bike route and Bang Saen famous for its flyovers. The least favorite about the route is there are sooo many speed traps. I saw cyclist lost its tumblers.

    That expression tho’

  • I think I was doing fine on first flyover, another two I said to myself, as yesterday, my friends and I were discussing the route
  • Cyclists were passing me and I looked at them and said “youu…swim slower than me?” #pongah  I silently asked them. Hahahhah kampret sombomg bener gw! When I tackled the flyover, I murmered  Yes, here come one, yes two!  One (flyover) to go, it was the longest flyover or….I thought it was. Wait whatt???? Masih ada flyover lagi???
  • Then it took us in alternate road next to highway. Lurus aja jalannya macam orang mudik. Route was boring and dry.  Then we took left to villagers area. Around Km 20 was a water station I opted not to stop. Km 25 or something I saw the potential winner making his way back to the city.
  • But I can say, I enjoyed the route, undulating, flat, sharp turn, a combination of flyover Bintaro, Kuningan, Gatsu and those beautiful small villages during TDA, Jogja. Chon Buri area is sooo quite, saw locals cheered us up Tapi ngga meriah aja. Emang Indonesia kebanyakan penduduk kali ya.  I think I was soo closed to God since I made pray and dzikir every other mimutes, jangan pecah ban lagi ya Rabb! Please no bike drama! I keep looking at my watch, 30K, 35K…if I took OD I would have finish this leg in less than 15 mins. Why I gave my OD Sungai LIat Triathlon bib up?  Although not hard core, I train regularly. Also the reason why I jumped up to Ironman Distance. See, mending mengutuk selama race  dibanding nyesel  ngga daftar kan apalagi Did Not Start? hahahhahaha!
  • There were still speed traps along this course, sebagian saya tabrak, sebagian saya menghindar ke kiri yang ngga kena trap. 
  • I could passed few cyclists and said “Excuse meeee. Bike on your right” when I wanted to pass them. I felt like I’m the coolest South East Asia female cyclist. nyiahahhahahaha #pongahlevel2
  • Then I stoped my bike to get my tumbler filled with water. I had two bottles with me, plain water and Isotonic. I ran out plain water on Km 35’s I think. Continue my bike and tried to get isotonic drink from Marshal Hand without stopping my bike, and again, gw berasa keren bener!
  • We made U-turn in Km 40’s something, saw few cyclists behind me on my way back.
  • There was a scenic yet scary route on the way back, by the side of Ban Bhang Pra Reservoir. There was a bridge in front of  us and when  I looked up, I saw cyclists there! Eh gileee jekkkk, nanjak lagi maleeeh? This was the route and why the photographers exist on every tanjakan? muka saya ngga ada yang bener!


  • I actually couldn’t recall what really happened. The area was quite on my way back (ya iyalaaah gw lelet, udah ngga ada peserta lagi) I kept riding, kept looking at my watch, 50 K, 55, 65 K and so on. I took both gels (that whas taped on my bike) within 10-20Km distance. There was banana provided but I didn’t stop. Things I regret later.   Also met another Indonesian, both using road bike instead of TT bike. salip salipan gitu deh, hahahhaha. Pas nyalip minta jalannya  pake bahasa Indonesia aja.  Later I knew, many of friends including Acha, Ika and BTR did tracking me. Worrying my whereabout, monitoring via Ironman Tracker app. Thx friends. *blowing kisses*
  • Just around 10K back to race area, Evelyn passed me. I look my watch, it was almost 11.30 am, I had spare time before COT at 12. 00 pm.
  • So, finished in 3 hr : 40 mins. With the headwind / side wind along the course (bikin berat boo) I think I was doing fine. Another wish was granted that day! Alhamdulilah!

Run Leg

  • Back to transition area, I took another fit bar. Took my bib with me and drank plenty of water. 
  • I was almost 12 pm when I started the run, under hot scorching sun! I did power walk as @ayu_soemardoko told me. But those evil hills laid on Bangsaen Seashore were devil!!! drained my energy to the lowest level. #lebay
  • When I jsut started the run, I saw Vitri was making her last loops, she told me water station were good! plenty of food.
  • It was a-3-loop-track, steep hills, and hills and hills again! Go check my Strava account for details. If you ran Bali Marathon, the similar hills like in Km 21, repeat 9 times!
  • Vitri was right, there were sooooooo many food available, isotonic, cola, water melon, gels, banana even its ice cream and its traditional food made from sticky rice.
  • I saw many army and there was a group of people, covering one lady. She was the princess,  the first grandchild from the late Rama IX.
  • Since it was looping, saw many friends and they were motivating me. Sunu, Pak Idham, Bagus and the younger Bagus.
  • around 3K before the end of the loop, they gave us rubber band in three color. Princess and her group took her second and I of course took the first rubber band.
  • Done first loop,  mein Gott! another 14K. I never sign up for a race again EVER!!! EVER, ever! I cursed myself during this hot sunny day. I shouldn’t waste my money, I could just lying on my bed today. get manicure, pedicure, hair spa, full body massage. What a waste of 8 hrs ++ geee. 
  • I can’t remember what I ate, I stoped in every water station, eat that banana, water melon, ice cube, cola, isotonic in random oder. I took sponge threw them repeat countless time,
  • Near finishing the second loop – which also the check point Cut Off Time, the committe still allowed to go. I really wanted to give up, yet there was no appropriate “resting place” it’s either hot (34 degrees, thank you very much), many garbage (by Water Station ) smelly — yang namanya even kayak gini banyak yang pipis sembari jalan aja..so, imagine yes? 😀  and even …. monkeys 🐵 , ya dalah yaaaaa gw lanjutin aja dengan sisa sisa⁣ tenaga.
  • But fortunately, I didn’t get cramp. I was doing oke. I was the last person who got the 3rd loop rubber band! The marshals were about to go back to race village. -__-    I knew I couldn’t make it. meh!

NOTE, that Briyani wasn’t for me!

  • On my way to third check point, there was intersection. It was near my hotel, and there was no marshal anymore. I had to cross the streed muyself. they already open the road for public. double meh!
  • Long story short, technically I managed to cross the finish line, but 9 mins after they close the gate.⁣
  • The race director came to me and said he was sorry I didn’t make it and gave me a T shirt.
  • Ingin kuberkata kasar “kata loee enjoyable course maliihhh!” cih! 
  • I talked to him on Friday, as I explaiend to him I wear hijab I need long pants on swimming leg. In Bintan, I had to argue as the rules didn’t allow pants above the knee. Lupa gw kenapa aturannya.
  • And muss ich sagen, thank you very much Mami Vitri, Bu Thya and Sunu  who had patiently waiting for me. The ladies got their Personal best Time on this devil course. 


  • Came back to transition area, regrouped with Natali and Dini. None of us finished this race. hahahhahaha! Natali was only 2 mins too late! kejam kalian panitia! 
  • I saw that local guy who pumped my wheel, he made it. when I told him I didn’t he said give it a try another year. “Or I’ll see you again in Bintan!” yeah right!  Unfortunately I can’t remember his name.I even forget his Bib though he was in front of me on transition area.

So why it didn’t work.

  • My refueling is big homework, i suffered from bloating few days ahead. I was hungry during run leg yet keep drinking cola and isotonic.
  • I barely practice long swimming.
  • Of course, the  run as well.
  • I should have my weight lost few kg as well.  Perhaps.
  • yet, I break my own words, I’ll sign up for an endurance again. hahahahahhaha

My viem for this race

  • Give it a try! It was a good race. Thailand is affordable for Indonesia, food are great! I regret I didn’t extend my stay in Bangkok.
  • The finisherpix is FREE!!! Otherwise it took USD 100 or something!

SEE YOU ON THE NEXT RACE! 5K color run :)) :))

PS : re-read my Bintan Swim Leg recap, I lied.

bang saen, Thailand Trip

Last Friday, I flew to Thailand again! My 3rd (or fourth perhaps, I suddenly remembered a pic of me and my mom when I was 3/4) to this Negara Gajah Putih.

I planned this trip in mid 2018, when I wanted to shape my body again with a mission! Hahahahah. I decided to cross another long pending bucket list back to Triathlon Race in an Ironman 70.3 Format!

of courseee….with beloved friends from Bintaro Trojan Runners, who elssseeee?

Arrived at the airport, lapor bea cukai karena bawa sepeda, supaya ngga masalah pas pulang, then off we go….

We arrived at Shuvarnabhumi Airport around noon, it’s my first time entering this country via this airport. A bit chaostic but no blowing horn took place (riwereh banget, tapi ngga resek klakson klakson) .

Pak Bagus already arranged pick up serviced with a rented van that cost Baht 2000 one way.

PS : if i wrote down expenses, my purpose is to give the readers how much will it cost! Not brangging how much money I have and spent!

Bangsaen trip took approx 1hr from the airport. We stayed at the new Wheeler Bed an Bike Hotel. A bike theme hotel.

The exterior

It even has a bike holder in each room.


Shortly after we arrived at the hotel, we went to the venue with a shuttle services, Race Package pick up.

img_3654Since Ironman event had been on my bucket list for quite a while, seeing finally my name on Name of Athletes made me sooooooooo HAPPY!!!! Until I realize I signed with nama yang kebalik. Whatever! Lagi ngigo kayaknya! Hahaha

I always wanted to pose like this!! Like those triathelte whose account I followed on Instagram.




Also bought some merchandise, and else. Spent the rest of the day by leyeh leyeh. Nope, we build our bike. 😉

Saturday, 23rd Feb

After we had breakfast, Vitri, Iwe, Sunu, Alvin and I tested the bike route, we can also figure out wehter  our bike works well or not.

Gee, I feel like sooo damn keren, since Bisa sepedahan di luar negeri! Jiahahahhahaha. #bahagiaitureceh

Back to hotel, changed our clothes since we wanted to do swimming test.

I decided to use contact lens again since I do need sunglasses! Damn hot! I haven’t using ones since a year ago. I borrowed my sister sunnies, as I lost mine 😀

I never did open water training for this race, and Bang Saen’s wave is soooo….scary!

The water was very choppy, it was hard for me to move! I checked my Garmin. I swam for almost 1K with a very slow pace.

The current was so strong! I was dumbfounded, seems there’s no way I could swim 1900m (may be more) in 1 hour 10 min! I texted my sister, bisa selesai renang gw dah bahagia deh! Serem bener lautnya.

We had lunch near by and I think Thailand food is the most delicious food in the world after, of course, Indonesian Food!


Its pad thai was soo tasty! Lecker


The Name of the Restaurant

This city is quite. Macam Anyer kali ya, the city where Bangkok people came for weekend.

The Intersection for Running Leg

I wonder what people of Bang Saen do for Living. At 2 pm, I ride back to venue area alone. Others took nap.This is my first individual Half Ironman Race ( it was a relay when I did Bintan) also I took my bike to transition area and collected my timing chip.


with volunteers


I love seeing my names on screen 😉

Thai people have limited English, yet they eager to help. I took pose with the volunteer.

Race Briefing

I also did Transition Touring, so I can figure out where the swim/ bike/ run in and out. I highly suggest you guys do it, especially this is your virgin IM race.

I went back to hotel to take nap back to venue. We decided to Have dinner in Mall, although race organizer provide coupon for Carbo Loading. Biar ngga rugi rugi amat, gw ambil ice cream aja! Hahahahahahah

( oh yeaaah, anak kota besar harus banget nge cek mall lokal)

we took grab, and the driver was Thailand Muslimah. She greeted me

” Assalamualaikum” when I hopped into her car. She also has limitted English.

Back to hotel, finalizing our stuff again.


For this race, I took 2 gels taped on my bike (Thank you Ashar for the tips), left one in bike pouch, two fit bars to eat after swim and bike, electrolit water in a bidon, plain water in another bidon.I kept myself hidrated since D-2 (which was a bit late) both plain water and electrolit.

To be continued…

Bike Fitting

Sekitar bulan November, saya ganti road bike saya. Upgrade spec, ceritanya. Si Giant masih disimpan, buat cah lanang.

Dia pakai waktu dia ikut Kids Triathlon December lalu dan bike leg – nya no 8 tercepat! Haahha ya jelas aja, banyak anak anak seusia dia pakai sepeda mini.

Abt to start bike leg

Anyway, setelah beli sepeda baru, saya sempat bike fitting sih. Beberapa kali pakai, kok masih kurang nyaman. Tangan kesemutan (ini sih sebenarnya wajar untuk pemakaian lama), pundak pegel banget, dan bike handling ngga baik. Puncaknya pas saya simulasi OD triathlon minggu lalu, rasanya semua gerakan. Pegel banget.

Akhirnya saya bike fitting di tempat teman saya, Ade. Kantornya nempel sama Specialized Bintaro. Kali kali ada yang minat.

Kenapa saya bike fitting, karena biar saya bukan atlet, pemakaian saya dengan sepeda cukup serius. Lebih dari 6 jam seminggu. Makanya saya merasa perlu. Jangan sampai sepedahan buat rekreasi menghilangkan penat malah bikin sakit.

Waktu saya mulai lari, saya juga visit Podiatrist. Buat mengetahui sepatu apa yang cocok buat saya.

Rangkaian testnya banyak. Dilihat tapak kaki, kestabilan kaki, saya harus nunduk, dongak (baru tau lho ternyata saya punya neck limitation) dan…tulang panggul sebelah kanan naik sebesar 1 cm. Bisa jadi bawaan dari lahir, bisa jadi pola berdiri bertahun tahun.

Jadi memang lebih banyak yang diukur, lalu diinput ke database komputer

Suruh berdiri, suruh duduk, squat setengah dan di cek juga kalau kaki panjang sebelah. Jadi kalau mau bike fitting, siapkan waktu sekitar 3 jam! Yes, selama itu!

Terus sepeda kita di sensor, tampil ukurannta di monitor, di tempel alat alat dll dll.

Saya sampai keringetan di ruang AC. Gowes berkali kali naik turun dari sepedanya. Bweuh….lelah.

asli booo, pegel gini aja. Hahaha.

Ternyata menurut analisa memang harus ada yang dirubah pengaturan sepedanya,termasuk nambah alas di sepatu sepeda sebelah kanan. Solusi yang panggul naik sebelah itu.

Kebetulan, pagi ini Training Plan saya bilang harus sepedahan 3 jam. Ya saya jajal sekalian, di Sentul. Soalnya dapat semua, tanjakan, turunan dan flat-nya.

tebak, mana foto terbaru??

bisa nebak ngga, mana posisi yang sudah dikoreksi?

Jangan remehkan, pria yang naik angkot itu…

Ceritanya, saya sama beberapa teman mau ngopi di pojokan jalan Tulodong Atas. Kita punya setengah jam free time sebelum jam istirahat berakhir. teorinya. Prakteknya suka molor…hahahaha

Kita jalan kaki nih, terus ketemu dua anak kinyis kinyis a.k.a generasi milenial ….anak kantor juga. keduanya perempuan. Kami ajak gabung.

Yang satu, seketaris direktorat kami sebut saja Andrina 😉 – memang nama sebenarnya. Satu lagi temannya, sebutnya saja Reni.

Andrina memperkenalkan Reni ke saya yang ruangannya beda lantai.

“Mbak, boss-nya Reni cakep lho!!!” Katanya setengah promosi

“Ohh, pak siapa?”

“pak Andi” (tentu, bukan nama sebenarnya…)

“Ohh… tau! Dulu dia dan istrinya sekantor sama saya. kos-kosan saya dulu sedaerah sama kos dia dan pacarnya — yang sekarang jadi istrinya” saya nyerocos tanpa titik koma.

“Dulu tiap pagi, Andi jemput pacarnya ke kos. Terus mereka jalan kaki bareng sampe ujung jalan raya, naik angkot sama sama ke kantor. Saya suka nunggu angkot bareng mereka. Hampir tiap pagi dulu suka ketemu”

“Dulu kapan mbak?” Tanya mereka antusias…

“Duluuu banget, kalian masih TK kali…17 tahun lalu lah…”

“Oooo soo sweet” sahut mereka serempak.

Tiba tiba Andrina nyeletuk “tuh Ren, kalau ada cowok ke kantor naik Kopaja jangan loe remehkan! 17 tahun lagi bisa jadi dia naik BMW”

Reni dan saya ketawa-tawa.

PS : Mobil Andi itu memang BMW. 17 tahun lalu dia naik angkot ke kantor :))

2018 : reconnected year

Lagi mikir, tahun 2018 apa yang beda ya sama tahun tahun sebelumnya 🤣

Ya pasti adalah, doing this and that, ditch this and that, travel here and there.

Selain jalan-jalan terbanyak setahun :-/, saya pikir tahun ini tersambungnya lagi silaturahmi saya dengan teman teman lama.

Misalnya, bulan Januari ketemu Annisa lagi di Kuala Lumpur waktu besuk almh Gai. Agak lupa juga terakhir ketemu blio kapan. Sepertinya terakhir 2014 deh waktu ikutan Bromo 30K.

Yang agak heboh berikutnya, waktu bulan puasa kemarin, saya ketemu temen teman SD saya. Ini sih seneng banget, secara banyak juga yang sudah puluhan tahun ngga ketemu, bahkan dengan Bu Elizabeth, guru agama favorit saya!! Apalagi dr. Ingrid (yang pakai jilbab selain saya) happy banget dia bisa ketemu Anna (baju jeans belakang saya). Mereka dulu bintang kelas di jamannya. Baru ketemu lagi setelah lulus SD katanya. Giling!

Teman SD

Ini juga seru, saya “kenal” blio dari awal nge-blog tahun 2005. Waktu itu ybs masih tinggal di Kuala Lumpur. Lupa awal ke “rumahnya” di rumahriri.net kenapa. Pokoknya lanjut temenan di blog, terus ke Multiply, tukeran Id YM, sampai ke nomor telpon. Bahkan saya pernah nulis waktu blio mau lahiran anak KEEMPAT yang laki laki juga seperti ketiga kakaknya 😀

Kita sering whatsappan. Bahkan saya pernah dihadiahkan diari Moleskin dan glove masak dari Dubai di tahun 2009. Lupa gimana barang tersebut sampai ke Tangsel.

Setelah melalang buana kesana kemari, blio memutuskan untuk kembali ke ibu pertiwi. Dan karena Dunia itu Kecil, blio sahabat dari SMP-nya teman lari saya, Savitri waktu mereka tinggal di Medan.

Suatu waktu di bulan Juli kami janjian ketemu. Ya ampun, berasa ngobrol sama teman sekolah, rebutan ngomong. Loe inget ini ngga? Loe tau ini ngga? Dll dll

Vitri, riri dan sikiky

rasanya fotonya Vitri sering nongol di blog ini. Hahaha

Ini juga gong 2018, saya ketemu dengan teman teman SMP! Ya ampun senangnya! Sebelum acara reuni, ada sowan ke beberapa guru dan salah satunya wali kelas 3 saya! Duh, sejak lulus SMP belum pernah sowan kembali ke blio. Alhamdulilah blio sehat.

Sebagian Kelas 3-5 SMP 88 dan Pak Hanafi

Dua minggu setelah acara Bakti Guru ini, kami reuni. Terima kasih dedikasi waktu dan pikirannya panitia! Seneng banget ketemu teman teman lama! acaranya di bulan Oktober kemarin.

Atas : sekelas di 3-5 bawah : sekelas di 2-2

Ini sih ngga berniat reuni, pas di stasiun saya ketemu Anta, dulu teman kuliah, yang saya tebengin Salemba – Lebak Bulus, teman sekelas si Romeo. Setia banget deh Anta nungguin saya dan mbak Ida bubaran kelas.

Setelah lulus (saya ngga selesai kuliahnya) saya pindah kerja, Anta dirotasi ke Palembang oleh kantornya. Baru pertengahan tahun ini blio dikembalikan ke ibukota.

Makanya ngga pernah ketemu sampai bulan lalu sejak akhir 2011! Ada sih foto kami, cuma muka kita berdua lecek ngga layak tampilah. Hahhaha. Anta agak sering juga saya ceritakan di blog ini jaman kuliah dulu. Kocak anaknya.

kalau ini barulah, baru bulan lalu!

Hahahah. Akhirnya ketemu Riana! after ten years ya booook

Dan penghujung tahun, ketemu teman teman PPE dan mentor kami dulu. Ini biar sama sama di ibukota ngumpulin 3 orang susah banget! Cih! Mentor kami, mbak Suci, pensiun tahun ini. Setelah ntah sekian lama ngga ketemu mereka, jumpa lagi sebagian dari kami.

Coba cocokin muka di atas dan muka di bawah

at the end!

Happy New Year

Guten Rusch!