Kansai Trip : Sayonara Kyoto

Where were we?

Ah, we bid farewell to Ueda-san after we had toast and coffee for breakfast.

That what she wrote for us, in case you can read Huruf Kanji.

Then dragging our luggage back to Kyoto Station, and put them in locker. We need two lockers and paid with our Icoca Card. That was my first time storing my luggage in locker, and no worry, the direction is very clear.

Then we proceed to next destination, Fushimi Inarii, famous with thousand Torii up to Mt Inari! Yes, what I just knew, it is actually trip to the mountain not only shrine! Train stops exactly in front of this tourism spot, I love watching the officers yelling/navigating the people in station. just like those caricature I read in Kariage-kun comics!

Since it was New Year Holiday all I see is peopleeeeeee! Lots lots of them! Anyway, there are 7 stages to the top of Inarii, most of my friends only went to second stage (one with double Torii) but we made it to the third stage where Sinto Cemetery is. slight snow fell, and I was sooo happy! Finally, I saw snow again!

#2 insisted that we should climb to the top, I was too tired, the boots are not suitable to hike the mountain of course, and we (I) still wanted to stop at Kiyomizudera. It was also on winter, and I promised him we’ll be back on Autumn when the weather suppose to be nicer (for these tropical kids).

We walk down the Torii, enjoyed the quite shrine (until second stage). Before taking train, we bought a lot of snacks! Oh em gee, Japanese Snack is the best I told you! Sweet and savory, all tasteful! Nothing failed so far!

PS : bulatan yang saya tandai itu, orang orang nyebrang rel. dari kereta saya sempat liat, mereka buat 3-4 baris teratur sekali dan membiarkan sisi sebelah kiri mereka kosong, untuk membiarkan orang dari sebrang lewat. Pernah baca sih, orang orang Jepang ini memang sangat memikirkan kepentingan orang lain juga. Kalo di Tanah Abang, lintasan tersebut penuh dengan motor, menutupi ruas jalan! So sad!

Anyway, I stopped at the next station, figuring out a bus stop to take us to Kiyomizudera. I got confused and….

Me : sumimasen ( excuse me), where is it? *showing a bus stop in my handphone*

Her : etoo…ano…hmmm, no English! come with me!

She took us to the desired bus stop. Domu Arigato Ghozaimasu Mina-chan!

It took around 25 mins to the closest bus stop, 15 mins up hill walk to reach Kiyomizudera. We had lunch near by…Thanks God, my dad was all good with all those walkings! Alhamdulilah Ya Allah!

PS : kalau ke sini sekeluarga, sekali makan bisa 3000-4000 yen (for four people) termasuk pajak. Saat saya di Jepang 1 yen = 121 – 122 Rupiah. Saat saya menulis ini 1 yen = 130 Rupiah 😦 oh btw, ini tidak termasuk jajan ya! Duh!

And Thanks God, it was light snowing when we were there! Seeing snow again since almost 30 years made me happy! Hahahahah! I asked that dad to take my picture. Those who lives or often travelled to where the heavy snow is must be laughing at me! ya maap, nih anak Tangsel norak! last time I saw snow was in Colorado! Hahahahah.

Too bad we had no time to rent Kimono and walk around Gion District. I cant believe 3 days are not enough. The we took bus again to Kyoto station, pick up the luggage back and heading for Osaka.

I realize I ran out of money – kebanyakan jajan, ngga dihitung pas kalkulasi biaya- and I withdrew Cash in 7 ATM (same group with 7 eleven)

Later on when I check my account, exchange rate was actually cheaper via ATM rather than money changer in Jakarta. Oh well! Good for me! Hahahahh!

When the train left, I was sad! This town is soooo beautiful. i was in awe with its beauty.

Sayonara Kyoto! See you in Autumn!

We took commuter train (not Shinkansen / JR rail trains) lucky the boy got the seat. Train was full. He was tired I guess :))

Travel time with bullet train took 15 mins while it took 30 mins for us arrive at Osaka Station and another 10 mins to Namba Station, where our Air BnB was.


What goes around comes around

Diantara beberapa atasan saya selama saya kerja, ada satu yang paling spesial. Ramah dan beneran punya leadership. Perempuan, tapi ngga nyinyir! Malah marahin anak buahnya yang perempuan kalau nyinyirin bonus marketing. :))

Perjalanan karirnya, ngga bisa dibilang mulus sih. Seingat saya, tahunan belio di posisi yang sama. Berusaha pindah bagian untuk dapat pangkat atau posisi tertentu (dengan cara halal/seharusnya, bukan tipe injek sana sini cari muka ke atasan) namun berkali kali mental.

Setelah hampir satu dekade menanti, seingat saya karirnya mulai membaik, step by step, year by year.

Banyak rekan saya terpaksa menceritakan masalah personal dan selalu dapat support dari blio. Kalau urusan kerjaan sudah tidak usah ditanya lagi…Full support walau kadang-kadang sadis.

Untuk uruan pribadi, tidak selalu mulus juga. Salah satu anaknya berkebutuhan khusus. jadi tiap sabtu harus menjalani terapi ini itu. Tapi tampaknya beliau santai saja menjalani.  Buat saya, sulit ya. ibu bekerja anak berkebutuhan khusus, asisten domestik ngga ada, dll.

Kadang waktu istirihat kantor, dia pakai untuk menyiapkan tugas anaknya. menyiapkan ya..bukan membuat kan. Semua dia lakukan agar rumah dan kantor beres.

Suatu saat, pernah teman  saya tertimpa masalah kantor. Merembet kemana mana, akhirnya beliau dan saya kena juga. Dia berusaha menenangkan kami. Anyway, saya memilih keluar dari lingkaran masalah setelah ada titik terang sih. ngga ninggalin gitu aja…

Beberapa waktu kemudian saya akhirnya resign dari perusahaan itu.  Hari terakhir seingat saya boss saya tidak ditempat. Dan Waktu itu, blio bukan atasan saya lagi.

ketika beliau ulang tahun, saya whatsapp blio. mengucapkan selamat dan update kabar. Anak sulungnya lulus dengan predikat sangat baik dari sebuah PTN bonafid di Bandung sana, pun adeknya kuliah di tempat yang sama.

Sisa masa baktinya mungkin sekitar 2-3 tahun lagi, but I think she’ll close it beautifully.

Recipe: kue tape

Saya tuh senang banget sama Tape (fermented casava). Any form, tape fritter, cake, bahkan campuran Es Campur 🙂

Lucky me, in one sunny day like today, I saw abang-abang jualan Tape! Teriak teriak minta dibeli tapenya!!

In this case, no mixer needed

What you need

  • 500 G tape (approx)
  • 4 eggs
  • 2/3 cup flour
  • 1/3 cup butter – melted
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 100 ml milk or santan (coconut milk)
  • Pinch of salt
  • Shredded cheese

How to

  • Mixed/ whisked the eggs, set aside
  • Smash the tape (fermented cassava)
  • Add sugar and salt, I mixed with my hand
  • Add whisked eggs to the Tape mix
  • Add milk – whisked
  • Add butter – whisked
  • I add cheddar cheese, whatever left on my fridge to the mix

  • In a greased baking pan, pour the mixture. My baking pan is 20cm x 20 cm. It was too big for this recipe.
  • Add another shredded cheese again on the top

  • bake for 45 mins

Pas kuenya jadi pas hujan deras di Bintaro! Ahey!

Bola Tahu

Dapat resepnya dari Instagram pas explore-explore. Biar ngga lupa, tulis ulang disini deh…


Bahan, sesuai gambar

  • Tahu Sutra 4 buah. Dihancurkan
  • Daun Bawang dan Seledri, choped
  • Carrot, shreded
  • 1 egg (tadi pakai satu)
  • Pinch of salt
  • Shredded garlic, 3 pcs
  • Ngabisin Sosis stok 1 biji potong potong.

How to

Campur semuanya sampai rata,

Masukin cetakan, terus kukus sampe matang. Bola Tahu ini mau saya simpan di freezer, buat makan pakai sop sewaktu waktu. Atau pakai aluminiun foil aja. Dikukus. Tapi bentuknya kayak nugget yaz kotak-kotak, dipotomg ketika matang dan ngga panas.

Dimakan gitu saja ternyata enak! Hahahhaha

KL Trip

When I paid a visit to Gai’s house, I asked mbak Lala, my former colleague to come with me. she said yes.

Long story short, few mins before the plane land, I told her my brief schedule so she can decide whether she wanted to join me or not.

She picked Mesjid Negara and Chinatown.

I told her, alright then. We could visit Mesjid Negara after we arrived and Chinatown before we’d leave. Both are within LRT areas and I never been to those places before.

Then I asked

Loe udah pernah mbak? Ke Chinatown sebelumnya?”

“Udah yang Di Singapur.”

“yang di KL maksud gw! Gw belum pernah kayaknya deh”

She shook head…then she said

“Ini pertama kali….gw pertama kali ke KL”

GUBRAK! Bahahahhahah

i was quite surprise because…my previous company’s head quater is in KL!

“Masak kantor ngga pernah ngirim elo?”

“Ngga pernah! Singapur paling”

Anyway, I must admit, KL is soo much better and convenient than the last time I visited this city.

Here, in case you never been to this city,

  • only took RM 110 for return trip using KLIA express to KL sentral
  • You can drop your luggage in a locker, available in KL Sental. RM 50 for 24 hr for big locker, RM 30 for smaller one.
  • The KLIA express ticket could be use for LRT, MRT, for 48 hrs. FREE! That was why we paid a visit to Niza’s neighborhood. 30 mins from Bukit Bintang.
  • Using Grab service is hazel less too!

So, after dropping our luggage, we took LRT to

We visited, of course


Inside Mesjid NegaraExterior

then take another train to ..ya mana lagi lahh…

And the next day I had my morning run nearby Aster’s house

So, after dropping our luggage for the second time before we left for Jakarta, we paid a visit to

Little India

Then took train again to

PS: karena ini sudah hari ketiga, we paid for train fee.

Lala’s happy face, finally she has picture with the head quater on the back. That is Lapangan Merdeka, btw. not too far from Mesjid Negara and 8 mins walk from Central market. Below this, on the underground, there is a shopping centre in case pengen ngadem. Panas boooo!

So what I have in my mind

Duh, PR Jakarta banyak banget yaa! Ibukota negara lain sudah rapih gini infrastrukturnya, nyaman buat warga maupun pengunjung!

Ya toh? Tidak usah dibandingkan dengan Singapur atau Tokyo, sama sama negara Melayu banyak ketinggalan ih. Ayo kerja…kerja…kerja! 😀 #eh

Anyway, saya merasa banyak pahala ngajak Lala ke KL karena ini trip pertamanya!

“Wish me luck Mbak! Take care”

Tadi saya tulis di Path account saya, I’d like to write it down here as well.

Dua tahun lalu, saya kan nulis ini ya. Rasanya saya belum cerita tentang Rian, yang kadang saya panggil Ryan, biar agak bule. The L*wson cashier who learned Japanese by himself, otodidak! Inspirator saya untuk belajar bahasa asing otodidak. Minimal nulis status bahasa lain lah. Biar sok iyeee!

Nah, itu orangnya. oh ya, ever since, Ryan also learn English by himself. Biar dia bisa ngobrol sama customer asing non Japanese. Anaknya emang rame sih, dan berani malu.

Jadi kalau saya kebetulan mau jajan di L*wson, terus dia lagi on duty, I tried to speak English with him. Any conversation related to his job, such as..

how are you

Do you need a plastic bag?

Anything else?

Here, your changes


Kalau dia ngomongnya salah, saya betulkan. Customer lain suka senyum senyum geli. cuma ya itu, Ryan berani malu.

Acap kali pas saya belanja dia suka teriak “she’s my English teacher”. booo….macam saya ngajar di EF!

Tadi pas mau pulang, saya ketemu dia di Lobby.

Mbakk, I want to say good bye!”

Loh? Resign kemana?

“To Alam Sutra!”

Lalu dia cerita (yang dia upayakan pakai bahasa Inggris juga! Grammar sih berantakan, saya bilang sebodo amat, bukan test IELTs ini!) kalau dia pindahkan ke kantor pusat. He got promoted to Marketing Staff. Wow keren!

“Wah senang donk naik pangkat! Kerja kantoran sekarang!” Lanjut saya ikut senang.

Of course, mbak” lanjutnya sumringah! Biar ngga terlalu sering bolos kalau kuliah”

Jadi ternyata di sela-sela shift dia sebagai kasir, Ryan ini kuliah di bilangan Salemba! Keren sekali ya! Saya angkat topi kedua kali sama anak ini.

Terakhir pas saya pulang dia bilang

Wish me luck, mbak! Take care!”

Saya pun memberi jempol! Malam ini, saya pulang ke rumah dengan hati yang lebih gembira!

Very best luck for you, Ryan! Ich drucke dir die Daumen!

Kansai Trip : Golden Temple and Bamboo Forest

January 2nd 2018

Ueda-san, our host in Kyoto prepared miso soup for breakfast. she also allowed us to use the tea, coffee, those Japanese snacks and candies that taste sooo great.


Miso Soup a new Year Tradition

She gave us Kyoto Bus Map, for us to get around the city. Kalau yang dulu sering ke Bandung sebelum era Grab, Uber, Gojek, inget peta Angkot Bandung ngga? kira-kira mapnya kayak gitu deh! Hahahha

Ueda-san took us to the closet bus stop, and the bus baru keluar dari pangkalan. So it was only the four of us, until it arrived at the Kyoto Station!

I highly suggest to use Kyoto Bus Pass for 500 JPY ( IDR 60,000). In case you get lost, or found interesting spot, you can stop on your desired bua stop. Jadi ngga rugi jek!

I purchased from the bus driver. And let me tell you, unlike supir Kopaja or Metromini, a bus driver is a very respectful job! Galak dan tegas lho mereka!


Kyoto Bus Pass

Kinkakuji Temple

Kinkakuji Temple

Our first stop, the golden Temple! Kinkakuji Temple. It took around 30 mins to get here from Kyoto Station. A picturesque place, the must visit place in Kyoto, people said. The top two levels are covered by Gold! Mak…pengen gegoleran di sana!

We met a Indonesian family from Tokyo, the father works as a PNS dan dapat tugas belajar. We made small conversations while they have their lunch on lunchbox, and we were busy munching green tea latte and whatever.

Pas pamit berpisah, ayah saya terlihat jalan kembali ke arah mereka. Trus ngobrol bentar. Lalu suami istri asal Majalengka itu melihat saya tersenyum dan kasih jempol. Saya iya iya aja. Hahahah.

We took bus again to our next destination, the famous Bamboo Forest.  I saw many beautiful temples along the way. I should have stopped a long the temple.


It took 800 meters before we really arrived in Bamboo Forest, Arashiyama! Geee….people are everyyyyywhereee! New Year holiday! hmphhhh….

#2 in bamboo

Bamboo Forest

We took a walk until the very top (yes, it’s a hill!) then instead of turning back, we continue the walk to Arashiyama Park! And believe me, it’s huge and BEAUTIFUL!!!!

“Nikmat Tuhan Mana yang Kau Dustakan”

At the end of Arashiyama Park

My initial intention visiting this area, to have a sip in the famous  like my sister did in the famous %Arabica Kyoto Arashiyama.  Not too far from this place, right in front of this lake.  Cem inilah…

or this

A must visit #when_in_Kyoto #arabica #coffee

A post shared by Yolanda Firdaus (@yolanda_firdaus) on

and in my case…!


TUTUP MALEHHHHH!!!!! #kzl! The owner travelled to Finlandia when I was there! SEBAL! how do I know?  from their Instagram account! nyiahahahhahahahhaha

Well anyway, just a little suggestion if you travel in budget (like…hmm me!) you can buy lunch in Lawson and have your meal in Arashiyama Park! There were also a lot of shops, cafe and else! Man, I love this place so much! I bought some souvenirs and eat a lot of snacks a lot! Japanese snacks are the best, I might tell you

We waited in coffee shop near by until about 5pm because I wanted to have dinner in Ayam Ya Karasuma Kyoto. !

Btw, we traveled by bus again. And from Arashiyama to the restaurant, I saw two factory outlets of sport attires (Adidas, Asics, etc) and Uniqlo! Though I’m not into shopping, akik agak lemah iman with those two! Uniqlo tuh gampang matching-in nya, ngga perlu diseterika lagi baju-bajunya!

Anyway, the restaurant runs by my high school friend who know lives in this city! The restaurant opens at 6 pm until 9.30 pm. To note, it was winter, so sun set at 5 pm! Man, saya kriyep kriyep. Winter is tiring and depressing for me, in some extent! Glad I was born and raised in tropical country!


My friend, Nola of course was very busy cooking for the guests, which mostly students from Indonesia and Malaysia students. We didn’t talk much! Matane Kudasai Nola-San! Ada rejeki kita jumpa lagi ya!

Then, taking a bus again to go back to Kiwa Guest House. Anak-anakpun bolak balik ke Lawson jajan! As long as Ueda-san hasn’t locked the door, I allowed them to do so. This city is one of the safest in the world!

Earlier that day, I saw a young man, leaving his shopping bag near the toilet, besides the vending machine. He was doing “the business” around 10 mins, after he got out the toilet, his shopping bag was still besides the vending machine! Di Jakarta mah, dah lenyap pasti.

Later the day, I asked my dad.  What convesartion took place in Kinkakuji Temple with that Indonesian Couple.

“Ngobrol apa emangnya?”

“Papa bilang waku kakak kecil, papa bawa kamu ke Tokyo. Sekarang giliran papa dibawa sama kakak ke Jepang”

Hati saya nyessss gitu! Happy that for once, I made him happy 🙂