back in training

I’ve been quite busy during  weekend. cleaning up all the things at daddy’s home.

I’ve sell some of our furnitures, decorations and even some books. No space in future new house.

This is what I do every weekend after lebaran.

still some stuffs to go, but yeah…

seems I’ll be back to training log!

wish me luck!

PS : it’s 2016, do googling about the event.

I’ll be participating in short distance 😜

Messastilla HM 2016 race recap 

Long pending post.

As I wrote here, I was in Magelang for Messastila Peak Challange, taking the 21K category.

I always wanted to do this race since 2013, but always postponing it. For years, It offered a scenery route in the side of the famous Ambarawa’s rail…

But this year….not anymore!

BIG Tetooot!!!?


After I picked up the race pack, there was a race briefing. The organizer said they created new route, which will be challenging!


That very moment, I knew, this would be another DNF race.

To make story short. Race for FM, HM and 11K was  held on October 9th.  While the 100Km and 65 Km has started the night before.  There was an accident happened to one of 100K participant, mbar Eni.  She was showered  by Chemical Liquid. I knew this horrible news from the group when Pak Hasbi called three of us. Not sure what was the motives. But seems every body mind their own business, no explanation from the RO as well before the race.

Anyway, I woke up in dawn, took a bath then heading to breakfast area. With mountain view. I wish I stay longer to enjoy my breakfast😉

I ate enough breakfast, toast, banana and coffee.

The race started at 6 am.

pic of me wont hurt

starting pen! yes, it was nanjak!

First 1.5 km still in hotel area, then we met paddy field. since it was raining from yesterday, a muddy slippery track was expected. That very moment I cursed I didn’t prepare walking stick with me! I should buy one for my next trail race!

single track

Owh, Thanks God I skipped the idea of wearing a road race shoes. Friends said MPC is quite easy, no need trail shoes. Meh! I was glad I trusted my feeling😉

Between Km 2 – Km 5 was village area. I was greeted my local villagers. I took selfie with local villagers kids ! I love doing this!

selfie with local kids

For me, they are the most sincere people in the race course😉 in Bali during my FM, or in Tosari on my 10K Bromar, etc.

I think it was in Km 5/6 or something, the route was in Coffee plantation. I stopped by to take pics of Coffee bean picker!

coffee bean picker

Finally I met few women. Aulia, Novi and Dwi. we walked few km together.

The track was hilly (for sure), slippery and there was a spot that we really had to climb! I used whatever stick I can found to assist me. Many of them were broken along the way😉

I was with the girls, so yeah…we helped each other. They pull me. anyway, the markers were oke. I easily found the marker either papers, red ribbon or flag.

dwi and her friend

The brutal hilly track paused a bit in Km 8.

I took fitbar for refueling. There was first water station in Km 4.5 on where I took banana and dates provided by the RO (Race organizer)


if I could remember, there only me, Novi, dwi and her friend left. I always made a joke

“kalo ngga kuat turunan, kita gelinding aja”

I am sorry, that was I did on that track. sliding my body down the hill. To save my energy as it was hard for me to stand up and keep my body balance.

We were so  craving for next Water station in Km 10. And this was the easiest and prettiest track on the way to Km 10. Where the second water station is.

Taken by Novi

The pine woods! Yes the pathway is man-made, we saw some workers, old men, who were working for  the pathway. First we thought it was Water Station as they offered us banana and bread!

Huhuhu I cried!

Nih bapak bapak tua aja udah dalam keadaan pas-pasan masih mau berbagi!!! Gw ngga tegaaaa! :(( 

I decided to refuse their offer, they need their food, I can eat later.
I lost Dwi and her friend in Pine Woods, they were faster. So only Me and Novi left. it was still uphill track up to Km 14.

In Km 12, was Rawa Pening over looked! Honestly speaking, I never know this area is exist!😀

Rawa Pening from the distance

I met a marshal and told me, the view would be more beautiful if the sun shines.

Yes, it was cloudy when I was there and fog all over.

before the rain poured hard

after Km 12, I lost Novi.

So i was completely alone, do the talking with the nature. Taking trail run, is really a me time for me. When I think, God answered my questions.

Shortly after Rawa Pening over looked, rain poured very hard. To sum it up, downhill track afterward and DAMN it was hard!!!

I hate stepping-stone track, my feet were hurt.

Many FM, 65K and 100K runners passed me. Oh em geeeee! I wonder how they practice.

In Km 15, was another water station. I ate banana and drink isotonic. It was almost 12 pm which is the COT time. I want to give up, but it was still in the forest. no use! The marshal said the COT was 7 hours (1 pm).

It was still raining, the track now around another coffee plantation area. I don’t know where to stop, not to get wet, bingung juga mau berteduh dimana,  so I just walk downhill.

One farmer drove his motorcycle and fell right in front of my eyes. Oh em geee.

Me, myself had fall many many times. Many times I had to slide down because I was tired and lost my body balance.

In Km 15 I think, I saw one participant with a broken leg and arm. He was a Japanese. It took him 2 hours to get help.
There was this guy, an Indonesian who looked after him. Ich finde ihn nett! That was so sweet. When I was there, the evacuate team already in the area. So the Indonesia man could continue his race.

He told me:

“hayuklah mbak. COT jam 1 kok. Kita masih ada waktu”

“ha? jam 12 mas”

“ngga kok jam 1”

So, I guess the marshal was right. COT was 7 hours after flag off.
We were back to village area again when finally I saw a civilization. I wanted to give up and took the ambulance who would took that Japanese with broken bone but that Indonesian man had motivated me. So, I did what he say. Continue my race.

After village area, there came forest area again which is very very very slippery. I fell hundreds time, twice as many as I did when I was in coffee plantation area.

I cant stand up.

I realized I lost my glasses.

I met two marshals, they held my feet, so I can get up.

I couldn’t move my body.

I had  lost my motivation.

I had lost my body balance.

And that is not good.

It could caused  injury.

For safety reason, I decided to quit.

On the way to Km 18.

They evacuated me by motor bike to hotel.

It was 2 pm already.
my shoes looked horrible, sol sepatu gw lepas!

So i decided to left my shoes in hotel😀

Too dirty and it’s broken anyway.

Oh well, I obtained another DID NOT FINISH status in my trail race again.

In fact, not a single trail race that I finished under Cut Off Time.

Do i regret it?

you bet I DON’t!!!!
Honestly speaking, the track is doable.

I met the similar track in Sentul, Pancawati (for  the forest and plantation), Halimun (for  the stepping stone track). Bromo 30K is stillll the hardest one, yet, due to weather condition, it got verrrry hard.

well, not to mention I was lack of practice too. I was not fully recovered from my illness.

Still, it is a recommended race for you!
Owh, btw. Netty finished in in 4 hours something and Vitri in 6 hours.

Until my next trail race!

In which of Lord’s favor would you deny?

short trip : Bontang

I just got back from Bontang, Kalimantan Timur.

I don’t know why, the moment when I was still on airplane, sit next to nobody in Airbus 3XX plane, I can’t keep myself from smiling.

Looking thru the window, more than 20,000 feet above the ground, I was beyond happy, for no reason🙂

above Borneo

Arrived around 1 pm, Balikpapan time, one hour ahead Jakarta Time. This was marked as my second visit to Kalimantan/Borneo  Island, first visit to Balikpapan.

proceed next flight with ATR 500. I think this was my first experience using ATR. not sure, probably took the same plane when I was a kid. 

ATR 500

12,000 feet above kalimantan Timur’s ground.

lepas landas balikpapan

Just to make story short, I had delicous Seafood for dinner 

can you name the food? Sehr Lecker!

Marching Band Pupuk Kaltim

and a chance see Marching Band Pupuk Kaltim during their practice time.
This Marching Band team is the young squad (up to high school students). One who always win the National Championship is their senior. But trust me, they are thaaaaaat good! 

housing in Badang LNG

The housing complex  Badak  LNG reminds me of my neighborhood back in Rumbai Camp, Riau. 

What a trip! feel Very blessed! 

Buaya darat! (literally) :))

Don’t underestimate, you, city kids! They have Olympic- size swimming pool too! 

senja di batas dermaga


Pada nyadar kan ya, akhir-akhir ini coffee shops  literally just around the corner.  Tidak cuma di Shopping Mall atau perkantoran, di daerah perumahan pun menjamur. Ngga beda jauh sama Nasi Padang. Termasuk  di Bintaro. Ye kannn? 

Satu dekade yang lalu, tempat ngopi yang “lucu” di Bintaro cuma satu kayaknya Bakoel Coffee di sektor 3 terus pindah ke depan CIMB. 

Coffee Shops sekarang, tempatnya dibuat lucu-lucu very Instagram-able.  Berikut art latte-nya. Senang lihatnya.

berikut daftar Coffee Shop yang pernah saya singgahi seputaran Tangerang Selatan bagian Bintaro. Hahahahaha

1. Pigeon Hole

Lokasi : Sektor 1 depan rel kereta api. 


I like its white coffee 3oz

Saya jarang sih kemari. Baru 3x kayaknya. Must visit kalau ke Bintaro lah lalu foto depan dengan muralnya. Maafin foto dalam coffee shop malah ada muka kami! hahahah maapin yak! Foto secangkir kopinya telah terhapus di arsip HP.
2. Routine Coffee

Lokasi : di atas Hanamart, depan Gedung CIMB sektor  7

inside Routine


Try its Nasi Goreng Kecombrang kalau lapar. tapi foto yang di bawah Chicken Salad sama Taro Latte. 

Unlike Pigeon Hole, minuman selain kopi  di Routine ini beragam. Kemarin malam saya memesan Taro Latte karena sudah 2 kali minum kopi hari itu.

Taro Latte and Chicken Salad

3. Community  

Lokasi : Ruko depan Lotte Supermarket belakang RS. Premier Bintaro. 

capucino, anyone?

minus : tempatnya agak terbatas kalau mau ramai2x. Paling cuma cukup 10 orang kali ya di ruangan dalam. outside is for  smoking area. Kalau ngga salah, ngga banyak makanan berat di sini.

cinamon roll

4. Neighbourhood Cafe

lokasi Ruko Emerald deretan Mesjid
minus : the owner let the smokers inside. Baru mau buat ruang terpisah. Tapi pas saya kesini (sekitar Agustus ) masih bau rokok banget. Saya baru 1x ke sini. Cemilannya enak-enak. Worth the price lah


5. Laku Coffee

Lokasi Ruko Mahagoni

minus : ngga ada makanan berat kalau pengen makan berat (Agustus 2016) . asli buat kongkow aja.

6.Comodus Coffee

Ini dekat banget sama rumah. Jalan Raya Kasuari menuju British School Jakarta. Baru buka juga. Tapi so-so lah kopinya buat saya. Harganya juga ngga murah murah amat


Lokasi Jalan Maelo Raya depan Mesjid Raya Bintaro Jaya.

kalau temanan ama saya di Path atau di IG, you must recognized I visited this place 




After SMR with BTR

tempat paling enak buat kumpul2x setelah Sunday Morning Run sama BTR atau cuma ngemil2x cantik sama keluarga.

Pernah lupa bayar, kasirnya santaiii aja.

“besok juga balik”

Jadi kalau ada rekan maupun keluarga di Tangsel sebalah sini, mau ngopi ngopi, dicoba ya sis and brooo!   ajak saya juga ya! 

(intip) Semarang

and around

Last weekend, I went to Semarang. Alone and by train. Things that I never do (taking a solo trip with long haul train) :p

My last long haul trip by train was 10 years ago to Jogja. So, I was very pleased to see the changes in PT. KAI even though I’ve read the changes that was done by Mr. Jonan in this book.
I took Agro Angrek Malam, in which in my surprise (and opinion) is better than Rj train that took me from Berlin to Prague :))

The AC was very cold, seats are comfortable. As far I remember, when I went to Surabaya early 2000’s, the same train was ugly. I was younger and easy to be pleased by that time (namanya juga jaman duit pas pasan) 

Anyway, arrived in Semarang at 3 am in the morning and that remark as my second visit. I remained in the station until about 5 am after I took my shubuh time. Then went to HOM HOtel where Vitri and Netty stayed. We would go to Magelang together using rented car. I took train because (before mu surgery) the doctor warned me not to take airplane first.

first stop : Cafe Oen

I had visitted the same store in Malang.

Dutch cookies and pastries

mesin kasir kuno

then off to Ambarawa!

we visited Museum KAI. 

Ticket price: IDR 10,000

enterance area was Wall of History PT. Kereta Api Indonesia. It was a busy station back during Dutch collonial to take platation harvest as well as the armies.

Thomas and friends! the real one!

It still has the famous loco, build in 1800’s still using (wood) logs for its fuel. when I was there, the compartement was rented by a group in which one of the people was very rude

“Kereta ini sudah kami sewa ya! kalian ngga boleh ikut”

He? I didn’t even realize the situation because from what I know, that Kereta wisata only operated on Sunday (later I learned unless it is privately rented that cost IDR 15 mio). I thought it was only the show case or alike.

Bah! Dibayarin kantor aja sombong bener, pak! 

anyway, there were (of course) old locomotivrs and vintage compartments. They also keep the building as it is.

The we stoped by Monumen Ambawara. Kids grew up in 80’s ….do you remember there is this picture in our PSPB book? 😜

the subject that is no longer exist.

Cocor Merah built in USA

Arrived at Mesastila Resorts to pick up our race pack. that was where the start line and our stay.

The place is beautiful! some said scary and haunted but no ghost bother to say hi to me :))

taken from my instagram account:

this building was built in 1928 which was used as a coffee plantation mansion by Gustav Van Der Swan.unfortunately it’s raining. otherwise the guests can enjoy stunning sunsets overlooking Gunung Sindoro and Sumbing
The next Morning, I took a trail race for 21K. It was raining hard and to make story short, I quitted the race. I’ll surely write about this :) 

At 3 pm, we were heading back to Semarang. Dropped Vitri and Netti of to the airport.  my train was at 10pm!

So, i killed time by ngayal-ngayal babu in Seems my friends in Path who visited Semarang did the check in. its Coffee was goood! You can overlook Semarang City

Later I visited Lawang Sewu (literally means 1000 doors) with the rented car. I just knew that it was a centralized-ticketing-and -schedule  for NEtherland Indische Spporweg Maarschappij  during Dutch Colonial. It called Edmoson ticket.

Edmonson Printing Machine – Ambarawa

you know what? On my early years taking train in 2003, the Edmoson ticket was still used for economy train! If you are wondering, we used tap system now.

the design of the windows was for a reason. It will prevent the rain to the building.
enterance fee is IDR 10,000.the place is not scary at all. some of my friend called it is angker. At night, there is music played to prevent the visitors “bengong”. The famous old songs from 1950’s – 1970’s you probably recognize. For secs, I feel like living in 1950’s.

And you know what, in front of Lawang Sewu used to be a monorail. The Orde Baru goverment removed the rail and transformed to road! The similar train is still exist in Solo as Kereta Wisata not to commutte.

Ahh men! this is exactly what stated in Jonan’s book. A great number of railway road (nation wide) was reduced because the second president had deal with Japan. commercial motives!!! japan needs to sell its cars.The expatriates in my office don’t even have private vehicles in their homebound. There was a visitor from head office  in Jakarta Branch who took trip with Commuter Line when he worked for Jakarta Branch a decade ago. He said, the trains reminded him of his childhood. Back in 2006-2007 there were many imported used-train from Japan. Ach, sweet! 
Anyway, That explains the heavy traffic in big cities specially yeah…Jakarta. typical negara belum  maju – terbelakang juga ngga-tapi serakah aja pemimpinnya. 

it was raining hard, I cancelled my plan to walk around Kota Tua Semarang (old town). I loveeee old buildings!!!! Mereka seperti saksi bisu kehidupan di dunia! menyaksikan banyak hal and some remain misteries.

 The driver dropped me off again in Tawang Station.

Blenduk Church

A nice me-time! I alwayssss love the history of my country.  How our heroes were fighting for Indonesia’s independency no matter where you come from or where you go to pray! 
It sad me that my acquaintances  are fighting and nyinyir about President election (up until now) and the upcoming Pilkada Jakarta! You should go to Museums you-pathetic-people!!! 

Too cute not to shared

Last Saturday, I had to go to Jakarta. If I have to commutte alone, I still prefer comutting by train a.k.a Commuter Line. Less hassle  and cheaper. Don’t have to pay for toll road and parking fee. #Meh

Since it was on weekend, less people commuting by train. Then I just realized CL has this cute compartement! 

lucu bingitssss

the door

the wall

kan kan kan…lucu kann

if you are wondering, it only took 30 mins and IDR 7,000 for me to travel from TangSel to Slipi! see? same thing on the the way back! 

 Kalau    public transporation-nya reliable, expense turun jauh kan? *financial planner in the making*

Life lately 

*gilak penting habisss*

jadi nih ya, my illness get serious. To cut story short, I was hospitalized and then regulary see the doctor. what i mean by regularly is…EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!

kantor Sudirman, RumKit Di BSD, rumah Bintaro bolak balik kayak gitu tiap malam. Beberapa treatment were very painful. 

Je Suis Fatiquè -__-

once, I was black out! Pingsan bok di ruang dokter, sampai dokternya panik bawain teh manis hangat.

Pokoknya kemarin lagi di titik rendah lah. Sampai komputer, jam tangan, plafond rumah semuaaaaa teriak minta diperbaiki! uh, andai gw punya pohon duit!!! 
One of the day saya lagi kesel keselnya nunggu antri dokter, saya browsing Instagram.

Ada satu perempuan, looks very young, probaby younger than my brother yang sakit juga. Sama kayak saya waktu camping di RS, dia pakai gelang kayak gini:

plus tanda kalo dia alergi obat dan satu tanda lagi. Saya lupa persisnya apa, tapi artinya kalau dia tetiba pingsan atau berhenti jantung jangan di kasih CPR. why? karena harapan hidup dia rendah.

astagfirullah!!! sayapun ketampar malam itu #PLAKKKKKK! 

Lupa saya accountnya apa. Namanya umur, ngga ada yang tahu sih. Tapi dipasang tanda itu di pergelangan tangan sih. huhuhuhuhuhu :(( :(( 

anyway, within this post, I’d like to say my gratitude to mobile phone app such as:

Number 1
ya of course what else…GOJEK and GRAB!!! For sureeeee!!!!

kiddo #1 went for a camping, we (for sure) don’t have these stuffs like sleeping bed, large carrier, etc…

Jadilah saya pinjam punya teman teman yang tersebar di seluruh Jabodetabek. karena ngga berani myetir sendirian untuk ambil barang GOJEK we trust! danke! pernah juga obat saya yang berderet deret itu ketinggalan di rumah sementara saya sudah kembali ke kantor! 

Terlepas dari prilaku beberapa drivernya yang ngga tertib plus keadaan keuangan perusahaan konon masih merah (I’m not here to discuss that) But, I have to say God Bless You, Nadiem Markarim! 

Selama saya bolak balik ke RS, jujurly, saya merasa diuntungkan dengan promosi dua app ini. otherwise, biaya transportasi saya mondar mandir makin besar! huhuhuhu! Pada berasa ngga sih, biaya hidup tinggi karena public transportation-nya ngga reliable? 

Number two

Happy Fresh!!!

Jadi sejak tahun lalu, saya emang lebih suka groceries online.  My wish is granted!!! Saya memang kurang gitu suka mengkhususkan waktu belanja bulanan  begini.  Weekend jadwal penuh banget buat antar anak-anak les atau beberes. Apalagi rencana mau pindah rumah, makin sibuk beberes!!!!  Kalaupun iya, biasanya pas anak anak les.

Dulu di sekarang dia ngga layanin retail lagi. servis ini kekurangannya  baru deliver H + 2 ditambah ngga ada fresh product.

dan datanglah app ini yang mana saya baru tau! bahahhaahah!  Untuk daerah bintaro sektor 9, pakai servis ini bisa belanja di Lotte dan Fresh market – BXC Mall. 

Saya kalo belanja di beberapa tempat emang, buat buah atau sayur yang di juice punya prefrensi sendiri lah. However, having these two stores as HappyFresh vendor is enough! 

pendek kata. saat itu kulkas kosong.
sementara saya masih bolak balik ke RS tiap malam yang pulangnya lebih malam lagi. Sembari menunggu kereta,  tinggal pencet pencet aja dari Hp.

Pilih produk

pilih kapan waktu delivery yang diinginkan, bayar deh! 

Sampailah itu barang di rumah. Ada biaya admin ama delivery maklum aja ya, cyn!!! Namanya juga “nyuruh” orang.
Kemaren, salah satu buah yang saya beli ada yang busuk. Komplain ke CS, cepat sekali response-nya. one happy customer. Apalagi saya pemalas ya! Tinggal gegoleran belanjaan datang! seandainya servis sampai merapikan barang-barang di rak dapur #lah! :))

BTW, ini bukan postingan berbayar yaaaaaaaa! Sapa tau ada emak emak yang A to Z harus dikerjain semua sendirian, ada banyak cara untuk memudahkan hidup kita lho! 

So no more whining! tiap kesukaran pasti ada kemudahan. #kibasjilbab.

Eh, btw, saya sampai buat account di IG buat jual jualin barang di rumah. Pernah iseng jualin Novel Metropop, ada aja yang beli! lumayannnn nambahin tips yang bantuin angkat barang! :))

kalau mau tau accountnya ap,  Japri ya, sis! :)) 
Have a nice week ahead!