(Short trip) Surabaya

I just got back from Surabaya for a business trip in which…the schedule was very very friendly except for the fact that  I had to take 5.25 am flight…

Friendly enough that besides office matter , I had a change to eat these sehr lecker Essen! Wisata kuliner atas biaya dinas, judulnya.

nasi Krawu In Gresik

since the meeting in Gresik was start at 10, and I arrive at 7 am already (the second flight from Jakarta arrived at 9.30, that was why I took first flight), I asked my colleague to have local cullinary for breakfast first.

later, when we got back to Surabaya, my colleague (whose cousins is marrried to my cousin—- small world)  treated me at Bebek Sinjay. 

bebek sinjay at Jalan Tidar

Crispy duck with mango chilly sauce

office mater done at 2 am. went to hotel to take a nap since I was soooooo sleepy. Ich war sehr müde.

later, as recommended  by many of my friends, I opt for Sate Klopo Ondohen. anyway, I checked google map, the restaurant was less than 3Km from my hotel. so, instead of taking Gojek or Uber, I walked. the city becomes better in my every visit. Anyway, I stayed in Surabaya when I was an appetriance in my former company for few weeks. that’s why it has special place in my heart 🙂 

The Satay (beef and chicken) marinated with shreded coconut. Gee, my mouth is watering just writing this.

sate Ondomohen

the store

after I was done with this food, time for a little reunion with former colleagues who work in this city. I chose Kedai Tua Muda, recommended  by Adel. adel said this restaurant offers great variety of food and the place is nice too, with great music.staffs are friendly too. well, compare to Jakarta’s price, of course it is much cheaper! my capucino only cost leas than IDR 20,000 where it could cost more than IDR 30,000 in Jakarta.

Ade, Juniko and I

A cup of capucino

it’s surabaya. clock is ticking slower than Jakarta. Even like I’ve spent foreeverrrr with those gentlemen, it was only 7.30 pm that Jun suggested me to take another food. it was raining in Surabaya. seemed it was a good choice.


ade couldn’t join us. then we bid farewell. Until  we meet again, gentlemen! 

TO make story short, I still had one meeting in Pasuruan in the next day.

then, after we had our lunch, I just knew there is a mosque looks like a temple.

mesjid Laksamana Cheng Ho Pandaan

Oke then.rush back to airport, unfortunately flight was delay. there’s a lounge anyway. i ate again….at a lot.

Au- desus des nuages

until next time, Surabaya! 

a tiny bit of your wish

Jadi….gw selaluuuuu berdoa pengen banget pindah dari rutinitas sekarang. I think I had enough od (halah) the hustle and bustle between TangSel and Big Durian. It dragged me to a  low quality of life 😀

Most of my wish (and pray) pengen tinggal di tempat yang trotoarnya besar, kalo hujan besar ngga nyusahin, rokok mahal (biar bebas asap rokok), ngga punya mobil pribadi juga ngga masalah. Pengen banget balik tinggal di Irving lagi 😀 *tapi ngga usaha*

Well, pendek kata, gw disuruh OJT di negeri seberang. Awalnya gw ngerasa *halah, bakal bosen banget*, considering I’ve been to this city like hundreds time not to mention gw bakalan ngoceh dalam bahasa inggris most of the time :))

Well, turn out, gw seneng banget biarpun pulang training lanjut skype-an sama anak-anak yang lagi ujian nge-cek latihan soal mereka.

Seneng aja ngga perlu berebutan naik kereta, keluar stasiun…they all line up neatly. escalator sebelah kiri kalo mau sante, sebelah kanan kalo mau jalan


Ngga susah cari tempat makan siang ^_^


and of course managed to have morning run before work

IMG_0188*mind my big tummy, I had 2 portion of nasi lemak the day before*

IMG_0220 IMG_0244met new friends of course

IMG_0353and play here and there after office hour 😀

Sumpeee, saking noraknya gw merasa “ok, part my wish seems granted” but the most hurtful part was, every corner of this city reminds me of my late mom 😦 If she still alive, pasti blio yang menemani hari-hari gw yang lumayan panjang di sana.

my first Jambi trip


honestly, born and raise in Sumatera Island until my kinder garden years, never been to this city before. That’s what so “cool” being a capitalist slave. They may ask you fly to places, not cool though..yet…exciting 😀 *at least for me*

So, there was I …flight with first flight by Garuda 6.15 am last Tuesday, for the first time in my life I saw… Sungai Batanghari

the “invitation” came from a rubber manufactur.that’s a work in process rubber, that would be dried for at about 3 weeks before going through crumber process.

We had lunch in a famous restaurant in Jambi city, I was busy eating its Pindang Patin that I forgot to took pictures. Yet, I still recall its taste…delicious!

After several meeting with other capitalist slaves, *we call this Syndication Loan*  oh, yes the meeting was held between in  1-4 pm *yawning*, we flight back to to J-Town by the latest Garuda

in my surprise, when we had Dim Sum for breakfast , I learn that a man stand next to my left is my senior who married to my classmate in my undergraduate study. small world!




a so called business trip (and pulang kampong…) ^_^


I was crap-ing all the way, forget things could change in a snap!
I was flying on August the 13th, and in my surprise when I got to the office, I’d to fly again on the 20th for a business trip to Duri, Riau. obviously, it isn’t my first trip to the mining area.

Flying with GA 170 at 6.30 am and  arrived an hour and half later.
Went to Rumbai Camp, place where I was born and live there the next 6 years. Then we visited some drilling sites on the way from Rumbai to Duri.

This so called county has a special part in my life, where I spent the last quarter there in the year 2000, more over my grandma died and burried there. If only the trip was held 2 years ago…snif snif.

I didn’t “visit” her, no extended family could take me to her grave in the next morning, but  I was happy to visit them, my auntie, cousins (and spouse and  kiddos) who I barely see, a- (approx) 60 min-(extended) family reunion-  surely isn’t enough.

in short:

paling enak emang  “pulang kampung”  atas biaya dinas 😀

agreeeeee???? 😉

my first bali trip (in year 2008)

Like I told you on my previous post, on Tuesday, I was completely all by my self. Headed for the beach, try to enjoy everything on my own.
bare foot, walk along the Kuta Beach, with the sound of wave as the music , waiting for the sunset. I just made the best out of being lonely.


After the sun has gone, walk along the narrow Poppies Lane, bought sorvenir for my colleagues back in Jakarta, and spending sometime talking to the owner of the shop.
I think when you’re alone, you have to make friends with people you met, you won’t feel alone anymore.
I stopped a taxi, asked him taking me anywhere *with a good food*
I ended up in Carefour hehehhe.

next morning
*feel like De Ja Vu*
I was the only banker among 25 participants, so everybody
gave me the look what-are-you-doing-here?
*okey, I’m exaggerating*

I found the birds with the same feather, ended my lonely time up in next 3 days.
But all of them were good, they’d asked me to join. *sayang aja ngga ada brondong , SmileyCentral.com*

On friday, the course ended before lunch (bisa aja niy Bp Sutadi,pengertian banget!), we hired a car that took us to Celuk (I bought a flower-silver-pendant), sukowati, tanah Lot and Jimbaran.


Late at night, we had to say good bye.
tapi pak Slamet, dan bu eliza kantornya masih di Ps, Yuni bahkan 1 gedung dengan saya. Masih besar kemungkinan untuk ketemuan lagi.
Sama Kak Grace aja niy, yang jauh, di Balikpapan tinggalnya. Kapan lagi ya ketemu.

Since my flight would be on 20.00 on on satudarday night, I hired a car to take me around.
Don’t know what to do to spend the day, I remember there is mas Djaja, a colleague who just move from Jakarta to Depansar.
I sent him a text message in the middle of the night, he replied the next morning saying that he and his daughter were available. Yihhha….
Lumejen, daripada gue manyun.SmileyCentral.com
We went to the zoo in Ubud area (waks, so expensivem the enterance fee is Rp 50.000/person), foto2x di Ubud (terasering—sistem pertanian khas Bali), Kintamani,
dan ends up di Pantai Lebeng…the beach that facing East, so won’t see sunset here. I wanna go back here sometime again, waiting for the sunrise.
(hey, I did woke up so early in the morning — even before dawn— when I was in Barito River!)

Aksesnya baru dibuka, pantainya belum ada pemecah ombak, makanya ombaknya rada “kasar”, penuh batu-batu. Pasirnya hitam, tapi bersih.
duh, semoga pantai ini dibiarkan seperti ini, jangan dibangun hotel dan resort lah…

Our country has all the beauty!

Akhirnya jam delapan juga. time to fly.
Ketika mendarat dan siap-siap turun, sebelum pintu pesawat dibuka, sekilas melihat penumpang lain. Ada satu keluarga kok ya familiar wajahnya.
Ah itu, teh Amel , karena blio kerap posting dengan foto, jadi hapal dengan muka keluarganya.
senengnya bisa ketemu juga akhirnya.:)

PS : why did I call this entry My first Bali trip in year 2008? Insya Allah, I’ll be back here on August 8th-10th.

*Suer, gue training bukan liburan…kan ngga mungkin lagi training trus poto-poto*

more pictures are here.


I hate airport when it comes to long holiday,not to mention everyperson well almost,wear tank top and short,while i was completely dress up not to mention they travel with their babies while mine had to stay with their daddy at home.
But i had the window seat on the right side,so i can snap the magnificent Mt.Bromo.
This is paradise anyway,so suit yourself Kiky.
*abis berenang,heading to Kuta*
Evil grin.

my first borneo trip

*muke gue muke tambang kali yeee*Goofy
Jam 10.30 WITA, mendaratlah GA 530 di Bandara Syamsudin Noor.
Berhubung ini pertama kali saya menginjakan kaki di pulau ini, rasanya perlu diabadikan *narsis akut*
tetep dengan stelan merah walopun beda komposisi.

setelah mengisi perut di satu rumah makan kecil, we headed north.
Sepanjang perjalanan melewati kota banjarbaru dan martapura, apabila melihat pom bensin
maka pemandangan yang ada adalah antrian dump truck pengangkut batubara yang tidak dapat beroperasi karena :

“maaf solar habis” & “maaf bensin habis*

Kali ini sebuah perusahaan tambang batu bara di propose oleh business unit tempat saya bekerja. Rasanya, belum pernah kami membiayai industri sejenis langsung kepada pemilik konsesi, makanya saya “diundang” untuk melihat langsung. good, learning a new thing, quite an ectassy for me.

Dengan mobil 4WD, khas mobil untuk daerah pertambangan, 2 jam kemudian sampailah kami dilokasi pertambangan di Kab Rantau.

So there I was, for the first time in my life I saw :

A crushing plant
(alat ini menghancurkan batu bara dari diameter 25 cm menjadi 5 cm)
and off course a coal mining :

dan ternyata pertambangan ini awalnya dimulai dari atas sana,

sampai saat ini dibawah sana,

hmm…berapa ya tingginya…kiloan meter lah yang jelas.
Heavy quipment itu saja tampak seperti mainan, padahal diameter rodanya lebih tinggi dari saya.

kemudian kami ke site yang lain. Kalau tadi melihat dari kejauhan, sekarnag dimana kita berada didasar pertambangan itu sendiri

mengetahui pertambangan butuh studi eksplorasi yang akurat dengan biaya yang tidak sedikit, walaupun sebagian besar pertambangan di negeri ini menggunakan metode open pit (pertambangan terbuka, setelah eksplorasi cuma butuh min. excavator+ dump truck),
maka saya iseng bertanya kepada nasabah dimana posisi seorang Aman Jagau *ternyata….disensor*ROTFL
eniwei, setelah dieksploitasi, pemilik konsesi wajib mereklamasi kembali daerah tambang yang bolong kemudian ditanam pepohonan.

mengunjungi 2 pit lain dan sebuah crushing plant lain, kami kembali ke Banjarmasin, diatas jam 3 sore Pem Kot banjarmasin menginjinkan truk2x pengakut batu bara masuk kota, maka apabila kami terlambat, yang ada terjebak macet.

Ah sayang, kota martapura terlewat begitu saja tanpa singgah (tentu aja berarti tanpa melihat batu2x indah untuk perhiasan dan kain sasirangan) Sad
*pergi sama brondong mana kepikiran sama kain daerah dan sungkan juga siy minta mampir*
Sampai di Rattan Inn jam 7 malam, saya melihat gambar pasar terapung dari situ timbul niatan untuk ke tempat ini esok pagi dan menyewa taxi hotel. Kapan lagiBig Grin
ternyata, lantai kamar saya sama dengan Novus Spa, fasilitas Spa dari hotel tersebut, iseng bertanya harga paket karena ingin dipijat akibat lelah, quite resonable price for me, sekembali makan malam saya pun ber-spa ria.
dipijat dan dilulur, sedap!relaksasi yang menyenangkan.Massage Therapist

Jam 5.15 WITA, masih ngantuk berats karena Spa kemaren baru selesai jam 11, berangkatlah ke sungai barito.
Ahirnya ngga jadi naik taxi hotel, dipinjamkan mobil nasabah tadi. Untungnya Johnson mau ikut juga, si oriental brondong ini juga tidak mau melewatkan fajar di sungai barito. Good, I got accompany!

Sebuah sampan bermotor kami sewa, konon kabarnya sebenarnya harga sewa cuma Rp 50 ribu, mungkin karena keliatan kita bertampang turis lokal *ya eyalah, bawa2x kamera gitu* jadinya 70 ribu, padahal sudah ditawar pak Yusuf , ya sudahlah, harga solar besok juga naik.
bermulai dari sungai yang tak begitu lebar, 5 menit kemudian bermuara di sungai Barito,
Jaw Dropping for me seeing the sight, saya tidak pernah menyangka sungai barito seluas ini!wow!

memang tidak lama disini, hanya sekitar 1,5 jam. Kami juga tidak sempat ke pulau kembang di seberang yang habitatnya monyet
setelah makan pagi, kembali mengunjungi sebuah crushing plant yang mempunyai dermaga.

Tongkang telah berisi 8.000 ton batubara dan akan segera diberangkatkan ke negara seberang, karena ingin melihat tongkang di atas kaki saya (excavator itu berada diatas tongkang )”terperosok”.

Ketika membuka sepatu di kantor,
argggghhhh sia-sia spa tadi malam….kaki dan sepatu saya hitam oleh debu batubara.Crying 2

Setelah berdiskusi, saya dan johnson berpamitan kepada nasabah, kami terbang ke Jakarta lebih dulu.
sempat melintasi sebuah kantor camat yang penuh oleh masyarakat —yah taulah mengapa mereka disana.
ironis…cadangan batubara terukur di propinsi ini masih 2,428 milyar ton dengan harga jual USD 113/ton. Pajak ekspor juga cukup besar, 13% dari total penjualan.

Sampai di airport saya melihat counter kain saisrang, dibeli sajalah :P, ya harganya memang sedikit lebih mahal (katanya salesnya siy-“cuma” 20 ribuan lebih mahal untuk kain yang saya beli) dan pilihannya tidak banyak.

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Jadwal pemerbangan masih 1,5 jam lagi, ngaso2x di Blue Sky Lounge.
Mengetahui kami belum check ini, maka pihak lounge menawarkan untuk membantu urusan check in, bagasi dan pembayaran airport tax…kami tinggal duduk manis saja di lounge sembari ngopi dan makan pisang goreng. Life is good! 😛
dan ternyata tidak sampai situ, kita tidak perlu ke ruang tunggudi lantai 2 bandara ini, ada jalur tersendiri untuk langsung ke pesawat setelah ada pengumuman boarding…
dan cihuynya lagi neh,
sejak Adam Air diberhentikan, otomatis armada ke kota ini berkurang, mengakibatkan pesawat sering penuh, maka…
di pernerbangan GA 533 ini kami duduk di executive class *evil grin*Devil
kami tertawa geli saja, melihat mayoritas penumpang kelasi ini pejabat look-alike, sedangkan kami “kefret-kefret dengan kaos,jeans dan sepatu kets yang hitam we were “gembel” who just lucky sitting in the front seat Evil Grin