Race recap : Mandiri Jogja Marathon 2018

Collect memories..

What I did : Down load a 16-week-Full Marathon plan on which, time based. Not Distance Based.

What I didn’t do : exercise what training plan said. I didn’t religiously follow my TP, yet, this was the worst.  Only 40% of it…more or less.  My knee and heel were still hurt as I didn’t finish my therapy. Secondly, I forgot to cut my toe nails. More about this later.

What I did my best:  On longest run, I only clocked 18K for 3 hours run. I knew, I can’t finish tis race in the next 3 weeks. So, I planed to stop at Km 24. Why 24? keep reading! hahahaha.  However, H-7 from Sunday to Friday, I had beet juice everyday. I always consume Beet Juice before big race.

And owh, I was also interviewed by local TV. After introduction, like how many marathon I have done, when was the last time, he asked

Q : Gimana nih mbak? Waktu di Berlin kan dingin, nanti Jogja kan panas

me : Ya, latihannya mulai siang mas. Saya mulai jam 7 biar terbiasa panas.

#pencitraanitupenting. Padahal sik, gw telat bangun terus.  

Anyway, here’s the review:

  • I stayed in Maliboro which is far from Prambanan. When I was about to leave the hotel, #2 said “Jangan DNF ya bun” hiks…I felt bad from myself.
  • Arrived at 3.30 pm in Prambanan area, prepared for Subh Pray. But the Musholla was small and packed with runners already.  Subuh Time was 4.25 while FM Gun Off at 4.45. I have to be quick, I found another tent next to musholla,where the comittee work.  Asking permisision. They said yes. Save my time, thank you Committee.

Just Arrived at Prambanan

  • Run Frantically to starting Pen. It was quite far, I think I took the wrong entry point. Meh. Saw noboby familiar later…saw Eri.

before gun Off

  • Gun fired at exactly 4.45 am for Full Marathon (and 45 mins later for Half Marathon). We ran thru village area, when local just started their day after Subuh Pray. Women just about to clean the house, kids just back from Mosque, things like that. It was still dark and the illumination was great.
  • I was doing fine in my opinion, at least with this injured knee and heel.  Like I told you here, I’m no longer pace 8 runner. It dropped to 10 even 11 during normal run! As I maintain under 9mins/km is achievement for me. I – as always – talked to other runners to kill the boredom. I saw a young man with JogMar 2017 finisher tee, I asked him whether we would run with same route as last year. He said yes. then I told him  “saya plan berhenti abis candi deh Mas. kurang latihan nih”. He replied “Candi nanti mbakkkk, mau finish. Finishin aja!”njisss
  • Btw, unlike any other local race, there were Check Point Cut Off Time every 6K, with 2 hours time frame. So I planned to stop at Km 24 — ya biar orang-orang tau saya ambil FM! bahahahhah. Lemah aja masih pamer!
  • We took left turn on the way to Km 8, and cheered by local. It was fun, even the Pak Camat was there to cheer the runners with gamelan. This point forward, we really ran in village area. Sampai lewatin kuburan segala lho.
  • This was the view, blue sky, white cloud and a mountain! RIGHT IN FRONT OF US! Masya ALLAH, my lens can’t capture its beauty.

can you see the mountain?

  • Btw, the support system was sufficient. Water Stations were adequate, water, isotonic and even banana every 3KM. However, it was sooo hot that I needed a COLD SODA. Saw a warung (pa-ma conventional store) and yelled “Ibu….ada Coca Cola ngga?” and she said yes! Haleluya! Of course, I brought money with me.
  •   Later in Km 14, I found it hard to catch my breath and I was running with a guy and he said “ya kan rute-nya nanjak terus mbak sampai Km 19! habis itu turun! makanya tadi gunung Merapi kan depan kita?” heyakkkkkk
  • I forgot in which Km, I bought another bottle of cold soda.
  • Before Km 19, we made a left turn and the marshal said..”hayo mbak semangat! turunan semua” They didn’t lie. It was down hill…RUN FAT  GIRL RUN!!!!! and I could catch my breath again.
  • It was far before 8.45 am, the cut off time for Km 24 (4 hours after gun off). I wanted to stop, but the marshal said “terus lari saja. Masih lama bus pengangkutnya“. She told me to keep going, I tried! I kept going. Oh heck, why didn’t I give it a try. I asked myself.   We were passing a very small – kampung – road. Probably a short cut.
  • I stopped a while to buy…yes, another Soda! I saw two runners. One, suffered from serious blister. He tried to find bandage/handyplast for the last 10K, medic didn’t supply. The other, was just tired. I gave my drink to him, so he’d get the energy from the sugar. In case you’re wondering, taking sweet drink is considered ok during endurance activity.
  • I walked the moment I crossed Km 25 marker. I felt slightly cramp in my left calf.  yes, yes yes!!!! My marathon drama has ALWAYS been in KM 25! Didn’t I write it down what to bring on my virgin marathon? I couldnt find the medic, as I needed a spray for pain reliever. I cursed, for the FOURTH TIME, yes FOURTH! I didn’t prepare a pain reliever. And my feet were hurt, gesekan kuku kaki dengan sepatu lari sangat tidak nyaman. That’s why, do cut your toe nails  before the race.
  • Then the guy with blister pained passed me, and lend me the spray. Thank you! He left me! “jrit….musti lari donk gw ngejar dia?”  I tried my best to return his spray, he was wearing Telkomsel Jersey so I called “Mas Telkomsel….ini spray nya” so he would slow down! ahahahhahaha.
  • we passed  paddy field. Since I was exhausted, unlike my Bali Marathon, I didn’t took any picture during the race. I’ve to took one! A marshal saw me and took my picture with her partner. jiahahahaha.

    with a marshal

  • I remembered, I haven’t take any picture with Km Marker! huh!

A proof I didn’t stop at Km 24

  • My sister called me, checking my where-about or whether I still alive or not.
  • From this point, I entirely walked.Cried for tukang ojek  (joking!) , couldn’t find one. Then regroup  with some young men from Bandung. One was extremely tired, he was injured. His name is Andreas it was his first FM. We walked until the end of the road before I saw…..
  • OH yeah, my Garmin said it was 9.50 am! I cant continue the race! They have to open the road!

5 mins too late

  • “maaf mbak, tidak bisa lanjut!” The other  DNF runners cheered me up, one of the girls said “Jangan kecewa ya mbak!”(YA KECEWA GIMANA, GW UDAH MAU SELESAI DI KM 24 sih!!!) . tentu saja dalam hati! GIlak apa orang ngomong baik baik gw bentak. bahahahhahah
  • On the bus which was provided to pick the DNF to start point, Andreas said “Duh sedih banget mbak, ini FM pertama saya!” Tante Kiky langung kesel dengernya “Ih NGAPAIN LOE SEDIH! BANYAK WAKTU LOE! GW AJA UDAH TUA SANTAI AJA!Benerin dulu tuh kaki, latihan yang bener! Race masih banyak, ada Bromo, Lombok atau Singapur sekalian” I bet if he read my blog he’ll said “LOOK WHO IS TALKING!” bahahahhahah.
  • Later I know, Eri didn’t finish his Marathon either. He was also picked up earlier by the bus in Km 30! Jiahahahahahahah. So we took pictures holding virtual medal!

DNF  Runners!

This is what the elevation for Full Marathon Jogja Marathon looks like.


Although I couldn’t nail my fourth marathon, I said this race was great. Water Supply was abundant, marshals were great, view was amazing and a very nice Jogja People. This race has passed Bali Marathon as my #1 favorite local race. Yes, it was hot, yes road is narrow, dan banyak yang komplain jalanan ngga rata, belok-belok, etc. Tapi, teman kami Valas justru dapat Personal BEST TIME di race ini, bukan di Berlin 2016 yang lalu. So, intinya LATIHAN SAMA SEPERTI MERPATI -TIDAK AKAN AKAN INGKAR JANJI!Saya tidak kecewa saya gagal, saya sadar saya ngga latihan. Tapi ada rasa gantung deh, ngga finish FM, apalagi terakhir FM sudah 3 tahun. Ingin sign up FM next semester (jeda 6 bulan dengan 4 bulan latihan) I still searching the even. But, I still want clear up this unfinished business! Come back to Jogja Next April to run another FM…only…and if ONLY…..


I try my luck for the third time!

only if  failed the ballot for 2019 (also in April)

Recap : Tour De Ambarukmo 148K

Lanjutan dari cerita ini, yeah…since I bought my bike 3 years ago, participating in a cycling tour was one of my dream. Alhamdulilah, kesampaian!

 It was granted on July 22nd 2017. The purpose I visited Jogja after 10 years! Sport event so-called-racecation is always special for me. this time, I did with some of my Bintaro Trojan Runners friends. There was Ira- Rahmi, who was home since lebaran (she lives in Saudi Arabia, nooo…not TKW) and “farewell” with Imel who would leave  for negara paman Sam , in the next two weeks. 
 I Did my first bike tour strolling at the other part of this beautiful country.  Tour de Amabarukmo 148 K which was devided by 5 stages. tiap stages  ada pit stop,makanan minuman yang mana menurut saya berlimpah ruah. Segala ada kecuali jodoh!

knowing that I’m suck at endurance, I was planning to stop after 2nd stage (75 K) 

But the view, the crowd and the friends were great, I decided to continue. however, I didn’t ride the whole 148K. 

Beware, this gonna be a looong post!

Start from hotel Royal Amabarukmo, at 5.30 am. Flag off by  Sri Sultan X himself!!! oh em geee, gw mau selfie agak keder sama banyaknya peserta. gangu juga sih!

So, here we go.

First stage 34K
hotel – kantor kelurahan Bumirejo Kulon Progo.

Saya tidak faham Jogja ya. But here’s the route! Straight all the way to Monumen Tugu, turn left to the famous Jalan Malaiboro, saw Beringin Kembar, keraton menuju Kulon Progo.  Agak sebal pas daerah luar kota ini, saigan sama kendaraan lain. Rute masih menyenangkan sih overall. Keluar kota pemandangan sawah kiri kanan. Duh saya ingin stop foto foto! Kenapa pada serius pisan! 

Second Stage 36K

Kantor kelurahan Bumirejo – Terminal parang tritis Bantul.

THIS IS MY FAVORITE STAGE! The kampung view, it was cloudy and foggy, flat route and OH MY GODNESS! INDONESIA is Dangerously BEAUTIFUL!  Saya ride santai, ketemu Dewi, teman waktu ikut Batam Triatlhon dulu. ngobrol sepanjang jalan lalu dia pamitan dan menghilang! I’m too slow for serious cyclist like her. Beberapa kali nyeletuk : 

“Stoppp yuk! Gw pengen foto foto!”

Dianggap lalu sama rekan-rekan BTR! Cih! Namun akhirnya Acha mengamini keinginan saya. jadi deh kita foto di sini! Gambar atas.

Ntah dimana. 

then an ambulanxe  stopped 

The officer : “ibu butuh bantuan?

Gw : ngga mau foto foto aja

The officer : (mungkin dalam hati) *NGOK!*

After this, we regroup with Abi and Mbak Ira Ciray. This another Ira is over 50 years old and soooo damn strong!!!! I envy her stamina! 

Another thing,

Waktu daerah pantai ini, ada momen  keren banget tapi saya ngga berani foto karena takut ganggu pleton dan bisa jatuh.

jadi kita bikin pleton dua dua, dengan road captain yang pakai baju kuning di depan 4 orang. daerahnya lurus, berpasir, mendung! Ah! Macam di luar negeri!!! 

Daerahnya seperti gambar di atas. diambil dari Facebook Tour De Ambarukmo. Kebayangkan mendung dan foggy nya?

Tapi akhirnya saya lepas dari pleton. ngga kuat dan….pengen foto foto lagi! Hahahahah! pitstop kedua di Terminal bantul Parang Tritis. This is my first time visiting Parang Tritis  Beach ( selfie pic with Acha)

Group photo

THird  Stage 22K
Parang tritis – Omah Kupu Panggang Gn. kidul

This the scary stage! Scary because yaaa ampun nanjak ajaaaa gituuuuu! Oh em gee moment! 

It was a steep- wadef*kwasthat-  hill in Panggang-Parangtritis (after second pit stop) all my dengkul,otot paha and sprocket 28 gears gave up 🤣(pembelaan kaum lemah, kakek2x naik sepeda lipat juga ada). 

Many cyclists fell down, trying to conquer the steep hill. they also get cramp. Me? Off the bike I was! nuntun!Salah saya juga, sudah diingatkan buat ganti sprocket sepeda dari 28 ke 32 menunda-nunda terus. Barangnya sendiri susah dicaripun. Pas butuh, habis stocknya! #kzl

Ira ciray – kiky – aby 

Daerah ini,  jalur untuk merebut gelar King/queen Of The Mountain. yang sampai duluan yang menang!  Gw akhirnya nyerah 1K menuju finish KOM ini. Diangkut! Liat sepeda yang lebih keren dari saya aja pda nyerah! Lahh…habis marshal pada nawarin

“Bu, mau diangkut saja ngga?” 

Bah! Luluh juga! 

I was  evacuated by comittee car until King Of The Mountain area, kira-kira daerah paling tinggi lah. Since this is a tour, I may continue the journey. I was looking for the pick up car who took my bike. lucky I found it right away in that crowd. I think the course was friendlier, I continued the rest of third stage to the 3rd pit stop. it was very fun with rolling track! I made new friends along the way. And I did my most favorite thing during race taking selfie with local kid! The most sincere cheerleaders! 

Arrive at Omah Kupu around 12 pm (almost 6 hours biking by that time). ICH HABE GROßE HUNGER! Lapaarrr malih!!! I took pop mie and  bir pletok! Oh my God! Taste so good! 

fourth stage 42K

GUnung Kidul – Candi Prambanan

On the fourth stage, It was a very steep- downhill. I freaked out in less than 10 minutes! Nangis bok! Clueless what to do next as I didn’t see any support car. Tapi namanya rejeki anak sholeh…suddenly there was a sound behind me

“Mbak kiky kenapa?”

“Saya takut turunan pak!” (Takut mati)

“Mau naik mobil saya saja?”


Wonder how did he know my name? Our bib number with complete name must stick on the back of our jersey! 

Well, in short, I put my bike on his rented pick up. Then continue the rest of fourth stage with the car (ada supir juga) He and his son were also participating on the event. He gave up after the third pit stop and he was guarding, Aji, his only child. Duh, saya mau nangis ngebayanginnya. Orangtua sama anak tuh  apa saja dilakukan ya! Even small thing like this! Of course we made talk during the trip. Bapak ini kerja di salah satu BUMN di Pulau Batam, sudah berdinas di sana selama 12 tahun. He really understand the whole system so  I asked : 

“bapak Direktur ya di sana?”

“Yah, begitulah mbak. Karyawan yang harus mengerti semuanya!”

Meniii humble pisann si bapak, teh!

Aji is quite a strong cyclist. Dia ngga pakai sepatu sepeda tapi speed nya sangat baik sehingga dengan mudahnya menyusul cyclist di depan (sehingga saya tidak terlalu lama di mobil….laparrr bok!) Anyway, Pak Luthfi (his name) ini berharap cucu, dia meminta saya menyelipkan doa untuk ini jika Allah berkehendak! Amin pak! Semoga segera! 

selama perjalanan ke Candi Prambanan, saya membatin:
“Sudah jam 2! Teman teman yang lain sudah selesai nih. Sudah pada istirahat di hotel” but when I arrived in Candi Prambanan…


And my beloved, sapi bule was also waiting for me

Fifth stage 14K

Candi Prambanan – Hotel ROyal Ambarukmo 

Then continue the whole 5th stage until the finish line. Jogja’s traffic was not friendly at all by that time!  Finish at 4pm! 

It was my longest ride to date with so many stories to brag! 

One bucket list ✅

With all the support from both my (real) family and extended ones ,  who understand this slow kerbau and patiently waiting for me in Candi Prambanan area for more than 1 hour – sampai- diusir -satpam.

I love you! you know who you are!!!

Strava screencap is on the map and elevation course taken from Ashar’s.

Btw, do you know that this Governor was also a participant?

Taken from TDA facebook. 

Keren banget pak Ganjar yaa!!! Istrinya pun rajin latihan nanjak lho!!! 

Anyway, along the friendly tracks I keep humming


Musisi jalanan mulai beraksi

Seiring laraku kehilanganmu

Merintih sendiri

Ditelan deru kotamu …”

Tetap gendut, tambah hitam muka penuh pasir I dont careeeee!


Weekend Trip : Jogja

minggu lalu saya ke Jogja, last time I visited this city was 11 years ago! Whoaaa!

First stop

makan Gudeg dulu di Bu Hj Ahmad. lalu ke hotel drop barang, kemudian….makan makan lagi 😜

lalu ke daerah Kota Gede, mampir di butik terkenal Lulu Luthfi! ish, bagus-bagus, sebagus harganya! megang bajunya saja, saya tidak  berani. 

Setelah itu, mampir ke kedai Es Krim kekinian di Jogja, Tempo Gelato di Jalan Prawirotaman. It’s salt caramel is to die for! yummy!

Lanjut lagi ke restoran Bu angeng, punyanya Butet Kertajasa. Selesai? ngga lah! Kami makan lagi di Jejamuran Restoran 

Sesuai namanya, this restaurant provide all-mushroom-based meal! enak semua! Especially rasa rendang! must eat when in Jogja! 

minggu pagi, saya menyempatkan diri sepedahan. Saat itu cuaca di Jogja menyenangkan. langit biru dan angin sepoy-sepoy.

Setelah packing sepeda, saya menyempatkan ke Museum Ulen Sentanu. Unfortunately, you can’t take picture over here.  luar biasa budaya Jawa, ada pakem, harapan dan doa di dalam setiap rutinitas.

Lalu lanjut ke the famous Kopi Klotok. tempat makannya sangat sederhana, tapi ramai. Menu utama juga cuma Telor Dadar kayaknya.

 Since we can’t find seat inside, leyeh-leyeh tepi sawah it was!  Sangat sederhana, tapi saya suka banget!!! Bahagia itu sejatinya sederhana! 

You can’t find my picture with Keraton, Borobuder Temple or Kalibiru. Simply because I didn’t go there 😦

Wonder what I did in Jogja? Well, if you follow my IG or FB, you can figure it out! More stories later! Bis Bald! 

wis kul – dibuang sayang

Mohon maaf seandainya ada yang lapar…
cerita yang sempat tak terungkap waktu ke Jogja kemaren, karena banyaknya cerita.

Postingan kali ini mengungkap apa-apa yang masuk perut gue selama 2 hari itu. Menyenangkan dengan biaya murah, kita bisa happy.D

Our breakfast
Soto Kadipiro

Lokasi as picture shown below

Price : lupa semangkoknya berapa, yang jelas kita berlimabelas tambahannya udah pake ati-ampela seorang (gue mungkin lebih ;;)), kerupuk dan segelas the hangat manis cost Rp 300 ribu saja.

Our Snack
Jadah Tempe dan Tahu

Lokasi : we have this in Kali urang at mbak bulan (arif’s sister) inn.
It is tempe/tahu bacem with ketan putih
Price : Rp 3000/pcs (kalo ngga salah…)
Tips : sebiji kenyang buat ganjel perut jangan lapar mata


Our Lunch
Regular restaurant which provide ikan air tawar a.k.a Moro Lejar
Tips : ada masakan ikan2x kecil yang digoreng, lupa namanya sedaaappppp.
Cost : lumejen mahal kayaknya berlima belas kayaknya 400 ribuan. Tapi itu udah pake minum yang ‘aneh-aneh’ (jus, es inih, es ituh,ngga sekedar es teh)

Our dinner
Bakmi Pele – Alun- alun Utara
Cuma buka malam hari
Price : Rp 10.000,- semangkok besar.
I try Bakmi Godok Campur, try Bakmi Goreng Campur is tasty also.
tips : banyak pengamen, sedia uang kecil.

Our Lunch – the next day
Gudeng Yu Djum
Price Rp 20.000,untuk sepiring nasi + telur + paha atas
Lokasi : near by UGM campus
tips : jangan pake jaket,panas bow!
second tips : beli gudeng ini buat dibawa pulang, jangan lupa dimakan. Pulang dari jogja gue ke rumah nyokap dulu, karena anak2x dititip disana. Truz, pas balik ke bintaro lupa bawa gudeg ini, besoknya gue ke rumah nyokap…tinggal telurnya. ((

See?happy kan?

Weekend In Jogja Day Two

Cerita 26 NOvember 2006
jam 7 kami sudah siap dan siap2x sarapan. Para lelaki masih terlelap, ternyata kemaren mereka pada dugem mumpung pulang ngga bakal ditanya ama anak bini. Setelah sarapan kami mengeksekusi Day Two Plan


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

terletak di depan MIROTA.
Agak sepi pasar walaupun sudah jam 8 lewat , ternyata hari itu di Joga (di banten juga siy, maap ya kang Jul, suara untuk anda kurang 2,saya dan hendri) ada Pilkada.
Errrr, milih apa ya? Gurbenur? Apakah gurbenur sana harusnya Sri Sultankah????
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
ENnwei, laper mata deh kalo liat kain2x yang cantik ini. Apa daya ATM Niaga jauh sekali.
Sesaat mengisi kantong belanjaan, tak lama gue menyusuri Malioboro untuk melihat pernak-pernik yang lain. Entahlah mengapa, napsu belanja gue lagi menguap, keknya males banget deh tawar menawar, padahal yang sandal, gelang, hiasan rumah, de el el itu lucu-lucu dan menarik.
Berkumpul kembali jam setengah 12, kami ke bakpia 25, gue membeli bakpia rasa keju dan makanan lain.
Kembali ke hotel, gue pengen beli Caping yang gue liat di Prambanan, lucu aja kayaknya Kezia make’ itu pas jalan ke sekolah, ,jadi gue balik ke Malioboro lewat jalan belakang hotel. Sayang ngga ada yang jual, gue malah beli kuda lumping buat Kevin. :-D.We had Nasi Gudeng for lunch di yu YUn. Lokasinya ngga jauh dari Kampus UGM dan agak (emang siy) masuk Gang.

Acay dan Dede ngga bisa makan, kemanisan.
‘Seperti makan nasi pakai permen saja’ komentar Ko Acay. Dede juga orang Batak, ngga biasa makan manis. Biasalah setelah itu kami foto2x ngga mutu aja. 🙂
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Setelah makan siang, baru jam 2-an. Bang joseph pengen melihat jaminan yang dibiayai, kita2x pada BT muter2x ngga jelas. Sebelum Jam 3 udah nyampe deket Bandara, gue melihat plang CANDI SIMBASARI ngga jauh dari situ, jadilah gue minta pak supir mengarah kesana. Kami foto2x disana.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Candi kabarnya didirkan oleh ABAD 8 ato 9, baru ditemukan tahun 1966. Sayangnya penjaga lokasi candi tidak ramah, tidak tau menau dan tidak mau cari tau juga tentang (seharusnya) objek wisata yang blio jaga. Huuuh, mental orang Indonesia banget seh!
Coba kalo seandainya kami turis asing, kan malu tuh! Yang mas Hari pegang itu adalah lambang kesuburan, konon kabarnya kalo pengen punya buah hati ,megang itu aja. Katanya lho yaaaa.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Gw pun bergaya ala model. hehehehehe

Nyampe bandara jam setengah 4, menuju Lounge. Huah, padahal pesawat kami, baru terbang 2.5 jam kemudian. Makannya kurang bervariatif menambah ke BT an detikdetik menjelang pulang. ANyway, We make a friend here, Hirohito Suzuki namanya. Eligible bachelor I might say 😛
Umur 26, bekerja di Fujitsu as Semi conductor Engineer. Dia punya misi sosial ke Jogja yaitu menghibur dan mengajar rugby anak-anak Bantul, korban Gempa. It was his 2nd trip ke Jogja after the earthquake. DOn’t know what he’s up to, nyari istri orang jogja kali ya. hihihihi

Anyway, jam 6 sore, meluncurlah Adam Air ke Jakarta. .

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Sekitar 2 jam kemudian, kembali gw dapat memeluk kedua buah hatiku.
We had great times.