Race recap : Mandiri Jogja Marathon 2018

Collect memories..

What I did : Down load a 16-week-Full Marathon plan on which, time based. Not Distance Based.

What I didn’t do : exercise what training plan said. I didn’t religiously follow my TP, yet, this was the worst.  Only 40% of it…more or less.  My knee and heel were still hurt as I didn’t finish my therapy. Secondly, I forgot to cut my toe nails. More about this later.

What I did my best:  On longest run, I only clocked 18K for 3 hours run. I knew, I can’t finish tis race in the next 3 weeks. So, I planed to stop at Km 24. Why 24? keep reading! hahahaha.  However, H-7 from Sunday to Friday, I had beet juice everyday. I always consume Beet Juice before big race.

And owh, I was also interviewed by local TV. After introduction, like how many marathon I have done, when was the last time, he asked

BTR Interview 🎤 . #bintarotrojanrunners #taping #interview #bintaro

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Q : Gimana nih mbak? Waktu di Berlin kan dingin, nanti Jogja kan panas

me : Ya, latihannya mulai siang mas. Saya mulai jam 7 biar terbiasa panas.

#pencitraanitupenting. Padahal sik, gw telat bangun terus.  

Anyway, here’s the review:

  • I stayed in Maliboro which is far from Prambanan. When I was about to leave the hotel, #2 said “Jangan DNF ya bun” hiks…I felt bad from myself.
  • Arrived at 3.30 pm in Prambanan area, prepared for Subh Pray. But the Musholla was small and packed with runners already.  Subuh Time was 4.25 while FM Gun Off at 4.45. I have to be quick, I found another tent next to musholla,where the comittee work.  Asking permisision. They said yes. Save my time, thank you Committee.

Just Arrived at Prambanan

  • Run Frantically to starting Pen. It was quite far, I think I took the wrong entry point. Meh. Saw noboby familiar later…saw Eri.

before gun Off

  • Gun fired at exactly 4.45 am for Full Marathon (and 45 mins later for Half Marathon). We ran thru village area, when local just started their day after Subuh Pray. Women just about to clean the house, kids just back from Mosque, things like that. It was still dark and the illumination was great.
  • I was doing fine in my opinion, at least with this injured knee and heel.  Like I told you here, I’m no longer pace 8 runner. It dropped to 10 even 11 during normal run! As I maintain under 9mins/km is achievement for me. I – as always – talked to other runners to kill the boredom. I saw a young man with JogMar 2017 finisher tee, I asked him whether we would run with same route as last year. He said yes. then I told him  “saya plan berhenti abis candi deh Mas. kurang latihan nih”. He replied “Candi nanti mbakkkk, mau finish. Finishin aja!”njisss
  • Btw, unlike any other local race, there were Check Point Cut Off Time every 6K, with 2 hours time frame. So I planned to stop at Km 24 — ya biar orang-orang tau saya ambil FM! bahahahhah. Lemah aja masih pamer!
  • We took left turn on the way to Km 8, and cheered by local. It was fun, even the Pak Camat was there to cheer the runners with gamelan. This point forward, we really ran in village area. Sampai lewatin kuburan segala lho.
  • This was the view, blue sky, white cloud and a mountain! RIGHT IN FRONT OF US! Masya ALLAH, my lens can’t capture its beauty.

can you see the mountain?

  • Btw, the support system was sufficient. Water Stations were adequate, water, isotonic and even banana every 3KM. However, it was sooo hot that I needed a COLD SODA. Saw a warung (pa-ma conventional store) and yelled “Ibu….ada Coca Cola ngga?” and she said yes! Haleluya! Of course, I brought money with me.
  •   Later in Km 14, I found it hard to catch my breath and I was running with a guy and he said “ya kan rute-nya nanjak terus mbak sampai Km 19! habis itu turun! makanya tadi gunung Merapi kan depan kita?” heyakkkkkk
  • I forgot in which Km, I bought another bottle of cold soda.
  • Before Km 19, we made a left turn and the marshal said..”hayo mbak semangat! turunan semua” They didn’t lie. It was down hill…RUN FAT  GIRL RUN!!!!! and I could catch my breath again.
  • It was far before 8.45 am, the cut off time for Km 24 (4 hours after gun off). I wanted to stop, but the marshal said “terus lari saja. Masih lama bus pengangkutnya“. She told me to keep going, I tried! I kept going. Oh heck, why didn’t I give it a try. I asked myself.   We were passing a very small – kampung – road. Probably a short cut.
  • I stopped a while to buy…yes, another Soda! I saw two runners. One, suffered from serious blister. He tried to find bandage/handyplast for the last 10K, medic didn’t supply. The other, was just tired. I gave my drink to him, so he’d get the energy from the sugar. In case you’re wondering, taking sweet drink is considered ok during endurance activity.
  • I walked the moment I crossed Km 25 marker. I felt slightly cramp in my left calf.  yes, yes yes!!!! My marathon drama has ALWAYS been in KM 25! Didn’t I write it down what to bring on my virgin marathon? I couldnt find the medic, as I needed a spray for pain reliever. I cursed, for the FOURTH TIME, yes FOURTH! I didn’t prepare a pain reliever. And my feet were hurt, gesekan kuku kaki dengan sepatu lari sangat tidak nyaman. That’s why, do cut your toe nails  before the race.
  • Then the guy with blister pained passed me, and lend me the spray. Thank you! He left me! “jrit….musti lari donk gw ngejar dia?”  I tried my best to return his spray, he was wearing Telkomsel Jersey so I called “Mas Telkomsel….ini spray nya” so he would slow down! ahahahhahaha.
  • we passed  paddy field. Since I was exhausted, unlike my Bali Marathon, I didn’t took any picture during the race. I’ve to took one! A marshal saw me and took my picture with her partner. jiahahahaha.

    with a marshal

  • I remembered, I haven’t take any picture with Km Marker! huh!

A proof I didn’t stop at Km 24

  • My sister called me, checking my where-about or whether I still alive or not.
  • From this point, I entirely walked.Cried for tukang ojek  (joking!) , couldn’t find one. Then regroup  with some young men from Bandung. One was extremely tired, he was injured. His name is Andreas it was his first FM. We walked until the end of the road before I saw…..
  • OH yeah, my Garmin said it was 9.50 am! I cant continue the race! They have to open the road!

5 mins too late

  • “maaf mbak, tidak bisa lanjut!” The other  DNF runners cheered me up, one of the girls said “Jangan kecewa ya mbak!”(YA KECEWA GIMANA, GW UDAH MAU SELESAI DI KM 24 sih!!!) . tentu saja dalam hati! GIlak apa orang ngomong baik baik gw bentak. bahahahhahah
  • On the bus which was provided to pick the DNF to start point, Andreas said “Duh sedih banget mbak, ini FM pertama saya!” Tante Kiky langung kesel dengernya “Ih NGAPAIN LOE SEDIH! BANYAK WAKTU LOE! GW AJA UDAH TUA SANTAI AJA!Benerin dulu tuh kaki, latihan yang bener! Race masih banyak, ada Bromo, Lombok atau Singapur sekalian” I bet if he read my blog he’ll said “LOOK WHO IS TALKING!” bahahahhahah.
  • Later I know, Eri didn’t finish his Marathon either. He was also picked up earlier by the bus in Km 30! Jiahahahahahahah. So we took pictures holding virtual medal!

DNF  Runners!

This is what the elevation for Full Marathon Jogja Marathon looks like.


Although I couldn’t nail my fourth marathon, I said this race was great. Water Supply was abundant, marshals were great, view was amazing and a very nice Jogja People. This race has passed Bali Marathon as my #1 favorite local race. Yes, it was hot, yes road is narrow, dan banyak yang komplain jalanan ngga rata, belok-belok, etc. Tapi, teman kami Valas justru dapat Personal BEST TIME di race ini, bukan di Berlin 2016 yang lalu. So, intinya LATIHAN SAMA SEPERTI MERPATI -TIDAK AKAN AKAN INGKAR JANJI!Saya tidak kecewa saya gagal, saya sadar saya ngga latihan. Tapi ada rasa gantung deh, ngga finish FM, apalagi terakhir FM sudah 3 tahun. Ingin sign up FM next semester (jeda 6 bulan dengan 4 bulan latihan) I still searching the even. But, I still want clear up this unfinished business! Come back to Jogja Next April to run another FM…only…and if ONLY…..


I try my luck for the third time!

only if  failed the ballot for 2019 (also in April)


Skin care : jelly aquarista Astalift

Eh tapi mau cerita dikit.

Waktu itu ada yang japri saya, sekitar dua bulan saya pakai produk Kose. Ini penampakannya :))

Kiri : 2 bulan rutin bersihin muka

Kanan : 2 hari pakai produk di atas.

Semoga ngga mual, berasa kulit saya yang eksotis ini lebih merata aja gelapnya, tidak macam orang panuan. Hahahahah!

Anyway, kemaren tiba tiba ada beuaty class Lagi. Kali ini dari Astalift (IG nya @astalift_indonesia). Saya dapat slot kosong lah, cihuy. Intinya sih sama saja dengan biyutiklas (read : beauty class) December lalu. Masing-masing kan jualan kelebihan produknya lah ya. rangkaian bersehin muka juga lebih kurang sama.

Oh ya produk ini line businessnya Fuji Film itu lho! Yang umurnya ngga jauh dari saya pasti taulah, jaman belum ada kamera digital! Ahey!

produk Astalift ini ada best selling productnya lah Jelly Aquarysta namanya. Yang konon mampu mereparasi kulit yang rusak (though it will take time).

Lucu ya, sekotak ini dapat tempat buat berdiri sendoknya. Jadi si jelly ngga terkontaminasi sama tangan kotor.

Saya tertarik beli ini. nyoba foundationnya juga enak sih, ringan. tapi ntar aja deh. Bikin bokek kalo diturutin!

Dan si jelly ini, bisa balik lagi ke posisi semula di botolnya lho. Jadi ngga “coak” di botol.

Saya berasa sih kulit lebih kenyal aja bahahahah. MC acara beauty class kemaren, bilang make upnya lebih gampang nge-blend. Saya sih ngga pakai make up ya, jarang banget lah.

Let’s see next two month.

Oh ya, produk ini saya pakai setelah membersihkan muka dengan cleansing oil, cuci muka. Lalu setelah apply ini, lanjut essence dan sun block kalo pagi.

Eh, Mari kita liat kondisi muka saya pas lebaran! Hahahaha.

Cerita Seputar Sektor 9


jadi, daerah saya tinggal yang 10 tahun tempat jin buang anak, sekarang jadi kawasan CBD – Central Business Distrct.

what I like most about my neighborhood :

Hospital is just around the corner

Rumah Sakit Pondok Indah buka cabang di TangSel.

Yang saya senang sih, saya bisa jalan pergi-pulang. Ngga sampai sekilo ke rumah! biarpun buat beberapa orang aneh ya, jalan kaki siang bolong…kenapa ngga bawa mobil ato motor. i considered myseld an Ozon hero! pejuang Ozon dengan menekan emisi lingkungan! mulai sekaranf, mulai dari diri sendiri!

Bonus : lingkar perut turun. Yeah, I gained 8kg and waistline getting bigger.

new Pizza Hut just opened!

Bahahahahahah! Aslik #receh! Depan rumah sakit, baru dibuka stand-alone store, Pizza Hut! no need to explain lah!

On a nice evening, I take a walk to nearest book store, the largest one in the country (or probably the only one?)

Toko bukunya seberang Mc D! Hehehhe

Anyway, yang mau saya pamerin sih…Saya tau deketttt banget dari rumah ada sekolah dance tapi websitenya ngga update dan ternyata…kelasnya banyakkkk banget. Not only zumba and ballet or hip hop for kids but also for adult!

Jadi tahun lalu saya sign up kelas Hip hop gitu. di sudirman, cuma pulangnya kemalaman lelah jugaaa sampe rumah di atas jam 10 ^_^. i quitted then.

Mungkin banyak yang ngga tau biar gendut, saya lumayan lincah…bahahahahahahahahah

Dan ibu-ibu yang baju motif macan tutul, umurnya mau 60!! Semoga kalau sampe umur segitu, kita tetep lincah!!! Aheyy!

Ntar ya, kalo jagoan dikit gw post sesosok Gloria Madagascar joget.

PS: sebelah school of dance ini ada tempat ngopi juga!

The girl next to me now move to the Northern Globe! Miss you Zuz Gila!

resensi : Aquaterrace Bed & Breakfast

lanjutan cerita di sini

  • You live in Archipelago all your life (well, yaa sort of),thus, the coastal line is not too far from  where you live…
  • you live in a country that has many…many…..blue ocean and beautiful beaches…(forget the infrastructure, though)


  • You watched those American FIlm Series when you were kids…with those rich guys had house facing the ocean…


  • You are dreaming of having a similar house. you wish to wake up and had your meal with a sea view…

terrace room


SOOOOO…..this aquaterrace Bed and Breakfast could be the answer of your (in this case, my) childhood dream with an affordable price for me. 😉

From Ocean Room’s porch

Owned by a Japanese wife and Balinese husband, this B&B is very carefully designed and maintened. THe color of Blue and While really dominating the interior. Everything is detailed and very neat!

View from the bathroom

I had a chance to stay at Both Type of the room, the Ocean Room (has direct access to the beach) and Terrace Room (it has bigger room for up to 3 people).

of course, there is no TV but wi-fi works very well! 

each type of the room comes with pool.

those are the pool for OCEAN ROOM

while these are pool for Terrace Room 

Their food were good too!

The only downside was…it was raining most of the time. Once, it was a very heavy rain that our porch in Terrace Room was all wet (yeah, no surprise).

Seems Bali will not be in our list, at least for few months maybe years ahead, but I will forever brag this accomodation. the  best in the east, traveller said.
We had a blast! 


Website : Www.aquaterrace.com

Or you can find in booking (dot) com and/or Air BnB.

book(s) review : Early and A Wish For Love

Udah lamaaaa banget gw ngga review buku ih! (keseringan nge-path sama waslap grup trojan sik!*

Parah nih emang, langsung saja ya…

Early – Syafrina Siregar


Ketika teman saya Nana, mengumumkan blio menerbitkan buku baru, saya sangat antusias. Hampir semua buku Nana saya beli 😀 dari jaman belum bertatap muka sama blio.

Novel Early dibuka dengan adegan seorang anak gadis kabur karena takut entah dari karena apa menuju Bandara Polonia untuk terbang ke Batam. Early tidak sengaja menabarak  seorang lelaki lalu  ngoceh pakai bahasa Inggris dan mengira Early pun orang asing karena perawakannya.

Bab berikutnya, lompat ke tujuh tahun berikutnya bercerita bagaimana perenungan Marco— laki2x yang ditabrak Early di Medan dulu,  yang gundah gulana (aih, bahasa gw!) karena sikap Early yang cenderung ‘lempeng’!

Jujur saja, saya pikir Nana bakal cerita “menyek-menyek” kekonyolan  laki2x yang mengejar cinta sedangkan perempuannya sok jual mahal =)) Butuh satu bulan untuk saya bergerak ke bab berikutnya *maap ya Na* :p

Ternyata saya salah, setidaknya, saya belum pernah baca (atau mungkin tidak ingat) topik serupa, boleh human trafficking ! ya, tentu saja karena ini novel metro pop, alurnya tak berat!

Ternyata, Early sangat dingin hampir kepada semua orang karena ulah Sumanto yang sangat culas, masa lalunya kelabu sehingga sulit untuk dia tidak membenci ibunya sendiri.

Menghibur ada tegangnya juga ketika bagian Early berusaha kabur dari Sumanto! Tapi mungkin karena Nana besar di Medan (ya kan,Na?) ada beberapa kosa kata yang memakai istilah anak Medan misalnya “paten kali lah….” ato bahasa sehari2x di jakarta “keren kali….”. 

Buku Nana yang lain yang pernah gw review ada disini  yang lainya di Multiply yang sudah almarhum itu.

A wish for Love – Mariskova

mariskovaNovel ini, ini novel keempat mbak yu satu ini. Dan yoi….gw selalu membeli karya-karya teman gw. Beli aja dulu, bacanya nanti hahahah!

Tokoh utama di buku ini Kirana, yang menjalin kasih dengan Rio teman kuliahnya. Kirana, dosen Bahasa Inggris ini,  juga digambarkan sebagai perempuan ‘lempeng’ yang tidak percaya cinta, karena ibu dan bapaknya menikah juga bukan gara-gara cinta. Menurut Kirana, cinta hanya datang kepada sedikit orang yang beruntung, dan dia bukan salah satu yang beruntung.

Sehingga pacaran dengan Riopun, bukan karena cinta namun karena meghormati.  Lalu Kirana ditugaskan ke Bali bersama Julie dan Firman , yang kebutulan sahabat Rio. Disini Kirana bertemu Yoshi, seorang pembicara pada acara yang diikuti Kirana, warga negara Jepang. Mariskova lama di negeri matahari terbit itu, jadi tampaknya belum bisa move on dari yang berbau Jepang ya mbak? 😀

Di Bali dan sekembalinya ke Jakarta untuk melanjutkan hidup (apaa sih…) , Kirana berperang batin lagi tentang perumusan cinta.  At the end of this book, I figure Kirana is the person I love to hate.

oh ya, buku ini sendiri bercerita dari sudut padang tiga orang, Kirana, Yoshi dan Rio.  Sebenarnya sih, saya suka ragu lho kalo perempuan bercerita memakai ‘kepala’ laki-laki. Memang segitu deskriptif-nya ya mereka seperti di novel ini? *jangan marah, ya mbak! hahahah*. 

Kalau jawab pesan misalnya , most men answered “ya” atau “oke” tanpa kalimat lain.

Ya, ya…tema cinta memang tema ever lasting walaupun gw masih bertanya-tanya is love at first sight actually  exist? ato cuma tertarik doank sebenernya?

Menurut gw,  dari semua buku mbak Devi (both mariskova dan Devina itu nama asli, ngga tau gw urutannya gimana :p) , buku ini yang penggunaan kalimat dan percakapannya yang paling santai dan lepas.  Apalagi celetuk jahil kadang silet antara Julie dan Firman. Ngikik-ngikik sendiri gw. Sangat menghibur!

Buku Mariskova yang lain pernah saya review disini

Great job you guys!

PS : woi….kenapa kali ini  gw ngga endorse buku kalian woiiii???ucapan terima kasih pun tak ada! cih! #pamrih

book review : After Dark

the 5th  Haruki Murakami books I bought, the third that  I read until finish 😀

a little preamble :  When I was little, my parent had me and my sister sleep in the same room…in the same bed. When we grew up and they renovated part of the house, so that each of us could have individual bedroom, we still opt to share the bed room. We’d like to spent night sharing stories literally about everything before fell asleep. No wonder I get along with her friends and the other way around. Anyway, I was the messy one, she is the opposite 🙂 I didn’t care my hair do, while she’s the one who had her hair colored at first. I tried new things, she was “penakut” one .I crashed my parents car at the age 15 ( yeah!!!) , she started driving in her late 20’s. That kind of stuff :)) . Taking an account as the older one, I played the big sister role, the one who protect my little sister.  Nevertheless, we fought a loooootttt of time! the cat and mouse type! but anyway, siapa sih yang ngga berantem sama sibblingnya? :p

She pursued her undergraduate study in Depok and decided to stay in boarding house, jadi anak kos! We still lived in Jakarta Barat back in those year.s I think, that was the first time, for quite a long time we didn’t share bed. Every time I woke in sudden due to bad dream, in dark, I looked for my sister’s hands and feel relief. One day, when she was away (stayed in Depok) , I woke up due to a nightmare then tried to find my sister hands, but surely couldn’t find it. My eyes burst to a little tears, I missed my little sister =)).

afterdark2Back to  Murakami’s book then. This is story about Mari, who spent night at family restaurant namen Denny’s. Then she met Takahashi, a trombone player and shared table. Takahashi befriended  with Eri and once had crush on her. Eri is Mari big sister. Takahashi reminded Mari that they have met before in a failed double date. Mari recalled the moments.

Then conversation grows between Mari and Takahasi, and even in a reluctant, Mari shared that she didn’t really get along with Eri. As younger one, Mari could be anything she wants, because her big sister has fulfilled the parents dreams. Mari put her softball cap most of the time, while Eri doing modelling in her spare time. They had really different character even though raised in the same way. Later, after Mari and Takahasi-san were apart, Mari helped Kaoru, Takahashi’s friend in Kaoru’s love hotel.

There was also a part that Eri now, in deep sleep. Just sleep. For months. Just like coma. Readers just had to play their imagination in this part. Nearly dawn, Mari met Takahashi again and they had deep coversation mostly about Eri. In the morning, Mari went home, which she rarely did, and jumped to Eri’s bed, crying. Yes, this 200’s- page- book took place  from late at night until early in the morning. 12 hours time frame or so.

I think  Murakami’s work always let his readers to interpret the story by themselves. This is my take on this book : not only mother & daughter soul are inseparable, sisters does as well!  Sometimes, it might stronger than it is to their mother. So mothers out there, who have only one daughter, bikin lagi adiknya gih….hahahhahah *just kidding*

Short Visit Musium Geologi Bandung

Skip dulu cerita jalan2x kemarin….:p
gue tulis 3 + 1 di previous post, karena dari jadwal jalan2x yang 3 hari bersama sanggar, kami extend 1 hari :p. Soalnya ingat, kiddo#2 pengen liat sesuatu, yang adanya di Musium Geologi Bandung, depan Gedung Sate, sebrang Yogurt Cisangkuy *kaliii ada yang nanya*

soalnya…kiddo#2 dari dulu ribut pengen liat ini…

Fossil Dinousourus…

Masuk musiumnya GRATIS!!!! Hari Sabtu buka dari jam 9 s/d jam 12 kalo ngga salah *lupa gw*

Jadi isi musium…ya….cerita tentang perkiraan terjadinya bumi, lapisan2x bumi, kandungan isi bumi, dll…*gooling aja yak* :p

buat gue sih, ni musium ok lah…WC-nya bersih, petugasnya ramah, lantainya marmer dan ngga berdebu! *penting buat gue*. Ada multimedianya juga  dan berfungsi…

terus, tamannya juga apik…

sempat liat, tong sampahnya aja Rubbermaid :p … jarang liat tong sampah dari Ac*hardware di tempat yang masuknya gratis…