an overview (of life)

or what ever! I found this is funny…

anyway…I did trail run with my colleagues again. I love trail, as I told in my PATH account when I participated BTS, this was the moment when I had my conversation with God. Like…seriously. just much better or effective (?) rather than sujud panjang after sholat.


some where between Km 0 and Pondok Pemburu

So, as I had my solo moment, re-thinking what I’ve done and else, I think God prepared me one answer that I’ve been looking or maybe dreaming with a bit of hoping for the last…hmmm… almost 3 years. I think He was saying “it’s a NO”

I learn that “No” it’s not the way He answered our pray. It left us with either He post-pone  it  or  will be replaced with something BETTER.

Then I remember my conversation with Putu, my ex-colleague. He is working with other bank now, Japanese Bank also if I’m not mistaken.

several issues were ticked! (yeah, seriously…not all exactly the same tho). Well, anyway…what came cross my mind of a place. Far from where I live now 🙂 and a thing that related to it. Semacam ada benang merahnya lahhh…


tonight, I have  ear-to-ear smile…


found it via Path

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