I think,this kindda weird

so, there’s a new guy sitting next to me, on the car that will took us (me and some colleagues) to Omah Senduk.

I’ve never see him before, yet, he sat next to me.

First, I was talking to other guy who sat on the back while he was busy on the phone. When he ended his call, being straight forward I am, I asked “Who are you,btw?

He laughed.

then his supervisor said
Oh, you haven’t met kiky,yet?”

then we talked, he is a new kid on my (o well, the other team) block.
As we arrived at the restaurant, he sat on my opposite he said
“you’re an ice breaker type” he said and laughed.

“He can read your mind,” said his supervisor
let go the hatred mbak, ngga perlu elo pikiran lagi lah. I know the pasang surut of your life depressed you somehow. tapi relax lah…let it go..”

“oh my…they didn’t know anything with this. Can you leave, Eka?” I said jokingly to his other colleague,-another new kid in the block, but we’ve been colleague for a while.
“Have a trip. a little trip would be nice on weekend. Relax lah mbak…”
uh-uh…” I answered amazingly
” I learn you love beaches. you think you had a boring life now. You’re not inline with your current job. But, you’ll find out soon”

then me, his supervisor and Eka just laugh.

He continued you’ll love Mediterranean Sea”.

“I’ve never been there”

“You’ll spend some time there”

“Ah, Greece is nice, what else?” I dare him to say more.
“move to marketing, you had plenty networking. start a business on your own”
whoa! this is suprised me. I thought I was the “abdi dalem” kinda person, jut like my old man. See, even in my extended family , only my sister who runs her own business. My dad served his company for over 30 years.
“So,gue ngga akan pensiun di sini?” I chuckled
nope,” he smiled.
jokingly, I asked his supervisor
“Can you arrange a call visit between me and him? So I can have an intimate conversation without you guys?
Ah, sure! Pontianak next month?

as our conversation grew, I mentioned something about my kiddos.

Eka, the other guy asked

“Oh…mbak kiky sudah punya anak?saya kira belon kawin,” and gave us his rounded eyes.
“bow…ngga kelihatan ya dari body gue anak gue dua?” setengah GR setengah tersinggung

“Body elu kek punya anak 5 ky…..”

samber boss mereka


yeah rite :((

5 thoughts on “I think,this kindda weird

  1. cool! i think people with that kind of ability are kinda blessed alot.. like in the movie yet happens in real life..

    ayo tante, buka bisnis sendiri 😉

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