SCHM 2013, my third HM race

and as I promised you 😉 Like to write is as Farah’s style 😀

  • Since I was down with terrible cough (again!!!!) I didn’t run for 2 consecutive weeks. Last run was a week before the race for 3km only. So, kita tampil aja deh, biar ke upgrade dikit muka gw :)). I ordered another raqtive hijab, to be matched with my baby blue adidas shirt :))


  • I was in toilet when sister texted me, they (nining, sunu and her) already waiting for me at pos satpam 4.30 am! shoot, I was in rush, and forgot to bring my tumbler ! Picked up Nyoman and arrive and Green Office less than 40 mins later.
  • Yes, not to repeat the-waiting-for-the-toilet-line in JakMar Marathon, I lined up for the loo before the race start. I saw Uchi and asked for her water. *mulai parno kehausan*
  • And yes! Unlike last year, 5.30 am sharp, flag off for half marathon category! there I go running with Paipo (BTR friends) and Mamat (colleague who currently reside in S’pore). Paipo only run with me for 300 m or so, while Mamat at about the first 2km. Owh, this year they also had 5km and 2.5km categories which – no wonder – ramai! Later I saw Pak Adi, a BII runner I met on my first HM in UI, then in Jak Mar and last one at Samsung 3rd series.
  • I forgot to hit “start” on my new baby almost 1 km or so ;). Ahey…no more nike run + for long run and even short run unless I ran in Central Park! semacam #seluruh_dunia_tahu. Oh yeah, that’s what soc med are for right? 😉 Bear with me, or simply unfriend me 😉
  • Then I come with so called strategy, to keep as comfortable as possible, I stop for every water station just to have a walking break. I thought I’m cool with that.
  • Less than 45 mins later, Luthfi passed me! he took 10K, ish keterlaluan kaw luthfi, 10k?? another 15 mins, Uchie passed me and offered me her drink (from her tumbler) *sweet* :-* . I said I’m ok since I borrowed my sister’s before the race. Uchie, only took 10K because she’d had her second HM the following weekend (which is last Sunday) at Standard Chattered Marathon Singapore.
  • Sun had rise, there goes my drama…
  • Took first Gu Gel after 45 mins, took salt stick 10 mins later. I already had salt stick at home. I was doing very fine for the first 10km, and I think my baby said it is 1’16’ something. Owh, this is what I don’t like about the race, THERE IS NO KM MARKERS! aih…
  • At km 11 something I took a gulp of electrolyte drink, leave the bottle at the middle of the road. There was a-U turn – ahead, so planning to get it back after I make a turn. Oh btw, It is a common thing, may be an “unwritten etiquette” when you run in a race and couldn’t finished the bottled water, Just leave it at the side of the road so other people can use it. errr, it’s unwritten when talking about etiquette, is it.
    There were many U turns in this route, which for some could be…. intimidating.
  • I saw Roy, Thya (geee, she’s so fast) and other trojans. I get used to the last person in line :D. ?
  • And…similar with last year, there’s no check point, but they gave hair band as a marker. –” As I made u turn, I saw Indra. wondering what was happen to him, he seems tired. Didn’t meet him after the race.
  • I got my calf sprayed later on from a therapy later clinic who opens the booth. I had a sport massage two days earlier. And I think that was in Km 13 or so. The officer said “ibu ambil 21k?” seems…surprise? I took another gu Gel and salt stick later on.
  • When I saw the “white castle” — you who often run in BSD know what I mean — penampakannya di foto ini — was really really the hardest km for me. I had my right calf cramped, heat stroke and…I’m all alone –“. well, as I told you, there was no Km markers, but since there was my 6th time running in BSD (yes 6th timeeeee!!!) I know I had to undergo another 6 km.
  • Start to “menyek menyek” in group let everybody know I’m all alone and tired. A little mak tuo drama (that’s what they called me). The -komen silet- probably came from Bu Ponder, Imel “move your butt, Kiky!!! what ever it takes” while Nyoman is asking like thousands time “dimana sekarang?”
  • I had a very brisk walk after 18km, couldn’t move my leg any faster.
  • And, that’s the story of my 3rd HM race. Last year, it took 1:28: 28 for me to finish a 10K now It’s 3 :01: 13 to complete twice its far. and it is my PB for a Half Marathon.

A happy overweight slow runner



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Self thought

Tonight, I had my first night swimming since over 7 years ago when I still pregnant with Kiddo#2. Not 20 laps back and forth like I used to, the other side of the pool was used by a diving club *and they look cool, gila pengen belajar diving juga gw jadinya*.

It does release my tense to cope with today mess. After 20 mins or so, I let my body floated on the water and stared at the sky…it felt good for a moment

But I wish Jakarta’s night sky as beautiful as Penanjakan’s night sky when I visited Bromo.

One can only dream..

dan saya (masih) sakaw liburan!

picture taken from somewhere…

(edcur) next step

susah juga sih jadi orang BM kalo kata si mulut silet Dana =)). well I thought being paid of doing nothing is a dream of everybody…not…several headache juga ternyata…apalagi gw orangnya yang “masak gitu aja ngga bisa sih?“.
Mulailah gw meracau ngga jelas ke…siapa lagi mulut silet berikutnya kalo bukan Poppy.
lebih dari satu dekade yang lalu sbenernya gw sadar, cerita sama blio ngga akan ngasih titik terang serta merta, tapi ya…gw (selalu) ngerasa harus cerita aja biar gw tenang :p

Dan tiba-tiba datanglah penawaran yang sebenarnya gw sudah duga-duga. pas banget waktunya di titik menyek menyek gw.dilema iya tidak -iya -tidak ini bikin BT memang, gelisah kebawa mimpi.

Dan hal yang bikin gw nangis diam-diam sih ketika ibu gw — seperti biasa dengan gaya super judesnya — allow me to do so dengan segala konsekuensi yang diapun harus ikut tanggung *cium cium kaki mama*

until then, let see where life take me 🙂

And anyway….ini gear” baru *PAMCOL* gw dari .
Gw mau ikutan HM taun depan lagi latihan nambah mileage. jadi biar ngga kehausan deh bawa 2x gini soalnya kalo bawa botol minum gitu aja ngga enak alasanuntukbelanja

I had done my first 11km last week, and will try 12-13km this weekend. ruthy said increase your mileage should be max 20% from your furthest km.


*argh, I can’t help it deh…* new dri fit yang terpaksa dari golf section karena kalo running emang jarang lengan panjang gitu. Sempat nyesel juga beli second line dari merk laib yang ternyata ngga nyaman blas at about the same price

*yang biru ini tentu dibeli dengan harga diskon*

HMnya mungkin di Bali bulan April atau sooner in SG/KL karena disana emang lumayan banyak race2x gitu. pokoknya gw sampe buka account khusus di RD Saham buat kepentingan ini hahahah.


Ya sudah lah…cita-cita berikutnya… 1 sapi untuk Idul Adha tahun depan…Amin! 😉