Where to go on weekend (part 1)

besides Mall, of course!

Admit it, this greater area is lack of open space! Lahan nanggur lebih banyak dibangun bangunan komersil! Takut miskin kali yaa pemerintah kita?

Anyway, i bought BIB 15k Gepang Marathon, for a race that held on May 2nd 2015.  So I was looking where to go for hilly pratice. Well, it will be another run in Sentul area of course but I’d like to try different route!

I’ve been reading about Leuwi Ijo waterfall, so i picked this place for a hilly training. There went I spent my weekend on end of April.

Note : Please notice this is an asphalt road! So you can skip the running/jogging/walking part if you don’t want to :)) in this case you can tug along your children in your car!

Route :

We parked the car as usuall, Taman Budaya and heading for Jungle land area than turn right. After intersection, choose left side. That just go straight ahead.

View is goooddd! Laf laf laf…

And also notice the road is narrow And very hilly, up and down and down and up and up again! Sooo tiring!

There will also MANY little beggars along the way! Prepare some “uang kecil” if you’re kind harted enough to give them charity! Or else, bought pencils, pens and buku tulis might be better!

After 11km you have to park your vehicles (including 2W vehicles).Than you walk trail like 10 mins and have to pay enterance fee. It was IDR 10K / person if i’m not mistaken.

There are two point of interest Curug Barong and Leuwi Ijo itself.

Gw yang kala itu lagi pissed off sama seseorang, bawaannya kesellllllll aja selama 11km itu. Kasihan dah maktin ama valas, dijutekin trus.

Sempat ngga mau ke Curug Barong alasan capek di rayu Maktin ngga mempan sampe tugas jaga tiket bilang

“Jalannya ngga jauh kok, lebih pendek daripada dari depan (tempat kendaraan parkir) ke sini (tempat jaga tiket)

I finally said yes and my energy came back and i could hear Maktin said

“Hmm nyawa dia balik liat tanah ama tanjakan” 

After 10 mins walk i can see the sound of waterfall! Aihhhhh…….Six kinda of love, LOOOOOOVE!

big Stones

surely took a lot of pictures!

A while after that, we went back to ticket entrance and head for  the second place, Leuwi Ijo
Honestly speaking I don’t really like this place! too many people, and they threw garbage to the river!!! Hate it! But apart from lousy people and garbage, view is surely great!



oh btw, during this trip, we took local guide under age along…


we don’t really need local guide actually, kayaknya yang jaga ticket  nyuruh nib anak biar ngga ikutan minta-minta sih…

Going back to Taman Budaya again, and we took es kelapa hijau of course….then...sewa ojek aja buat balk ke TamBud. =)) it cost IDR 50K. Kalo lebih dari 2 orang mending sews pick up ago nebeng! tapi ngga nemu kemaren!

anyway, after careful thought, I  cancel my 15K Gepang Marathon. I was lack of practice and my friend from Multiply.com, Lenny got married on that long weekend. I’m not sure of conquering Gunung Gede less than 4,5 hours anyway! tough route! so i went to Wisata Alam Mangrove! There will be next post! off to bed now!