Dibuang Sayang – tanjung pinang

So, two weeks ago I flew to Tanjung Pinang. My second visit to this city and first time experiencing the new Terminal 3 Ultimate Soekarno Hatta. I went like


Terminal 3 Ultimate

check in counters

waiting area

Still, it doesn’t have free drinking water. It is still chaos, inconvenience temporary food stall etc. Hell, former Ministry of Transportation said it wasn’t ready to serve….yet.

Arrived around Noon in Haji Fisabillah Airport, Tanjung Pinang, Pulau Bintan. Nothing new. I wonder if there is no event like Bintan Triathlon (Usually on May for the past 11 years ), Ironman Bintan or Tour de Bintan (November except last year it was cancelled due to haze), I guess this airport would be very quite.

Haji Fisabillah Airport


find the difference

Anyway, with rented car, we had lunch and coffee in local coffee shop. I forgot the name of the coffee shop, it was on Trip Advisor. Since I was sick, I didn’t feel like taking picture or else.

There are several tourism spot in Pulau Bintan like Pulau Penyengat and  Pantai Trikora. But, yeah…I didn’t come here for pure holiday.

On the way from Tanjung Pinang to Lagoi, we stopped by at Vihara Avalokitisvera Graha. Wikipedia said it is the biggest Vihara/temple in South East Asia. I’m not sure about this, I think I saw larger temple with larger statue of Dewi Kuan Yin Phu Sha in Medan.

But, it is  a big area!

view from Vihara’s lobby

Do you see row of statues? those statues are very hugeeeee!

tree pose among statues

Then, headed to Lagoi.Approx 1 hour drive from Tanjung Pinang,  where the Ironman event took place.

sea I’d swam the next two days

There is a new tourism spot, Treasure Bay which is claimed as the  biggest swimming pool in Asia (10 mins drive from Swissbell Hotel Lagoii)

Unfortunately, due to my fever and limited time, this was the closest I can get with the pool :((. you can google the picture.

From the bus

and, ah! I stayed in Nirwana Resort area again, but different hotel this time (read: cheaper). Prices are very expensive in Lagoi.

the resort rooms

hello again, nirwana beach

will write my race recap in the next post!