Messastilla HM 2016 race recap 

Long pending post.

As I wrote here, I was in Magelang for Messastila Peak Challange, taking the 21K category.

I always wanted to do this race since 2013, but always postponing it. For years, It offered a scenery route in the side of the famous Ambarawa’s rail…

But this year….not anymore!

BIG Tetooot!!!?


After I picked up the race pack, there was a race briefing. The organizer said they created new route, which will be challenging!


That very moment, I knew, this would be another DNF race.

To make story short. Race for FM, HM and 11K was  held on October 9th.  While the 100Km and 65 Km has started the night before.  There was an accident happened to one of 100K participant, mbar Eni.  She was showered  by Chemical Liquid. I knew this horrible news from the group when Pak Hasbi called three of us. Not sure what was the motives. But seems every body mind their own business, no explanation from the RO as well before the race.

Anyway, I woke up in dawn, took a bath then heading to breakfast area. With mountain view. I wish I stay longer to enjoy my breakfast 😉

I ate enough breakfast, toast, banana and coffee.

The race started at 6 am.

pic of me wont hurt

starting pen! yes, it was nanjak!

First 1.5 km still in hotel area, then we met paddy field. since it was raining from yesterday, a muddy slippery track was expected. That very moment I cursed I didn’t prepare walking stick with me! I should buy one for my next trail race!

single track

Owh, Thanks God I skipped the idea of wearing a road race shoes. Friends said MPC is quite easy, no need trail shoes. Meh! I was glad I trusted my feeling 😉

Between Km 2 – Km 5 was village area. I was greeted my local villagers. I took selfie with local villagers kids ! I love doing this!

selfie with local kids

For me, they are the most sincere people in the race course 😉 in Bali during my FM, or in Tosari on my 10K Bromar, etc.

I think it was in Km 5/6 or something, the route was in Coffee plantation. I stopped by to take pics of Coffee bean picker!

coffee bean picker

Finally I met few women. Aulia, Novi and Dwi. we walked few km together.

The track was hilly (for sure), slippery and there was a spot that we really had to climb! I used whatever stick I can found to assist me. Many of them were broken along the way 😉

I was with the girls, so yeah…we helped each other. They pull me. anyway, the markers were oke. I easily found the marker either papers, red ribbon or flag.

dwi and her friend

The brutal hilly track paused a bit in Km 8.

I took fitbar for refueling. There was first water station in Km 4.5 on where I took banana and dates provided by the RO (Race organizer)


if I could remember, there only me, Novi, dwi and her friend left. I always made a joke

“kalo ngga kuat turunan, kita gelinding aja”

I am sorry, that was I did on that track. sliding my body down the hill. To save my energy as it was hard for me to stand up and keep my body balance.

We were so  craving for next Water station in Km 10. And this was the easiest and prettiest track on the way to Km 10. Where the second water station is.

Taken by Novi

The pine woods! Yes the pathway is man-made, we saw some workers, old men, who were working for  the pathway. First we thought it was Water Station as they offered us banana and bread!

Huhuhu I cried!

Nih bapak bapak tua aja udah dalam keadaan pas-pasan masih mau berbagi!!! Gw ngga tegaaaa! :(( 

I decided to refuse their offer, they need their food, I can eat later.
I lost Dwi and her friend in Pine Woods, they were faster. So only Me and Novi left. it was still uphill track up to Km 14.

In Km 12, was Rawa Pening over looked! Honestly speaking, I never know this area is exist! 😀

Rawa Pening from the distance

I met a marshal and told me, the view would be more beautiful if the sun shines.

Yes, it was cloudy when I was there and fog all over.

before the rain poured hard

after Km 12, I lost Novi.

So i was completely alone, do the talking with the nature. Taking trail run, is really a me time for me. When I think, God answered my questions.

Shortly after Rawa Pening over looked, rain poured very hard. To sum it up, downhill track afterward and DAMN it was hard!!!

I hate stepping-stone track, my feet were hurt.

Many FM, 65K and 100K runners passed me. Oh em geeeee! I wonder how they practice.

In Km 15, was another water station. I ate banana and drink isotonic. It was almost 12 pm which is the COT time. I want to give up, but it was still in the forest. no use! The marshal said the COT was 7 hours (1 pm).

It was still raining, the track now around another coffee plantation area. I don’t know where to stop, not to get wet, bingung juga mau berteduh dimana,  so I just walk downhill.

One farmer drove his motorcycle and fell right in front of my eyes. Oh em geee.

Me, myself had fall many many times. Many times I had to slide down because I was tired and lost my body balance.

In Km 15 I think, I saw one participant with a broken leg and arm. He was a Japanese. It took him 2 hours to get help.
There was this guy, an Indonesian who looked after him. Ich finde ihn nett! That was so sweet. When I was there, the evacuate team already in the area. So the Indonesia man could continue his race.

He told me:

“hayuklah mbak. COT jam 1 kok. Kita masih ada waktu”

“ha? jam 12 mas”

“ngga kok jam 1”

So, I guess the marshal was right. COT was 7 hours after flag off.
We were back to village area again when finally I saw a civilization. I wanted to give up and took the ambulance who would took that Japanese with broken bone but that Indonesian man had motivated me. So, I did what he say. Continue my race.

After village area, there came forest area again which is very very very slippery. I fell hundreds time, twice as many as I did when I was in coffee plantation area.

I cant stand up.

I realized I lost my glasses.

I met two marshals, they held my feet, so I can get up.

I couldn’t move my body.

I had  lost my motivation.

I had lost my body balance.

And that is not good.

It could caused  injury.

For safety reason, I decided to quit.

On the way to Km 18.

They evacuated me by motor bike to hotel.

It was 2 pm already.
my shoes looked horrible, sol sepatu gw lepas!

So i decided to left my shoes in hotel 😀

Too dirty and it’s broken anyway.

Oh well, I obtained another DID NOT FINISH status in my trail race again.

In fact, not a single trail race that I finished under Cut Off Time.

Do i regret it?

you bet I DON’t!!!!
Honestly speaking, the track is doable.

I met the similar track in Sentul, Pancawati (for  the forest and plantation), Halimun (for  the stepping stone track). Bromo 30K is stillll the hardest one, yet, due to weather condition, it got verrrry hard.

well, not to mention I was lack of practice too. I was not fully recovered from my illness.

Still, it is a recommended race for you!
Owh, btw. Netty finished in in 4 hours something and Vitri in 6 hours.

Until my next trail race!

In which of Lord’s favor would you deny?

Yoo Yasso!

Hello World! #sokasik
Kan kan kan gw lagi preparing for my next Full Marathon ya…
ini berhubung badan susah amat di ajak kerjasama, dan sesuai postingan gw di sini, mulailah gw mengkombinasikan latihan. Ambil training plan dari SHAPE.

Eksekusi? ah…malasnya….

ada sih gw melakukan hill repetition, 2 menit 10K pace -1 menit jalan dan tentunya long run, tetep aja…blah!

In short, akhirnya gw ikut Running “CLub” di bintaro yang isinya ya…anak trojan juga. xixixiixix

Ngga klub juga sih, gw aja lebay. Kita latihan pake coach. Kecelah gw kan, latihan renang sama Akbar, lari ada coach-nya. Tinggal sepeda gw latihan sama Mas Contador nanti, kan helm-nya sama sama  (merek) Giro.  #waaaeeeee

Kalo latihan diasuh gini mesti menunya sadis. Terpaksalah gw 10 x 200m interval, 12 x 400 interval, 5K pace — and yooo I broke my record!!!! Si gendut bisa pace 7 juga!!! (7 menit/1km) hihihihihihi. Terpaksa gw angkat bokong gw dan rentetan misuh misuh diantaranya!

and gong-nya….pernah donk 6 x 800m! My man…

Lari latihan per 800 m ini teorinya Om Yasso. Pendek kata, kalo kita mau Full Marathonya let say 5 jam, nah kita harus bisa latihan 800 m within 5 menit. Syaaapekkk lahhh buat yang gendut macam gw ini. 

Gw agak surprise juga ternyata dari 7 set, I could manage below 6 min. (kalo ada yang 6 menit lebih, gw lupa mencet om Garmin. Ish gw happy donk…bisa donk gw di bawah 6 jam nih FM berikut gw. *senyum senyum jumawa! I’ll beat you Miss xxxxx*

Eh, pas gw baca lagi artikel ini , ternyata HARUS 10 KALI latihannya…dinaikan frekuensi-nya dari 7x 800m, 8 x 800m trussss samp1 10 x 800m!


(read : males ah)

SauRUN – race recap

HOLA! Selamat Lebaran!
No lebaran-related post here, too lazy!
Gw mau nulis recap waktu ikut SauRun July4th, 2015 yang lalu which was marked as my first night race and 6th Half Marathon Race 😀

Kalo gw ngga salah, awalnya acara ini ada dari 2013 lalu. Namanya Ancol Midnight Half Marathon. Cuma belum jadi race kayaknya, lari bersama lucu-lucuan aja. Gw sih ngga ikut, masih cupu waktu itu. Sekarang juga masih sih *bihiks*

In the following year, I signed up for HM distance, sekalian gw latihan buat virgin Full Marathon di Bali 2 bulan setelahnya. Mom was sick, I didn’t go for sure.

So when its FB group said, they opened for registration, I signed up. This is my first long distance road race in 2015! Road race terakhir gw di BIS 5K bulan February lalu! hahahahah –> anaknya trail banged!

Anyway, fast forward, there were 15 of us from Bintaro Trojan Runners. eh,sebelum itu…mulai lah gw pick up running as my frequent exercise. Pas bulan puasa setelah Triathlon May lalu, rasanya bokong berat bangeeeddddd diajak lari lagi =)). Latihan Triathlon ngga pernah lebih dari 10K kalau lari. Mostly 1 hour run dijaga Heart Zone-nya di Zone 3 atau 4.

well, for training,  I did it at night after taraweh, lelarian puter-puter kali Puri Bintaro, ramai-ramai tentunya sama rekan-rekan BTR. Some of them are preparing Bali Marathon Agustus nanti, some IronMan Cebu.

Lanjut hari H!

Kita kumpul di rumah Maya, kita patungan sewa 2 supir, 1 car each! ya kaleeee ada yang kuat nyetir tengah malam.Sampe Ancol cepet banget! Jam 9 sudah sampe…padahal ternyata race-nya mulai ….11pm! Haisshhhh!

Ngantukkkkk! :(( *ya iyalah, night race my mannnn!*

Ada zumba dulu, gw pengen eksis ikutan donk paling depan! Biar banyak difoto maksudnya -__- Ngga lama bosen :D, lalu melakukan pemanasan sama anak-anak BTR.

Jam 11 teng!!!!! mulai lari. Here’s the recap

  • Menyadari pace gw yang slowwwww ini, gw start belakangan deh! Janjian sama V3 aja se-iya, se-kata, se-pace sampe garis finish memisahkan. Turn out, atas asuhan coach Maya Djatirman, kami berenam start dengan pace 9 aja! Gw, V3, Maya, Bu Dok, Adit dan Pa Dok.
  • Rutenya? ntah lah, liat peta aja! hahahah. Lari beramai-ramai satu pace ini menyenangkan! ngga ketakutan, to note, I think we were the last participants! well, at least for first 5KM. 
  • Di Km 2-3  kalo ngga salah, sudah ada elite runners yang balik arah, suppose mereka di KM 6-an gitu deh. Water station pertama di Km 3. Rutenya daerah sini lewatin perumahan elite juga. marshal-nya keren! setiap ada lubang di jalan, di sorot pake senter. Biar hati-hati. Oh, di race pack juga disiapin head lamp yang disetting di warna merah pas start, dan neon pas gelap banget tak ada lampu.  Pas puter balik menuju KM 5 di kasih karet rambut sebagai check point.


  • Maya wanti-wanti untuk jaga pace, ngga boleh jalan sama sekali. meanwhile gw (menurut Maya) berisik ngoceh terus “May….kayaknya ini pace 7 deh…bukan 9”. Di Km 6-7 gitu ada water station kedua. On third WS, I didn’t take any drink. kembung book! Royal amat sama water station (eh, bukannya bagus ya…hahhaha 😀 )
  • Nah, lepas km 6-7 itu jalan yang sesisian sama Kali Sunter. Asli GELAP BGT!!!! ish! rute arah sebaliknya di lewati sama perserta 10K. ada yang komen “Semangat Trojans!!” ish! kok tau sih? *padahal Adit pake baju Trojans*
  • On the way Km 10, lewatin  gong besar itu menuju MEIS. Man…udah lelah gw!!! Di sini Maya, Riyana sama Pak Dok udah naikin pace-nya. They were doing “negative split”. Macam yang gw ceritain kemaren!
  • But anyway, we passed many-many runners. ada yang sudah kram, ada yang males aja kalik. Pas gw jalan di MEIS, Adit teriak “ngga ada jalan…Lari” ish! KZL!
  • I think it was in Km 12 or sum thing, when I literally ran alone. Maya cs udah di depan, Adit dan V3 di belakang. I did it at about another 3km kali. ASLIIIII GW NGANTUKKKKK!!!!! Paginya gw anterian anak-anak ikutan Mabid di mesjid Raya Bintaro trus visit Mak Dang gw yang di rawat di RS. Hence, I didn’t have proper rest. Ngga lagi-lagi deh night race -____-. Oh ya, water station-nya oke banget! Dapat pisang juga di beberapa WS bahkan sponge. Padahal ngga butuh-butuh banged menurut gw. I took 1 salt stick before the race, and second on km 11. I also eat 1 date as my intake during the race! This is important! 
  • In KM 15 kesusul V3, she left Adit behind. Kena kram ceunah. ah…poor boy. So V3 and I ran together to complete this race. Melewati sisian Kali Sunter lagi yang… GELAP! Lucky for us, ada marshal bersepeda. Minta ditemenin donk! hahahahhaha But anyway, they had sufficient marshal! GOOD! 
  • At km 20 that was also a water station, yang gw skip juga. I skipped 2 water stations, but I brought my own tumbler. 
  • So based on result after we crossed the start line, next 2 hours:57 mins  V3 and I crossed that finishing mat. Means….hanjrittttt jam 2 pagi donk itu!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Ah, senang! dapat medal lagi….=))

Karena namanya SauRUN, tentu saja setelah race ini kelar disiapkan Makan Sahur! And it was abundance!!! Tapi gw ngga semangat ih, makan semangka sama minum jus aja terus. (turn out,  I had my period the next morning, that explains my cranky dan badan lemas)* -____-  #alasan

As I told on previous post, not my PB, but this is the most enjoyable race! Compare to SCHM 2014, my last HM race yang menuai banyak complain dan controversy!  seru banged long run kalau ramai-ramai gini.

my personal take on this race? One of the best! Marshal ok, water station ok, minim lah resiko nyasar,  ngga ada cela ato komplen buat gw!  Kalo kuat begadang, you can sign up for this race next year! 🙂

Gw sampe rumah pas azan shubuh! Babe mau ke mesjid, gw sampe rumah. Macam jaman muda! #eh 😀

And to make it even better…they put us, a pic of us in KM 6-7 as Cover Picture!!!! Yihaaaaa!

Bu Dok, Maya, Pak Dok, gw, V3, Adit, mas marshal

What i talk when i talk about …

running or sport? or else? :p  – quote dari bukunya Haruki Murakami
I picked up running as my regular exercise since late 2011 early 2012

Well, up till now, i’ve never been a faster runner 😀
My pace stayed the same 8-9 mins per km. I know theories to run faster, you have to combine between tempo run, interval, yasso, etc. Or you may read it here the difference.  Yet, i never took seriously :))

Did one of those type of training suka suka gw.
Anyway, as I told previously, before my Olympic Distance triathlon race, I (we) was (were) supervised by Akbar Nasution.

Twice a week

Wednesday for endurance

At the end of session (after warming up and several drill), he usually asked us to do long swim

2x 20m

4×20 m



10x 20 m by timing, say… every 55 seconds per  cycle
Jadi 2×20 m within 50 detik, 4x20m within 100 detik etc

Jujurly gw agak lupa berapa waktu yang di set coach. Kalo kita mgga berhasil menyelesaikan di satu loop tersebut, disuruh berhenti saja sampe cycle berikutnya.

Jadi kalo ternyata pas 4x20m selama 100 detik itu gagal, pas di 3 kalinya kita disuruh berhenti.

Selama ini gw selalu berhasil menyelesaikan setiap loop #bangga :))

And Saturday is the tough one! We did interval
1 x 20 slow speed, slow on the way back

1 x 20m faster speed, slow on the way back

1 x 20m fastest speed, slow on the way back

REPEAT 3-4 times

1 x 20m fast, slow on the way back 1 x 20m

2 x 20m fast, slow on the way back 1x 20 m

3 x 20 m fast, slow on the way back 1x 20m

Ini sih… Mau muntahhhh :))

But anyway,

Result : my swim ability improves

Selama puasa gw ngga renang sih.. Anyway, akhirnya gw nerapin hal yang sama buat lari 🙂 Kombinasi.

lari gw biasanya suka-suka aja…5km santai….7km santai… up to 21km…santeeeee…..

Since kalo puasa gini Olah Raga  paling mungkin ya lari abis taraweh. Sepeda takut malam malam. Berenang kolam udah pada tutup abis taraweh :D.

Ini gw lakukan justru pas Half Marathon  race gw ke enam (read: 6th!)  di SauRun di Ancol weekend lalu.

Well, ternyata ngga negative split banget. Hahahah

 Di km 11 gw ketinggalan sama Maya, si coach ala-ala. Recap SauRun nanti yaaa.
But at the end, gw enjoy banged sama race kemarin walaupun ngga ada dapat Personal Best. Ngga capek besoknya. Bahkan gw bisa menyusul beberapa pelari yang sudah mulai lelah.

Lalu gw lakukan pas lari easy 7km kemarin hari Senin.

Ini  manfaat Negative Split menurut teori. Last km memang lama lagi/slow lagi karena cooling down (ceritanya)

Currently, i’m preparing next big race. Based on the training plan (ada di Instagram gw) that I chose, I have to combine Easy run, hilly run, negative split, and even interval.

Semoga PB !!

Pancawati Trail Run (not race) Recap

@penny_sito si polwan kece nan setrong nge-tag gw di IG!

Asik! Ada acara fun trail not far from Bintaro! Ngga pakai pikir panjang, saya daftar donk dan meracuni orang lain pastinya. Paling gampang di racunin siapa lagi kalo bukan maktin dan valas lalu rekan kantor KetKet and Amel plus their spouses! 😀
Pendek kata, gw ngga mau nginap! BOKEK SUDAH DIRIKU!!!! Dari bulan september nginep tiap bulan di hotel :((

Fun trail ini ditujukan untuk galang Dana. Ada wakil Indonesia akan bertarung dalam Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc.
Race ini — UTMB— ngga sembarang race, perlu pakai point untuk daftar biar peserta jutawan juga.

Pointnya sendiri didapat dari…ya race-race ultra trail selama selang waktu tertentu.
Untungnya sekarang di Indonesia sejak 2014 ke atas lebih “mudah” dapat point untuk ikutan UTMB. ada race seperti mount rinjani ultra, Gepang Marathon, Bromo Tengger Semeru Ultra apalagi ya? Gitulah. :Du

Beberapa tahun lalu, ultra paling dekat kayaknya TNF Singapore, TNF Hongkong sama ultra trail Kinabalu.

Jadi kalo  liat website race-race itu ada tulisan

100K : 3 point,

70K : 2 point

itulah gunanya point kalo finish sebelum Cut Off Time.

So, fisik kuat ama duit banyak aja belum cukup buat ikutan UTMB! Ada rangkaian keringat dan air mata di dalamnya! #halah!
Anyway, wakil Indonesia yang akan berangkat namanya Fandi Achmad (agi)

Where are we?

Ah ya! So, sabtu 13 Juni 2015 saingan ama maling, gw dijemput valas, lalu jemput Maktin, ngambil Ira di Fedex off we go to Pancawati, Ciawi!
I slept most of the time! Zzzzzz. Jam 12 pas Cinderella pulang gw malah bangun!

Kayaknya sempat nyasar deh hahahah, gw tidur soalnya.

Sebelum shubuh udah sampe di balai desa Pancawati. Sejuknyaaaaa….Lanjut tidur bentar, emang lebay juga kita jam 1 pagi sudah berangkat

On this Fun Trail there were 2 categories, 7K and 16K.
We (ofkorsssss- being over confident we are)  opted for the later!

Jam 5.30 dikumpulin dulu kita pemanasan yang dipimpin langsung sama Mas Fandhi. Gw sempat ketemu Jurian dan Paul.
Jam 6 teng start!

It’s suppose to be fun, but it’s hilly area. So…





Awalnya gw sok-sok

“Ah, ngga mau foto foto! Gw mau push my limit! Kelar ngga nih 16Km within 3 hours”


mountain called, so we came back

Masya Allah! Sampe terharu gw liat pemandangannya!! biar ini bukan race, panitia tetap ngasih water station lho per 4km!
Here’s first water station

water station with a view

Sampe   until another 1km ahead, Ini rute perkebunan menurut brosur, after this we will run walk in forest! THIS is the hardest track! Slippery! Harus pegangan ranting beberapa kali, paling oke bawa walking stik sih! Some of participants pake dahan eh ato ranting sih buat dijadikan walking stick. One of the participant fell right in front of my eyes! Di kubangan air pulak!

Gw pun kepleset beberapa kali! Nevertheles, ngga mengurangi serunya trail kali ini!

After second water station, KM 8 that is, time to make U-Turn and down hill most of the track!
And this was my favorite track!

Gw bertiga sama KetKet dan Valas ganti gantian jadi model Victoria Secret  ala Trail Magazine #ngarep!

Pokoknya kita gantian foto foto lah! Tiap 20 meter berhenti kayaknya 🙂

Sampe rute tanah yang agak keras, sepatu gw mulai ngga nyaman deh. new balance trail! keras tumpuan kakinya. Time to have a new one? #eh

Untuk 16Km ada 4 water station. Aqua, pisang dan semangka! Ishh! tjiamik bangettt!!! Kayaknya yang kita dapat lebih dari yang kita bayarkan deh! Keren!

after the Last water station, we went to asphalt road again. It was like the last 1.5km I guess. Makin ngga nyaman pake sepatu NB trail di aspalth, I walked most of the time tho! Karena bukan race rasanya pengen naik ojek! Ngga dibolehin sama Ketket dan valas. -__-

Passing Santa Monica Hotel where ketket stayed, made a right turn, we were heading to balai desa again!
Lalu berposelah seakan akan finish UTMB jugaaaa

*fotonya di panitia, belum dapat*

*eh gw ikut CCC100 dulu lah*


Peserta dapat buff lho! Tjiamik banget deh!!!

Asli kelar trail ini I think I could eat a mountain!!!

It was 9 am something gw makan nasi lengkap dan lauk pauk dan sayur!! Ada  yang jual di balai desa.

Thing I’d never do before 11 am (biasanya) !!! Dan sepertinya gw ngutang deh, lupa siapa yang bayarin.
Anyway, Thank You derby trail!

And a very best luck for you Mas Agi!

Make Indonesia proud!!

Plank, squat,lunges juga biar seteronggggg! (Read: strong)