Easter Long Weekend

My cousin came up with an idea of a staycation in Puncak! gee…honestly speaking, I can’t even remember when was the last time I visited this place, a-3 hour-of macet from Jakarta TangSel! I hate that buka tutup road close system! Somehow, it worthless for me! heck, anyway, I’m busy with my coming Triathlon Training Plan, why don’t I just ditch the TP for a while and spend times with my kiddos.

So, me, my kiddos, my 3 cousins and long-time serviced Mbak Rum spend a stayCation in Gunung Mas.

We went not really early around 6.30 am, and arrived at Ciawi Exit Tol at 8 am and…u-huh! Road to Puncak was closed. So we had to wait for another 1.5 hrs. Gee…this what I don’t like about going to Puncak on weekend.

After the road was available again, off we go to our first stop. The famous CIMORI restaurant. This was me and my kids first visit. I love this place, a six kinda love, LOOOOOOVE! 4  stars of out 5!


The food is good, drinks, the ambiance, the price for me is all worth it! Then off we go to Gunung Mas and spend macet-macetan on the road! Meh. Lucky, Boris was the driver. this baby cousin is very patient!

When we arrived at Vila Gunung Mas, unfortunately there was raining, so nothing much we can do as for me, I took a nap.

Hours later before heading for dinner, we had our sholat Magrib at the famous Masjid Atta’awun Puncak. Eventhough, it was raining, the sky was beautifully painted by its creator! Masya Allah! I could see the sunset!

Then we had dinner to seems-everybody-is-coming-here restaurant, Bumi Aki. I never been here even I had seen this restaurant since I was a kid. I don’t why, may be it is because when it come to food, my parents aren’t not the type of trying new things. They always stick for Rindu Alam :))

IMG_2675Since it was long weekend, full board restaurant, the slow service is expected! But heck, my opinion never complain to ones who served your food! you never know what they did to your food after harsh complain ;)). Food was oke and it is very affordable! oh me like it…the down side thing is only when I asked for Capucino, it was sachet :(( from Torabika I guess. Not the homemade Capucino! No wonder this restaurant ramai selalu!!!! 3.5 out of 5!

Wake up next morning very early, as in front of our room ada Perayaan Paskah. yes! start at midnight! Saingan2xan nyanyi Gospel sama Azan Shubuh! Seriusan! ah…speaking about toleransi you guys…=))

Anyway, while kiddos were still sleeping I took my morning run! Man, it was loveable!

IMG_2714Another 1 hour, I came back to take my kids for walk. They already had their  foto-foto session and morning walk with Paman and Bibi-nya =))

Out Of Topic : what is it with you guys? I love the words Paman, Bibi, Pak De, Bu De, Bu Lik, Mak Tuo, Tulang, Namboru, etc than “nte, auntie, ontie, uncle…PUHLEEEASSSEEEE !!!!  =)) Sorry, it just me 😉 no offense for you yang maksa-maksa minta dipanggil auntie,uncle, bla bla , it’s your right tho!

Anyway, as planned, my kiddos wanted to take horse ride. They were here 7 years ago I guess for a horse riding. Too small to remember! 1 hour ride is quite expensive, eh….IDR 200k per horse. Gee…udah ditawar ngga mau pulak. Sutrahlah!

So when kiddos on horse, I done my running trail again!

IMG_2738When we came back, i couldn’t find my cousins at hotel! asli gw murka semurka murkanya…mana batere habis! pheww…

I borrowed mbak tukang indomie, mobile phone, called my sister at home to contact our cousins. Pas ngomel2x, sampe habis pulsa si mbak Lulu, si tukang indomie! tapi ketika gw balik kamar, Hp dicharge, gw bellin pulsa sih si mbaknya. Ganti Rugi :p Ma kasih ya mbak lulu…

Anyway, after my cousins get back to the our room, another drama! We couldn’t open the door! HALAH! poor maintained out dated hotel Hmpphh…it took 1 hour even for the staffs to open our room! We took a bath and checkout to save our time from this macet-macetan on the way back, We took alternative road tho, pokoknya keluar Ciawi. Yang ngeselin, tiap pengkolan preman-nya banyak! And seems they really expecting our money! hmpppttttt!!!!

We had lunch at Sentul, I forgot why we came up with this idea, at Desa Gumati! Oh em GEEE….slow service, tasteless food, dirty place! pantessss feeling gw ngga enak! When I posted this in my PATH timeline, surprisingly many of my friends had uncomfortable experience as well! since a decade ago! whoaaa…hebat juga belum bangkrut! -___-

Then drop Boris and Anggun at their apartment, drop Nanda, we’re back to Bintaro, it was raining… and we couldn’t get in to my dad’s house since…banjir booo! Halah!

So, that’s my story! What did you do for Last Easter break?

Sama-sama sarjana ASI

Kuda yang kita tunggangi, bernama DAHLIA. asli…disini gue baru nyengir
Kuda dahlia, baru saja melahirkan kuda betina berbulu putih, kata si mamang pemilik kuda, jarang banget bisa lahir kuda putih betina, mengingat si dahlia kuda coklat.

Kata si mamang lagi, anaknya dahlia ini berusia 5 bulan, belum makan apapun kecuali susu induknya.
hihihi…ya kuda…ya orangnya…sama2x sarjana ASI Eksklusif donk kalo gitu….Teethy
cerita disini,
foto2x lain nanti ya….*males*

PS : ayahnya si Kuda juga ngga bebulu putih…