open water swimming training

Halo! Wie geht’s du?
Well, this blog kind of abandoned! No, I am not busy, just preparing something and lost mood of tampil! =)
Anyway, last Saturday, I had my first open water swimming  for this year again, held by Triathlon Buddies. Had great time as always! They organized events very well.

As usual, at 5.30 am we should be ready in Marina Ancol, register ourself by sms for  life insurance and got overnight oatmeal as breakfast!  I took Antimo of course! Mabuk Laut cuyy….I think another 2 hours by boat, I saw this!

Pulau Payung

The perk of living near COASTAL LINE. I love the blue of my country! (statement menunjukkan umur) 

Then there was sharing from seniors in TriBuds community, what I mean senior they already did triathlon from 7-8 years ago when this kind of sport was rare in Indonesia! They told us (even ones who did couple of times like me) what to do and don’t during open water swim.

Another 1 hour after the introduction, here we were!


Failed? can’t blame you =))


Wir schwammen im Meer! – photo credit to Chaidir Akbar

Well, the organizer said it would be approx 750m of swim, yet my Garmin said it was almost 1.2km! Unfortunately, there were many jelly stings. My skins were all hurt =(

Based on their timing, I manage to clock around 35 mins. All of the participant had over 1 km in their watch! So, I guess, it was really 1.2 km instead of 750m.

See my movement, here! I didn’t swim mensang, mensong! 

Luckily, unlike my previous open water in Pulau Air and Pulau Semak Daun, this island is  uninhabited ! So we took shower at local people’s house.  Order hot tea and even Indomie! I made conversation with the local, you can book their house  start for IDR 300,000 a night. One with AC cost more, for sure! People visit this island for snorkeling too! Ah, ya I forgot to tell you, the view beneath the a lake, at the outer side of the island is beautiful!

On the way back to Ancol, I saw this! oh em gee, I didn’t know this inhabited island is now well managed! Good Job, Pemda Jakarta Utara! or is it Dinas Pariwisata? Used to be abandoned from what I saw from pictures. Wasn’t it?


Pulau Onrust

Anyway, honestly speaking or writing… I didn’t mean to make a post about this! yet, earlier tonight, I saw this on Triathlon Buddies Facebook Page! Well, being banci tampil I am, can’t help not to post this on every social media I have !



photo credit to Chaidir Akbar


To participate in this event : Join the group, save your spot, they are selling very fast! Nope, you don’t need to sign up for a triathlon race, but  I think participant should  have an ability to swim 750m non stop. It is a compulsory! Open water swimming is way different from pool, for sure!

Swimming is a sport, others only a game! Have fun!