Year End Gift

Early this year, my sister told me she got the Ballot to run in Chicago Marathon.

“you got the ballot?”

Gee…I forgot to register.

Then I remember, I didn’t even sign up for the ballot.

Simple, I had booked ticket for four to Russia on June.

Ha ! Certainly I wouldn’t have budget for another long-haul, expensive trip. Better not positioning myself between this and that!

Something came up, my sis couldn’t make it to USA this year, she has to defer to the following year, which is…2020.

Well, next year I’m going 42. I have plan for myself, doing 2-4 FM in one year. #42K42Y or 42 KM 42 years. Hahahahhaha! But I’m not sure on which event I’ll be participating. Thinking of Jogja on April, but I had signed up for a bike race in Lombok (also in April).

There will be noooo way my supervisor allows me taking another annual leave. Then I’m thinking about Bandung, Gold Coast, Jakarta or Chiang Mai.

Last October, I tried my luck again- somehow ! My second attempt for Chicago marathon’s ballot.

Registered and I forgot until last night.

I just had my strength training with a new club, the coach is my close friend.

Then we went home by Train and we just reserve our seat then there was a message from my sis:

“you got the ballot?

Oh my…I checked my mail! Zip zero nothing nada!

Tried again…

“Application Update for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon” and it said…



Buat yang di kereta terakhir jurusan Rangkasbitung jam 8.30 pm malam kemarin….maap banget ada yang teriak teriak di Gerbong 2 yaaa!

It was me! I couldn’t be happier! Sumpah! I just love how the universe works with our luck…I mean, last time I was in Berlin – my first WMM, it was also with my sister!

And wish me luck, gonna be my 5th Full Marathon and my second World Major Marathon.

Yes!!! I don’t think I’d be able to run another 2-3 marathon next year! Mahal boo ke Amrik! Hahahah!

PS : my second degree cousin who now lives in norway will also joining the event.

I did read my Berlin Marathon race recap, and I did write my next WMM is Chicago! Hahahahaha!