Edisi kebun sendiri


My mother grew some plants,some of them are fruits namely mango, rambutans and jambu. Mango had grew recently and I can’t wait to eat them :p

I made manisan mangga, a recipe from my colleague in my former company, Mbak Ait (burlita chan). I was at about 3-4 months pregnant with Kezia and hardly eat…to boost up my appetite she gave me this snack or errr appetizer 😉

All you have to do is :

  • cut mango into slices
  • add bird eye chili (I only had 1 piece since minggu lalu sok tau naro 3 pieces and kepedesaaaan). To note my mom has her own pohon cabe.


  • add pinch of salt and sugar as desired


  • put them all together in a food container, close the lids and shake it until the water goes out
  • Put the container to refrigerator for quite some time to chill



Enak asem, manis, pedes gitu…

Then rambutan start to grow as well