Race recap : Mandiri Jogja Marathon 2018

Collect memories..

What I did : Down load a 16-week-Full Marathon plan on which, time based. Not Distance Based.

What I didn’t do : exercise what training plan said. I didn’t religiously follow my TP, yet, this was the worst.  Only 40% of it…more or less.  My knee and heel were still hurt as I didn’t finish my therapy. Secondly, I forgot to cut my toe nails. More about this later.

What I did my best:  On longest run, I only clocked 18K for 3 hours run. I knew, I can’t finish tis race in the next 3 weeks. So, I planed to stop at Km 24. Why 24? keep reading! hahahaha.  However, H-7 from Sunday to Friday, I had beet juice everyday. I always consume Beet Juice before big race.

And owh, I was also interviewed by local TV. After introduction, like how many marathon I have done, when was the last time, he asked

Q : Gimana nih mbak? Waktu di Berlin kan dingin, nanti Jogja kan panas

me : Ya, latihannya mulai siang mas. Saya mulai jam 7 biar terbiasa panas.

#pencitraanitupenting. Padahal sik, gw telat bangun terus.  

Anyway, here’s the review:

  • I stayed in Maliboro which is far from Prambanan. When I was about to leave the hotel, #2 said “Jangan DNF ya bun” hiks…I felt bad from myself.
  • Arrived at 3.30 pm in Prambanan area, prepared for Subh Pray. But the Musholla was small and packed with runners already.  Subuh Time was 4.25 while FM Gun Off at 4.45. I have to be quick, I found another tent next to musholla,where the comittee work.  Asking permisision. They said yes. Save my time, thank you Committee.

Just Arrived at Prambanan

  • Run Frantically to starting Pen. It was quite far, I think I took the wrong entry point. Meh. Saw noboby familiar later…saw Eri.

before gun Off

  • Gun fired at exactly 4.45 am for Full Marathon (and 45 mins later for Half Marathon). We ran thru village area, when local just started their day after Subuh Pray. Women just about to clean the house, kids just back from Mosque, things like that. It was still dark and the illumination was great.
  • I was doing fine in my opinion, at least with this injured knee and heel.  Like I told you here, I’m no longer pace 8 runner. It dropped to 10 even 11 during normal run! As I maintain under 9mins/km is achievement for me. I – as always – talked to other runners to kill the boredom. I saw a young man with JogMar 2017 finisher tee, I asked him whether we would run with same route as last year. He said yes. then I told him  “saya plan berhenti abis candi deh Mas. kurang latihan nih”. He replied “Candi nanti mbakkkk, mau finish. Finishin aja!”njisss
  • Btw, unlike any other local race, there were Check Point Cut Off Time every 6K, with 2 hours time frame. So I planned to stop at Km 24 — ya biar orang-orang tau saya ambil FM! bahahahhah. Lemah aja masih pamer!
  • We took left turn on the way to Km 8, and cheered by local. It was fun, even the Pak Camat was there to cheer the runners with gamelan. This point forward, we really ran in village area. Sampai lewatin kuburan segala lho.
  • This was the view, blue sky, white cloud and a mountain! RIGHT IN FRONT OF US! Masya ALLAH, my lens can’t capture its beauty.

can you see the mountain?

  • Btw, the support system was sufficient. Water Stations were adequate, water, isotonic and even banana every 3KM. However, it was sooo hot that I needed a COLD SODA. Saw a warung (pa-ma conventional store) and yelled “Ibu….ada Coca Cola ngga?” and she said yes! Haleluya! Of course, I brought money with me.
  •   Later in Km 14, I found it hard to catch my breath and I was running with a guy and he said “ya kan rute-nya nanjak terus mbak sampai Km 19! habis itu turun! makanya tadi gunung Merapi kan depan kita?” heyakkkkkk
  • I forgot in which Km, I bought another bottle of cold soda.
  • Before Km 19, we made a left turn and the marshal said..”hayo mbak semangat! turunan semua” They didn’t lie. It was down hill…RUN FAT  GIRL RUN!!!!! and I could catch my breath again.
  • It was far before 8.45 am, the cut off time for Km 24 (4 hours after gun off). I wanted to stop, but the marshal said “terus lari saja. Masih lama bus pengangkutnya“. She told me to keep going, I tried! I kept going. Oh heck, why didn’t I give it a try. I asked myself.   We were passing a very small – kampung – road. Probably a short cut.
  • I stopped a while to buy…yes, another Soda! I saw two runners. One, suffered from serious blister. He tried to find bandage/handyplast for the last 10K, medic didn’t supply. The other, was just tired. I gave my drink to him, so he’d get the energy from the sugar. In case you’re wondering, taking sweet drink is considered ok during endurance activity.
  • I walked the moment I crossed Km 25 marker. I felt slightly cramp in my left calf.  yes, yes yes!!!! My marathon drama has ALWAYS been in KM 25! Didn’t I write it down what to bring on my virgin marathon? I couldnt find the medic, as I needed a spray for pain reliever. I cursed, for the FOURTH TIME, yes FOURTH! I didn’t prepare a pain reliever. And my feet were hurt, gesekan kuku kaki dengan sepatu lari sangat tidak nyaman. That’s why, do cut your toe nails  before the race.
  • Then the guy with blister pained passed me, and lend me the spray. Thank you! He left me! “jrit….musti lari donk gw ngejar dia?”  I tried my best to return his spray, he was wearing Telkomsel Jersey so I called “Mas Telkomsel….ini spray nya” so he would slow down! ahahahhahaha.
  • we passed  paddy field. Since I was exhausted, unlike my Bali Marathon, I didn’t took any picture during the race. I’ve to took one! A marshal saw me and took my picture with her partner. jiahahahaha.

    with a marshal

  • I remembered, I haven’t take any picture with Km Marker! huh!

A proof I didn’t stop at Km 24

  • My sister called me, checking my where-about or whether I still alive or not.
  • From this point, I entirely walked.Cried for tukang ojek  (joking!) , couldn’t find one. Then regroup  with some young men from Bandung. One was extremely tired, he was injured. His name is Andreas it was his first FM. We walked until the end of the road before I saw…..
  • OH yeah, my Garmin said it was 9.50 am! I cant continue the race! They have to open the road!

5 mins too late

  • “maaf mbak, tidak bisa lanjut!” The other  DNF runners cheered me up, one of the girls said “Jangan kecewa ya mbak!”(YA KECEWA GIMANA, GW UDAH MAU SELESAI DI KM 24 sih!!!) . tentu saja dalam hati! GIlak apa orang ngomong baik baik gw bentak. bahahahhahah
  • On the bus which was provided to pick the DNF to start point, Andreas said “Duh sedih banget mbak, ini FM pertama saya!” Tante Kiky langung kesel dengernya “Ih NGAPAIN LOE SEDIH! BANYAK WAKTU LOE! GW AJA UDAH TUA SANTAI AJA!Benerin dulu tuh kaki, latihan yang bener! Race masih banyak, ada Bromo, Lombok atau Singapur sekalian” I bet if he read my blog he’ll said “LOOK WHO IS TALKING!” bahahahhahah.
  • Later I know, Eri didn’t finish his Marathon either. He was also picked up earlier by the bus in Km 30! Jiahahahahahahah. So we took pictures holding virtual medal!

DNF  Runners!

This is what the elevation for Full Marathon Jogja Marathon looks like.


Although I couldn’t nail my fourth marathon, I said this race was great. Water Supply was abundant, marshals were great, view was amazing and a very nice Jogja People. This race has passed Bali Marathon as my #1 favorite local race. Yes, it was hot, yes road is narrow, dan banyak yang komplain jalanan ngga rata, belok-belok, etc. Tapi, teman kami Valas justru dapat Personal BEST TIME di race ini, bukan di Berlin 2016 yang lalu. So, intinya LATIHAN SAMA SEPERTI MERPATI -TIDAK AKAN AKAN INGKAR JANJI!Saya tidak kecewa saya gagal, saya sadar saya ngga latihan. Tapi ada rasa gantung deh, ngga finish FM, apalagi terakhir FM sudah 3 tahun. Ingin sign up FM next semester (jeda 6 bulan dengan 4 bulan latihan) I still searching the even. But, I still want clear up this unfinished business! Come back to Jogja Next April to run another FM…only…and if ONLY…..


I try my luck for the third time!

only if  failed the ballot for 2019 (also in April)

(a preambule) If you want to run, run a mile

If you want to experience a different life, run a marathon – Emil Zatopek


*setelah setahun sebelumnya nonton film ini*

The thought that come to my mind from the end of last year and thinking on what event should I do in nailing my virgin FM. MWM  crossed my mind since I want to reunite with friends from Gaited Community. Aster had allowed me to stay at her house. But I only had less than 16 weeks to practice, and considering that I’m bad at endurance, I skip that part. Later, this event turn to something like fun race due to (lagi-lagi) haze! gee…

Then (of course) thinking of doing (the marathon) in Bali but the EO hasn’t announce the official date.

Circa  January or Febuary, I was in Galau Mode-ON-macam-abg-labil to decide which I should do first, Triathlon (as I just bought a bike) or FM in Bali. Then the EO sent email they can’t announce the official date yet due to general election coming up. So I signed up for Batam Tri, Bromo Half Marathon as a prep to  Jakarta Marathon. (Last two races had announced their official date).

Ini pun masih  nanya sama teman-teman yang pernah ikutan BMBM, FM di JakMar maupun SCM Singapore, almost all of them opined that JakMar is tougher. Much tougher.

I think around March or April the EO finally announce the date. *masih galau ngga jelas* I signed up for FM anyway since my friend Roy  si kacrut dipastikan akan komen “kalau mau HM mah di Bulevard (bintaro) ajaaa”  -___-

Dan masih mikir bawa anak apa engga 😀, since I understand that I would be shut down after the race :D. Gai, my friend from GC had remind me as well. I decided to bring them along since my sister are taking her family as well.

Training Plan

I used myasic application. Sempat di reset beberapa kali 😀 (awalnya di set buat JakMar, lalu dirubah jadi BMBM). Sempat kedodoran di awal karena pegel-pegel abis Batam Tri (read : malas). I think I managed to complete 80% of the training plan.

At Ramadhan, this training plan was completely a mess. My late  mother was very ill than  decided to cancel this race trip if her condition get worst. Ok, the rest is history now. Oh my Godness,  I’m teary when I write this part.  😦

After Syawal, I tried to stick with the plan again. Managed to have a very long run (31km it was) from Bintaro – JPG – BSD – Alam Sutera – Graha raya and back to Bintaro 3 weeks before race day. When you do longest run before the race, you may also figure what you might need during the race (for intake purpose). I figured I would need 4-5 salt sticks, 4 dates and 2 granola bars (read: soy joy) and….plenty of electrolyte drink :D. The best electrolyte drink is kelapa muda sampe hapal gw tukang jualan kelapa muda di sepanjang Tanggerang Selatan yang gw lewatin kemarin 😀 . Well, for the race of course I’ll be counting on the water stations for the electrolyte drink.


I figured that training for endurance sport like this,  sticking to training plan is not enough. you also need a good intake. There are many articles about diet for runners (or jogger in my case)  and I also got some info from Bintaro Runners. Rizkydd, shared his tips. A week before the race, to have a-3 day- protein loading, carbo is acceptable but only complex ones (oat, wheat) which won’t be problem for me since I had overnight oatmeal almost every day and followed by a-3 day-  carbo loading  and consume electrolyte drink consecutive days before the race. I told you, it’s not hard lho. Gw buat ini bawa ke kantor.  Pankonya malah gw ganti pake oatmeal karena ngga punya stock panko :p

Day -1

Saw many familiar faces in airport! seems every body was as excited as I am (after all, it’s in Bali).To note, this was triple K first visit to Bali after 5 years lho….

Our friend from Bintaro, MakTin (who nailed her first HM in this event at the age — yah —- sudah ngga muda tapi tetep keceeee) :p 😉 had arranged a nice affordable hotel in Seminyak. Thank you, ya Mak…

BIB had been collected by Riefa who collected 37 bibs all by himself! Ma kaseh yang bang Repa…..semoga bisa collect bib lagi di ParTon, TokyoMar, HK Mar, dan Mar Mar yang lain….*can we get the Amin? * :p

We had another carboloading in Warung Itali before magrib. Since I was tired (I woke up very early in the morning #alasan :p), decided to rush back to hotel tapi jalan aja gitu pulang karena jalan ditutup ada upacara adat. *ngok*

I walked home with Riyana and Bona, ngoceh nervous ngga jelas gimana besok 😀 *demam panggung* and pushed my self to bed after magrib. I woke up at 10 pm and checked the whatsapp group that BTR had arranged transportation for tomorrow who ride which car! these people are amazing. This group has transformed from Running Community to Sport EO! 😀

Pushed myself to bed slightly before midnight and about 2 am, my sister who completely dress up in her kece-est bernuansa biru running attire. gee, I rushed to toilet because we have to leave at 3 am (repeat 3 AM) , the latest to starting pen…Bali Safari and Marine Park.

bener banget deh ini , taken from here


to be continued