on leaving

Assalamu’alaikum Wr Wb


Dear Colleagues,


Receiving so many farewell notes on my inbox all these years, today I’m afraid  I have to deliver mine to your inbox.

After a decade, my journey with C********  ends here.

I’d like to express my great gratitude for all my supervisor both direct and indirect, colleagues and peers,

specially in Credit Reviewer, Corporate Banking and Credit Admin for all the knowledge, support and all wonderful friendship.

It’s a blessed 🙂


Please accept my apologies as well, for any and all of my mistakes that may have offended you all with or without purpose on my side 


I’ll take my annual leave start on Dec 23rd and will be effectively resigned on January 6th 2012.


Until we meet again J



K*ky F*triyant*



YM : kyfird



That was my email to my colleagues ! I’m leaving the “school for bankers” hahahhahah