Moscow Day 2

As expected, I woke at 3 am Moscow Time (translated to 7 am Jakarta Time)

I took a walk around the hotel, since it wasn’t in city center, it was a quite neighborhood.

Taken at 5 am

Y’know, to cut budget, I bought mini rice cooker, so we had nasi and abon for breakfast hahahah.

Proceed to Paveletskaya Station, we bought a-3-day pass for bus, metro and tram. This make transportation expenses in Rusia make sense to me.

And I tell you what, Moscow Metro Line is….confusing and you have to go deep town to tunnel,which may uncomfortable for some. It really took minutes for me how to manage those circle Line.

Cut the story, I finally see it with my own eyes, the Red Square!

St Basil Cathedral

I went inside St Basil Cathedral that now turn as museum. The church was built in 1955-1961. Do you know the architect was blinded after making this, so he wouldn’t design another beautiful building.

There was a choir practice and o em geeee, those 4 males sounds like heaven! Beautiful voices.

Then to гум (GUM), a high class shopping mall, built in 1800’s then to Arbat Street.

Those are common tourist places, well, what can I say, I’m one of them 😉

I want to go toilet, and I welcome myself to Europe when I had to pay Rubbel 50 to pee. #meh

Even it was in GUM.

All those places required metro. Uhmm, Moscow Metro, one of a kind.

After arrived back at Paveletskaya, where we lived, I decided to took tram and let see where it took me. It was sunny day and I realized Moscow is HUGE!

During impulsive tram trip, I saw beautiful ortodok church and even halal food stall. It was quite in suburb.

We jumped off when it crossed the third line (if you see in Moscow map, the area is devided by circle. Red square in first circle, our hotel in the second circle and of course the airport in the outer ring)

It amazes me this city provide bus stop with charging station! Wow! How thoughtful.

Charging station in bus stop

Vintage tram

Привет, Москва

Hallo Moskow!

Well, here I am, back to Europe.

Many of my friends asked, why Moscow? What is so special??i said “i got promotion ticket from Thai Airways” that is it! I’ve always wanted to see the world, but money has always been the issue :))

That’s the reason, why we had overnight in Bangkok.

It was a 10-hr-flight from Shuvarnabumi to Domedodovo. Imigration process was so so, and yes!

Just arrived

My wish was granted , exactly in time frame! Gusti Allah maha baik!

We took aeroexpress to the city (Praveletskya Station) . And I couldn’t stop smiling.

Stasiun Gambir-nya Moscow

Of course, it took hours how to get to our hotel. Praveletskaya station (and its surrounding) got helped from the local, and boom. Because it’s summer, sun set later, I stay calm. Otherwise I got on my nerves.

Due the jet lag, I slept when I got the hotel.

‘Till later!

When in Rudeloffweg

I had rendang, nasi putih and sayur bening for dinner during my Europe trip, two years ago. yes, in that house. Stand at Rudeloffweg street.

The couple welcomed us very warm as if we were their long lost niece. Far from what written in media.

At dinner, I sat next to the mister and we talked a lot from refugees, living cost and simple thing like where the mrs had the groceries.

“Tambah lagi (nasi dan lauk) nak! om nanti saja!”

*malu malu minta digampar dalam hati menjerit senang*

“Ah om tau saja, saya lapar*

And when I was about to leave , put on my coat and walk to the back door I asked

“Kalau winter dinginnya kayak apa Om?”

“Ya lebih dingin dari inilah. Halaman ini putih semua biasanya. mampir lagi lah pas winter”

Jaa, I wish

Well, it was obviously not granted :))

And i wonder, if I ever go back to the city again, will I able to have sayur lodeh and pepes peda in that house for dinner?

Because they’ll come home. Tugas mereka sebagai wakil bangsa hampir selesai. Back to tanah air.


(europe trip) Wien, now or Never

OH EM GEEE. It has been a century!!!! Finally, the last city recap that I visited! 😀
asli ngakak gw liat kaos ini!


Oct 2015

Taking train from Prague Hvl and the train was very nice much better than Rj that took us from Berlin to Prague. Even the toilet was nice, just like one in a hotel.

Arrive at noon time there we go again figuring out how to get to hotel, buy the daily pass Ubhan Ticket for Euro 7 then took train from the Hopbanhoft to the closet station and dragging our luggage down to the corner.

We stayed where the immigrants live, so all those Asia look were all around, east, west as well as the restaurants. y’ know what I mean.
Another hour, we were picked up by our local tour guide who happened to be in town for a business meeting and managed his very busy time to see us :). First thing he said :

“C.A.P.E.K  Y.A?” (yes, in Bahasa Indonesia).  Bolak balik angkat koper, menurut ngana, meinherr? 

Then,he took us for walking tour. While walking from our hotel to the Pilgramgasse Ubhan station, he keept mumbling :

“jauh amat sihhh hotel kelen! bukannya nanya gw sebaiknya nginap di mana!” 
*dalam hati* “perasaaan gw udah ngomong dari email kedua deh mau kesini”

*ciehhh inget nih yeee*  😀

Actually from Pilgramgasse, the closest train station to city center (KARLSPLATZ)  was only 2 stations away.
*ish…masih jauhan Orchard Station ke Bugis Station, deh, mein herr* –“

Since he was in hurry and very tall, it was a challange for us to keep up with his steps and I kind was out of breath! But the good thing, the wheather was nice! quite warm.

Out from Karlsplatz  Ubhan Station is Wiener Staatsoper (the opera house).  We had a walking tour in Main places and he sowed us where the start line for Vienna City marathon (Nooooo! cant stand at the word marathon at that time and ended up at Figlmuller which is  famous with the Wienerschnitzel. (kalau kata Prasti, Chicken Katsu-nya Hoka-Hoka Bento sih!!) 

While waiting for our food, we had talk from Jalan Tikus Pamulang (he literally said  it! J.a.l.a.n T.i.k.u.s) and of course some tips to enjoy the city during our limited time.

After few mins of quick conversations, we bid farewell as he had to go  back to his city.
Back to Firgmuller, it has two stores and both located in alley. The two restaurants, owned by the same person. If our local guide didnt take us here, we might not find it. o well, it took a while, bit challenging perhaps.

And do try its potato salad! The best! gee, my mouth is watering when I write this!

Anyway, there was a funny story in this restaurant. Shortly after we had our seat in the restaurant, our guide ordered the food in Deutsch (of course).  Then the food arrived after he left. The waiter asked (also in Deutsch). Kira-kira gini deh terjemahannya:

Him: “Kalian pesan ini kan?”

Kami : “Iya! itu daging sapi kan? atau ayam?yang penting bukan BABI kan?” tadi temen kami pesannya apa?” *panik* —> 20 Euro booo! Bisa jatuh miskin kalau harus mesan lagi! 😀

Him: (muka ragu) “Iya dink sapi (terus nyengir)” and he pointed his name tag to us that said “AVD QDR”

Adek gw: “ngapain dia nunjukin name tag-nya ya?”

gw : “(kalau dia anak Betawi) namanya ABDUL KADIR Cuyyyy….he told us he also a Muslim and doesn’t eat pork!” Short of telling us that he is also a muslim. Perhaps.

After we had our very late lunch, then off we went to the famous prater by taking Ubhan to Pratestern Station. 

The surroundings is very nice!!!! I don’t wanna go home!!! Please assign me to wien’s branch, dear boss!
The company where I work has a sub branch in this city,ya tapiii ngga mungkin lah brayyy. Japan company gitu lho 😉
Anyway, the ferris wheel was once,the highest ferris wheel in the world! Who doesnt love ferris wheel?


And owh, if you watch Before Sunrise, this is where Julliet kiss Ethan Hawke *sayang kuku gw udah patah patah di Prague*

I was hoping I met Ethan Hawke over here, taking his throwback trip. Oh well! 😉 .

We went back to city center again, in doubt about buying standing ticket in the opera house or not, but decided not! Buy dinner in the Kebab Stall and there were supermarkets near the station. They sell fancy food and drink! There went my Euro coin. Purchasing cute food, snack and beverage which I will not find one in Jakarta. Kayak anak kecil ya! Tapi lucu-lucu lho snack and beveragenya! Bedalah sama seven eleven atau Lawson.

The next morning taking a U bhan (And heyyy! unlike in Berlin, its Ubhan lines was easy peasy lemon squash for me!) agak pinter lah gw disini. Ya iyalah, kotanya juga lebih kecil 😀

One thing surprised me that iI saw many moslems (from Turkey probably) around. There was always at least a hijaber in the train…,literally. To note. I took this trip before the refugees crisis became very serious that changed many aspects of European people and I think including the new elected president(s).

This is was the nicest station I saw during my trip. look like one in Cirebon or Central Java,isn’t it? Schönbrunn Station.


Love the Tile

We went to one of the landmark in this city, the beautiful Schloss Schönbrunn to have our morning run.

can you see a Berlin Marathon finisher?

The palace is  a summer residence for the imperial family members. What I mean by beautiful is VERY beautiful!!! I wonder what is it felt being princess centuries ago and lived at palace. No need kejar kejaran Commutter Line pastinya.

The palace is also famous for its Maze Park and Glorriet. Climb the Glorriet , you can see the city from top, unfortunately we didn’t run that far . If you watch 99 Cahaya di Langit Eropa, the last screen was taken from Gloriet.
We went back to hotel  and came back with proper clothes! To update our Path/Instagram account off course! 😀

It was 9 am something, the palace was full of tourist already.

Go figure from what country of the  tourists that annoy me the most! –” Grrrhhh!

We didnt come to see inside the palace, Riefa did the following days and he said you cant’ take pictures inside.

Then pack our bag again heading to the Hopbanhoft. The one night stand #eh trip somehow not my style. capek bo! faktor U .Kurang puas pun! I  didnt have time to see Danube River. The thing I regret later! probably there was poetry by the river bank who would wrote me a poem like in  Before Sunrise the movie!

Our local guide was right and he was rambling all the time….

“Bisa bisanya kalian cuma satu malam  di Wina” (he said it in English,btw) 
gw jawab dalam hati : “biar ada alasan untuk kembali” #eaaaaaaaa

Hopefuly i’ll see Danube, next time from Budapest perhaps. *amin*

I have thing for rivers, mungkin saya jelmaan ikan pesut  atau dugong kalik dulunya ya? I was reincarnasi from Dugong. During my short visit to Banjarmasin 7 yrs ago, I pushed myself to Sungai Barito first thing in the morning!
It was a nice short visit, tho! I forgot to buy a Vienne Fridge magnet and/or a post card!!!! But at least my sister had Starbuck Tumbler with “VIENNA” written on it. Oh em gee, what is it with Starbuck Tumbler sih???? seriusan deh :)) 


Anyway, up until now, I keep blaming my sister of having a one-night-trip to Vienna and she kept answer this.

gw: “ngapain sih  bikin iternari cuma sehari. Mending skip Vienna nambah sehari di Prague ato Munich kan??”

adek gw :yeee…daripada loe ngga ketemu sama temen loe. Penasaran lagi seumur hidup!!” *nyolot*

gw: bener juga sih…

So, wonder how our local tour guide look like?


candid by sister

yoiiii, finally I met in a person with Peter Jr, Opa peter’s son.  Tampak belakang aja yaw :)) I haven’t asked his permission to post his picture here. Udah lama ngga ngobrol.
Cakep juga sih dese. #prikitiwwww

Here for more pictures in Wien. Will keep new photos posted.

Wokeh, that’s the last city recap of my 2015 Europe trip! Don’t know when I’ll be back to Europe again! If I do, I want to have another throw back trip in Rome and want to see Cordoba looks like! Until my next long haul trip, to the other side of the world! (on which, only heaven knows when!)

(europe trip) München Mag Dich

Our days in Munich was like the most relaxing city. Santaiii meski ngga di pantai, brayyyy!!!!

told you here, we stayed in apartment, sharing area with out host Janita and judith. Judith just came back from her first Indonesia’s trip, Bali, Lombok and Jogja! Whoa! what a coincidence! 

Saturday, October 3rd 2015

since it feels like home, we didn’t need to hurry. this is my first Air Bnb experience
their apt are very close to The famous Oktoberfest. wah teman teman gw dari suku tertentu sirik berat sama gw pas tau gw di sini :))

Cencuuunyyaaaa gw ngga bisa masuk tenda tenda itu lah hayyyy! ;D

cari aja di yutub lah, suasananya kayak apa 😉

Seru lah arena jalanan biasa disulap jadi temporary amusement park



People dressed up beautiful with their Bavarian Clothes


its Drindle Dress

Gw beliin si kakak Drindle Dress ini.  Gw ngga lama disini, Bau rokok, pusing bookkkk.

going back to apt, trus keluar lagi mau ke pusat kota. Marientplaz. It was also within walking distance from we stayed. 

pas masih di apartment, we saw other get drunk already.  blah..only 12 pm and drunk :))

It was Saturday, all the shops were closed

Meski toko toko tutup, pusat kota tetap ramaiiiii pakai banget sama orang lalu lalang. Restoran tetap buka, people opt to sit outside, enjoy sun while it last

gw pun duduk duduk di taman. like local, thing I barely did back in homebound! :))
kami makan di sini, baca blognya Rama, temen baik adek sepupu kami.


With Fritz Kola at the back

FritzKola itu coca-cola-nya Jerman lah…banyak juga pilihan rasa. gw yang original aja…satu berdua sama adek gw! bahahahahhahah #irit ato #pelit ? Bawa air putihIMG_6362 dink…

trus ngider ngider daerah pusat kota  sini aja.biar
toko tutup bar sama cafe tetap buka. mampir donk Hard Rock Cafe…ada aja yang nitip di sini :))

then we climbed.  Naik lift dink! Liat Munich dari ketinggian. it cost euro 2.5

kamu kok kece banget sih!

kamu kok kece banget sih!

Karena masih kenyang, we skipped dinner. leyeh leyeh ajaaa di Apartemen

Monday, 5th October 2015

kita punya agenda visit Allianz Arena. yep!!! markasnya the famous Bayern Munchen!!!



kita ikutan stadium tournya nanti ada jadwalnya dengan pilihan bahasa (Inggris sama Jerman)

cost Euro 18. karena masih jam 1pm, gw masuk museumnya dulu. bayar lagi. euro 18 juga kalo gw ngga salah. Gw baca di sih mending reserve tiket online dulu biar ngga antri. Kita main datang aja, Hamdalah ngga ada antrian tour museum.  Teman kami yang bareng lari di Berlin Marathon, Manda, pas lebaran lalu kesini with her familiy abis aja tiket tour bahasa Inggris. Lucky for us then!

mehong juga  sih yaa, secara gw ngga nge fans both bola apalagi Klub ini. demi #eksistensi ajalah. #waeee

Franck Ribery

with Franck Ribery the mid fielder

di sini kami kenalan sama orang Indonesia, ibu with 2 children. yang adeknya lagi kuliah di Berlin, di visit sama kakak dan ibunya. yang kakak namanya Annisa Cintahari. Sengaja gw bold, biar kalo dia googling namanya sendiri she’d find me :)) hi Nisaa!!! can’t find u in FB nor Instagram! katanya mau follow gw!


the seats

Oh ya, sehari sebelumnya kan ada match. Eh sama aja sik orang yang nonton di sini sama GBK! Nyampah juga sihhh…jadi pas gw tour agak berisik gara-gara ada mesin pengangkut sampah.

standard tur diajak ke dalam stadium, dikasih tau kita bisa sewa tempat tempat di stadium start from euro 3000/ year all day bisa datang, locker, kamar mandi, dan simulasi pemain ketika mereka sudah siap dan  kece abis dan menunggu keluar stadium  kalau mau tanding! merinding gitu gw! berasa jadi istri-nya Jeremo Boateng.  #lah


Itu di atas tempat pemain bakal siap-siap mau tanding

Nah itu ada emaknya si Annisa, ke foto =))

Anyway, this football things is So kece yaaaa!!!

Gw berharap at least ada satu club bola aja di negeri ini bisa bikin kayak gini. Well maintained stadium dan ada museum nya juga. Personally sih ngarepin Persib, karena yang jadi tukang marketingnya, Mas Giri, salah satu teman kami dari Bintaro Runners. Hahhahahah

Lalu off we went to Berlin Welt museum, which we forgot (ato ngga tau…) kalo Senin common practice itu Museum Tutup yaaa…! Pas gw ngomong di Path sih, even di Jepang juga museum tutup. Di Jakarta juga kayaknya. Eh ya tapi, coba di klik link di atas yaaa!!! Itu bangunan yang bulat dari atas ada lambang BMW-nya lho!!! Tjakeppp banget!


Dekat  sini ternyata ada taman yang ngetop amat sangat itu. Englischer Garden

dari FB account Pak Tri Handoyo (mantan Dirut Commuter Line) gw baru ngeh taman ini lebih besar dari Central Park! Ish, suka sekali deh sama kota kota di benua ini ya? well balanced banget. Eh kami sih lari pagi #tetep di sekitar apartemen

emang kepikiran sih andai stay 1 hari lagi si Munich pengen lari pagi di taman ini. Ntah kapan deh ada kesini lagi 😉 Malam terkahir di Munich, kita foto dulu sama hostnya (ih, ngga ketemu di file. Adalah di Instagram gw!) . Janita dulu gede di Berlin, di postdemarplatz daerah gw nginap. di situ masih ada sisa/garis tembok berlin. it was hard that time she said, orang tua dia ngga bisa ketemu saudara saudaranya yang di Timur.

they had my dream kitchen



their place is recommended lah, kalau mgga bawa anak tapi yaaa.
yah besok subuhnya kita udah heading to Paris!

Auf Wiedersehen, deutchland!


perhaps I’ll see u again in Frankfurt? *kibar bendera*

PS : arti judul di atas : Munich Loves You