(Europe trip) Bonjour Paris! 

hayuh kita lompat lagi

The whole itternary was made by my dearest little sister. She picked up the destinations and I only asked to insert at either Paris, Amsterdam, Rome and London.

my sister had been travelling every other year to Europe. so she skipped the last three.considering, we also too reluctrant to prepare UK Visa tho.

so, Paris would be our last destinantion.

why those four cities?

because i wanted to have a #throwback picture.

October 6th, 2015

4 am Munich Time, with 4 degrees celcius, after hugging Janita our Host in Munich, like we never see her again, we dragged our luggage to Munich Hopbanhoft. In less than 2 hours, we would be heading to Paris.

my OMG moment was when I realized we would take a TGV!

my man! TGV!!!

my teenager’s wish come true!!!

when I was 14-15th I didn’t why, I am sooo into French and thinking of taking sastra perancis as my major when I’d be in college.

there was a TV show in (now dismissed) Televisi Pendidikan Indonesia (oh yeah, I am that old!) telling about two hotels employee, Francis and Francois.

*buat gw keren banget bahasa mereka, gw ngga pernah skip nonton TV show ini tiap sabtu. ada yang nonton ngga sih?”

updated : Inong-san  said the TV show was actually how to learn French called

Bienvenue en France

This is the show : 

i read about TGV from The magazine that dad gave to me and muttering

“one day, I’ll travel with this!”
Well to make story short, time flies gw malah pengen naik Shinkansen dan Trans Siberia sih later on! lupa sama cita cita sendiri.
trip to Paris from Munchen took 6 hours, via Stuggart, Karshure and those german cities which sound similar since I read STOP, wolfgang Ecke’s book when I was a kid.

it was raining almost the whole trip, and I got sick. felt like throwing up! too much caffein in Munich perhaps.
I went to its dining room to have Rosela tea and the compartment was …


TGV dining compartment! Aslinya lebih keren!!!


Rosela tea with a view

gilak keren abis!!
I even had conversation with the waitress who spoke Mix french and english he was funny, a clown.

noon, arrived at paris and heading to our hotel
i screamed!!! we met again Paris!!!

my hotel is very close to the famous tourist stop yang mana rasanya hampir semua teman teman gw kalo ke Eropa posting foto sama ini deh!!!


later, we took metro to Arc de Triomphe



yep! that’s me in the photo!

Alhamdulillah!!! Tuhan mengabulkan doa gw!!! Am going back to the same spot after 34 yeArs!!!

That’s why I wanted to visit those   four mentioned above cities. I traveled there when I was a little!
we were heading to Eifel tower, too bad it was raining for a while.

the next day, my sister and I made seperate way. it’s our second visit, but she had one in 2013. No need for her to do sight seeing. she went shopping in la valle.
while I took a Hop On and Hop Off bus. For 1 day pass cost Euro 32. gw dapat diskon 1 Euro dari hotel.

gee…in (one of) most romantic city in this world I’m all alone!!! (and I need you now) *nyanyik*


Bonjour, Paris!

hop on hop off buss udah tau lah yaw how this thing works!

there were four lines, Green, Blue, Yellow and Gold. I chose the first three.

Green lebih ke area tourist. Standard paris di Post Card lah


one of Green Line view  the famous Champs Elysees

blue, agak modern (bangunannya) where the local is. lewatin library sama Toy R Us segala


view Blue Line

yellow : hampir sama sama blue. lewatin taman Jardin By Luxemborg yang kecenya luar biasa! jam 3 siang pada lari di sini! 


view in yellow line. Blurrredddd 😦

some of my friends said Paris is so-so. Jadi sebenarnya gw ngga minat minat banget ke sini, karena pengen ada foto jaman kicik  aja makanya kesini. First I want to imitate Chino Otsuka, where she combine pictures of little and current her.

well, I took my words back. i could get drunk and marry here.
For two nights in a row, we had dinner here. MUST EAT, terutama kalo loe orang Indonesia 😀
1 porsi bisa berdua!! Eh, gw salah. Restaurant sebelahnya.  its African Grilled Chicken is a must TRY!!!


early in the morning before flying back to Tangsel, kesampaian juga keinginan gw yang lain.


Running by La Seine!

When I picked up running as my regular exercise, i often day dreaming I could run by  Seine River, Yarra or Hudson. Alhamdulilah one of them was granted.

Siangan dikit, gw pake shuttle aja biar ngga repot dari hotel ke bandara. Cost Euro 18/person tapi minimal 2 orang. Tinggal duduk manis aja lah….Terus di mobil ada couple dari New Zealand yang sudah 5 hari di Paris (sebelumnya dari ShangHai), heading for Prague, London, Vancouver before flying back to NZ. each city days, so they said. Some even for a week. So total they’ll be traveling for over a month. Kopernya…..Tumi yang segede gini!!! Oh Em GE,,,, gw musti belajar packing nih ama mereka!!!!

Au Revoir, Paris!  Until we meet again, Europe!

PS : I am still going to write about Berlin Marathon race recap, Munich and Vienna. More pics of this city/post  coming up. Kejar kereta dulu 😉

mudah mudahan bisa balik lagi bawa anak anak DisneyLand 😉