Movievaganza :Dunkirk and The Teacher’s Diary

My #1 chose this movie, on Hari merdeka.Gave me a “huh?” question before I finally agreed. I got used to her always-opposite-to-mine- taste. As much as I love history, I hate this genre of movie.

Name after a city, when UK and French lost the battle during WWII , and Winston Churcil had to save his clueless 400,000 soldiers with invasion from NAZI. they had to waited and tried to survive in the designated beach the best they can do.  Some soilders just got frustated and jump to the sea. I believed the situation was too frustrating for them. 

 War is suck, hope it never happen again in my country and other part of the world. read Yousuf’s story here
And for whoever died, tried to save other’s life, no matter what race or religion they were, may their brave soul rest in peace 🙏🏽

There was one screen showed that one of the survive British Soldiers wanted to come out of the boat.

“I want to see the cliff!” He said

Then the screen play was in Dover. A beautiful white cliff.

After watching this movie, I looked at the map. i’m currious because the British  Chief in Commander (in the movie) always said

“Home is in front of us” with a sad look.

Ahh, it is! I have no clue is not ‘that’ far and Dover Cliff is a beautiful national park!


Another Thai’s movie I watched and this one also from GTH production. I watch many of its movies.

the Story is about Mr Song and he is a teacher in remote area in Thailand. don’t know which part of Thailand though. he is replacing Ms Ann who quit the job earlier that semester because her boyfriend asked her to (they want to get marry soon).

As an Indonesian, I could relate to a teacher must teach in poor-rural-area. Hero! 

 I can imagine Ms Ann’s lonely soul, living in with poor infrastructure area and she wrote all her galauness in diary to kill time, which she accidently left at school before she left for good.

 By reading her diary, Mr Song fell in love with Ann , a woman he never met…and so did Ann to Song later on…a man she never see in person but the four students keep mentioninh his name.

 trust me, this isn’t cheesey love story movie.

At least, at the end of movie Song yelled “SAWADIKARP P’ANN”

Anyway, here’s the trailer…The movie is very sweet!