die Kinder Bücher

Gara-gara postingan Deni yang ini, saya jadi ingin menulis ini. Well, one of her quotes is interesting.

Sejak awal saya mulai sering melakukan perjalanan, salah satu tempat yang sebisa mungkin untuk dikunjungi adalah toko buku di negara atau kota yang saya datangi

I made such a long comment in that post…twice! Sorry, Den. 😀

As I commented on that post, I was in Wien Hauptbahnhof, (btw, oh em geee, this central train station is soooo keren pake banget dehhh, terminal 3 Soekarno Hatta aja lewat….). Oh, where was I?

Ah, I was waiting for my next train to Munich and wandering around to kill time, for sure. There was a book store and of course I took a look inside. I was thinking of purchasing a book, then I said to myself. I knew nothing about Deutsch except Danke. Ich habe kein Deutsch. So, I forget the idea. Thing that I regret later.

As I wrote here, I started  to pick up Deutsch shortly after I get home :)) later feel sorry not to stop by at any of the book store in Berlin, Munich or Vienna. (And I just remember I haven’t publish my Vienna story).

Tapi ya, namanya rejeki anak sholeh di bulan Ramadhan penuh berkah ini….*kibas jilbab*

Last week, Lyana, my colleague who now works for Singapore branch had a vacation in Austria, Prague and Budapest. She spent quite some time in Salzburg and Wien! She loves reading, a heavy one (both noun and verb). Then, I asked her to buy children book if she stop by in the book store (because I know she would and wouldn’t mind an extra gram on her luggage if it is a book!)

She was in Hauptbannhof, waiting for her train that would take her to airport then flew back to Singapore and reply my whatsapp.

L : “which one? Euro 1 each” and sent this picture! Oh em gee!!! Euro 1!!!!!

My oh my!!!

being sok keren I am, I replied

Gw : “Teh untuk Raja”

L: “Huh? Do I have to ask(the shop assistant)? ”

Gw : “kanan bawah”:D

Sombong pisan!  The title actually is  Tee für der König 

L : “Anything else? ”

gw : “pick up random book. Loe abisin aja koin Euro loe! Ngga kepake lagi ini!”

and she did buy another…Ones! Very Affordable after I swap with IDR :))

The problem is now….I have to pick up the books in Singapore!

JRENG!!!! Jadi mahal juga! 


my oh my!!!

Well anyway, Kevin is into Football very much. Weeks ago, Manda bought us some magazine for me when she was in Berlin.  One of them is this!



Die Mannschaft

Like I said in my IG account, I read him the passage, kinda a bedtime story. I didn’t read him a book after he is able to read :D. and then again..I feel like the coolest mother in TangSel.