I need to recharge my brain and my eyes stumbled upon the above mention book in Kikokuniya grand Indonesia.


Well ya, i’ve been galau sana sini, for the past two years and reading the book on its first pages I went like…

Oh Em geee! I’m not alone!!! This overweight, child-trapped-in-overweight-adult body, banyak mau- tenaga kurang-duit apalagi- is certainly NOT ALONE!

The writers are telling the readers how this number scared and gave anxiety to them as well.

Unlike if you are in your 20’s… You’ll be cursed of being silly and stupid on this age. well yes, I barely post what I ate, or Outfit of the Day, or traveling here and there, or arisan here and there, how romantic your wedding anniversary is, how smart and well behave your kids are, attending this conference here or there but…

This book is written by 40 writers and consists of 6 sections. They are

  1. Speak your truth
  2. Gain new goal
  3. Health and fitness
  4. Master your money
  5. The subtance of style
  6. Keep it balance

You may guess what all those are about.

Then, I am happy the fact that I – actually – just like the others

  • Being jack of all traders, master of none! i signed up Latin Dance class like Caudron did signing for fence class 😉

And hey! I’ll be on stage next year! Wanna see? Hahahhah!

  • Considering going back to school like Tina Grant is normal. Hence, the several courses and classes I took and plan to take one in the future. Wish me luck on this one!
  • Yes! I am on the way preparing my pension plan! Fortunately, I’m not one of sandwich generation people (ones who have financial obligation for their aging parents and offspring. in Indonesia, this is a common thing). Thus, i’m consindering another type of investment. Big deal for me.
  • And Lisa Hoffman wrote! Do STRENGTH TRAINING! You don’t have to sign up for gym. Yoga mat, two barbels, you’re good to go! I religously did this when I was preparing marathon! i have to do it again!
  • Reconnect with old friends. As Sophrania Scott wrote, call your friends and tell you love them. This what I did last few months. I met up with them again. People come and go, but you need to stay in touch with people who know you since you were young. But no, I didn’t tell them I love them 😀
  • And so on and so on

I would suggest you to read this book when you turn 38! Honestly 😉

Oh well, the big four is coming up in a blink of eyes!

Books That I Read

Finally, I can reduce those Diagram IV of time management, you know “ngga penting, ngga genting” 😀

First as I told showed it here, I read the Lost Art of Gratitude. Didn’t enjoy it, I just knew it a series of Isable Dalhoise and it’s the 6th book. Meh…

gonegirlLalu baca postingan Alaya, gw tertarik banget baca buku ini yang kata temen-temen gw FILMNYA BAGUS BANGETTT!

Tebal halaman 500.

Cerita tentang Nick Dunes, yang istrinya Amy Elliot hilang ketika ulang tahun pernikahan mereka yang kelima.

Ketika Amy masih dalam Daftar Orang Hilang, polisi menemukan bukti-bukti kalau Nick punya motif kuat membunuh Ami.

Aish, saraplah si Amy. Psikopat gitu! =))

Gw berasa terlempar ke enam tahun lalu, ketika gw baca Trilogy Milleniumnya Steig Larson. Gak bisa lepasssss…. =)) Bela-belain sampe tengah malam besoknya ngga olah raga.

Baca review orang-orang aja di goodreads lah…mungkin gw psikopat juga ya…hahahha, suka banget sama thriller ato suspense gini.

Lalu-lalu…setelah buku ini habis, gw ke Periplus Grand Indonesia, nyari bacaan lagi gw cuma cari buku yang pake stempel “BEST SELLER”

so I come to a book Lulaby by Lang Leav


Gw pikir novel, atau kumpulan cerpen. Ternyata pas plastiknya dibuka kumpulan puisi.

Dan isi puisinya…

IMG_2334hanjrittt…..isi kumpulan puisinya kenapa banyak yang mirip ama suasana hati gw…..haq haq haq


I know I know….. 6500 miles away from when I sit!!! 😉

2 books done, 10 to go!