Batam Triathlon – race recap

Friday March 28th 2014
– Had late dinner in Pizza Hut Batam Centre and arrived back at the hotel much much later. I even slept on PH’s couch for a while to save energy. Pushed myself to bed around midnite. Both kiddos had fell to sleep already

Saturday, march 29th 2014

  • woke up at 5’s something, reassured myself. This is it. No turn back 😀
  • prepared both kiddos for breakfast at the lobby. Already prepare my bag for transition area and brought the bike along down hill…135 steps. Gee.
    A navy helped me and said “Sadel-nya kerendahan nih. Jangan lupa tinggiin”
  • There were roti cane with curry served for breakfast, one of my favorite dish.  However to minimize any digest problem during the race I picked plain pancake, bunch of watermelon for hydrate purpose and tea with sugar. Sending both kiddos to 95A, where The Lubis and the Yuzars stayed. The kids would wait for parents during the race. it’s another uphill walk
  • at 7.30 am, transition area were open. As I prepared my stuffs I forgot to bring two hydrococo which I had bought a day earlier. So i have to pickup those ready-to-go-drinks at the room, whiiichhhh another 135 anak tangga ke atas. ho’oh. PR banget kan! 

transition area

  • After I had my 2 packs of hydrococo, I took a glimpse on  participants besides me, I was in doubt as I only had a bottle of water hanging on bike, tap water to wash my feet after swim, 600ml bottle of aqua (sealed was opened to save time), saltsticks, 2 bars of Snickers, gel Chomp. Then thinking to go back to room — ingat naik 135 anak tangga lagi — to bring the 2L of Aqua along. Akhirnya diambilin Dewi, karena dia ngga bawa swim cap yang disediakan panitia. in swim leg, participants should wear the cap provided by committee
  • waiting, praying, taking pictures in beach. Son and bang Omar came to wish each mommies good luck :-*20140402-123038.jpg
  • 8.30 am the race start. there I went, jumping to the sea to have my 750 swim leg. Asliiii, ketendang sana sini. Padahal sengaja paling belakang biar mgga ketendang. Mana air laut asin yaaaa. Menurut ngana…? 😀 
  • while swimming, dengan dasar laut ngga kelihatan dan warna air gelap *scary yes?* bahahahahah, I checked my watch it said I’d complete 650m. But why oh why daratan masih jauh? Gw nyasar ternyata. So based on garmin, my swim leg was 900m
  • out from the sea with bebeb and jurian. Jurian had  finished his race due to his back bone injury. At transition area, I put my pink singlet from Nike as cover. Plan to change swimming hijabs with one from, but I forgot. Consumed 2 salt sticks to prevent cramped legs. Had sip of hydrococo and water. Then off I go for a ride…in which, lupa ngelap kaki pake handuk. Jadilah kaki lembab -___- *Teheeee*
  • the moment I jumped to my bike, that the very same moment we have to deal with tanjakan dan berbelok. Fortunately, sudah diingatkan untuk set gigi sepeda paling ringan (depan paling kecil, belakang paling besar)
  • when i was still struggling in first km, I turn the racebelt with bib number to my back. Tapi pengait nomor bib-nya jatuh. Pret. Secara racebelt minjam Marion, ngga mungkin balik balik hilang satu komponennya. Walaupun tuh racebelt hadiah ultah dari gw #pamrih :p . Mau ngga mau turun dari sepeda, ngambil lagi tuh pengait yang gelinding
  • Keluar dari area hotel, pas tanjakan mental gw sempat down. Gw liat bebeb turun nuntun sepeda, gw ikutin juga sampai track agak lebih ramah. There goes the hilly track.WOHOOOOO ….BIGWOHOOOOOO
  • 20140402-145027.jpg

    hilly track at  Jalan Hang Lekir. Picture was taken a day earlier. We were forbidden to carry mobile phone during the race

  • About 2-3 km, a marshal from Navy yell at me while cheering me up “sadel-nya kerendahan! Naikin dulu. Capek nanti kau”.
    Pret, Gw lupa naikin sadel
    Double Pret, I forgot to chew Chomp (kayak jelly gitu) for extra energy
  • At km 10 or so, we made a U turn, I passed Ira and realize I was #3 among 8 female triathletes in Sprint Distance category.
  • Few mins after this, I felt like I’d gain my speed back. The track wasn’t that hilly but still undulating. I was alone, no participant within my  sight. Literally in the middle of unfamiliar land with woods on both side of the road. I screamed to motivate myself. It was scary yet excited. There were no marshal, no km markers. I kept looking at my Garmin 11.2 , 12.7 km , 14.5 km… Reassured myself again, I can finish this. Sebelum lomba memang yang paling gw takutkan leg sepeda ini karena baru 3 bulanan ber-roadbike dan tracknya yang sulit buat pemula gw yang latihan di Bulevard doank.
  • At km 15, Sari, being audax participant every here and there passed me. I was glad she did which mean I was in the right route 😀
  • The route  was looping, we made final turn going back to the hotel. And of course another hilly track .Disini, gw tuntun lagi sepeda. 2x :D. I was tired
  • Masuk area hotel, a marshal was talking over his handy talkie “female 007 masuk” . Gila berasa VVIP
  • batam tri 1

    about to finish bike leg

    going back to transition area means going downhill with sharp turn. Gw ngerem sekuat-kuatnya. Mind the speed, all I wanted to do is to finish this bike leg without falling of. And yes I did! Yay!

  • Took another salt stick, chew Sniker, put on my running skirt as back  cover :D. There I went running walking. It was 10 am Batam time with 32 degrees celcius. Thank you very much!
  • first km was hotel area, I passed 95A and the kiddos cheering me up. Rani was saying “bunda aku udah duluan…”
  • running track was in golf course with undulating track. I passed a guy who works in Batam and saw me on start pen “ibu-ibu aja bisa ikutan triathlon ya mbak”. Nah tuh! He also reminds me that
    “Hati-hati suka ada ular melintas”. 
  • after went out from golf track, finished line is literally just around the corner. I ran as fast as I could! Yay!!!!
  • So there It goes!
    First triathlon race before 40 *checked*


    when was the last time you did something for the first time?

  • Had both kiddos cheering me up *double check*
  • Finish strong dan kayaknya keren *triple check* 😀

Fa-biayyi alaa’i Rabbi kuma tukadzdzi ban

IMG_6218my timing was 2:18, 42 mins before Cut Off Time.


PS : Sprint Distance category : 750m swin – 20 km bike – 5 km run

Olympic Distance category : 1,5 km swin – 40 km bike – 10 km run

More pics on Flickr!


swim leg


my latest trip – Singapore

continue from my latest trip,


It was at about 5 pm Harbour Front’s time, 🙂

yep I cross the border to Singapore.

It was my first trip to this country by ferry.

It kind of pissed me of a bit, when the immigration officer spend so many times just to stamp the passport. The immigration officer at Changi Airport were quick!

I saw many of them were being interviewed, probably an illegal imigrant?

We stayed at Mandarin Hotel at Orchard Road, I stayed there about 8 years ago.

Not long after that, each of us doing sperate ways…

I planned to visit my friends from college Gita who has moved to Pungol from Simei.

I headed to Somerset MRT.

Now that I wasn’t familiar with MRT Vendor Machine, it took minutes for me figuring out buying the ticket.

Luckly, a singporean man help me buying a single trip ticket. I had to change the vehicle in Dhouby Gout Station, I remember it was a small, less people, quite MRT station now it is HUGE!

Arriving at Pungol (the last stop for North East LIne), I proceed to higher level getting on LRT to Meridian.

Yeah, it is my first trip using LRT – it’s monorail look a like.


But when I put my card to open the gate at Meridian Station, it didn’t work.Wussie

I was panic, the old man on news papper stand didn’t help me either.

The machine gate said my card was under credit.

Then I remember, the man at somerset press Pungol on the vendor machine instead of Meridien.

take a glimpse at the Meridien Station, I found another vendor machine and put another cents on that.

*fiuh* now I can get out.


I spend like 2 hours in GIta’s new house, my daughter like Fathir so much, she even declare to everybody that Fathir is her Singaporean boy friend.

(alas, she’s only 4!).

We asked for Mas Roni (Gita’s husband) permission for mommy time out P

We hit Mustafa Centre in Little India the place where I bought many chocoholates for my colleagues back in Jakarta.


Of course I won’t miss buying After Eight Chocolate Mint for my self, taste heavenly and bought a Punjabi Dress for my daughter.

At 10.30 pm we were heading to Farrer Park MRT Station, and said good bye. Thank you gita for accompany me. See you on June, Insya Allah.

I woke up a bit late, and meet my colleague at breakfast lounge.

Again, we were heading seperate way, realizing my cashflow wasn’t fully recovered yet from my last trip to Kuala LUmpur P I didn’t want to spend anything here.

I decided heading Bugis Street to spend the day after I did window shopping at Paragon. I took many pictures, how I like this clean country – tourist friendly – east meet west buildings – even I’m broke…:P

I wish Jakarta would be like this….*dreaming*


An hour later, the sky was dark I get in OG, it wasn’t Great Singapore Sale yet, but I saw a-Red- Polo Beverly Hills – 4 wheels- cabin allowed by IATA- luggage- for 50% off!

My insanity back, I purchased that RED luggage and drag it over back to Orchard Road (the size was acceptable for cabin and MRT). Putting my previous small luggage inside, checked out and heading back to Harbour front.

Back in Batam, we had lunch in Padang Restaurant, heading to Nagoya for sightseeing. There were lots of Bag (claimed branded) & perfume shops, but I doubt those are genuine. I only bought – imported from Malaysia chocholates, candy and drink. Hard to find some of those in Jakarta.


Unfortunately, the access to Cengkareng Airport. *sigh* was closed due to flood. This is embarassing, considering that Jakarta is the Gate To Indonesia. So, our flight was cancelled for 2 hours. Anyway at 11.00 pm arrived back in my house. J

What at trip! 3 different islands in 3 days!