Short trip : Bandung Again

Since my eldest had secured her seat in uni, my next task is: finding a boarding house a.k.a kost! I thought it was easy, consider there are sooooo many universities in the city, right. It’s not.

Well, may be it is, but she also has standard . L.O.L

Last two weeks we travel again to Bandung, I was driving to and from! Luckily, it was first weekend during Ramadhan, so traffic was oke, Bandung wasn’t too crowded either.

In my surprise, boarding home is quite expensive 😀

My distant relative, who lives in the city have boarding home at their 3rd floor, but surely my eldest doesn’t want to stay there, and I think the feeling mutual. L.O.L. Don’t get me wrong, the family is very nice, the hubby was my late uncle’s very best friend. The thought that having a relative to watch my eldest every now and then quite relieve.

Seems that most of the houses with 5K radius from THAT uni has turn into boarding houses, with 90% occupancy rate.Some houses even turn into semi-apartment or co-living. I just knew it

We have to secure the room soon…!

And my eyes wet to think that my eldest will (finally) live on her own – although – of course, I realize this condition will come.

Blink of eyes, they are adult.

Her future uni – Insya Allah

Also i just realize, even the city is only 180Km from my bed, I barely travel to city. Not even once in a year. Snif sniff.

My nephew’s paternal cousin is going to Unpad, she had also secure her seat via SNMPTN. They went to the same high school. I hope these two girls will hold each other back although they probably live 1 hour away 🤣

2 thoughts on “Short trip : Bandung Again

  1. She’s so pretty and grown-up!

    Apparently, securing a place for students is difficult and expensive all over the world.

    What exactly in a boarding house in this context? French universities have rooms in residences (very few, really) or the option to rent a studio apartment ($$$). Canadians tend to live on campus the first year in student housing ($$$) then later find roommates and share a place.

    • Owh xie xie Zhu! Some resident houses (2-3 rooms) now turn into 4-storey-house with 20-25 rooms. It’s common here in Indonesia especially big cities where young adult go to find a job or study far for their hometown city. The rent is close to
      Minimum wage in Jakarta (i think now is USD 320) LOL. Of course you can find other rooms for like USD 100 or even below, but the price speaks for the convenient as well :))

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