Back to the pool

After the C**** outbreak on March 2020, pools (of course) were closed, it was re-opened, but things got worse back then. My team were practicing in an apartment’s pool once as alternative but since I was unvaccinated back then, I never came.

Yesterday was marked as my first time, pool swimming again with an old squad whom I never met for the past 18 months. Additionaly, I’m glad my swimming wear still fit me and I didn’t lose the buoy, fins and paddle hahahaha! Only my open water google was broke, torn into half.

I came late due to heavy traffic as a subsequent of heavy rain! (Pheww Jakarta!) so I missed the warm up session – i did it alone! Then I hugged the coach spontaneously!

My coach gave me different swimming set, i did it all alone, but then I stopped, gave Parvita and Dondok a hug in the middle of the set ~~~ in the middle of the pool 😅

Dondok was a C***d survivor. I never thought the reunion could be soo sentimentil! I mean, our practice was twice a week back then. On weekend, sometimes we went out for dinner. However, I wasn’t that close to them, but not seeing them for almost 20 months is different story! I’m glad we “made it” some how.

Glad things slowly return to normal and I am able to reunited with my swimming squad again. I thanked God for that!

The pandemic tought us how short life is.

Back after 20 months!
Quick dinner and catch up after the practice

2 thoughts on “Back to the pool

  1. Oh, it must feel so good! Just a sense of normalcy, being able to do what you enjoy and hang out with people.

    I started going to the gym again when it opened in Sept. and I love it. I hope it stays open…

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