Adieu Matty

I forgot how did I get to know him, probably from photo-hosting era back in 2008-2009 where I posted pictures in my blog based on theme. Then we followed each other in IG. He liked to left comment also, sometimes corrected me with my very broken Deutsch.

He lived in AZ – been in Phoenix couple of time. The Johnsons live there. unlike any Americans I know, he spoke many languages, since he was exchange student in German and had multirace family, I might said.


He posted funny, silly, sometime out of questions pictures. Mostly he posted his dogs, garden he even possessed duck in his back yard! Well anyway, out of question nya, kalau boleh komen, untuk standard moral kebanyakan orang Indo mungkin kelakuan dia bisa dihujat netijen. Hahaahha.

Two weeks ago I was wondering, how I come I never see his feed again, but then I ignore it. Only two days ago I checked on his account and realized last posted was on May 1st. What happened to him, very unusual. He loved his garden, his dogs and other pets.

Anyway, What I mean silly, that day he celebrated national naked gardening day, but of course, he didn’t post nudity, only his bare legs. LOL

Then I clicked his tagged photos, one of his friend post a memory about him.

Dan ntah kenapa saya penasaran lho! Saya lihat tagged photos yang lain, cuma ada dua, yang posting iparnya orang Ukraine. Apa mungkin orang Ukraine ini mirip kebanyakan saudara gw yang banci posting, then one leads to another.

And out curiosity I checked my other socmed, he apparently delete on maybe changed his name, not sure, the I found his in-law account…with a cremation schedule.

Oh Em Gee, I figured out he passed away some time ago in May. I was a bit sad although never meet him in person. Days before he left, he wrote he doubted he’d live until 51 years. :-/, I think he was in late 40’s.

I had learnt this and that in some way. I mean, it is so fun having friend who doesn’t speak your language, have different tradition to yours, etc right?

Phewww….well adieu Matty! Thank you for silly pictures!

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