Another Lesson of life

Her ex-husband was in huge debt, frustrated and started to do domestic violence. After years, she filed for a divorce, but she had to move out-together with two children-from the castle.

Bringing two beds and one refrigerator that have to fit in a- 27 sqm – house and leave no more space for other stuffs. I imagine she used to live in a 270 sqm house.what a huge adjustment for three of them.

I asked her, how will she make a living?

She replied : i went to Jakarta by train (2 hours trip, one way) to get these (big bag of plastic utilities such as baskom, trash can, etc) and i brought along these kids with me. So three of us, carried one big bag, in each hands.

I replied : How much would you sell the stuffs?

I started to wonder whether such a price make money ends meet? How many of us need baskom plastik in daily basis anyway?

On her daughter’s birthday, she made tumpengan and pudding, and gave it to me. Still trying to make the days count.

She came with money, life hit her, bad! She broke, really really broke.

She stood up, crawls whatever.

I never heard she yelled at her children.

Other time, I heard she sang together with her children, like they really had time of their life

Now I wonder, what is her secret to stay that calm.

One thought on “Another Lesson of life

  1. Some people never cease to amaze me in a good way. I believe that what comes around goes around, she’s down on her luk but with such attitude she should be lucky again. I hope, anyway.

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