Late birthday gift or early Ramadhan Gift

I found this funny 😀

I had easy ride with male former colleagues yesterday. Only 3 of us, we did have “Gocapan – GOwes CAri saraPAN” every now and then.

When our ride about to end, one of the boys said

“Here, from us! Late birthday gift! We notice that’s the only arm sleeve you have”

Zzzzz…”I HAVE TWO! For God Sake” 🤣

I thanked them of course! A nice surprise and secretly murmuring to myself “one of you guys probably had plenty of this”

I reminded the episode again, my male closest friends, Edy and Dony never did such a thing! I dont think so! Liz the one who always leaded them 🤣

But hey, I found it cute tho’!

The Gift

Actually, I had those arm sleeves with exactly the same brand, but it was torn when I had the bike accident last September.

Thank you Boys! You guys are too sweet and too silly!

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