Just like the rest of you

Well, my plan to do 42K for 42 years is ….terminated! All the races I signed up, surely cancelled.

Including this one, suppose to be my 2nd World Major Marathon and 5th Full Marathon.

My initial plan was taking my dad so we can have trip to Muncie Indiana. It’s a-3-hour-drive from Chicago. Dad lived there in early 80’s.

A bit sad, but of course I’m relief. Insya Allah I’ll have a year of training, financial preparation and…SEMOGA REJEKI AKU JUGA DOUBLED BIAR BISA BAWA ANAK-ANAK KE KAMPUNG KAKEKNYA ((kampung))) LIHAT TEMPAT IBUNYA MAIN AYUNAN DULU…

Ok, this is exaggerating ๐Ÿ˜‰

Well, see you next year, then!

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