What I do (part 2)

When I have plenty of time at home 😉


my late mother had green thumb, well mine is black :)). She had a very neat garden with lot of plants and even flowers!

When we moved to current house 3 years ago, I brought some of her plants. However, since barely care about them, I took those plant for granted and our side yard is a mess!

Well not until recently whenI can’t contact the part-time garderner a.k.a tukang rumput panggilan, since he had traveled back to his kampong for Partial lock-down anticipation.

I decided to chop the grass, by myself! Manually with grass scissor! Meine Hand tut weh! My hand hurt and it took two days to trim the grass! I chopped two papaya trees that grow uncontrollably.

Then, since it was weekend, I can’t go anywhere, I clean up some of the plants. This messy aloe vera in one pot, for instance!

All stacked on one pot, I parted them
Saving my mom last anggrek, the least I can do

Cute eh?

And separated Snake Plant ( Sansiviera) to many pot! I ran out of pot, I ordered on line! Now I have this inside the house!

Not only that, I put some on my bedroom too! Ha!

And in my surprise, it was relaxing! Of course I opted for easy-to-manage-plants! I even discussed this with Kak Indah and De and planning to swap plants when this pandemic over!

Still I wonder how people neatly arrange its indoor plants!

Found in twitter

5 thoughts on “What I do (part 2)

  1. Aloe veranya menul menul… kami juga sekarang berusaha memperbanyak tanaman, tapi kudu hati hati juga, karna ada tanaman yang beracun buat peliharaan, jadi kudu pantengin list.

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