(race recap) Tahura Trail Run 2020

My second Half Marathon Trail Race

 I did this race back in 2015, when I did it with my elementary-year-kids.  I wrote, I wanted to try Half Marathon, but it was impossible to do it back to back in that year. I signed up for 2016, but I couldn’t make it, also in the following year….and the following year except in 2019, because surely I’d had Ironman Bangsaen on February. Ngga usah kebanyakan gaya bikin bokek aja.

So, last August, I signed up anyway, to check long the pending bucket list! Knowing the fact, that I – most likely would travelled solo.

I didn’t have trail shoes, it was completely broken on Messatila Half Marathon, so I have to buy another one from New Balance. The reason? I also used NB previously and it – somewhat – affordable ones ;). I need to replace my road running shoes, since Kayano 26 doesn’t do good ( di lego ngga nih sepatu ? Ha!)  So, I refuse to burden my expenses on shoes…. ( I lied, tho’ – women never had enough shoes, asked Cinderella!)

Anyway, after Langkawi,  I managed to do trail run four times and it was an extra challenge for this overweight middle age woman. The first time I came back to Pondok Pemburu route with Tina and Afiza, it was a challenge to keep up with them, but heck…..demi Konten Instagram– the show must go on!

Twice with Skolari squad, witnessing that age – is truly – just a number. I-considered- those senior citiziens are strong, climbing Pondok Pemburu route cem Kancil ketahuan mencuri ketimun sama pak tani, larinya lincah bet!!!!!!!!!Cih!

Malunya gw, rasa ingin menyembunyikan wajah di dada Daniel Craig! btw,  blio di Knive Knife Out cakep bener ya, andai  rang londo di kantor seganteng blio, disuruh lembur betulin spreadsheet gw ikhlas….asal ditemenin di sebelah.

Note that Skolari holds training twice a week, Thursday and Saturday, combination between running form coaching, strength training etc. Training camp  holds in GBK and it’s free! Do join them! or simple follow their IG @skolari (endorse boleh, min? Penulis haus popularitas)

Anyway, I picked up the  Bib in Jakarta, so it would be hassle-less  for me once I arrived in Bandung, realizing, I’m not familiar with this city. Previously, I contacted my Ria, my former colleague who lives in Bandung to pick me up on the way to the starting pen.

In agreed time, Ria send me message telling she already arrived in agreed place, I hop on a white car that parked there and… Supirnya shock half screaming


anjrit, gw salah mobil choy!  Mobilnya Ria ternyata yang di belakang. Blur blur like Sotong!

Soon as we arrived, reunited with Amel-who is my former colleague as well and her husband. The four of us took Half Marathon distance.

I didn’t realize the Cut Off Time, nevertheless I assumed it would be do able for me, since the track famous for beginner’s friendly.  It was raining the previous day and I was thinking the route would be slippery like what happened when I did Messastila.  The race was postponed for 15 minutes yet the good news was, COT was extended for another 45 mins considering yesterday’s weather!


I was pretty sure, I could finished this race before COT then ! Notice then none of the trail race I’ve participated that I finished before COT! Nyiahahahhahahha….DNF terus, gw tetep  daftar terus! Being over confident I am,  yang penting update status!

 7.15 sharp, flag off! 

  • First 200 m, I still ran with Ria and Amel.


  • Then the track going up….and climb…and up again! I cursed that I didn’t bring track pole with me, but I think I was good with my breathing. Coming back to Akbar’s class do me good. First 2 Km was housing and café complex as Dago Pakar is famous for its look-out area, being the highest point of the city (kali yaa, sok tau aja gw). I lost Ria’s sight, the advantage of being a local, running on undulating track was her daily exercise (of course, this is my excuse).
  • Water station was just-fine! I said just fine since they only provided Mineral Water (on gallon) for the first W(ater) S(tations) but they gave bottled-isotonic water on the next WS, yet I always run out sliced-watermelon.
  • Then it came the combination of  dirt, local farming area, villagers’ housing complex and my halusinasi.   Bottle neck took place in some area when the track is single, climbing and bit slippery and when I was waiting inline to cross basic-bamboo-bridge, I saw a familiar figure:

 “Ehhh…loe anak Niaga  kan ya Cabang Makassar?”

He was my former colleague. I was in Makassar for business trip while he was stationed there. I was pregnant with number 2 at that time, so I haven’t see him for more than 14 years.  Funny how my brain works, suka mengingat yang ngga perlu diingat.   Untung juga si Dani inget gw, kalo dese lupa ama gw tengsin juga akik.  Then we had pep talk while climbing, before I left him *sombong*.

  • At Km 5,  which was at the  peak ( at least it seemed on the peak), another WS was available and cheering station from RIOT community. This guy was soooo funny. Anyway, I asked a random participant who took her time – not so ambitious – to take pic of me. Being alone most of the time since I lost Ria and Amel.
  • As I took a sip of water and turn left…and witnessing an u.n.p.l.e.a.s.a.n.t view, another hill!
    While proceeding my journey, another participant asked  me:

    • “Kita ndaki sampe Km berapa ya?”

“Hmm….16K kali yaa?”

“Yang bener loe! Ngga mungkin ah! 10K kayaknya deh”

Me (dalam hati): Numpang mobil aja gw salah, baca peta lagi

  • In Km 8-9 check point or so, where the marshals manually check the bib, one of them said “sudah ada 6 orang mbak yang finish”. It was  slightly over 2 hours after flag off and I was amazed. Ini yang sudah finish figuran di Sinetron Tutur Tinular (ketahuan umur)  apa gimana sik? Bisa loncat loncat di pohon pasti!


  • Before pines forest, there was also water station next to a “pa-ma convenient store” a.k.a warung where I saw few participant taking break for hot tea and Indomie! One of them offered me, I was in doubt since I (think) I was pretty hungry, yet  stomach was uneasy.
    • Good thing about this race is the committee provided folding plastic cup to reduce the disposable ones. The thoughtful thing for the earth.
    • I looooove the track in Pine Woods, so refreshing, a bit foggy with a-then-considered-flat track. Being slow as turtle I am, I gave my way to faster participant, no need to hurry! I have plenty time to brag about!
      One of the participant who passed me (later I learn his name is Rian) asked:

      •  “Ngga ikutan S (entul) U(ltra) T(riathlon) mbak?
      • Me : ya ngga lah gela.  Eyronmen biasa aja gw DNF 2x, mau SUT pulak! (karena COT-nya 7 jam 30, – admin) eh….Kok lau tau, gw tri?  ~ How do you know I do tri?
        Him : kayaknya sering liat.
      • Hasekkk… biar dua kali DNF  tampaknya gw cukup femes! Padahal bisa aja Rian salah orang ya, gw aja ke GR an.


    • In Km10, we had reached the highest point. Cem kehidupan, setelah tanjakan pasti ada …tanjakan lagi! Merde!  Belum kelar juga nih tanjakan, bebs?
    • I guess the way down was at Km 11, where we run thru another dirt, villager’s housing complex, farming area and of course, another halusinasi from me. I fell down many times, just like when I was in Messastilla. Apparently, body balance is still an issue for me.
    • It was 5K before finish line, I saw a shocking track at least it was for me. A trunk as a bridge and I was  alone, clueless how to cross that back-to-nature-bridge. I step very slowly – wish I join gymnastic class when I was younger, while holding to any branch and I could find but unfortunately, it was not firm seperti janji mantan. Kayaknya gw  memutuskan ngesot deh, I think I drag my butt to cross that! The name is also the effort – namanya juga usaha buat finish.
    • Later, I arrived the familiar area! Ah ya, I had reached Taman Hutan Raya tourist area. The same track when I did 6K with my kids 5 years ago.
    • I heard Azhan Zuhur when I was about to cross the finish line….and….nobody around to greet me! Rasanya kayak WA ke gebetan delivered, centang dua biru tapi ngga di balas! P.A.H.I.T ! The least favorite thing about solo racing, nobody you’re familiar with – greeted you at finish line…hih! As slow runner,the Bintaro Trojan Runners squad greeted me, many picked me up near the finish line…snif snif. And My Garmin never worked well in any trail race, yet the official result as follow:

    With Dani later on

    Done and dusted


    • During the races, I took 1 Endura gel , two soy joy and two cups of Mizone ( I pour to the folding cup ). It was enough to keep me moving.
    • Yes, the track somewhat, friendlier than any trail races I’ve been participating. But I do realize, my endurance was much better when I did BTS 30K then this one.
    • Kang’ kekernya banyak bebs! Ma kasih ya! Di tengah hutan kayaknya  gw cakep(an), kecantikan natural gw terpancar saingannya tanah sama puun soalnya.


     PS : all photos are personal except marked otherwise.








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