(Russia Trip) the rest of the story

Our Moscow’s trip turned so-so upon our return. It is kind of horrible. I didn’t take the Jakarta’s scorching sun with me.

Anyway, we arrived around 7am local time, where the local from suburban were starting their days. Station was FULL of people! Our host in Moscow was kind enough  to allow us for early-check in.

Soon as I arrived, I think I was familiar with surrounding and  yes it was. I have walked near here when I visit Arbat Street few days ago.  This apartment is good deal, just across the mini market and had elevator. We didn’t need to drag our luggage up to 3-4-5 floor! It has elevator!

Well, our last few days in Moscow was kind of….COLD!  It was 10 – 14 degrees when we were there, as the rain pour unstoppable. But the good thing is, it was still day light until 9 pm.

After we checked in, we went outskirt of town. Farrr….far…away! We took angkot as the Pass is not valid. Then I just knew that their Big Shopping centers are located outskirt. Passing many  big shopping center or alike.

Outskirt of town where we visited CSK Moscow stadium…but unlike any stadium where the club practices, there is no stadium tour or alike, different from soccer stadiums in other part of Europe.



This is the only day that weather was considered good despite the heavy cloud.  The next three days until we get home, I have to buy TWO UMBRELLAS! One I brought from Jakarta can’t even handle the heavy pour.  To make it worse, we didn’t prepare to deal with 10-12 degrees temperature! I checked around it always said usually on Summer the temperature goes between 18 – 25 degrees.

Then the rest of the days we visited  in random order)  

Bolshoi Theatre ( Большо́й теа́тр) 


The fascade is used for 100 rubbel bank note

Luzhniky  Stadium  ( стадион Лужники )


Stadium Luzhniki.

Soekarno terinspirasi oleh stadium ini dan meminta secara langsung bantuan dana kepada Uni Soviet dalam pidatonya di acara peletakan batu pertama (sekarang) GBK pada tahun 1956.

Kala itu, Uni Soviet langsung memberikan bantuan dana 12,5 juta dolar AS untuk membangun kompleks Gelora Bung Karno guna mendukung Indonesia sebagai tuan rumah Asian Games 1962.

Tak cuma bantuan dana, arsitek dan insinyur Uni Soviet pun dikerahkan untuk membantu pembangunan GBK mulai 8 Februari 1960 dan selesai 21 Juli 1962.

Di stadium ini, diselenggarakan pembukaan World cup 2018.

Source: https://m.detik.com/sepakbola/serba-serbi/d-4068378/menengok-kembaran-gbk-di-rusia-luzhniki

Moscow  State Univerity ( Московский государственный университет )



Founded in 1755.

The building behind them was built in 1950’s one of the 7 skyscrapers (Joseph Stalin’s high-rises)

This main building is 240m tall, translated to 36 floors (ambi banget Stalin ya?)

If you were kids grew up in 80’s, I bet you’re familiar with Mikhail Gorbacev, he was one of the alumni.

I was imagining having my pic in front of this 7/8 later with those ABG Tangsel wearing toga 😂

Ismailovsky Market  ( Изма́йлово ) 

If you hear “Cantik, Bagus, Murah” in a far far away land, means too many people from Indonesia are visiting the place. They sell souvenir, and I love the Matryoshka Doll, you will also found Indonesia president or even Ahok there.

Russia Doll

Of course, we met Friday again and I took my son for Friday Pray. So I witnessed “KEBEBASAN-UMAT-BERAGAMA” where Muslim is minority.

The  Mosque was  on the corner, and they blocked the road with local policeman making human-brigade around the mosque. It was summer and 10 degrees and I wonder how it is like on WINTER under snow storm!

See the police

Getting inside the mosque is not easy, I have to undergo several security check point. Although I wear hijab they still gave me throbe. #meh.

The last day, I had enough of Cold  Moscow but still I did my morning run under cloudy and rain the local seemed staring at me from their car


This apartment is very recommended. The host speaks English very well and responsive!

Long story short, our host ordered us Yandex (local Uber) dan meruntuhkan stereotype gw atas dinginnya orang Rusia. IN my surprise, although the driver has limited English, he still wanted to be nice with us and even act as local tour guide telling us what building that we just passed. If only we had met him earlier…

Took train back to DME, I witness dark, grey, wet Moscow.  It said grey sky gives gloomy feeling. It was what happened to me when I left Munchen. But not Russia.

Buat saya pribadi, sangat layak visit, considering it was once “negara Adi daya” full of history, advanced technology and rich in culture. But if you asked me to go back here again, I am afraid I wont. Ngga tau kenapa ngga sedih pas mau balik, beda banget waktu long-haul trip 2015 dan 2018.  Well, except Murmansk Perhaps or Trans Siberian Trip. Perhaps!

Also for me, Russia is quite affordable, even Moscow is not so pricey compare to Jakarta let alone Singapore. Food price even lower, cheap transportation cost (Rubel 55 regardless the distance), cheap accomodation as well. Jadi kalo dapat tiket murah, beli aja!

Until sikiky next trip, I bet you guys know where! Hahahahh

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