The Pearl of Kedah

Last Thursday, I went to Langkawi. A tiny, beautiful island in north of Malaysia. This island is quite famous among Indonesian’s triathletes because this where Ironman Event is held annually. The most affordable one if you travel from Jakarta I suppose.

People are nice, easy to get grab car service, food was ok…ok because Indonesian’s food is the best.

I met Evan, a triathlete I’ve been following since I pick up running as daily exercise 6 years ago, May, who accompanied her daughter for Ironkid event, and jeli and Lili who ran with me when I was in KL 6 years ago.

Of course I was there for my second Ironman 70.3. Recap will come later.

My group and I even stop at the famous Nasi Dagang Pak Malau before coming home.

Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures!

With Evan

Look, my name!

The Danna

Open Water Trial

Dropping Off Run Gear

Dropping of Bike Gear

Short Reunion with Jely and Lili

Waiting for Sunset

Breakfast with a view

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