(Rusia Trip) hometown of the Romanov

On Sunday, during trip to Petergof, I decided that I had to skipped St Catharina Palace, another beautiful palace in Pushkin.

I feel tired but I need time to see the city, get lost, more talking with my kiddos. I realized I’m getting old, they’re getting big and in the next 3 years, one of them will leave my house so does her brother in the following year. *sniff sniff* back in Tangsel, i’m busy between house chores and works, they’re busy with schools, including weekend.

Our train back to Moscow, will be on Tuesday at 11.30 pm as I wanted my kids to have sleeping-compartment-experience.

Then, on Monday, We strolled Nevsky Avenue, window shopping, visit local book stores and off to the north-est part of the city to see Gazprom Arena, where one of the World Cup Match was held. This teen finally had his ear to ear smile since one of his bucket list was checked

Газпром Арена

Then we took different Metro, spending days at the park and we found out there is an amusement park next to Gazprom Arena seems more exciting rather than Universal Studio’s rides.

Amusement Park

One of my sister’s acquaintance, Amy studies here, I dropped her a message she recommended New Holland island, a park, where the local hangs out.

Then later off to St Petesburg University, just for the sake of it. Do you know Vladimir Putin was one of the alumni?

I told my son :

Me : dek, kuliah di sini donk dek. Biar bunda ada alasan ke sini lagi. ( Pursue your undergraduate study here, so I have a reason to go back here again)

#2: ngga mau ah, ngga suka.  (na’a, don’t like it)

Me :  Putin lulusan sini lo dek, siapa tau adek jadi presiden (Putin was one the alumni, probably you’ll be one too)

#2 : Mana enak jadi presiden, disalah salahin terus. Lagian bunda aja yang kuliah disini kalau mau Kan ngga selesai kuliahnya ( being President is uncomfortable, people will always blame you. Why dont you study here, you didn’t finish your school)

Me : #ngok! *facepalm*

The next day, I took my morning walk to totally different route and see the beauty of Neva River.  I love this city on Summer 😉

Unpleasant experience from our rented apartment as the clean lady didn’t show up at our agreed time.

So I just left the key on the mailbox and the owner didn’t apologize either. We proceed to station to drop our luggage. It  was a challenged for me as the locker is small another local helped me how to deal with the locker.

Kyoto station luggage room 10

St petesburg station luggage room 5

Asia wins!

After we had lunch in Nevskya area, we went back to mosque to have our pray then kids wanted to spend the rest of the day at New Holland.

I left my jacket at the locker and summer wind blew unpleasantly. Brrr….My son said, how clean the park, no one left the trash! Things barely happened in the largest muslim country in the world -___-

Had dinner at KFC Nevsky area again, my dad waited at the station, kids and I spent the rest of the evening in Loft Project not too far from the station, also recommended by Amy. It is like market for the youngster, independent brands sold their stuff, café here and there and at the roof top, another hang out place cost Rubbel 100/person.  Kayak Pasar Santa deh!

We are waving at St Petesburg sunset and proceed to the Station.

Good bye St Petesburg, The Romanov’s hometown,  don’t know when we’ll be back again! It was a pleasant stay!

St Petesburg University

Post Card anyone

Selfie during run by the side of Neva River

Sunset from Loft Project

Luggage Room at station

Loft project Roof top

Kereta Malam Argo Mulia

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