Semalam di Bangkok

Hi there again!

I’m back to Bangkok, my favorite city in the region.

this time I take my dad and kids with me. It’s (kiddos) first time.

this time around, we took airport link from Shuvarnabumi Airport, then MRT then BTS to commute.

after we arrived at our hotel, off we went to the newest mall, ICON SIAM, by the side

Of Chao Praya.

Just wonder, if Jakarta able to build such an iconic building at the side of Ciliwung/Pesanggrahan river.

Icon Siam

We had dinner at Sook Hiam. My mouth was watering. There’s a halal corner in this area.

For me it looks like Asiatique Front River minus the ferris wheel.

my intention was to eat whatever I saw! On third food, I realized I have limited Thai Baht. All I had was the money left from my last trip to Bangsaen last February.

Then i think, I’d draw money from

ATM, until I realized I left my purse at the hotel :((

So I skipped cruising Chao Praya with boat. Failed to do this on second time.

I squeezed time visit Siam Area again, to have pic with this


A proof that Jakarta is sooo left behind.

Taking 10 pm train back to hotel, I found this train is still packed with people! From many nationality with their shopping bags.

Buat saya ya, tanda satu kota udah maju, banyak orang asing menggunakan transportasi umum! For me, we can call a city well-developed, when the foreigners comfortable enough to use its public transportation.

Till next post 😉

6 thoughts on “Semalam di Bangkok

  1. Setuju Mbak Ky yang bagian transportasi. Sepupuku yg tinggal di rumah kami selama tiga bulan, ke mana2 berani naik transportasi umum. Padahal kalau di Jakarta, dia ga berani sama sekali. Nah di sini, dia ga takut pulang sampai jam 11 malam sendirian. Kata dia enak banget merasa nyaman dan aman ke mana2 naik transportasi umum.

    • Di Bangkok lebih nyaman (jangan banding sama singapore tapi ya) dan orangnya lebih tertib sepertinya. Pada bisa ngantri, beresin makanan sendiri.

  2. Lucky you! It’s a city I would visit again, although I found it a bit crazy (the traffic was worse than in China!). Do you find it easy to find halal food in SE Asia, outside Muslim communities? I know that there’s “Muslim food” in China (literally called like this) because one of the minorities is Muslim, the Hui. Their most famous specialty is “la mian”, hand-pulled noodles. However, I’m not sure the food is halal, it may just be without pork.

    • In singapore and bangkok are easy. Not sure in Indochina region and Manila.
      You think BKK traffic is ugly? Wait till you come to jakarta! Hahahaha

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